Yes Master

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


“Oh come on, just one more drink and we can call it a night.” Victor begged as he grabbed my glass and headed to the bar for a refill.

“Fine, ONE more drink, then I gotta go. Its already 2.” I said caving to his whim.

As I watched him walk over to the bar, I couldn’t help but stare at his chiseled arms bulging through the rolled up sleeves of his work shirt. I never really thought of guys in a sexual way, but there was something about Victor that made me give in to his every wish. I felt a little movement in my pants, and had to bite down on my lip to take the focus off of my growing libido.

“There we are, Jameson and Ginger.” He said as he handed me a glass.

“Thanks man.” We sat and talked through our drinks for about thirty minutes until our glasses were all but empty and we decided to go back to his house to smoke before calling it a night. We were both more than a little tipsy, so we called an uber and this girl was unbelievable! She ran around and opened the doors for us and her tight ass jiggled as her hips swung from side to side as she walked. Her tits were almost popping out of her pink v-cut shirt. I was mesmerized by her, but she was way out of my league so I didn’t think twice.

We soon pulled up to Victor’s house and we both thanked Veronica, our uber, and made our way to his room to roll up a joint, but on the way in, I drunkenly tripped and fell right into the grass and mud and got covered in filth.

“Bahahahahahahaah!!!” Victor howled as he pushed a key into his door.

“God dammit! I’m fucking covered in mud dude.” I yelled, fuming.

“Relax my dude, I’ll see if I can find anything inside for you to wear.” Victor exclaimed.

“Thank you so much, god I can’t believe I did that, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t worry, I have something. The bathroom is right through there, clean up what you can while I grab something.”

I walked into the bathroom and stared into the mirror for a moment, mud was splattered from face to my torso and down my right leg. As I began to undress, I used what clean part of my shirt I had left to wipe my face. My body is smaller than Victor’s, I have skinny arms and a flat tummy, not defined like his. I am quite proud of my bubble butt, I squat pretty regularly, but since I have a bum knee, I never use any weight, I just tone it.

After a few moments Victor came to the door.

“Hey… Soo… I don’t really have any clean clothes right now, but… Well, I found this if you just wanna get outta those clothes.” He slid the door open and placed a small pile of clothes on the sink. I walked over and picked up the shorts he placed and unfolded them, and these were short all right. “Dude, wait, are these? These are girls clothes! I’m not fucking wearing these!!!”

“I hear you man, but honestly, its just you and me, and at least you can get out of those muddy clothes, and I wouldn’t say a word dude, I promise. I’m just trying to look out for a friend.” Victor pleaded.

“Fuck… FUCK… You don’t have ANY clean clothes man??”

“I’m really sorry man, I’m doing laundry tomorrow.”

I sighed heavily, “hgggggh, you better not tell anyone, ANYONE!”

“Don’t worry man, like I said, it’ll be just you and me, no one will know.”

I looked at the shorts again, and put them on, my bare ass struggling to be contained in the denim prison. The shirt was a yellow checkered blouse and fit surprisingly well. I looked in the mirror and was kind of shocked by how sexy I looked. The shorts lifted my cute bubble butt in all the right places and the top showed off my tummy without looking too trashy.

I slid out of the bathroom and Victor looked kind of funny.

“Shut up! I know I look ridiculous right now.” I pouted.

“No, uhm, you actually look, er, kinda cute.”

“Shut up! Let’s not talk about this and just smoke.”

“Yeah, şişli travesti sure thing..” Victor answered as he passed me the joint, realizing that I needed it more than he did at the moment. As I tried to light it, I fumbled the lighter and dropped it under my chair, so I bent over to grab it and felt Victor’s eyes staring at my shorts as the bottoms of my shorts rose up to reveal the bottom of my ass.

As we lit the joint, we were both really quiet, until finally he broke the silence.

“You know I meant that.” Victor murmured.

“Meant what?” I asked.

“That you look cute”

“Shut… Shut up…”

“I mean it, you’re… you’re kinda turning me on.”

“What do you mean!? I’m not.. I’m not even doing anything!”

“You don’t have to, you just look hott.” His eyes looked me up and down as he bit his lip.

“Ok man, I think I’m gonna go, I—” I got up and turned to leave, but was turnt around quickly as Victor’s hand grabbed my wrist and he pulled me close and kissed me. I was overcome with shock, I didn’t know how to react.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me, you play straight, but no straight man oggles over my arms and stares at my pants like that. I know what you want, and that’s why you’re here, dressed like a slut in my girlfriend’s clothes, drunk enough for me to take advantage of.”

