Well-worn Path

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, using Microsoft Spell-check. You have been forewarned.

Also, if male bisexuality is offensive to you, kindly hit your ‘Backspace’ key now.


“Next up is Twelve Sixteen Biggs street. That’s one two one six b, I, g, g, s street,” the auctioneer called out as they stood in the downpour.

The man was calling out the Oakleaf County properties that had been foreclosed, repossessed, seized in the past month. There were a few investors milling around on the slick courthouse steps as the morning’s rain showed no sign of letting up.

“Five thousand,” Bobby Wurtzen called out.

“Opening bid’s ten thousand,” the county official stated firmly.

“Sure. Good luck getting that,” Bobby called back. “Five thousand.”

By the time the auctioneer called a close to that auction, Bobby Wurtzen had bought the property for nine thousand dollars. Three properties later, Bobby had also managed to secure a fifty acre plot of land in Great Oak, Texas for another seven thousand dollars.

“So, what’s wrong with Twelve Sixteen Biggs Street?” Craig Godwin, a real estate broker asked the young man as they hurried toward the parking lot.

“Hmm? Nothing that I know of,” Bobby smiled.

“Huh! You little son of a bitch!” Craig let out a good belly laugh.

After handing over the money, after signing all the documents, Bobby decided to treat himself to lunch at The Gear Box. The Gear Box was a sports bar that hired pretty girls to put sprocket shaped pasties over their nipples and encase their delectable buttocks in very short shorts. The beer was ice cold and the burgers were hand formed.

Bobby Wurtzen was a good looking young man with light brown hair that had a few natural streaks of blond woven in. For years, he’d cut his hair to a severe buzz cut, but finally had given up and allowed his hair to curl in a loose mop around his square, strong face.

Because he worked with his hands, with his back, he had strong shoulders, bulging arms and flat abdomen. His thighs were also quite muscled, straining at his dress slacks.

Bobby let out a satisfied belch, then decided to drive out to his new home. The rain had let up slightly as he drove

1216 Biggs Street had belonged to Glen Peterson, deceased. The blind man had no known living relatives, and other than the weekly bowling outing and the monthly chapter meeting of the National Federation of the Blind, Glen rarely left his home.

The bus driver that drove the nine regular bowlers had pulled up and honked his horn. When Glen didn’t come out, the man knocked, hard, on the door. Then he tried the knob and found Glen dead of a massive heart attack.

Glen had died with no will, and only a few unpaid bills. His clothing and furniture had been sold off to pay those remaining bills and to pay the cleaning service that came in afterward and scoured the home.

Bobby found the garage door remote control on the kitchen counter and put that on his belt. With a satisfied nod, he looked into the back yard and saw a well-constructed tool shed. But because it was still steadily raining, Bobby did not venture into the back yard.

“Home, sweet home,” Bobby smiled and left the ranch style house.

The woman he was boarding with was less than happy when Bobby gave her his two week notice. His co-workers and the site foreman gave him some good natured teasing about being a home owner. The group also congratulated him.

After work, Bobby went to a few of the local consignment shops, found some quite nice pieces of furniture and began furnishing his home. He also bought a lawnmower from a pawn shop in Sweet Oak, Texas that ran perfectly.

Opening the back gate, Bobby saw that a path had been worn in the grass from gate to tool shed. He did wonder why Glen Peterson would take his cane, tap from front door to back gate, then walk through the grass to his tool shed, instead of simply sliding open the rear glass door and walking from rear patio to tool shed.

Opening the eight by eight structure gave Bobby the answer. There were some cigarette butts, a few empty beer cans, a wine bottle, the remnants of some marijuana joints, and a few condom wrappers strewn about the interior. Glen Peterson was not the one that had worn a path from gate to shed.

Thankfully, Bobby did not see any discarded condoms. Until he picked up the wine bottle. The person, or persons using the condoms had stuffed the used condoms inside of the bottle of cheap wine.

“Going need put a lock on that,” Bobby said to himself, looking at the door of the shed.

Obviously, a few of the neighborhood kids had happened upon the tool shed, secreted by the high wooden fence and had made this their clubhouse. And since the previous owner had been blind, it wasn’t as if he could identify whomever was using his shed.

Bobby cleaned the small building, but decided to put the lawnmower into his garage. He did bonus veren siteler not want to return the mower to the pawn shop via an enterprising neighborhood hoodlum.

Apparently, no one had told the neighborhood kids that there was a new owner. Two days later, Bobby found a few more condom wrappers and a new empty bottle. He shook his head as he counted five condoms in the bottle and wondered which one of the kids were using his shed.

