Vegas: Interlude

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I’m lucky in that I get to travel to Las Vegas for my work eight or ten times a year. I’m not a gambler but I love the city and the nightlife a lot. Particularly the people.

As I’ve recounted in another story, my work requires that I dress as a guy but luckily I get done early enough in the day so that I have time for a full evening of dress-up fun and games.

So a couple of weeks ago I was there for a few days. The company I work for loves me enough to put me up in the nice hotels and this time I was staying at Paris which I like a lot because of the street scenes and the general atmosphere of the place. There’s a champagne bar there that has some of the loveliest sparklies and because of where it’s situated I can watch people which is one of my most favorite pastimes.

On Thursday night I was in the champagne bar just hanging out when I saw this gorgeous creature go by with an older man. (And in Vegas gorgeous creatures are a dime a dozen so you know she must have shined to get my attention!) She looked to be Creole or something exotic like that—-mocha skin. Probably 5’10” plus the fuck me strappy 4 inch heels.

Gorgeous auburn hair about shoulder length. She had on a 3 inch above the knees black cocktail dress with spaghetti straps that just refused to stay on her gorgeous bare shoulders. Small breasts. Either natural or assisted tiny waist and these wonderfully long legs encased in black seamed stockings that I just knew weren’t panty hose. She was sensational looking and even with my educated eyes I couldn’t tell if she was a girl or a girl like me.

I had on a similar black dress with amazingly similar straps, black stockings (sans seams) and some open toed strappies. So we looked vaguely similar and that’s probably why we caught each other’s eye. She looked at me and me at her as she and the guy walked by. She even looked back as she took a left and rounded the corner. I wanted to follow so very badly but managed to control my libido and stayed put figuring she was with someone and I’d never see her again—oh well.

But lo and behold ten minutes later here she comes, still with the guy, walking in the opposite direction. Our eyes connected again. They stopped to look at something in a window next to the bar and all of a sudden there she was at my table leaving me a card and a whispered “call me”. For the first time I got a close-up look at her and she really was beautiful. Gorgeous skin and pretty red lips. There was this exotic thing about her but even that close I couldn’t tell if she was a genetic type girl or like me.

The card just had her name on it (Michelle) with a couple of phone numbers. In my less than vast experience, a card with a name and a couple of numbers generally denotes a professional girl which could have disappointed me but in this case didn’t because I didn’t think she saw me as a prospective client.

I ended up half drunk and totally stoned with some guy in the back seat of his rental car blowing him while trying to keep his hands from between my legs. I don’t know why I do these things but that night I think it had to do with my having the hots for her. All I know is that while his dick was fucking my face my mind was on Michelle. And when his cock got all big and fat and jerky I was thinking about her. When he finally shot off in my mouth and on my face I was thinking about her no matter what she was.

All day Friday it was hard to keep my mind on work. I wanted to call very badly but kept getting busy. Finally at two or so I closeted myself (not really!) and called her on my cell phone.

“This is Michelle” she said as she picked up the phone. I hesitated for a moment. “I said, this is Michelle.” Her voice was very feminine but after hearing a zillion other girls I could possibly hear the male in it.

“Hi.” I said. “My name’s Marlene and we kind of met last night at Paris. I was the girl in the black dress—-“

“Yes, the black dress that looked a lot like mine. I certainly remember you. And I’m flattered you called.”

I gave a little laugh and said “I’ve thought about calling you since last night. This is the first chance I’ve had. I’m glad I did.”

I told her that I only had a couple of minutes in that I was in a business meeting but that I’d love to get levent escort together later and talk. She asked if I had a car and I told her that I did. She suggested that I come over to her place and gave me directions on how to get there. We made a date for 7:30 that night.

I managed to get back to my room by 5:15 and proceeded to spend the next hour and a half making myself as hot looking as possible. I put on black stockings (real silk) and a black garter belt over a silk lace thong. I didn’t wear a bra (ok, I really don’t have gorgeous breasts. But they’re at least a little bit there and my nipples get long and hard when they’re happy) but put on a really wispy black camisole.

I wore black raw silk slacks and a black silk (ok, I also like silk a lot—-the way it feels makes me hot) blouse unbuttoned to the second button. I put on a silver Tiffany chain with matching earrings and my trusty open toed strappy fuck me in the asspussy 4 inch heels. I looked to very good standing in front of the mirror.

I followed her directions and ended up out on Tropicana going west and after a dozen or so turns found her house. Big lot, Spanish style, green grass. 275 to 300k. Michelle was doing all right!

She answered the door wearing a burgundy floor length see through silk robe. I could barely tell that under it she had on nothing. She was gorgeous. She looked at me and stepped aside to kind of sweep me in. I came inside and turned to face her and she had me in her arms and was kissing my lips feeding me her tongue. I know I gasped at the suddenness but then kissed her back hard sucking on her tongue and lips—biting a teeny bit.

