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Two naked men were already in the whirlpool as I stepped into the warm water, nudity being just one of the advantages offered by an all male sauna. Another became apparent while settling onto the bench, hand already touching my cock. One man was standing over the water column, facing a sitting man, his body revealing that someone or something was pleasuring him in typical bathhouse fashion.

My chosen seat was one octagonal section away from theirs. The central fountain was in full bubbling mode, obscuring whatever they were doing underwater. As is generally the case in the baths, their expressions tended to be impassive, though concentrated on each other. A sign of what was happening, without hinting whether they would enjoy another man joining in.

Spreading my legs wider, cock already half hard, it proved challenging to make subtle skin contact through the forcefully welling water. Nonetheless, their reaction seemed neutral, as compared to outright refusal. The standing man shifted, stretching out to let the water support him. The sitting man also shifted just a bit, his shoulder movements providing an idea of why his floating partner had begun to sigh.

I concentrated on having my left leg touch the pair, especially interested in the sitting man, who turned to look at me while my foot rubbed over his shin. Clumsily, unfortunately, as the currents remained unpredictable and powerful. I had better luck with the other man, who opened his legs a bit to let my slide my toes along his inner thigh.

Trying to use both legs at the same time did not work out, the splashing being just too much, especially considering how unstable my position was. The lighting changed, signalling that the central fountain would be ending. Unfortunately, it was replaced by the ring of jets in the seating coming on.

The floating man turned, sitting close to his apparent partner, though on the side further away from me. The bubbles kept everything underwater hidden from view, making it hard to know which man was running his foot along my leg. I moved a bit closer, left hand drifting underwater. All three of us had our arms underwater, one of the not so subtle signs that all of us were enjoying the same simple pleasure. The baths provide an uncomplicated environment to indulge in a variety of male sexual games, playing with other already naked men.

The man in the middle, a bit older, a bit heavier, and a bit darker than I, spread his right leg until it touched my drifting hand. The other man began to float and rise through the bubbles slowly, his rigid cock in another man’s fingers becoming visible. My stroking became more irresistible Manavgat Escort as his cock jutted out of the water, in the grasp of the man whose inner thigh I had begun caressing. Looking at his sexy cock, almost in reach, knowing that we shared the same sexual tastes, meeting in a place devoted to gay sex of a particularly alluring variety, among men who’ve experienced the thrill of sex among a group of turned on strangers.

The floating man opened his legs, his foot near. I reached out to touch it with my right hand, noting his reaction as my fingers played over his sole. My left hand was enjoying the feel of a stranger’s sexy hard cock, as we settled into a typical bathhouse hot tub routine. Shifting just a bit, putting my left leg over the sitting man’s thigh, I was pressing his cock with my thigh, sliding slowly up and down, as my hand rose to rub his nipple, visible just underneath the bubbling water. The other man’s foot moved until it touched my erect shaft, causing me to start rub it up and down, holding it tighter while watching his hot cock be jacked off, arched out of the water, the center of our attention.

His expression was blissfully dreamy as his own nipple started to be played with. My right hand travelled along his leg, causing a sigh after reaching his inner thigh, followed by a moan when my middle finger began to explore his ass, my palm pressed against his sack. His sexy foot had me near the edge of orgasm. Feeling his soft anal ring caused both of us to begin to pulse in pre-orgasmic waves, growing together, the third man adjusting himself perfectly. We had truly become a threesome, entering the realm of group sex in unison, as I felt the hand of the sitting man began to jack me off, hand against my bush, using the same lazy rhythm as the foot along the front of my shaft.

The water jets died down as the lights changed again. In the now still water, everything became visible, as the fingered man let his head rest on the edge of the bench. My left hand had found the erect cock of the man in the middle again, after my fingers had played with his nipple. He promptly responded by returning the pleasure along my shaft as his hand circled it, sliding up and down. Both of us were watching the other with naked lust, until our eyelids began to flutter, unable to withstand the mutual pleasure. The other man’s eyes had been closed for a while as my finger continued to circle inside his ass, his cock rigid in another man’s hand.

