Winner Takes All Ch. 02

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Please only read this if you’re interested in what is really a coming of age story for a young gay male and his more dominant Asian male friend. I apologize for waiting so long to post this sequel. Even though over 50,000 read the first installment, so few vote and comment that it made me wonder if I should continue. Both boys are over 18 and this story is completely a figment of my imagination! Enjoy!


To say I was unsettled after the Prom with Joey Chen would be a huge understatement. As a heretofore geeky, relatively slight and shy American boy from a small town in Georgia, I had been yanked into a new world order by a similarly youthful but mentally and now sexually dominant Chinese stud.

I would never have used the term “stud” prior to the Prom to have described Joey, but now that’s what I knew him to be. And unlike me, he was certainly all “man” given his proven sexual prowess and surprisingly ample Asian spear.

After Joey left, I went to my room, too tired to do anything but take off my rented clothes and carefully hang them up before climbing into my bed and passing out. I fell asleep instantly and soon was deep in dreamland. It was like an instant replay of last night on the big screen of my mind. I was lying back on a pillow in our hotel room, all smooth and wearing feminine attire, looking up at a triumphant Joey Chen whose obscenely engorged cock pulsed on my lips. “Open your mouth and lick it, Billie,” he said with almost a leer as I stared up into his intense, black and commanding eyes!

I had just opened my mouth and started to lick the underside of his cock, wet with Joey’s flowing pre-cum, when I was rudely awoken by a pounding on my door and heard my Mom yell, “Get up, Billy, it’s nearly 3:00 p.m. and we need to get your tux back to the rental place before it closes. I’m not paying for an extra night because YOU want to sleep the day away!”

As I woke, I licked my lips and could have sworn I tasted Joey’s spicy man-taste with which he had marked me as his property only a few hours before. Moving to get out of bed, I looked down and saw the dream had left me morning or in this case, afternoon wood another indicator that I had been turned on at some level by what had happened the night before.

I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough as Mom yelled, “You have ten minutes to be ready and in the car! Like I said, I’m not going to pay for an extra minute’s rental on that Tux!”

With that, I was up and in the shower in a flash. As I soaped up and took in the reality of my nearly hairless body and now flaccid cock, I felt 13 again and remembered my shame and embarrassment as the other boys strutted around on their way to the showers in the gym with their towels confidently draped around their necks with their cocks displaying their emerging growths of dark, pubic hair surrounding young but manly cocks, while I and a few others hid our more pitiful displays under towels wrapped around our waists.

Although my member wasn’t as immature as it had once been, the renewed absence of pubic hair made it seem that way. I could only thank God High School was nearly over and I wouldn’t have to worry about making an appearance in my present state in that damn locker room again!

I had that image burned deeply in my head while I rushed to towel off and get dressed. I chose to wear jeans rather than shorts lest anyone see my slim and now hairless legs and ascertain what went on in that downtown hotel last night!

While Mom waited in the car, I went in to return my Tux. It was a bit humiliating to stand there, at the counter, while the owner’s 16 year old son handled my return. He was taller than I and in my mind, seemed far more mature. Plus, I noticed the light dusting of hair on his arms which was by far more than any I previously had. I’m sure he was simply trying to be friendly as he examined my trousers for any irregularity or, dare I say, cum stains!

“Looks like yours are clean!” he remarked, adding, “You should have seen the cum stains on the Tux that Chinese guy returned an hour ago! I bet there will be a mixed race kid in this Georgia town in nine months!” To say I was aghast would have been an understatement! If that kid had only known it was ME Joey Chen had bred, my humiliation would have been complete! I only hope he was distracted by another late returnee as I fled to the safety of my mom’s car.

As I spent the remaining hour of the afternoon at home in my room, my mind raced over different sets of images. I recalled my attempts to get off by looking at straight porn the few times I was able to use the family computer when I knew both parents would be out. With a sense of shame, I remembered being riveted to the men’s faces as they fucked the girls underneath them and my fascination with their cocks. I felt ashamed to realize Joey may have sensed something in me I had been afraid to admit to myself. I also thought about Joey. My now Manavgat Escort tender ass or as Joey referred to it, pussy, seemed to almost twitch as I recalled his demanding cock and what it felt like as he plowed ever so deeply in and out of me.

