Why I’ll Never Go Sharking Again Ch. 02

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Earlier today, I was raped by a shemale. It was my first sexual experience with anyone not carrying two X chromosomes. It hurt like hell, at first and to be totally honest, I’m still sore. But it also felt really good after a while. The sensation of being…..what’s the word I’m looking for here…”filled,” while cumming is the best. Having your ass clench down on a cock, while your spurt out cum is almost indescribable.

But does that make me gay? I can’t imagine myself ever being attracted to a man. There’s way too much body hair, not to mention guys aren’t soft like women, to be honest, the idea is gross, but I’d be willing to do anything to get that feeling again….once I heal a bit.

But probably, more than anything, I feel embarrassed. I mean I got over powered, then manhandled and then raped, but a shemale. A guy so sissy, he decided to be a girl made me his bitch. And it happened on the street where anyone walking past the right alley could’ve seen.

Since I pulled up my pants and started walking, Jason has called several times. I honestly don’t feel like talking and wouldn’t know what to say when he asks me what happened. He saw the girl with the huge fucking dick chase me after I pulled her pants down, but he has no idea what happened after she caught me and he also has no idea she took my ID, knows where we live, and said to me, “I’ll visit you later and don’t worry, your friend has it cumming too, but if you warn him, next time I won’t be so nice.”

It would be wrong if I didn’t tell him, I can just say she kicked my ass and is going to do the same to you. That would be embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as saying she’s going to fuck you in the ass and bust a nut inside of you, like she did me. In order to get myself together, I decide to take the bus home, instead of having Jason pick me up. Hopefully my attacker isn’t on her way to our place because I know I can’t take another pounding, not yet at least.

After about an hour, I get off the bus outside of my apartment. After this very unusual day, I’m really really tired. Some of which is from refusing to sit while on the bus, for obvious reasons, even though the bus was empty. And some of which was from the most exhilarating sexual experience of my life. Really my only regret is it only lasted a few minutes.

I open the door, after the elevator ride up to the 4th floor and there Jason is on the couch. He hangs up his phone and says, “Dude I called you like fifty times are you okay?”

I simply reply, “Yea.” As I walk towards the shower.

He then stops me to ask more questions, “So what the fuck happened? I saw her chase you, then I went to the place to pick you up and you weren’t there. I waited and then decided to drive around looking for you. Once I couldn’t find you, I came back here.”

Jason is a good friend, I want to tell him, but when I open my mouth, I just can’t repeat what happened. I decide to lie. “She, he or whatever it was, hit me with a brick (actually that is partially true) and roughed me up some.”

“Dude I told you not to mess with a black girl…..or maybe I should’ve said a black guy,” Jason said as he laughed.

I expected some jokes from him, so this didn’t bother me, so I continued to head towards the shower. As I got closer to my room, Jason yelled out, “You’re lucky she didn’t rape you!”

Those words turned my blood into ice and I froze. I turned to see Jason, and my reaction must’ve given it away. He just stared and said “No fucking way! You let her fuck you!”

“I didn’t let her do anything!” I screamed back at him.

“But it did happen, didn’t it? She did Fuck you, didn’t she,” he continued to ask.

“Jason, I really don’t want to talk istanbul travesti about it, she caught me, hit me with a cheap shot, and kicked me around a bit, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less,” I said, hoping he would drop it.

I was wrong, Jason continued to prod, “There’s no way some dude is raping me, this isn’t prison, I would’ve fucking killed her,” he said, almost laughing at me.

Trying to defend myself, I said “A dude didn’t rape me, it was a girl,” hoping that would make it better, but of course it didn’t.

“So now you’re calling it a girl?” Jason said. “Don’t tell me you actually liked getting your cherry popped? You did, didn’t you?” Jason said as he continued to tease.

“Look Jason, she caught me and beat me up a bit, that’s it, now leave me the fuck alone,” I said as I went into the bathroom.

I wondered how long Jason would keep this up. No matter how much he thinks he may know, he’s only guessing and eventually this should get old. As I got ready to shower, I noticed two things. Number one, my boxes were filled with her cum. It must’ve leaked out while I was standing on the bus, and if Jason saw this, I would never hear the end of this, and number two, all of this teasing was getting me hard. I definitely didn’t want Jason to fuck me, but all the teasing made me feel submissive, like I was earlier today.