We broke apart and she said “I just wanted to get that out of the way so we’d both know what we’re doing here.”

“Oh—ok.” I said as I gave a nervous laugh.

She laughed too as she took my hand and led me down a wide hallway to an atrium with a pool in it that went from inside to outside. Michelle walked over to a bar and fixed us both drinks. “You’re a gin and tonic girl aren’tcha.” She said as a statement rather than a question. She handed me my drink and then sat down on a long couch. She patted the cushion next to her and I sat down.

“I think we’re sisters under the skin, so to speak.” I said as I looked at her face and eyes.

She laughed. “I wasn’t sure about you.”

“And I wasn’t sure about you either.” I said as I took a long pull at my drink.

We both finished our drinks and she asked if I wanted to swim as it was a very neat pool. I told her I didn’t bring a suit and she said I could use one of hers. She got up and left for a few minutes. When she came back she was in a brief black bikini. Her breasts were real and filled the two small cups beautifully. The bottom was two thin strips that met in the back to become a thong that went between her gorgeous legs. She handed me something similar and I went into a bathroom to change. Since I don’t really have breasts I just put on the bottom which was a small thong and left on my heels. If you’ve seen my pic you know that my legs are one of my better features so when I stepped out her eyes were all over them.

I walked over to her while her eyes ate my nipples and tight stomach. We slipped into the water together and swam towards the glass wall that separated the outside from the inside of the pool. The glass came down to just above the water and I could swim from the cool of inside to the blazing hot of outside. She told me to float on my back and put my upper body on the outside side and my lower body inside and to hold onto the glass so that I was kind of suspended in the water.

I did it and felt her fingers at the strips on my bikini bottom. She didn’t take it off but pushed the front aside so that my cock could get out. She was holding me up as she stood on the bottom so that my crotch was at the top of the water and my cock was out of it. My head was out of the water in the heat as I felt her mouth go over my cock and slide down it until her lips were buried in my tiny little pubic patch. Her mouth stayed there for a moment and then she started using her throat muscles to “swallow” my fat big clit.

I could feel her throat eating me. She just kept doing it without moving her mouth. beyoğlu escort The pressure on the head of my cock was so very intense. Like she was squeezing the head and letting go. Milking it. One of her hands had found my balls and was squeezing them as she swallowed. My head was back and I was close to cumming when I heard a voice from over my head.

“Is she sucking you off really good baby?” It was a sexy tenor with a slight Latin accent. My eyes flew open and I could see this guy standing there at the side of the pool watching me. He was dressed in a pair of cream colored tie at the waist pants and nothing else. He was smooth and nicely muscled (and no I didn’t notice that right then as I was way too far gone for such trivial stuff!) As he asked me the question her mouth started going up and down on my shaft sucking at the top of the head and then going back down to the bottom. Her fingers were invading my ass cunt and I was in such lust. My whole body was clenched as I felt the cum rising from my balls to the top of my clit and then shooting into her hungry mouth.

I gasped out loud as he laughed at me. He knew I had just cum. She kept sucking me until there was certainly nothing left and then moved away from me as she pushed me out into the sunshine. He just stood there and watched as my body slid into view. I was so drained I just floated.

Michelle came out the side door and walked over to the guy. I collected myself and swam over to them and looked up. “This is my roommate Carlos. Carlos, this is my new best friend Marlene. She has the most delicious girl stick!” She said as she slid her cocoa colored arm around his waist. What a gorgeous pair! He was about 5’10”. Cuban or some Central American something or other. “Carlos is a dancer at Follies Bergerie. We started living together as a way to afford this place and then found out we like to do sex things together.”

And with that she put one of her hands at the front of his pants and pulled them down just enough so that I could see that he was shaved and then this semi hard or soft creature popped out. It had to have been seven inches and gorgeously thick in it’s present state. Michelle gave it a few strokes and it grew. Yum! It grew!

She gave him a couple of little pats as I got out of the pool and the three of us went inside for a cool drink. We took our drinks into a good sized “play-room”. The floor was thick foam rubber with all sorts of faux animal skins on it. Michelle sank down in the middle and motioned for both of us to cum to her. I was reasonably recovered from her blow job and was determined that I was going to get both her’s and Carlos’ cocks in my face ASAP. I was on her in an instant and moved her hands away from me so I could pull the tiny thong away from her sheclit. The gorgeous pole sprang out and I took it in my hands just to look at it for the first time.

She was uncut (I usually prefer cut) and she was semi hard. The skin had pulled back off the head. I bent forward and took the shiny head between my lips and sucked it. While I was doing this Carlos had my own shecock in his hand and was slowly rubbing the head. Michelle was growing in my mouth. She wasn’t particularly big but was perfectly formed……nice veins and a slick head. I was going up and down on it while one of my hands found her balls and squeezed them each time I came all the way up.