I had never known a guy could orgasm from anal stimulation before I came without masturbating myself from Joey’s fuck multiple times over the course of the past night. Still, while the remembrance made me hard, it was also deeply troubling because it ran totally counter to my Southern Georgia, religious, social and moral upbringing and all that I had ever expected of myself.

Dinner that night was simple fare. Mom wanted us to be up early for the obligatory Sunday school and Baptist services all good Georgians seemed to attend. Of course, Joey, being Chinese and from mainland China, wasn’t forced to take in this aspect of American culture and was free to sleep in!

At Sunday school, the preacher dealt with the passage from Leviticus dealing with homosexual activity. He was angry that more and more states were allowing gay marriage and railed against the different courts that were mandating or in his words, “forcing down our throats faggot marriages.”

All through the lesson I felt as if my skin was on fire as I imagined what the preacher would think if he saw me splayed out with my legs opened wide under Joey being totally lost in his fuck. Despite myself, I got hard thinking about what that cock had done to me. I was beginning to get a little wet spot as the hour came to an end and had to slink away from my Sunday school classmates to our car before anyone would notice.

Mom had prepared a lunch of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans, typical southern fare. As we were finishing up, the doorbell rang. Dad answered and welcomed Joey in, offering him desert. Joey, declined stating that he’d come to get me as his Mom had prepared a Mandarin-style desert he wanted me to try.

I really wasn’t sure if I should go with him. Frankly, I wasn’t sure how I’d react around him and his parents. Would I still be his friend, Billy, or would he treat me as he did, Billie after the Prom? Still, there wasn’t much I could do as my parents had every expectation, based on our past behavior, that I would generally do whatever Joey suggested.

Within minutes, we were in his car and driving to his house. Joey had a happy glow about him as he grabbed my left wrist and placed my hand in his lap so I could feel his raging hard on. “Did you miss me, Billie?” he said, “Because, as you can tell, I sure missed you!”

His cock felt obscene through the fabric of his Khaki slacks. He had a smart looking polo shirt opened at the chest and looked hot. Wait, did I just think that?

Initially, I didn’t know what to say. I even, momentarily, contemplated taking my hand off his cock. However, as I almost involuntarily began to feel it, I couldn’t help but recall the effect that amazing piece of man-meat had had when it first pierced my throat and then a little later, my clean-shaven and smooth boy-pussy. As my hand continued to feel it throb, my eyes also became glued to what it was handling causing Joey to laugh aloud and say, “I can see you really did miss me, or at least my cock!” And, if I had to admit it, he was right!

The drive went by quickly. When we reached his driveway, Joey grabbed my wrist and removed my hand. It was only then that I came out of my fog of almost overwhelming desire for that pulsing Asian spear.

“Damn, now we’ve got to sit here for a few minutes until this calms down,” Joey said, as he looked down at his engorged cock tenting out rather obscenely in his khaki shorts! I realized I was in a similar, but more modest predicament when I glanced down to assess my own situation.

“Hey, Joey,” I said, “that kid at the tuxedo rental place said your tux had cum stains and that he expects a baby from whomever you fucked in nine months! I sure hope you didn’t tell him it was me or he’d be sorely disappointed!”

With that, Joey laughed almost hysterically and said, “Don’t worry, Baby, I told him I fucked the hottest girl there!”

For some reason, Joey’s words stung. Did he think of me as Billy his friend? As Billie a girl? Or something in between? While he may have spoken in jest, I was clearly embarrassed by the possibilities!

When we got inside Joey’s house, I was surprised we didn’t go to the kitchen for the Mandarin desert he had spoken to my Mom about. Instead, Joey marched me straight to his room.

When we were ensconced behind his now locked bedroom door, I spoke up and said, “Hey, Joey, where’s the Mandarin desert you mother wanted me to try?” With that, Joey marched me backwards until I fell with my back onto his bed before standing between my legs and gripping his now bulging crotch and saying with a bit of a sneer, “Your desert is right here! You just need to work for it so that it will be served hot and fresh!”

Manavgat escort bayan My eyes immediately focused on his cloth-covered cock before moving up to his insistent face. While I had some internal doubts, Joey was dead serious about what was going to happen, again!

