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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual behavior are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, using Microsoft Spell-Check. You have been forewarned.


“So I’m sucking his itty bitty dick, fucking thing’s so tiny almost crime call it a dick and get this, get this, says to me, ‘I thought you big girls were supposed have big old titties,’ believe that?”

“No! Oh Rose! What’d you do?” Kirsten Boyer asked her co-worker.

“”Looked at him and said, ‘And I thought you big guys were supposed have big old dicks.’ And then, get this, get this, he says ‘What? Ain’t going finish?'” Rose McCall said.

“He uh, he know you, about your…” Kirsten whispered, then clammed up as some customers walked past.

Rose smiled as a small girl peered through the glass display case at the assortment of hand dipped chocolate cookies.

“How much those?” the girl asked.

“They’re two for a dollar, sweetie,” Rose smiled.

The girl dashed off, presumably to get her mother, get a dollar. Kirsten finished decorating the vanilla bean frosted cake. She checked the spelling of the man’s name against what the client had written on the pad, then closed up the box.

Beyond the display case of the bakery section, Burns & Burns grocery store was bustling. The Oakleaf, Texas store seemed to never slow at all, which was fine for the two eighteen year old high school students. Both agreed, there was nothing worse than being bored.

“Yes, need two of those cookies, yes Abigail, I told her two, you’re standing right there, you didn’t hear me?” a young woman said.

“Yes ma’am,” Rose smiled and grabbed two of the dipped cookies.

“What do you say, Abigail?” the woman coaxed.

“Thank you,” Abigail squeaked.

“No. Thank YOU!” Rose said and mother and child giggled.

“Thank you, ma’am, come again,” Rose said.

“Aw,” Kirsten sighed, looking at the cute mother-daughter tableau as it played out.

The two heavy set girls found something to busy themselves. Patrick Miller, the store manager had finally waddled out of his office and was making his rounds.

“So, who you think’s the hottest guy at school?” Kirsten asked as Patrick waddled out of sight.

“Either Brandon or Derek,” Rose answered without hesitation.

“Went out with Brandon couple of times,” Kirsten confessed. “Stupid me? Broke up with him because Doug asked me out.”

“I went out with him couple of times too, Brandon, not Doug, but then Suzy comes along,” Rose said.

A moment later, Rose looked up.

“Doug, Doug Henson?” Rose asked.

“Uh huh,” Kirsten said, blushing.

“Huh,” Rose said, thinking of the black student. “He uh, he any good?”

“Don’t know,” Kirsten said. “His stupid ass got so drunk, puked all over the place and I had to take Express Cab get home.”

“Speak of the devil,” Rose said and pointed.

“Shit!” Kirsten said as Brandon Charles walked toward the bakery section.

“Hey! How y’all doing?” Brandon asked, smiling.

“Hey,” both Rose and Kirsten said.

“Hey, I uh, my sister’s birthday is tomorrow, need a cake,” Brandon said.

“Wow, most guys wait until the day of,” Kirsten complimented as Brandon ordered a cake for his sister Cindy.

“Yeah, well, most guys aren’t as wonderful as me,” Brandon pretended to preen.

“Oh whatever,” Rose laughed.

He paid for the cake and agreed to pick it up the next evening after five.

“So what time y’all get off?” Brandon asked.

“Tonight? Ten,” Rose answered.

“We work twenty four a week,” Kirsten said.

“I uh, y’all working Friday?” Brandon asked, subconsciously flexing his muscles.

“Four ’til ten,” both girls said.

“Why?” Rose asked, leaning closer to him.

“I uh, my sister? Her and her boyfriend are going to Galveston for the weekend, uh, y’all want come on over?” Brandon asked hopefully.

“Let you know,” Kirsten said.

“I’m in; just got to let my mom know,” Rose accepted.

Brandon shuffled away before the girl could change her mind.

“He uh, does he know about…” Kirsten asked.

“No, not yet,” Rose said.

That night, Brandon lay in his bed, thinking of the two pudgy girls. Kirsten had red hair that hung down to just beneath her shoulder blades, a round face and a sweet smile. It had hurt his feelings when she’d broken up with him to go out with Douglas Henson. That romance had not lasted beyond the weekend, but Brandon had already moved on.

Rose had light blonde hair that she kept in a cute bob. She also had a shy smile, light blue eyes, and a very feminine manner. Even though she was a big girl, she always wore skirts and dresses and lacy, frilly tops.

Neither girl had much in the chest department, but Brandon was an ass man. Both girls had beautiful butts, nice, big round butts.

Brandon gripped his fat cock and stroked it a few times. He enjoyed the feeling of his thick man meat in his hand. The velvet soft skin, the hardness just underneath, the heavy feeling of his hard istanbul travesti cock, his large balls, the thick vein along the underside of his cock.