I just blushed and didn’t say anything. What could I say? He was right. No straight man would be caught staring at another man, thinking of his hands caressing him, or being dressed like a slut kissing another man.

“You know I’m right.” He said, pulling me closer kissing me again, this time though, I let my defense down, and kissed him back. His arms enveloped me, and his strong hands ran down my feminine frame to my ass and cupped both cheeks and gave me a little smack. I whimpered lightly as my tongue explored his mouth, and his mine, while my hands ran up his muscular chest and down his arms, when I felt my shorts become tight, incredibly tight.

“Well, seems like someone is starting to like this.” Victor said, smacking my ass.

“Well… Maybe just a little.” I replied, eyes staring down at his pants, hoping to see him just as excited.

“Well, lets keep that excitement moving forward.” He began to undo his pants as he resumed kissing me, and I started to undo his belt, then finally, there it was, his flaccid member that made my jaw drop.

“Oh my god!” His cock was at least 5 inches soft, as it hung down between his legs.

“Its so big!”

“You haven’t seen nothing yet.”

I hovered my hand close to it, scared to touch it for a moment, when Victor grabbed my wrist and guided my hand to his fat cock. My hand couldn’t even fit around it.

“Jesus! I don’t even know what to do with this!”

“Take one guess slut.” Victor grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down in front of him to my knees. I began stroking his huge cock, staring, mouth agape, and he began to get bigger… And bigger. Before I knew it, his fully erect member stood tall at 9 and a half inches. I wanted to do more to it, knowing how hard I got another man got me so excited, my little dicklet squirmed in my shorts, letting out a generous amount of precum. I reached down to undo my shorts and take my cock out, but was stopped by Victor’s strong hands.

“Eh eh eh, sissies don’t get to jerk off. Not until they have fully pleased the real man they intend to serve.

“And how do you want me to do that th—“

His right hand came out of nowhere across my face.

“When you talk to me, you call me master, understood?”

“Yes—” He slapped me again

“Yes what?!” He growled at me, squeezing my cheeks together with his thumb and pointer finger.

“Yes master!” I quickly responded.

“Now ask again.”

“How would you like me to please you… Master.”

“I want you to put that useless mouth of yours to work bakırköy travesti slut.”

“… Yes master.” I hesitantly replied.

As I stared at his monster cock and moved my face toward it, the musk of his throbbing cock filled my nostrils like a drug and coursed through my body, getting me high on just the thought of his cock entering my mouth.

Finally, I got to the tip. My breath was sporadic, and my jaw was quivering as the head of his cock pressed against my lips and I gave it a soft kiss. I looked up at him, and kissed his head again and licked the head of his rock hard dick and felt his cock tense up.

“Oooooh fuck!” He moaned as our eyes met.

My eyes fell down onto the task at hand, and grabbed his cock his both hands, and put the tip of his cock in my mouth and began to suck and tongue the head of his mighty dick.

“Fuck!!! Oh you have definitely done this before baby!!!”

“No master, this is my first time.”

“First time?! Damn! Well you suck dick like a pro already!”

A little proud of myself, that master had given me such a compliment, I grinned and took a hand off and began to suck with more intensity, not realizing just how much of master’s cock was left to take. His cock made it about 3 inches into my mouth when I began to gag.

“Ha! Maybe I spoke a bit too soon!” Master laughed as I could barely fit his throbbing cock in my mouth.

I was determined though.

“Open your throat up, pretend you are drinking a glass of water, and swallow my cock and let it enter your throat.” Master commanded.

I did as master said, and felt even more of his massive cock slide into my throat and I looked up to meet his eyes and began to slowly move my way forward and backward onto master’s tasty dick.

“Oh, you’re a fucking natural, you were born to suck dick bitch.”

“Thank you master, anything to please you.” I said gasping for air before master’s hands grabbed the back of my head and pushed down on the back of my head, forcing me to take even more of his cock in, until I felt his abs on my nose and his balls tap my chin and he held me there for what seemed like an eternity, and when I ran out of breath, and tried to come up, he held my head down and buried his hips into my face, forcing all nine and a half inches into my throat while I squirmed for air, until he finally let me up. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks, but I wasn’t sad, far from it, I was happy, estatic, overjoyed. I felt like I had purpose, and that purpose was to make my master cum, by any means necessary. I eagerly swallowed master’s cock, as soon as I had air in my lungs and began bobbing up and down on his cock slobbering all over it, while my tongue danced along the bottom and head causing him to let out small moans, til finally, he grabbed my face and slapped me again, shocked at what I could have possibly done wrong, I apologized immediately.

“I’m sorry master, what have I done now?”