“Oh baby, you’re a delicious cocksucker.” She said as her hands held my head and one of her long legs slid over my shoulder. I licked down her cock and sucked each one of her balls into my mouth and hummed on them while I stroked her shaft. She was moaning a little as I slid my tongue down under her balls to her asscunt and licked. My tongue started moving in and out of her pussyass hole and in no time I was fucking my tongue in and out of her while I stroked and cupped the head of her cock.

Carlos was still playing with my dick as he watched me play with her. “Marlene honey you have to stop or I’m going to shoot it off in your mouth and I’m not ready to cum in you yet.” She said as she pushed my head away. “Carlos baby, get my sweetie all wet and ready for me.” She said.

Carlos spread my legs and seemingly dove into my asspussy. He sucked and licked and kağıthane escort stuck fingers into me until I was insane with the hots. His tongue was long and he really knew how to eat. He had me on my knees and was behind me eating me out until I thought I’d die. Michelle watched him until she was satisfied I was ready. He moved away and she got behind me.

“I’m going to fuck that hot ass of yours Marlene.” She said in a husky voice as she held her hot cock and slid it up and down my ass cheeks. “You ready for a fucking baby?”

“Oh yesssss. Slide it into me lover!” I replied as her cockclit went all the way into me in one smooth stroke. I gasped as she sank in.

She slid it back almost all the way out and then plunged back into me until her tiny pubic patch was up against my ass. Carlos had moved in front of me and had pulled his pants off. His big dick was fully hard not. It had to be nine or ten inches and was thick. He rubbed it around my face as Michelle went in and out of me all the time talking to me.

“You’re such a fucking slut Marlene. You’d like this better if there were ten of us wouldn’t you? You’ll do anything for cock wontcha baby? That’s right, let Carlos stick that big pole in your mouth and fuck your nasty slut face. Get your lipstick all over it. Suck it while I fuck you.” He was into my mouth now. It was very big and thick and he held my head still while he snaked more of it into me. I was frantically running my tongue all over it while it went into me.

I lifted my head so that the way into my throat was straight and he went farther into me and then started fucking in and out of my face. She was riding my hot ass and he was riding my slut face. Both of them fucking me like the bitch cunt I am. He pulled out and started slapping my face with the head. Telling me what a slut I am. My tongue kept snaking out trying to capture his dick but he kept it just out of reach. Michelle was taking her girldick all the way out of me and then plunging it back in all the way. “Take it all Marlene.

Take all that big girlcock up your asscunt. You love my fucking your pussy hard chile Carlos fucks your nasty mouthcunt. Jerk on that clit of yours you fucking cocksucking slut.” I was holding myself up with one hand and frantically jerking my rock hard clit with the other. Michelle pulled out of me and moved around to the front of my face and started jerking her cock. My eyes were watering from the pounding my mouth and throat were taking. I was gagging on him and could see her hand moving on her cockclit. “Pull it out of her mouth Carlos.” She said as he pulled out. She pointer her clitdick at my mouth and his cock and shot stream after stream on us both.

Her cum was hot and tasted like hundreds of others that I’ve had but somehow she was special. Her cum was in my mouth and on my face and all over Carlos’s cock. Before I could swallow he plunged back into my face forcing her cum down my throat. I was frantically swallowing and choking and gagging and loving every second of it. Michelle’s hand was jerking his cock while he fed me the head and all of a sudden he swelled and throbbed and shot off in my mouth.

I swallowed as fast as I could but with both of their loads in my mouth there was too much and it oozed out the corners of my mouth and down my chin. She licked it off my face as he tried to pull out. I kept him in my mouth sucking and licking the ultra sensitiva head trying to get all his cum into me. He was saying oh god and please stop but I wouldn’t. He finally fell back from me and it plopped out of my face. I was on my knees upright and my hard cocky was sticking out in front of me. I had a hand around the shaft jerking it. Michelle went down on it and sucked the head while I jerked the shaft.

“Suck it slut. Suck my big dick. Make me cum in your nasty cunt mouth. Eat my dick. Eat my cum. Show me how much you want it Michelle.” She sucked even harder and my second load of girlcum rose from my balls and shot out the end of my girlstick into her waiting face. She sucked it and ate it. I pulled away from her and she moved towards me to kiss me. My cum flooded back into my mouth as our tongues played with each other.

We went on well into the night but I couldn’t cum anymore. I got Michelle off again as she shot into my ass and we both fucked Carlos with dildos, rubbing his prostate and getting him all hot and nasty and then caught his cum in our mouths as he shot arcs into the air. But that whole scene’s another chapter in the story that I’ll tell you later.

Happy cumming!



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32