Welcome to the Group Pt. 03

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The following is obviously a continuation of “Welcome to the Group Pt. 2”, and I highly recommend reading it prior to.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


By the time Rodger and I arrived to claim the second mattress, Walter and Rita were fucking like newlyweds on their honeymoon. Mostly at the insistence of Rita who in spite of being on her back with her legs held up straight was humping Walter as hard as he was her. Her pussy was so wet it was making loud squishing sounds every time Walter plunged his long cock deep in her cunt. They were like two billy goats in heat the way they were going at each other.

“God Walter, I can’t tell you how awesome your big cock feels doing my cunt.”

“I can’t tell you how much of a hot fuck you are Rita.”

Seeing how much they were enjoying themselves, Rodger and I couldn’t resist watching for a few minutes. I wished someone was videoing it so we could enjoy it in its entirety later, but it wasn’t the case. And what we did see made me more hot to trot than I already was.

Finally I said…”C’mon Rodger, time for us to get busy.”

After I got on the mattress on my elbows and knees Rodger was right behind me. No sooner than he was he spread my butt cheeks before diving tongue first for my asshole. As much as I love a hard cock in my ass, I enjoy my asshole tongued equally as much…if not more at times. And I can’t imagine anybody doesn’t since it’s one of my most sensitive erogenous zones. I’ve even orgasmed from a good rimming. But for now I was more interested in a good butt-fucking.

While Rodger hasn’t a very big cock, actually the smallest of any of the men, any cock feels good in my ass. Unlike your vagina where size can make a difference, even the smallest cock in your asshole can do the trick.

Sensing I was eager for some cock, and after Rodger was assured I was lubricated enough from his saliva, he placed his cockhead against my anus and plunged forward. As he did it penetrated my anal ring easily, and with one smooth motion inserted all five inches as he held firmly onto my hips.

“Okay Rodger, now fuck my ass…and good. No holding back and no stopping till I cum.”

What Rodger lacks for cock size he makes up for it with his vitality. As soon as he started humping my ass he went into overdrive. Felt like he was using a reciprocating saw with a dildo on it to fuck my asshole. He even made loud slapping noises as he slammed against my butt cheeks. He ass-fucked me so hard, by the time we were done we moved nearly three feet on the mattress.

Amazing stamina he had as he kept at it for what seemed like a good ten minutes.

“You couldn’t be fucking my asshole better Rodger. Now whatever you do, don’t stop as I’m about to cum.”

“Please do Lacey, as I can’t keep it up much longer.”

Thankfully I did for his sake. And as I always do when I orgasm from anal, I Iet loose with a series of cunt farts. Of which each one was accompanied by a gush of pussy juice. As soon as I stopped, Rodger cummed. Not a big load as in my throat, but decent in size as three or four good spurts shot from his throbbing cock into my ass. When he did the feel of the hot cum triggered one last loud cunt fart and gush.

Unlike your vagina where you can barely feel the warmth of a hot load being deposited in it, it’s just the opposite in your rectum. Feels like hot spurts of whipped cream. Nearly the same with a throbbing cock since your anus is so tightly wrapped around it as it pulsates while ejaculating. Both of which make anal intercourse more enjoyable than vaginal…at least for me.

And as I mentioned before, a big cock is not a must escort have for a good ass-fucking, and Rodger proved it.

Just as Rodger’s cock plopped from my asshole, Rita on the mattress next to me let out a loud scream and orgasmed. I forget all about her and Walter next to us so it startled me at first. I first stayed in the position I was in until most of Rodger’s cumload oozed out my asshole. After it did I raised myself up on my hands and saw Walter’s face buried in Rita’s pussy. As Walter often does when he unloads in my cunt, he was in the process of lapping up Rita’s love juice along with his own cum. Something he loves to do and Rita was enjoying immensely. So much so she orgasmed again since he made it a point to lick her very sensitive clit in between lapping her vaginal orifice clean. Big mistake on his part though since she squirted, and all over his face.

Between Rita and I we both experienced a very satisfying fuck. Albeit in different holes.

After Walter and Rodger left to use the bathroom I knelt beside Rita.

“So tell me Rita, did Walter take care of you like you wanted?”

