Uncovering the Sissy Beneath Pt. 03

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Disclaimer: This story contains extreme fetishes including BDSM and forced seduction. It is also purely fictional.

This is part three of my previous work. Be sure to read parts one and two if you wish to understand the background of this section.


I hesitate to follow him out of the bedroom, as my anxiety is out of control. “Have I just been kidnapped?” I asked myself. Then he snaps his fingers at me and holds his hand up threatening to smack me. I quickly begin to follow.

The walk back downstairs is awkwardly silent. I just couldn’t stop thinking about everything that was happening to me, and who was this friend of his? I mean, how could someone have been here the whole time and just allowed all of this to happen?

We reach the top of the basement stairs, he calls out “Victoria!” down the stairs and within moments a beautiful woman appears and begins to walk up the stairs. When she arrives, he says to her, “Victoria, another lost soul has wandered into my house causing trouble. Can you please find her a nice space where she can stay for tonight, and fill her in on the rules and regulations. I’ve already given her a good whooping so she should be on her best behavior for you, but if she gives you any trouble, feel free to discipline her at your own discretion, and if it’s not enough, I’ll take care of her tomorrow morning. I am off to sleep for the evening,” and with that, he heads back up stairs.

I stand there nervous and humiliated as she looks me up and down with the panties and bra on. “right,” she says, “follow me.” I begin walking down the stairs behind her. She was beautiful, and made sure to sway her hips so I would stare at her butt walking down the steps. She stops for a second and turns to me. “That’s not for you little one, so unless you’re admiring my outfit, you need to look elsewhere, understand?”

“Yes, yes Ma’am,” I say.

We turn the corner at the bottom of the steps. It looked like an average furnished basement, with couches, and a TV. She instructs me to have a seat on the couch, and sits down next to me.

In a soothing tone she begins to speak, “So… I understand you were here earlier delivering pizzas, is that right?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I guess that transaction didn’t go over so well did it?”

“No.” I reply, “it didn’t”

“Yes, Master David is not the kind of person you want to get in an argument with.

Especially if you appear to be weaker than him. Now, I was able to hear a little bit of what took place in the living room, but I’m not entirely sure what happened when he took you upstairs, but judging by the argument, and seeing you come down here in women’s underwear, I imagine a lot took place, am I right?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Well I can tell you are nervous, I mean, you must be frightened by what is happening here, and understandably so. Don’t worry though, the master is a very loving person and only wishes to help. So let me try to fill you in on what’s happening here.” She takes a deep breath, “Master David has what you might call a gift. He sees through people and can easily identify their issues. In your case, it appears you’ve convinced him that you lack discipline, and have been playing the incorrect gender role you should be.” As I’m sure you can see, the master has a very large home. He has been kind enough to bring in people who need these changes in their life and take care of them. Some of them choose to stay or leave depending on their needs once they are situated and comfortable with who they are. Like yourself, a few of them were people trying to pass themselves as alpha males.”

“Okay… So why is it not an option then? Why am I being held hostage and forced to do this?” I reply.

“I know it feels that way, and yes, by definition that is what this is, but in time you will understand the meaning of all this, and you will be so content with your new self that none of this will even matter, trust me!”

I take a deep breath as I start to give up, clearly there was nothing I could say that was going to make them let me go.”

“Let’s not worry about that too much right now,” she says. “I’m going to take you to where you will be sleeping tonight. So stand up and follow me. It’s getting late and I need to get some rest, lots to do tomorrow.”

I begin to follow her around the basement. There is a hallway with multiple doors, and as we walk down it, I can hear a distressed moaning coming from inside one of the doors.

“That’s Sherry,” she says. “That there is one of our punishment rooms. Best not to misbehave or you might just wind up in there yourself.”

As we get to the end of the hallway, she opens one of the doors. As we enter, I am shocked by what I see. There are four small jail cells with beds in them. I stop for a second to take in what I am seeing.”

“Come on,” she says. “This is where you will be sleeping tonight, and as long as you stay on your best behavior, this will become your favorite place in the house.” fulya escort She walks me into one of the cells, and shows me where everything is.” It is just like an average jail cell, but the bed actually looks pretty comfortable and there appear to be some bedroom features as well, like a closet and a dresser.