The hot water felt good, really good, like I was washing the embarrassment of earlier off of me. I decided then that even though Jason was teasing me, I would warn him that she knows where we live, and she is coming to get him as well. So I finish in the shower, get dressed and decided to warn Jason.

As I step into his room, he’s in his bed, but jumps and changes the channel as I step in. I definitely thought that was weird, but really paid it no mind. I said, “Hey Jason, look, I gotta….” When I realized he was jacking off. Grossed out, I stepped back thinking what the fuck has got him so excited he’s jacking off. That’s when I see the camcorder hooked up to the TV. I turn the channel hoping, no praying that he isn’t watching what I think he is. When the channel is changed, there she is, with my arm bent behind my back and her cock in my ass.

“You fucking Bastard!” was all I could really say. “You watched me get raped, raped by a 10 inch anaconda, and you filmed it, and now after the fact you’re jerking off to it!”

“Let me explain!” Jason said as he pulled his pants back up.

“What is there to explain? You watched the most horrible thing imaginable happen to me!” I said, about as angry as I have ever been.

“Bull Shit” he said, don’t forget I saw it and I know you liked it, he said, almost laughing at me. “You liked getting fucked by her, and being her sissy bitch, so don’t get mad at me!”

At that moment, I had enough. Not enough to fight him or anything, but enough to get out of here. I was done being abused for the day. Physically buy someone I can only refer to as “her” and verbally by Jason. As I walked towards the door, Jason did say he’s sorry, but I simply told him “sooner or later, he would get his for that.” I decided not to warn him that the “girl” knew where we lived, but even if I did, it wouldn’t matter.

As I opened the door to get away from Jason, there “she” was, with a friend holding my ID saying “here they are!”

I completely froze in fear, with the only thing running through my mind was I can’t take it again, not so soon, the mere thought was even making my eyes water a bit. I was more than a bit relived when my attacker pushed me out of the way and pointed at Jason and said “Your turn!”

After seeing what they did to me, Jasons was scared, as he should’ve şişli travesti been. And predictably he tried to fight off both of them, but was ultimately over powered.

“Marcus help me!” he screamed.

I started to get up when the “girl” who attacked me earlier said “Don’t you dare move!” Her words sent a sudden pain shooting through my ass, so I sat back down on the floor.

Jason pleaded again, “Marcus I’m sorry, please don’t let them do this to me!” But again I sat in fear after one glance from my attacker’s friend.

The two girls held him down and began to remove clothes from him. First his shoes followed by shorts, then lastly his boxers. Once his ass was exposed, my attackers friend said “Get em’ Ashley, show this bottom bitch who’s boss.” She reached in her pocket, pulled out a small bottle of lube, and pulled her shorts down, exposing her cock.

Seeing it a second time, definitely allowed me to get a better appreciation for it. The thickness of the head, the girth of the shaft and the smoothness of the entire area. She really had a tremendous cock.

She placed all of her weight on Marcus, while she lubed up and began stroking herself, and then placed both hands on Marcus’ hips before shoving her thick cock all the way inside him. At that moment, he squealed like a pig, probably loud enough for everyone in the building to hear.

“O he’s tight…..I love the way you’re ass squeezes my cock!” Ashley said as she thrust in and out of Jason. “Two virgins in one day, what did I do to deserve this!”

As I sat there, hoping I wouldn’t be next, I couldn’t help but feel vindicated. He watched me get raped, not it was my turn to watch him.

“Gotta admit, this is the best pussy I’ve gotten all day, much better than Jason!” Ashley said as she continued to emasculate Marcus.

Marcus definitely wasn’t fight back either. Maybe it was because he was in the middle of jacking off when all this happened, but he was truly letting her do this to him.

As Ashley continued to thrust in and out of Marcus ass, she continued teasing him as well as me. “Did Jason warn you that you were gonna get dicked down today?” Ashley said.

Marcus moaned out, “No,” but that was immediately followed by a smack on this ass and Ashley telling him to say no mam’.

Ashley picked up her pace, and told Marcus, “Since I came earlier today, I can fuck a tight pussy like this all day, isn’t that right?”

Marcus again moaned “Yes,” which again was followed by a very loud and pain full sounding smack on the ass, which caused Marcus to yell out “Yes Man’!” almost out of instinct.