“You greedy little cock slut. You think that all I want is your mouth?” Master let out a little snicker. Get that fine ass over here.”

And so I stood and turned around. I undid the button on the shorts and began to slide them down my ass. I had to wiggle my ass left, right, up, and down in order to squeeze free from those constricting shorts. As I was bent over, master pushed me onto his bed face first, and spread my ass cheeks apart.

“Oh wow, look at that tight little asshole!”

I blushed as master spread my cheeks wide, exposing my tight hole when I felt him spit on it and his finger gently moved around the edge of my virgin ass, teasing me until finally he slid in a finger.

“Oh, you are so tight! I am gonna tear this ass up you fucking slut!”

I moaned as he slid his finger in and out and rubbed his finger on my g spot, until he forced in a second finger, and I began to cry out a little louder. My little dick was throbbing istanbul travestileri and pulsing as his fingers violated me. I wimpered as he pulled out his fingers and spread my ass as he shoved his face in my crack and began tonguing my hole and erupted in pure ecstasy as his hot tongue expertly navigated my butt hole and I screamed out as my tiny cocklet almost burst. When he realized how close I was, he stopped.

“Let’s go bitch, get your ass up, you’re gonna take this fucking cock.”

“Yes master.” I replied as I moved onto my knees and stuck my ass out, inviting his massive member to penetrate my virgin ass.

He grabbed his cock and slapped my ass with it a few times, stroking it, and getting himself FULLY erect to stretch out my tight little hole and shape it perfectly to his giant cock. He smacked my ass with it a few more times for good measure, and then I felt the fire of his thick cock pressing against my tiny hole.

“Ah!! Ahhhh!!!” It hurt so good as the tip pressed hard to stretch out my ass, till finally, it was in, just the tip. He left it there for moment, unmoving to allow myself to adjust to the pain, and he slowly began to rock his hips. Back and forth, ever so slowly, pushing further and further in with each thrust. Until finally, the pain was all but gone, replaced with the ecstasy of his cock fucking my no longer virgin ass.

“Holy fuck! Your ass is better than any pussy I have EVER had!”

In and out, his nine and a half inches pounded away, my hips now moving with his thrusts, to maximize the dick my ass was taking. Thrusting, thrusting, thrusting. He began to fuck me harder, and harder and faster.

“Oh master! Fuck me! Fuck me please! Just like that! Hit my g spot! You’re gonna make my squirt my nut!” I cried as he pounded away at my ass.

“You like this fucking dick slut?”

“Yes master I love it! I love the way your fat cock fucks my tight little boipussy! I want you to fuck me forever! I don’t ever want this feeling to stop! Oh fffffuck!!”

“Oh fuck baby, are you gonna make daddy cum?”

“Yes daddy! I want you to cum for me! I want to taste your cum and I want you to let me clean your cock!”

“Oh yeah bitch? Clean this dick.”

He pulled his cock out of my ass for the first time since he took my anal virginity, and I spun around and jumped on his fat cock, sucking the juices from my still gaping asshole off his mighty anal virgin slayer, and began bobbing on his dick as I again swallowed it, letting him enter my throat. He held my face and began fucking my throat violently as I gagged, he continued ravaging my face face until he pulled his cock out, slapped me hard, kissed me, turned me around, and slid his cock back into my ass again, as I cried out getting used to the feeling again. My cock was convulsing, he thrust 5 times into me, and my dicklet erupted cum, exploding onto my face and in my mouth. It turned on master so much, he immediately pulled out his cock, and began stroking and came like a super soaker, shooting ropes of creamy hot jizz, covering my face and dumping the rest into my mouth.

“Holy fuck, that was fucking amazing.” Master praised.

I felt uneasy. I didn’t know what to do. There I layed, face covered in my own, and my master’s nut. I felt so whole, so purposeful, so complete with master’s cock, and now that it was gone, an overwhelming uneasiness washed over me. I was so happy that I made master cum, and so much, but I already missed his cock filling the void that he pointed out.

“Get yourself cleaned up, actually wait,” *click click* I heard a camera snap a few pictures of me, “ok here, now clean yourself up.” He tossed me a piece of light cloth, what I later realized was a clean shirt and I put it aside and began to swallow master’s cum, hoping to fill what void I could. After getting what I could, I wiped my face and began to get dressed again in my shorts and blouse.

“Lemme get you an uber.” He said.

“What?! I can’t go out like thi–” *thwack* he slapped me hard across the face again.

“I said, lemme get you an uber, or I can make you fucking walk home like that.” He exclaimed angrily.

“Yes master.” I replied.

And so I waited outside, in my new clothes, when up pulls Veronica, the sexy driver from before…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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