The next door neighbors hat a son, a handsome young eighteen year old boy. Bobby felt his cock growing hard as he thought of the young man. Across the street, two houses down, at 1209 Biggs Street was a cute little brunette with ample chest and delectable rear end. On the other side of the handsome young man was a slim red head with long red hair and lovely brown eyes.

Bobby again shook his head as he gathered up the garbage.

“Damn, need get some,” he muttered, smiling.

A few days later, Bobby was home; they’d finished the job and were waiting on another. He heard the gate squeak and ran to his kitchen window. He watched the handsome young man from next door and the slim red head as they stealthily made their way down the path to his tool shed. The young man had a paper bag in his hand and the girl was smiling.

“Mystery solved,” Bobby said.

He walked to his bedroom closet and got his twelve gauge shotgun. He knew he would have no problem with the young man; Brian was a sweet, soft spoken kid. Handsome, with thick brown hair, light blue eyes, and slight frame.

He certainly expected no trouble from the slim red head; she was about five feet tall and probably weighed no more than ninety pounds.

The gun was to persuade both kids to be amenable. It was there to help Bobby get what Bobby wanted. Both kids were eighteen years of age, both perfectly legal in the great state of Texas

Bobby had applied graphite to the sliding glass doors when he’d put up the curtains. The door slid noiselessly and he exited his house and sidled to his left, to stay out of view of the shed’s solitary window.

Approaching, he could hear both teenagers giggling and talking. Bobby held the shotgun ready, even though it was empty, free from any shells, and swung the door open.

The red headed girl squealed a blood curdling scream. The boy simply looked at Bobby, blue eyes wide, first with shock, then with fear.

“Both of you, come on,” Bobby ordered, shotgun pointed at them.

“Let me, let us get dressed,” the boy said, voice quaking.

“No, like that, come on,” Bobby ordered.

The girl put her hand over her sparsely furred pussy and her arm over her apple sized breasts. The boy put his hand in front of his deflated cock as they both stepped out into the back yard.

“Go. Walk to the back door and wait right there,” Bobby ordered.

“Who are you?” The girl braved asking.

“Guy just bought this place,” Bobby snapped. “Now, go!”

“Guy, what happened Mr. Peterson?” the young man asked as they began to walk.

Bobby saw that they’d laid a beach towel onto the floor of the shed. He quickly gathered up their clothing and dropped the garments into the center of the towel. Then he gathered the corners and carried their clothing to the back patio.

Both teens were standing, still trying to cover themselves. Bobby motioned with the gun.

“You, boy, reach out and slide the door open all the way,” Bobby ordered.

The boy switched hands and slid the door open. He then put his other hand in front of his cock and balls.

“Now, both of you, in,” Bobby said.

“Please Mister,” the girl sniffled.

“Now,” Bobby barked.

The two stepped into the home. Bobby stepped in right behind them and slid the door shut, then locked it.

“So, what’s your names?” Bobby asked.

“Joan. Joan Turner,” the girl said.

“Brian Mills,” his next door neighbor whined.

“So, what were y’all doing in my shed?” Bobby asked, gesturing with his head toward his small living room.

“We uh, we was fucking,” Brian admitted.

“In my shed? Why can’t y’all do that at your house?” Bobby asked.

“My older brother’s home,” Brian confessed.

“And my old lady’s home,” Joan admitted.

“So, either one of them be happy hear I caught y’all fucking?” Bobby asked.

“No sir,” Joan said.

“My brother’s this big old born again Christian,” Brian explained.

“Y’all a couple?” Bobby then asked.

“No, not really,” Joan said.

“I mean, we uh, you know,” Brian said.

“So, if I said I got a bed y’all can use, but y’all got to let me join y’all…” Bobby suggested.

The two looked at each other for a long moment. Then they again stared at Bobby.

“Uh, what you mean?” Joan asked.

“Y’all like to fuck, I like to fuck, let’s fuck,” Bobby explained.

“Okay,” Joan agreed after a long moment. “Brian?”

“Uh, yeah, okay,” Brian agreed.

Bobby leaned the shotgun against the doorjamb of the guest bedroom and gestured with his head. Both teenagers bahis walked in and stood next to the bed. Both watched, uncertain, as Bobby stripped out of his clothes.

Joan’s eyes went from Bobby’s muscled chest to his hard cock. Her light brown eyes opened at the sight of his uncircumcised cock.

Brian’s eyes also appraised Bobby’s physique and lingered a little long on Bobby’s thick tuft of brown hair, his seven and a half inches of thick meat and his large balls.

“Got to use a condom; my old lady won’t put me on the pill,” Joan cautioned.

“That’s fine, but why don’t we do a little mouth action first?” Bobby said, approaching the bed.

“What you mean?” Brian asked.

