When Darkness Falls Ch. 03

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Dear readers, thank you for all the positivity and support. Also, if any of my readers have any ideas for either of my series’ or for a completely new series and/or story please send me the idea in a feedback. I will do my best to make that idea or story come to life for you.


I set my alarm clock for nine in the morning so I have the time to complete everything I have to for tonight. I ran to the store and got a couple steaks and while they were thawing I tidied up the house, I’ll sweep and stuff after I marinade the meat. After I finish with the meat I wash my hands and sweep the house before dusting and making sure the house is spotless.

On an off chance, I clean my bedroom, change the sheets, and do the laundry. The house is two stories so it takes a while to make sure it’s clean. It’s around 4 when I’m finally done so I got to the master bathroom to take a shower.

After drying off, I find myself standing of a full length mirror completely naked. I stand tall at 6’1 and carry some extra weight….okay a lot of extra weight. My stomach is rounded, my arms thick and my thighs even larger than my arms. I frown sadly at my reflection, how could Alex want me? He’s just trying to be nice because I helped him out and didn’t bring up the bandage on his forehead. He doesn’t want you, how could he? You’re hairy, fat and ugly, triple whammy. Enjoy the dark haired beauty’s company while it lasts.

Sighing, I force my gaze away from the traitorous mirror before me. I dress in a pair of nice jeans that hug my butt as well as my bulge, and a plain black t-shirt. Checking the time, I notice it’s time for me to go pick up Alex. I drive to his apartment building, passing a flower shop; quickly I turn around and go fetch some white roses.

Nervously, I take the dozen bursa escort roses and walk to Alex’s door; I stand there awkwardly debating whether or not to throw the stupid roses. Do you even give men flowers? I shake my head, taking a deep breath I knock on the door. A few seconds pass before the door opens. I catch my breath sharply, “You look amazing.” He’s dressed in dark jeans that almost look painted on and a blue V-neck long sleeved shirt, his collar bone exposed.

“Thank you,” Alex blushes and smiles. “Come on in.” He holds the door open and I step inside, biting my lip I hand him the roses. “For me?” I nod my head as he accepts the flowers, “Nobody has ever given me flowers before. They’re beautiful Matt, I love roses, thank you.” He stands on his toes to press a warm kiss to my cheek.

“I’m glad you like them,” smiling, I make a mental note that he likes roses should we go out again.

“Oh, I do! They’re lovely, let me get them in a vase and I’ll be ready to go.” Alex walks into the kitchen and searches through a cabinet, he fills it with water and places it in the middle of his table. He then cuts the stems down a little and arranges them artfully in the vase; he turns to me with a smile that could light up the world, “I’m ready.”


I know I’m grinning like a fool but I can’t help it after Matt was so thoughtful as to bring me flowers. I was hoping that this was a date and the fact that he brought me roses proves that, roses are flowers you give a lover. The ride is silent, normally I detest silence it makes me feel alone, but with Matt the silence doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m not sure why but I have a theory that it’s because I trust him and am comfortable with him. With him I feel safe.

We arrive at his house; it’s a lovely white bursa escort bayan two story ranch style home, “How old are you Matt?” He laughs as he gets out of the car and rushes over to my side, opening my door, “Such a gentlemen.”

“I’m twenty three, why do you ask?” At least my question didn’t offend him.

“Well, you seem a little young to own a home is all,” I feel heat rise in my cheeks when he places a hand on my lower back, leading me into the house.

“The house belonged to my grandparents and when they died a few years ago, they left it to me.”

“Why didn’t they leave it to your parents? Sorry if my questions offend you.”

Matt stops in the hallway, turning to look into my eyes, he has the most beautiful big brown eyes. “Alex, I don’t mind if you ask questions, if you ask I will answer. Asking questions are how you get to know somebody so, ask any question you like.” He continues walking until the hall opens up into a large living room attached to a kitchen with an island/breakfast bar separating the rooms. “Have a seat on at the bar while I get supper ready?”

With a little trouble I manage to get onto the tall stool, “I can help.”

“That’s fine, you just keep me company,” I agree because I am horrible at cooking and I would probably cut off a finger or two by mistake. “To answer your question, my parents and grandparents weren’t really close. My parents didn’t really like me much, hell they hated me, and I ruined their lives. My grandparents hated the way they treated me and filed for custody, my parents didn’t even fight it, they just signed the dotted line. Never heard from either of them after that.”

I feel a pang in my chest because he says it so causally while he gathers some veggies and bursa merkez escort placing them on the counter. Hot tears prick eyes and fall down my cheeks, how could his parents just abandon him like a piece of trash? He is an amazing human being. “How could they do that to you?”

Matt laughs, “I don’t know.” He turns away from chopping up veggies with a smile on his face until he sees my tears. He walks to me with concern marring his beautiful face. His hands cup my face, “No baby, don’t cry.” He wipes my face dry with his hands. Matt backs away from me, leaving me feeling ugly and unwanted. He walks back to the counter, his back to me as he leans on the marble counter top, “I apologize, I didn’t mean to use that term of endearment. I understand you’re here because you’re thankful that I saved you.”

I finally understand that he’s insecure. He has convinced himself that he is nobody, that nobody will ever love him. I carefully get off my stool and go to Matt hugging him from behind, leaning on his strong back. “It isn’t your fault that your parents didn’t love you. It wasn’t because there was a problem with you but because they were not cut out to be parents. You’re luckier than most though, you had grandparents that took you in, loved you and raised you to be an extraordinary person. A person who see’s someone in danger and helps them despite his own well-being. I personally think that they did a great job.”

Matt’s body is shuttering and I know that he’s crying. He turns in the circle of my arms and hugs me to his body tightly while he sobs into my shoulder. “Thank you Alex. I think that’s exactly what I needed to hear.”

“Forget supper, let’s just order Chinese.” Matt nods into my shoulder but still refuses to let go. I learned a lot about Matt tonight while we sat in front of his fire place on pillows and ate cheap Chinese with chopsticks. Watching him laugh in the glow of the fire makes my heart leap into my throat. I know that it’s completely ridiculous and way too soon but I think maybe, just maybe I’m falling in love with Matthew Cormac.

To Be Continued…

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