“There is a buzzer on the wall if there is any emergency, and if you decide to use it, there better be an actual emergency! It has an intercom, and monitor so we can listen in on you. Have a look in the wardrobe. I’m actually going to get Sherry over here to show you how everything works, and you two can sleep together tonight so you can get acquainted. I’ll be right back.

She steps out of the cell and slides the bared doors shut, locking it behind her. I have a seat on the bed. For the first time in hours I am alone, and everything is hitting me hard as I begin tearing up once more.

About twenty minutes or so goes by and the main door opens. It’s Victoria, and in front of her I can see another woman with long blonde hair slowly limping. Victoria comes over and opens the cell door.

“Alright, I’ll let you two girls get to know each other. Sherry, I want you to run through everything with our new guest okay?”

In a scratchy voice, she responds, “yes Madam Victoria.”

Victoria locks the cell door behind us and makes her way out. Sherry looks up at me, and I can tell she had been crying a bit too as her make up was smeared. “Hi,” she says in a somber tone.

“Hello,” I nervously respond.

“I take it this is your first night here?” she asks.


“Well let me run you through much as I can. I need to change into a nightgown real quick.

“First off, it is imperative that you listen and do everything that you are told by not just Master David, but Madam Victoria two. She’s very nurturing, but from time to time, she will punish you as she is either asked to, or she’s looking out for your best interest, and take care of your punishment before he gets to you.”

While speaking to me, she heads over to the wardrobe, and opens it. There is a plethora of outfits in it, and she searches through it for a night gown. Just like me, Sherry is wearing nothing but a bra an panties, and I can also see welts and scratches on her ass peaking out the edges of her panties. Just then, I notice something. She has a bulge in her panties, and it hits me. Sherry is not a genetic female.

She catches me staring and chuckles, “yup, take a look at your future.”

“Wait, I ask, are they really going to turn me into an actual girl?”

“Sort of,” she replies. “I’m not trans or anything, I’m just required to act feminine as possible because it’s my true role and of course so I don’t get punished. So I’m what you would refer to as a crossdresser/sissy. I accept that it is wrong of me to display myself as a male, and through the master’s guidance, I have learned to play the role that has been chosen for me, and not the role that I wish to be. Soon enough, you will too. I can see he already got you started in those panties and bra. Let me help you find something to wear tonight though.

She starts flipping through the wardrobe and pulls out a pair of pink floral pj’s and hands them to me as she whispers, “If they should stop in during the night to check up on us, it’s best to be in your proper attire. In the morning we’ll pick you out a good outfit for your first day as a sissy.”

I take the pj’s from her and reluctantly put them on. With a smile she looks at me and says, “I’m glad you’re here. It’s been a little lonely recently. I’m currently his only girl, so I hope you will stay around a while, for me.”

“Well, I don’t exactly have an option do I?” I reply.

“No, not yet, but you will eventually have the opportunity to leave. I chose not to though.

Master David truly does know what’s best, you just have to trust him a little. Now I suggest you and I get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, for you at least. Just so you know, there are cameras in here so he is watching and listening to us. When we are put in the same cell together, we are most likely expected to cuddle with each other. So since you’re new and not used to this. To make sure we are fully complying, could you lay on your side so I can spoon you.”

I agree and give her some space on the bed to spoon me. After a few minutes I pass out in her arms, and I can feel her bulge wedged between the crease in my pajama bottoms where my butt is.

The next morning we wake up and Sherry is over by the wardrobe mirror getting ready. I needed to pee but I was nervous having the toilet exposed to where she could see me.

“Umm, I need to pee,” I say to her.

“Go right ahead, don’t worry, there’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Just make sure you sit down when you go. You must think and act like a female at all times.”

I sit down on the toilet and start to pee. I look over at bebek escort what she is doing. I see her picking out an outfit, brushing her hair, and putting on makeup. She notices me looking, and tells me I will have to learn to do all of this at some point, but today I should just worry about an outfit. After we are finished getting dressed and ready, we can sit and talk to get to know each other.”

We had so much in common, it was kind of creepy, and for the first time made me actually question my masculinity a little.