Before I could react, Joey looked down at me and said, “Go in my bathroom! I’ve got some panties, a bra and a pleated skirt and top for you to put on. Aren’t you lucky the Thrift Shop was open yesterday afternoon! They were more than happy to unload this outfit for my ‘little sister!’ Oh, and there’s some lipstick on the counter, too. Hurry up, I’ve been thinking about doing this again since I dropped you off, yesterday!”

I knew I should have just run out the door, but instead found myself meekly getting up and going to his bathroom. I carefully took off all my boy clothes and saw the items he had gathered for me to wear. As I pulled up the panties, I couldn’t help but feel how smooth and sexy they felt against my skin. It took me awhile to get the bra on and I did feel a bit ridiculous not having hardly any cleavage. The skirt and top looked like something a school girl would wear.

For some reason, I couldn’t help but do as Joey wanted. Deep down, I simply wanted to please him because for whatever reason, I was beginning to realize something about myself: pleasing Joey made me happy, too.

As I came out of the bathroom, Joey was reclining on his bed waiting for me. He had a huge grin plastered on his face when he first saw me. “Billie, you look like a little virgin school girl in that outfit. But then, we both know that isn’t true!” he said, before breaking into a laugh.

“Well you aren’t a virgin either,” I responded, rather indignantly, before beginning to pout!

“You’re right, Billie,” he added with a rather triumphant grin plastered on his face as he gripped his covered manhood before adding, “because I fucked you. Now get up here,” he ordered, and then said, “I want to kiss those innocent lips of yours before getting some more of that sweet, Georgia ass!”

“What if your parents walk in on us?” I responded.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head! They know you’re here for a little Mandarin dessert,” he said as he patted his growing bulge in front of my widening eyes. “Anyway, the door’s locked and they rarely, if ever, disturb me!” he added.

His finger beckoned me and I moved forward almost in a hypnotic trance. Soon I was lying next to him. He put his arm behind my neck and pulled me towards him and he placed my right hand on his cloth-covered cock.

As Joey mashed our faces together, he stuck his tongue into my mouth showing his dominance over me. I felt myself panting as I welcomed and then sucked on his probing tongue.

Soon he flipped us over and was on top of me. His legs pinned mine to his mattress as his hands grasped the back of my head. Meanwhile, his tongue practically raped my mouth. His taste was intoxicating and the feeling of his insistent kissing, overpowering. Every few minutes Joey would break it off before diving in for another round. For a man who had never made out before our night together at the Prom, Joey was demonstrating incredible skill!

Soon his right hand moved down underneath my bra to my nipples, squeezing one before mauling my left then my right breast. “Damn, Billie, I sure wish you weren’t so flat-chested” Joey said as he groped one then the other.

Meanwhile, I could feel his taut package still confined in his underwear and khaki pants as he rubbed himself against my cloth covered stomach.

Not one to waste too much time, Joey was ready to wind down the preliminaries. As I was learning, once a man has fucked a person, he feels as if he’s expressed himself and his need for talking is greatly diminished. And Joey was certainly at that place. He was ready to fuck!

Without breaking eye contact, Joey backed off his bed and began to slowly but deliberately remove his clothes.

“Are you clean?” he asked, as he grabbed the lube he’d placed in drawer in the stand next to his bed. I meekly nodded affirmatively.

Joey then pulled me by my legs towards the edge of his bed before instructing me to turn over. I was bent forward, my legs touching the floor. Joey then flipped my skirt up and using a pocket knife he’d retrieved from who knows where, cut a hole in the back of the panties I was wearing.

“This will seem so realistic,” he said, “like I really am fucking a virgin school girl,” Joey added as he began rubbing is thick, teenage shaft along the crack of my ass!

I wondered if he’d made me dress up in-order to imagine he was fucking one of the stuck up twats from our school!

His next words only made that seem more likely. “Are you going to give it up for me you little bitch?” Joey said as he pushed two of his fingers into my mouth. “Yeah, suck my fingers, little girl,” Joey said, “so I can use them Escort Manavgat to loosen you up!”

The next thing I knew, Joey had shoved those same fingers in my ass-pussy. As he finger-fucked me with his long, slender fingers, I began to shudder, especially when he began grazing my prostate.