Sometimes Brandon wondered if he was gay. He did think of cocks a lot. He covertly checked out the other guys in the locker room of M. A. Fergusen High School.

Suzy Tisdale had snagged him away from Rose. That romance had lasted all of two weeks. Until Brandon figured out that Suzy had just been using him to make Doug Henson jealous. But by that time, Rose was going out with Mike Foreman.

“Tiny Mike,” Brandon scoffed, thinking of the large boy’s miniscule package. “Looks like a cheetoh and two raisins, I swear.”

Slowly, slowly, Brandon Charles stroked his hard cock. Mike had said that Rose gave a terrible blow job. Brandon’s cock jerked, thinking of the cute girl wrapping her pouting lips around his cock.

“Probably couldn’t find it, Mikey,” Brandon had wanted to say.

But, small package or not, Mike Foreman was well muscled and also had a bad temper. Brandon wondered if Kirsten gave a good blow job. She had been a good, a great kisser the few times they’d gone out.

“Ugh!” Brandon grunted and blasted a tick torrent of semen onto his belly and chest.

He had red hair, tightly coiled. Cindy, his sister was forever telling him he needed to let it grow out but Brandon preferred to keep it cut close to the scalp. His eyes were deep brown, soulful brown, Cindy called them. A few of her girlfriends agreed.

The girls would come to the two bedroom duplex he shared with his sister and they’d tease, torment Brandon. All of them were strippers, dancers at Tijuana Jack’s, all were gorgeous, and all were horrible flirts. They loved making the cute boy flush beet red with embarrassment.

The worst one was Shelley Flores. The chubby Latin girl seemed to know that Brandon had a bit of a crush on her and so delighted in teasing him.

Thankfully, Cindy would let it go only so far before she’d rein the girls in. Then the girls would laugh and apologize to Brandon.

Brother and sister lived together after the death of their mother and the incarceration of their father, for their mother’s death. Brandon had been about to go into the Foster Care program when Cindy intervened. From the moment he entered her home, Cindy treated her brother like an adult. She expected him to chip in, do his fair share of housework. She also expected him to keep up with his schoolwork.

At school on Friday, Kirsten let Brandon know that she would not be coming to his duplex after work.

“Oh! But, how’d your sister like that cake?” Kirsten asked.

“Cherry’s her favorite; loved it,” Brandon said.

He smiled, thinking of the cake.

“Boyfriend? Thinks he’s all bad ass and shit? Had no idea cherry’s her favorite,” Brandon said.

After school, brother and sister were busy. Cindy was packing for a romantic getaway and was secretly hoping Donald would be proposing marriage. Brandon was putting the finishing touches on a pot of chili; Rose had said she was usually starving by the time they got off of work.

“Looking at cakes and brownies all night? Don’t get to eat none of it?” Rose complained.

“Ooh, Shelley’s going be heartbroken,” Cindy did tease her baby brother.

“She can come too,” Brandon shot back. “Hell, making plenty of chili here.”

Donald gave his customary rhythmic rap on the door, then opened and entered the duplex. He gave a little nod to Brandon; the two men did not like each other. Brandon kissed his sister good bye, wishing her a good weekend.

“Try not burn the place down,” Donald sneered.

“Liked that Cajun gumbo?” Brandon asked, referring to the gumbo they’d eaten at Cindy’s party.

“Yeah, pretty good,” Donald grudgingly agreed.

Donald couldn’t lie and say he had not. He’d eaten three bowls of the chicken and sausage gumbo and had scarfed down two heaping servings of the potato salad as well.

“I’m one made it,” Brandon said. “I think I know how to cook, Donald.”

“Boys,” Cindy warned.

At ten o’clock that evening, Brandon heated up some cheese and jalapenos. This, he would pour over some tortilla chips to go along with the chili.

“Hey!” Rose shrilled as she entered the duplex.

“Hey, so glad you came; hope you like chili,” Brandon said.

“Got to go potty; where’s the little girl’s room?” Rose asked, putting her purse down.

“Oh God, that smells so good,” she enthused as she closed the door to the hall bathroom.

They ate the chili and chips and Rose complimented the chef. Their easy going mood dampened slightly when Rose asked if he had any beer.

“I uh, neither Cindy nor I drink,” Brandon said tightly. “My old man drank enough for all of us.”

Kirsten had heard the gossip about the death of Brandon’s mom. She had of course shared that information with Rose; the two girls were best friend.

“I uh, okay,” Rose said.

“Sorry, not your fault,” Brandon apologized a moment later.

“It’s all right,” Rose said and kissed him directly kadıköy travesti on his lips.