“Oh God yes. Very much so. I’m totally spent. But somehow I need to get Bill to lick my cunt clean like Walter does after he dumps his load in it. It’s so awesome.”

“What about you. How was your ass-fucking?”

“Fabulous. What Rodger lacks in size as far as his cock he more than makes up for it with his energy. Fucked my asshole like rabbit. Now it’s time to check on everyone else. But before we do I need to use a bathroom real quick. And before I forget, as far as Bill licking your cunt clean, try asking him.”

When I made my way to a bathroom, Cindy was there and using the toilet.

“I’m so sorry Cindy, I should have knocked first.”

“No harm done Lacey. Besides, I’m done. Just wanted to make sure all of Bill’s cumload was out of my ass.”

“Same reason I’m here. So tell me, how was your ass-fucking with Bill?”

“Excellent to say the least since I don’t get it in the ass often. Plus you know how good Bill is when he comes to tonguing your asshole with that snake like tongue of his. Pretty incredible.”

After Cindy was done she walked around me to lock the door. Once it was she put her arms around me and kissed me passionately. And with lots of tongue action. In the meantime her hand found its way to my pussy and began rubbing it. Wasn’t long before I was kissing her just as passionately and my hand found its way to her pussy. Not satisfied with just rubbing each other we ended up fingering each other…and pretty intently.

As a side note, Cindy is the only one of our inner circle that maintains a cleanly shaved pussy. She shaved it for our very first foursome and has kept it that way ever since. I’ve never seen her au naturale, or without a totally hairless mons pubis. It’s not the norm for a mature woman and makes for quite a contrast to Debbie, Rita and Teresa, all who have very hairy pussies.

Eventually we had to stop kissing so we could breathe easier since we were frantically fingering each other. And at the pace we were going it wouldn’t be long before we both cummed.

Finally I said…”I hate to say it Cindy, but we need to get back with everyone else before we get too carried away.”

After a big sigh of disappointment…”You’re right Lacey. But we need to spend some time together. No one will think twice about it since there are more of us women than men. Debbie and Rita had some fun time together. As well as Amber and Teresa, who might still be at it for all I know.”

“Let’s play it by ear once we join the others.”

After I used the toilet, and we checked ourselves in the mirror, we returned escort bayan to the family room. Once there it was obvious everyone was done with whatever they were doing sex-wise and were all sitting around on the sofa having a drink. When he saw us, David was kind enough to get Cindy and I one after which we joined everyone else. I sat next to Amber, who surprisingly was alone, while Cindy sat on the other side of me.

By now everyone, including Amber who was new to our group, was pretty relaxed and comfortable between the alcohol and everyone cumming at least twice. Three times for some. As for the men, I wasn’t sure if any of them could “rise” to the occasion again if needed. As for us ladies, unlike the men we could orgasm all night. And it was easy to conclude most of us were interested in another orgasm. Except maybe Teresa, who was nursing her sore asshole.

Just as I finished making my mental assessment of things Amber put her arm around my shoulder before leaning towards me to nibble on my ear. Wasn’t long before she was gently tonguing it. My ears, like my feet & toes, anus and armpits are one of my many erogenous zones so it was having the desired effect. But just to be sure, Amber fondled my tits. First one then the other. Once my nipples were erect, which was pretty quickly, she gently pulled and tweaked them.

Cindy on the other side of me just watched at first, but most likely from not wanting to be left out of things decided to join in by nibbling and tonguing my other ear. All while her hand found its way between my legs and started rubbing my pussy.

I don’t know what got into them, particularly Amber, but I wasn’t complaining. Quite the opposite. Next thing I knew I found myself reaching for both their pussies, which I rubbed lovingly once I did.

When Amber stopped tonguing my ear to kiss my neck and shoulders I couldn’t help but notice how quiet the room was. Everyone had stopped talking and were all focused on us.

“Don’t look now, but we’ve become the center of attention for everyone else.”

After they took a quick look around Cindy was the first to respond…”I guess we have, but there’s no much we can do about it.”

Amber then added…”Since we are the main attraction why don’t we put the two mattresses together and continue on them instead of on the sofa. We’d be a lot more comfortable and have better access to each other. And it would be great entertainment for everyone else.”

Seems Amber was more of an exhibitionist than she indicated earlier.