“Are you ready to be mounted, Billie?” he whispered, now leaning forward on my back and nibbling on my left ear making me moan with almost desperation.

At that point, I no longer cared who the object of his interest was, me, my now alter ego, Billie or some stuck up bitch from our High School! All I knew was that this former Asian nerd now jock wanted ME!

“Tell me you want it, Billie,” Joey demanded!

By this point, he had totally played me for the bitch I had become! I needed to feel him and I found myself begging for him like a breathless girl as began pleading, “Yes Joey, I need you, more than anything! I need to feel your hot cock inside me. Please fuck me! Please make me yours. Breed me so that I’ll always have your baby makers in me!”

By these words which surprised me as they tumbled out of my mouth I sealed my submission to the total and permanent change not only in the dynamic of Joey and my relationship but also in confirming my subservient status to male cock! I say this because once Joey had taken me the second time, I never had even a fleeting desire to be with a woman but only to be mounted as a woman by a more dominant man.

The next thing I felt was Joey’s legs pushing mine apart and his hairy legs rubbing against my pale, white and smooth skin. Joey rested his cock and balls on the small of my back letting me feel externally what would soon be inside me. It felt as if his cock-head was already leaking, demonstrating his dominant desire to mount me. Joey’s hands now firmly grabbed my ass, kneading my ass-cheeks as if he was kneading dough prior to putting it in the oven.

I could feel his cock pulse with desire. But instead of simply ramming into me, Joey exerted a masterly control of himself and of me. He shifted and now placed his cock beneath my pussy as he rubbed it against my own, smaller ball-sack.

“Yes, Billie, I’m going to fuck you and fuck you good,” he taunted. “I’d let you play with your clit but then you’d cum too soon and maybe lose your desire for me and neither of us want that to happen, do we!” he said as his pre-cum coated my balls.

It was time. Joey gripped my ass-cheeks and then pulled them apart exposing the small entrance to my boy pussy now puckered in desire. Spitting on it three times adding to the lube he had somehow managed to get on his cock, he said, “All lubed and ready!” before placing his head against my opening.

“Push out and let me in!” Joey ordered, before adding, “Remember, winner takes all!” he said as his hot, Asian spear pierced me once again before sliding deep into my inner recesses.

I gasped as he mounted me doggy style. His cock head had a seemingly massive ridge that I could feel as it went back and forth in a slow but steady rhythm massaging the inner lining of my pussy as well as my prostate.

“Damn, you’re tight,” Joey said as he continued his assault on my willing body! Joey then leaned forward and placed his arms around my shoulders, pulling me up. “See the mirror on the side of the bed? I’m going to maneuver us to the opposite side so I can watch myself fuck you!”

It was one thing to take his fuck but another to be forced to join him in observing it. Soon I was, once again, face forward, my ass thrust in the air with a hot, Chinese stud gripping my abs as he rammed his seven inch cock in and out of me!

In almost a cruel way, Joey had pulled me back so my little panty-covered cock was just off the bed and not touching anything. In this way, all the physical contact was between his cock, the lining of my now ass-pussy and through it, my prostate. If I was going to cum, it would be from this stimulation, alone!

Now totally in control, Joey leaned forward, placed his hands on the front of my scalp and pulled my head up so I had to look forward and see the action as it took place, his face practically next to mine as he said, “Look, Baby, isn’t it hot watching us fuck! Tell me what do you see?”

To be honest, I was shocked. With that damn lipstick on, I had a rather feminine face. My ass was in the air and the skirt covered any male appendage that might have indicated I was a boy from being seen. Instead, Joey clearly fulfilled that role as he continued to batter my pussy with his rampant cock.

“I see a hot stud fucking a homely girl,” I replied as I stared back into Joey’s eyes facing mine in the mirror in front of us!

“That’s right,” Joey responded! “I certainly am the man here! And it sure looks as if my girl likes what she’s getting!” Then, pulling my medium length hair as he looked towards the mirror he added, “Damn, this is hot! I don’t know why we waited to have sex!”

The way he said it made me think he’d forgotten that most heterosexual boys don’t think of sex as fucking their best friends! But “best friends” are generally equal, and seeing Joey Chen’s masculine face filled with bliss as he fucked me, I admitted to myself that those days were passed!

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