“Brian, you never got a blow job?” Bobby asked as he used his hand to urge the boy to get onto the queen sized bed.

“No,” Brian admitted.

“Going love it,” Bobby assured him.

“You, you ever suck a cock?” Bobby asked Joan.

At first she shook her head no. Then, freckles hidden behind a furious blush, nodded.

“Okay, Joan, you get…” Bobby said and positioned her to lay across the bed near the pillows. And Brian, you get right here.”

“Huh?” Brian asked as his head was now at Joan’s puffy looking pussy.

“And I’ll get here; called a daisy chain,” Bobby explained as he positioned his cock near Joan’s head.

“Huh!” Brian gasped when Bobby reached out and took Brian’s rapidly expanding cock into his hand.

Joan gripped Bobby’s cock in her hand and lowered her mouth around the tip. She licked her soft tongue around the tip, then wormed the tongue underneath Bobby’s foreskin.

Joan cocked her left leg up, opening her pussy. She continued to suck and stroke Bobby’s cock for another moment.

Brian felt a tightening in his stomach as another man touched, fondled his cock and balls. The tightening grew as he felt another man’s lips and tongue on the head of his six inch erection.

“Brian, come on, huh?” Joan snapped, pulling her mouth off of Bobby’s thick cock.

Brian lowered his head and opened Joan’s pussy with one hand. He then licked at the glistening pussy.

“Mm hmm!” Joan cooed as Brian’s tentative lick brushed over her clitoris.

She couldn’t believe how turned on she was. She felt like a wanton slut, sucking a complete stranger’s cock, and enjoying it.

She also felt, for the first time ever, desired. Both men wanted her, desired her. True, they only wanted her because she was available, and willing. But they both wanted her.

Bobby sucked hard on Brian’s cock. The boy’s cock tasted of soap, sweat, and his excitement. Bobby worked a thick finger into his sucking mouth, then brought that wet finger to Brian’s puckered rectum.

Erk!” Brian grunted into Joan’s pussy as Bobby wormed his thick finger into Brian’s rectum.

Bobby’s other hand kneaded Brian’s tight balls, stroked the boy’s cock.

Joan had nearly half of Bobby’s cock in her mouth. She sucked and stroked the man’s cock with her right hand while her left hand pinched and squeezed her nipples, her breasts.

“Damn, aw damn!” Brian cried out and began pumping a torrent of semen into Bobby’s mouth.

Bobby sucked and stroked Brian’s cock. He continued to massage Brian’s prostate gland as he milked the boy’s pumping cock.

Joan tired of waiting on Brian’s mouth and brought her left hand down to her crotch. She rubbed her pussy to a shuddering orgasm.

Bobby began to pump his semen into Joan’s sucking mouth. She swallowed all Bobby had to give, stroking him while he pumped and pumped.

“Ooh, I got to drop the kids off at the pool,” Brian suddenly complained when Bobby pulled his finger from the boy’s anus.

Both Bobby and Joan looked a little disgusted with Brian’s crude declaration. Bobby got out of the bed, followed by Brian.

“Right there; y’all need a water?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah,” Joan agreed.

Bobby walked to the kitchen while Brian scampered to the bathroom. He returned, carrying three ice cold bottles of water.

They sat on the bed, cross legged and drank their water. Looking at Joan’s cute breasts, concave belly and plump pubic mound, Bobby was the first to show a renewed excitement. Seeing Bobby’s cock jerking to life had Brian’s cock reviving as well.

Capping his bottle, Bobby placed the water onto the bedside table. Joan quickly followed suit. Brian made sure to empty his water before putting the empty bottle onto the table.

“Now, what you want…” Joan asked.

“Now we switch,” Bobby suggested. “I want me a little taste of that honey pot.”

Brian was all for the idea of Joan wrapping her lips around his dick. Until he realized, if Bobby was licking Joan’s pussy, and Joan was sucking his dick, then that left him to suck Bobby’s dick.

“Oh, hey, nuh uh, I don’t think so,” Brian objected.

“What? All right I suck yours but you ain’t going suck mine?” Bobby argued.

“Well yeah but…” Brian said.

“Clothes are right there, you can go,” Bobby said, disgusted.

“Come on Brian, just deneme bonusu do it,” Joan snapped. “Shit, why you always got to be like that, huh?”

Bobby resumed licking and teasing Joan’s puffy lips. She had a good, healthy musky flavor and had quite a lot of it. She gave a little squeak when his tongue slapped against her fat little clitoris and more of her juices ran from within.

Bobby smiled as he felt Brian’s shaking hand grip his hard cock; Brian Mills would not be the first boy he punked. He always enjoyed punking a sweet innocent, making that boy his bitch.