A moment later, the kiss had heated up quite a bit. Rose placed her pudgy hand on Brandon’s thigh and Brandon chanced cupping one of her small breasts through her work blouse.

“I uh, I mean, not that these chairs are bad, but…” Rose murmured.

“Living room’s right there,” Brandon pointed over his shoulder.

“Uh huh; and your bedroom is…?” Rose asked.

“Yes!” Brandon enthused and Rose giggled.

Brandon stood at six feet even and Rose was only five feet four. Standing in his bedroom, he had to bend to kiss her. She did make the job a little easier by standing onto her tip toes.

Rose was surprised how neat and clean Brandon’s room was. She had seen Cindy’s bedroom when she left the bathroom and the woman’s bedroom was a disaster area.

Brandon gently pulled Rose onto his bed. They kissed hotly for several moments, hands touching one another.

Then Rose unzipped Brandon’s jeans. He moaned into her mouth as her small hand reached in and stroked his erection through his briefs.

She shimmied out of top and bra and helped him pull his shirt off. The two continued to kiss and touch, his hands tugging at her hard nipples while her hands went from his smooth, muscular chest to the waistband of his briefs.

He slipped his shoes off and wiggled out of jeans. Rose gave him one more kiss then wiggled out of her shoes and jeans.

Dressed in only skimpy bikini panties, Rose knelt on Brandon’s floor between his muscular thighs and pulled his underwear down. She stroked the length of his hard cock, then bent and sucked him into her mouth. She moaned around his cock as he reached down and began toying with her small breasts again.

“Oh, damn, Rose, ‘m…” Brandon moaned as the girl sucked and stroked the length of his cock.

“Mm-hmm,” she moaned approval and continued to bob her pretty head up and down on his manhood.

“Damn, damn, aw damn, double damn,” Brandon moaned and began to pump a rope of semen into Rose’s mouth.

She swallowed all he had to give. She nuzzled his cock until it began to go limp. Finally, she let it slip from her lips.

Then, with resolve, Rose stood up.

“I uh, Brandon, I’ve never…” Rose murmured as Brandon’s lay back on his bed, legs dangling off.

“Me either,” Brandon admitted, sitting up onto his elbows.

“What I’m about show you, this stays right here,” she said, facing him.

“Yeah, I mean, who I’m going tell?” he asked.

“I mean it, no one, not even your sister, hear?” Rose pressed.

“Yeah, like she cares about…” Brandon said, sitting up now.

“I mean it. Promise me, please,” Rose begged, voice strangled.

“Promise,” Brandon said, holding up his right hand as if taking an oath.

“I really like you, Brandon,” Rose said quietly as she put her thumbs into the waistband of her skimpy panties.

“Like you too,” Brandon admitted.

Rose pushed down her panties. For a long moment, Brandon sat and stared. Rose stood, pretty face flaming bright red.

Brandon let out a long breath and said, “Fuck! That’s so, God, Rose, that’s so fucking awesome, I swear.”

“You, what? You’re kid, you’re not just saying that, huh?” Rose stammered as her fat six inch erection bobbed and twitched.

There was a fringe of light brown pubic hair over the fat cock. Underneath the bobbing, twitching member, her hairless ball sac hung, holding two large egg shaped testicles. The very tip of her cock was shiny with her excitement. Brandon stood and approached her.

“This look like I’m kidding?” Brandon asked, holding his renewed erection in his hand.

“No it doesn’t,” Rose breathed.

They stood in his room, kissing passionately. His cock rubbed her belly and her cock rubbed his upper thighs.

“Let’s, I want,” Brandon said and pushed Rose onto his bed.

She quickly got the message when he crawled up next to her. But his cock was at her head and his head was at her cock.

“Oh God,” Rose groaned as she reached out for his hard cock.

Brandon stroked Rose’s fat cock with his hand, then put his mouth over the head. The texture was velvet smooth as he ran his tongue over the warm flesh. The taste was a mixture of soap and sweat and a slightly salty taste.

Brandon realized that he was tasting Rose’s excitement. He hollowed out his cheeks as he sucked more of her cock into his mouth.

Then he let her fat erection plop out of his mouth. He bathed her hairless balls with his tongue and smiled as he heard her moan. Then he bent his head forward and licked the expanse of skin between scrotum and anus. His left hand pulled on Rose’s plump left buttock. He then traced his tongue around Rose’s light brown pucker. Rose squealed, as much as she could squeal with Brandon’s cock buried to the hilt in her hot sucking mouth.

Brandon tongued her sweaty, spicy anus for a few minutes. Then he wormed a finger into her rectum.

He slid his mouth back over anadolu yakası travesti the head of her throbbing, twitching cock and finger fucked her hole with one, then two fingers.

“Mm, mm, mm!” Rose moaned.