At this point, Ashley turned to her friend and said “Jessica, don’t just stand there, have some fun!”

She locked eyes with me and all I could do is back up towards the corner of the room. Jessica was bigger than Ashley and after what happened earlier, I knew I was no match for her. Jessica wasn’t as pretty as Ashley, but she was still passable as a woman, however I could tell she was the stronger of the two girls.

As she walked towards me, she pulled out her cock and started stroking it and after a few strokes it was at least 12 inches! “Please don’t! I can’t take another one, not so big, not so soon, please don’t!” I said almost sobbing.

Jessica just continued to walk towards me, with those cold dark eyes, stroking her cock, when she finally said “If you can suck my dick good enough to make me cum, I’ll spare your ass, but if you can’t, I’m gonna take it!

She continued to stare at me, as I stared at the monster between her legs. Like Ashley’s it was thick and long, but Jessica obviously wasn’t one to shave. She had what you bakırköy travesti would call a natural look if she had a pussy, but since she didn’t it looked like most guys I bet. As she got closer and gave me a look that said, make a decision, I decided I had to blow her and I had to make it good.

I thought back to every blow job I ever had, trying to think of ways to please her and decided to spit on her dick to get it wet. This caused Jessica to laugh and tell me how freaky I am. I decided to take as much in as I could, so I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. The first thing I noticed after getting her cock in my mouth, was the salty taste. She definitely worked up a sweat fighting and holding down Marcus, but I had to continue.

As I worked my hand up and down her shaft while swirling my tongue around her cock head, I heard her yell “No hands or it’s your ass!” so in response I quickly dropped my hands to my side.

She then put her hand on the back of my head and told me “I want you to look at me as I fuck your face,” so I opened my eyes.

As she continued to fuck my throat, I looked past her and saw that Ashley now had Marcus in the missionary position with his legs on her shoulders. “You’re even a bigger bitch than Jason, taking it like a virgin bride, isn’t that right Marcus?”

“Y…essss… Maaamm….” Was all Marcus could say.

Ashley looked at Marcus in the eyes and said “You sound like you’re gonna cum, but I haven’t even touched you. You must really be a sissy, how else can you cum from just being penetrated?”

As Ashley said this, Marcus’ cock began to spasm between his stomach and ashley’s and he came all over himself, with some getting on her. She kissed him on the lips and said “I guess I have to fuck you like a slut then” and she rolled him back on all fours and began fucking him again.

Aware of what was going on, Jessica began to go faster and faster, now with hands on both sides of my face. She looked at me and said, “It seems I won’t be getting your ass today, bit there’s always tomorrow.” And with that I could feel her cock pulsing in my mouth. I attempted to move away, but she held my head still and then closed my nose.

She came, spurt after spurt of cum in my mouth and I couldn’t breathe. It was thick and salty, I didn’t like the taste and wanted to move, but all I heard was “Swallow!” so I did. Afterwards I felt so used, especially after Jessica kissed my fore head and said “next time baby.” She pulled her shorts up and then told Ashley to hurry up and finish.

At this point Ashley was nearing the end of her time with Marcus. She began to speed up and all of a sudden began to moan “Uhhhh…that’s it take it…..take it all….take everything momma has for you.” When she withdrew from Marcus, you could see her cum all around his hole. It seemed like less than the load she dropped in me, based on what was in my boxers, but it was still quite a bit. Marcus just remained on all fours in orgasmic bliss when Ashley signaled for me to come to her.

Not wanting to upset her, I did, and when I came over she told me, “Clean his hole and use your tongue.” I looked at her in disgust, thinking there is no way I am doing that, let alone to Marcus.

She then whispered in my ear “If you’re not careful, Jessica will be hard again soon, now be a good boy, like Marcus was or else.”

Afraid of the consequences, I spread his cheeks, and placed my tongue in as far as it goes. I could taste her load. It tasted about the same as Jessica’s, but it was warmer from being inside Marcus’ ass. As I tongued him down, Marcus’ moans became louder and louder, until I noticed he was stroking his dick and he came again.

“What a couple of sissies!” Jessica said to Ashley.

Ashley then got up, pulled her shorts back up and said “We’ll be back tomorrow, don’t make us come looking for you.”

As they left, me and Marcus just looked at each other, embarrassed because we both knew we liked it and curious what the girls had in store for us tomorrow.

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