“Damn!” Joan squeaked when Bobby’s fat tongue swiped at her anus.

Brian’s mouth wrapped around the tip of Bobby’s meat. His tongue brushed the very tip, inadvertently coaxing some of Bobby’s excitement out.

“Ooh!” Joan shuddered as Bobby wormed a thick finger into her willing anus. “Aw damn.”

“Erk!” Brian grunted as Joan followed Bobby’s lead and insinuated a finger into Brian’s rectum.

Brian’s head buzzed and whirred. He was sucking another man’s cock. He was jacking another man’s cock into his mouth; he was tasting another man’s excitement as the man’s cock pushed into his mouth.

Brian waggled his tongue around, almost feverishly as he tried to coax more of Bobby’s excitement out. He kicked his right leg up as Joan wormed a second finger into his anus.

“Mmph!” Joan screamed as Bobby lightly nipped at her clitoris.

He had two fingers in her rectum and two fingers in her pussy. His fingers were making an obscene squelching sound as he fingered her pussy. She stiffened in orgasm just as Brian’s cock began spurting into her mouth.

Bobby pulled his fingers from Joan’s ass and pressed on the back of Brian’s head. He held Brian in place as he began to shoot his load into Brian’s mouth.

Bobby made sure to hold Brian in place long enough to allow Brian time to swallow his first mouthful of man juice. When he finished shooting his spunk, he released Brian’s head.

“”Damn,” Joan sighed as Bobby pulled his fingers from her slick pussy.

“Uh huh,” Bobby agreed as Brian slowly pulled his mouth from Bobby’s wilting cock.

“Damn!” Joan was the first to speak.

“Uh huh,” Bobby agreed.

Brian didn’t say anything. He lay, gasping for breath. His own cock began to harden as he realized, truly realized, he’d just sucked another man’s cock, sucked the cock to climax, then swallowed another man’s sperm.

“Got more water?” Brian suddenly demanded.

“Hey, why you don’t go get our wine?” Joan suggested to Brian.

“Why you don’t get it?” Brian hotly asked.

“Condoms are in the bag,” Joan reminded Brian, just as Bobby began playing with her small breasts.

Sullenly, Brian did get off of the bed. A moment later, he slammed the sliding glass door shut with all his might.

“Boy breaks my glass, going break his ass,” Bobby snapped, getting to his feet.

Brian was about to slam the door again but saw Bobby standing, glaring at him. The young man thought better of it and gently closed the door. The two men walked into the guest bedroom.

Joan stretched out on the bed, head on a pillow. Bobby lay down next to her and started kissing her. Brian guzzled some wine from the bottle and watched the two kiss. He watched as Bobby began to finger Joan’s splayed pussy, watched as Joan responded to Bobby’s touches, caresses.

Brian took one of the condoms out of the bag and tore the wrapper open. He rolled the condom onto his hard cock.

Bobby rolled away from Joan, allowing Brian to line his cock up with her pussy. He then slid open the bedside table and pulled out a tube of lubricant.

“Oh yeah, mm-hmm,” Joan sighed as Brian drove his cock into her.

“Erk! Hey, what?” Brian grunted as one of Bobby’s slimy fingers jammed into his unsuspecting rectum.

“Shh, shh, going like this,” Bobby soothed as he finger fucked Brian’s ass with his slimy finger.

Brian continued to thrust in and out of Joan’s pussy. Bobby continued to prepare Brian’s ass.

Brian had a cute, slightly pudgy bottom. Other than the two balls, the hard cock dangling underneath, it looked almost like a girl’s butt as Bobby fingered it.

Bobby rolled a condom onto his cock. He hated condoms, hated how they seemed to strangle his cock. But it was more sanitary when fucking a tight virgin ass.

“Hey! Nuh uh!” Brian screamed out as Bobby’s cockhead pressed against his slimy anus.

Bobby paid Brian’s protests no mind. For the last few moments that he’d been lubricating Brian’s rectum, Brian had been pushing back against his three fingers. Brian had not objected to the second, or third finger being inserted. Brian had not objected to Bobby’s corkscrewing the three fingers in and out of his ass.

“Ugh!” Brian gave a guttural bark as Bobby’s cock pushed past his sphincter.

Bobby was careful not to put any weight onto Brian. Brian was laying on top of Joan, bouncing on top of the scrawny girl.

Even without putting any weight on Brian, Bobby had no trouble sliding his cock into Brian’s tight anal sheath. The young man ranted and cursed, but he was the one driving his ass back to meet Bobby’s forward progress.

“Fuck! What’s he doing?” Joan asked as Brian whimpered; her vision was obscured by Brian’s bulk on top of her.

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