Rose McCall had given at least twenty blow jobs, had enjoyed nearly every one of them. She loved sucking a big fat cock, tasting a man’s sweat and excitement. She loved the feeling of a man’s cock in her hands, in her mouth. She loved the taste and texture of a man’s sperm.

But this was the first time she’d ever felt another’s mouth around her own cock. This was the first time someone had given her a blow job.

And it was apparent; Brandon Charles enjoyed sucking cock just as much as she enjoyed sucking cock. His two fingers probing in and out of her hole was also driving her mad.

Brandon found Rose’s prostate gland and massaged it while bobbing his head up and down on her cock.

“Ah!” Rose cried out and began pumping her semen into Brandon’s sucking mouth.

Brandon tasted the salty, gluey tasting semen. The taste was not unpleasant, but the texture left a lot to be desired. Rose must have had a good bit of spunk saved up; he swallowed that load and it was replaced with a second, third, then fourth blast from Rose’s pulsing cock.

Rose redoubled her efforts to milk Brandon’s cock, using her throat muscles. Then she began humming in her throat.

“Aw shit, shit yeah!” Brandon cried out and blasted his spunk down Rose’s throat.

For a long moment, the small room was silent, except for their labored breathing. Then Brandon wiggled around. He hugged the nude Rose tightly, then kissed her.

She opened her mouth and they again kissed. His cock was the first to recover and she giggled, feeling it sliding up along her pudgy thigh. Her own cock twitched and hardened, sliding along Brandon’s belly.

“MM, oh, Brandon!” Rose sighed as she felt his hand touch her cock.

He pulled away from her and slid open his nightstand drawer.

“I got to go potty,” Rose said quickly when she saw the jar of petroleum jelly in Brandon’s hand.

In the bathroom, Rose lubricated a finger with the bargain brand liquid soap, then fucked that finger in and out of her pudgy bottom. A moment later, the soap did the trick and she loosed her irritated bowels into the commode. Sitting there, she felt a tear trickle down her cheek.

“I’m about, I’m really going do it,” she squealed in her throat. “I’m really going fuck!”

Her cock was throbbing and bobbing with her heartbeat as she walked back into Brandon’s room. She wiggled onto his bed and the two eighteen year olds kissed passionately.

“GO slow, okay?” Rose begged as Brandon rolled her onto her back.

He knelt between her splayed thighs and gently pushed his lubricated finger into her rectum. She shuddered as his finger wiggled around, sending pleasure shocks through her body.

“Oh!” she grunted out when Brandon leaned forward and sucked the head of her pretty cock into his mouth.

While his tongue teased the head of her cock, Brandon wormed a second greasy finger into Rose’s pretty hole. He slid the two fingers in and out, spreading petroleum jelly around inside of her.

She grunted again when he began to spread his two fingers apart, widening her hole. Then he twisted the fingers around and she shuddered mightily.

She was on the verge of ejaculating again. Brandon’s tongue tickled her cock deliciously. Brandon’s two, now three fingers thrust in and out of her hole. She began to thrust her cock into Brandon’s mouth.

Then he pulled his mouth away.

“Ugh! Oh God damn it yes!” Rose cried out as the head of Brandon’s greasy cock began to push into her virgin hole.

Brandon’s head was whirring and buzzing. He had fantasized about this moment for as long as he could remember. The moment of losing his virginity. The feeling of Rose’s hole resisting as he sought to gain entry was delicious. Her muscles squeezed and caressed the head of his cock as he pressed forward. The heat, the smooth flesh as it rippled and pulsed against the sensitive head of his member was maddening.

“Ugh!” they both cried out as his head popped into her hole.

Rose shuddered and jerked. There was a searing pain as her rectum was being forced open by the blunt head of Brandon’s cock. As painful as it was, it was a very welcome pain. She tried to will her muscles to relax, to allow him entry into her.

“Ugh!” the both cried out again as a few more millimeters of his cock pushed into her.

“God damn, God damn, oh fuck,” Brandon moaned as her anus clamped tightly around his cock.

“Oh, Baby!” Rose encouraged.

He remained on his knees between her spread legs. Just the head of his thick cock rested inside of her hole.

There was a warmth spreading from her rectum outward. Her balls felt heavy, tight. She could feel his thick meat pushing into her, stretching her.

“Fuck me, Baby, fuck me,” Rose hissed as a bead of sweat trickled down her forehead.

“Ugh!” Brandon agreed, pushing into her.

“Ah, fuck!” Rose bellowed as her cock jerked, twitched, then spewed a fountain of sperm toward Brandon’s ceiling.

Her sperm splattered down, covering her cute belly.

Brandon paused in his thrusting. He scooped up Rose’s semen with a finger, then licked his finger clean. He scooped up some more and fed the finger to Rose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32