We remained like this until a fourth man entered the whirlpool, looking at us for a bit before sitting to my right. I let my leg drift over, with contact occurring Manavgat Escort Bayan in seconds. He soon moved closer, his hand tracing along my thigh before cupping my balls, then rising along my shaft. This prompted me to slowly remove my finger, exchanging the soft and no longer forbidden flesh that had surrounded it with the silky strength of extended cock. My grip more than hinted that he should move closer. He did, touching my nipple, creating another level of pleasure as two men stroked my cock, my hands jacking two strangers off in the whirlpool.

All of us were clearly experienced in male only group sex, our hard cocks an unmistakable indication of our mutual talents and desires. As again, we were submerging in another opportunity to fully experience a main attraction of a visit to the baths, something that has been undoubtedly true since the creation of the first male only bathhouse.

The new man’s jacking became vigorous enough for me to have to move my hand to slow him down. Leading him to slide his hand over my chest as I began to play with myself, entwined with 3 turned on strangers. After which, again, he became too vigorous, forcing me to slow him down. Unlike the first two strangers, the fourth man didn’t quite seem to grasp the idea of mutual pleasuring, though his attention to my cock had me quite enthralled.

After going through the same cycle a couple of times, the ringed water jets started. This time, with both the central fountain and the bench vents operating, something I’d never noticed before. My new partner stood up, beginning to play with my cock again, my right hand returned to the ass I had fingered before.

This time, the moans were obvious, all 3 of us looking at a turned on slut, knowing that we had appeared the same way to other men in similar circumstances. Another man entered the whirlpool, taking his time to touch his cock in front of us before sitting pretty much in the same spot as the last visitor.

I soon felt a hand slide over mine, as the new man joined our mutual jacking group in the best way possible, playing with the standing man’s cock, freeing my hand to explore upwards, playing with his chest. A hand began to slide along my thigh, pulling, until my skin was touching another naked stranger’s body. My legs were wide open, and anyone could see just how turned on I was.

His hand played with my balls as the standing man kept my cock on the verge of orgasm. My right hand sank down until it touched the fourth sexy cock of the day. A sexual haze filled us, meaning that we were only dimly aware of outside events, such as another man entering the Escort Manavgat water. Which in our state just meant more opportunity to include another man who couldn’t resist indulging in wet games with other horny men.

When a hand joined mine along the skinny shaft to my right, I returned my attention to the standing man. He was temptingly close, though we never went cock to cock, one of my favorite whirlpool activities. After tweaking his nipple for a bit, my hand went between his legs, holding his balls before slipping underneath. His reaction, sinking down a bit while sighing, was a clear invitation.

Hard, a finger still in the soft ass of a slutty man, I started to explore another stranger’s willing hole, looking at his erect cock just above the water, hearing his groans as I teased him, feeling him position himself to have my finger go deeper. Not that I could really stop from beginning to finger him when he began to touch my cock again, this time in a flowing rhythm, with lower peaks.

Or stop myself from taking in the erotic action around me, all of us contributing to another horny all male bathhouse encounter. The first man I was fingering started floating again, his cock fat, my hand subtly going deeper between his cheeks. The man to my right was being jacked off by someone sitting on his left. Various legs were intricately and sensuously entwined, beyond any ability to keep track of as we rubbed our naked skin along the wonderfully available bodies of equally horny strangers.

Settling into a group rhythm, I fingered both men at the same time. I had never felt so daring, taking such advantage of two slutty men in public, knowing that neither could resist my desire to slide my finger deeper into their sexy, yielding holes. The man in front of me sagged onto my finger as I began to use the same motions on both men, feeling and hearing their reaction begin to build in mutual support, my own sighs and motions adding to our sexual mix.

This was unbelievably erotic, my cock quivering at how naughty it was to satisfy two strangers this way, knowing just how good that felt. We remained connected for an extended period, all of us just on the edge of cumming. Though all of us aware that this would be just a bit beyond the boundaries of proper baths etiquette. Orgasm is not quite part of the whirlpool experience, even if occasionally, temptation is impossible to avoid.

Dancing on the last edge of orgasm led to its inevitable result, our cocks beginning to soften. Being on a schedule, I soon left the water, seeing that more than a half hour had passed in what felt like only a handful of minutes.

Such a time gap is one of the best measures of just how fantastic the experience was, becoming more apparent the more intensely one indulges in the pleasure of male group sex. Or just sex with any horny and equally skilled stranger, something a bathhouse reliably provides to its visitors.

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