I took the lead and did exactly what Amber suggested. Once I had the two mattresses together I beckoned to Cindy and Amber to join me. After they did we began where we left off. Only this time I made sure Amber was the center of attention. I’ve been dying to suck her huge nipples and areola and intended to take full advantage of what might be my last opportunity of the night. While I was, and with Amber on her back, Cindy positioned herself between her legs before going down on her pussy.

While on my knees and bent over Amber as I sucked and licked her areola and nipples I suddenly felt a hand on my bum. When I looked behind me I saw Rita, who positioned herself on her hands and knees in back of my up-raised ass.

She smiled before saying…”Don’t mind me Lacey. Continue with what you were doing. But no way are you three going to have all the fun without me. Especially since your pussy looks so inviting with your ass raised up. I just barely beat Bill to it, who I’m sure had thoughts of shoving his cock in it.”

I thought Debbie and Teresa might also join us, but they didn’t. Most likely because Teresa was still sore and Debbie didn’t want to leave her by bayan escort herself. Which was probably just as well since there really wasn’t enough room for two more people on the two tri-folding mattresses. Even with them placed together.

While I felt bad they didn’t, or couldn’t, there wasn’t much I could do about it so I returned to the business of enjoying Amber’s tits. Rita behind me first licked my asshole before working her way down to my cunt to tongue it deeply as she could. And repeatedly.

As for the men, it must have been quite a sight with the four us all grouped together licking and tonguing each other every way imaginable. And it’s the first time I can recall we ever did so brazenly in front of them.

As for Amber, it didn’t take long between yours truly enjoying her tits and Cindy having a feeding frenzy on her pussy before she orgasmed. When she did she held my head down on her breast with one hand and Cindy’s tightly against her cunt with the other.

As she held mine I was fortunate to have one of her long nipples in my mouth. Since it was I sucked like crazy as she cummed. And as I did I could literally feel her orgasm ripple through her body. I don’t know if it was the case with Amber, but the few times I’ve had the luxury of my nipples being sucked while someone was going down on me I always had an orgasm twice as intense.

Once Amber’s orgasm subsided she released my head. After which I gave her a deep passionate kiss and thanked her for the pleasure of enjoying her magnificent tits. More importantly…her delicious areola and nipples.

“I can’t tell you how much I wanted to ever since I fondled them while you sucked Walter’s cock.”

“You’re thanking me? Are you crazy Lacey. I should be thanking you and Cindy for one fantastic orgasm. You two can double team me anytime it was so incredible. Besides, I don’t think anyone ever sucked and licked my areola and nipples with such ferocity as you did. It was simply awesome.”

By then I was pretty much in a high state of arousal between Amber’s tits and the way Rita had been tonguing my cunt. I asked Rita if she mind me going down on her while she continued to do me so we could cum together.

“You should know better than to even ask Lacey.”

Then Cindy piped in…”What about me? Just because Amber orgasmed doesn’t mean I did.”

“How could I forget you Cindy. My bad. How about a daisy chain with the three of us?”

Which we immediately did while lying on our sides with our heads buried between each other’s legs. Mine between Rita’s, Rita doing Cindy, and Cindy doing yours truly, which she seemed to have been wanting to do all night.

The minute my face and mouth made contact with Rita’s pussy it was instantly soaked from her love juice which seeped from her cunt while tonguing me from behind. And I’m sure my cunt was just as wet from Rita tonguing it. Probably Cindy’s too from going down on Amber.

The three of us acted like hungry animals the way we went after each other. We were tonguing and licking each other’s pussies in such a frenzied way it was only a matter of a minutes before we cummed. Big time too and exactly together. Needless to say when we did we let loose with copious amounts of vaginal fluids. Both Cindy and I in a series of spastic gushes while Rita did in a steady stream. Most of which went straight in my mouth.

While we didn’t realize it, all the men were standing around us stroking their cocks as they watched. Which surprised us when we first saw them as we rolled onto our backs after our orgasms subsided. And as if they were waiting for us to do so, one after the other shot their cumloads on us. Walter first who shot his load all over Rita’s tits, followed by David who let loose on mine. Then Bill on Cindy’s tits along with an errant shot that landed on her face. Last but not least Rodger, who for good measure unloaded on my pubic mound.

It was a great ending to a fabulous night.

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