The door to the room opens and in walks Victoria. “Good morning girls,” she says with a smile. “Well don’t you look pretty in that dress.” She smirks as she stares at me. “Sherry, uncle Mike is here this morning to pick something up from David. He wanted to see you so I have been instructed to send you upstairs to the living room. Master David would also like the basement to himself so he can spend some time with our new guest.

They both take off out of the room and I lay on the bed waiting on David to show up.

After waiting on the bed patiently for the past hour, he finally shows up. I’m super nervous as to how the rest of the day is going to play out, as I most certainly do not want any repeats of yesterday, but my mind is prepared for the worst.

He stands in from of the bars looking in. “How are we feeling this morning? Is that ass still nice and sore from your spanking yesterday?

“Yes,” I reply.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

“I mean, yes daddy.”

“You didn’t forget that already did you? I would think that having Sherry around, you would’ve learned that… She did refer to me as daddy right?”

I didn’t know how to respond, what was going to happen to Sherry if I told him she referred to him as David? I felt I had to try and defend her. “Yes daddy, I believe so…”

“You believe so? Because I record everything that goes on down here. If I listen to your conversation, am I going to hear her say that?

Don’t you dare lie to me!”

“I’m sorry, I had to think about it. I think she referred to you as Master David.”

He shakes his head in disappointment. “I would’ve thought she had learned a thing or two from yesterday’s lesson, but I’ll deal with her later. I should punish you too for not being direct with me from the start, but Madam Victoria says you were pretty well behaved last night, and you’re new. Just don’t let it happen again. If she ever does something you know she isn’t supposed to do, you tell me right away, you understand?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good. Now I see you’ve had a chance to go through your new wardrobe,” he says as he unlocks the cell door. “I wanna come in and take a look, and give you a good inspection.”

He steps inside and slides the door closed behind him. “I see you picked out a couple of nice things to wear. That’s a pretty dress you have on. It’s important to want to look good for your daddy, and there’s still a lot of work to be done to get you looking your best. I’ll have Victoria help you get rid of all that unnecessary body and facial hair so we can get you looking passable. For now though, why don’t you do a little twirl for me so I can see what we’re working with.”

I bashfully start to do a one eighty and show him my back side. He takes one hand and puts it on my shoulder, and the other hand slides down my back, down to my butt. He begins to fondle me as he slowly pulls the bottom of my dress up.

“Let’s see what you got under there,” he says in a perverted manor. “That’s a cute pair of panties you have on.” He starts pulling the back of my panties away from my body to look at the flesh of my ass. “Oooh, look at that welted little tushy. That’s gonna take a while to heal, so let’s not have to add to that today okay.”

He lets go of my panties and begins to turn me around facing forward again. He’s looking down directly at the bulge. “Getting a little hard are we?” he says. “Well that’s the first thing I want to make sure we correct. Little sissy girls aren’t supposed to be getting erections. That’s only for us dominant men. In fact, sissies shouldn’t be getting pleasure at all. They should be focused solely on

pleasing their superior male.”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls something out. A plastic device in the shape of a penis. He shows it to me. “This here is a chastity device. We’re gonna put your little sissy clit in this so we don’t have to worry about you getting hard or touching yourself.”

He takes a bottle of lube out of one of the wardrobe drawers and coats the device with it. He tells me to take a seat on the bed, and begins to pull my panties down. Freaked out by the device, I no longer had any form of erection. he takes the ring of the device and puts it around my balls, and then slides on the cock shaped part over my shaft. He connects the two and then locks them together. “there we go,” he says. “Tiny little cage, for a tiny little clit. Don’t worry florya escort I’ll let you take it off from time to time for a good cleaning, but you can still go to the bathroom and clean it a little in the shower. “Now, I want you to be a good girl and follow me upstairs. Sherry’s in the living room right entertaining a friend of mine. I want you to watch her in action so you can see how a well trained sissy is supposed to act.”

I’m still so distraught, and freaking out, but I really don’t know what else I can do but play along with his sick little game. I follow him out of the cell, back through the hallway and up the stairs. We walk into the living room, and I see a man sitting on the couch. He’s lounging in a pair of workout shorts and a t-shirt. After looking down, I can see a massive bulge poking through his pants. He looks up at me and says “What do we have here Dave?”

He responds, “New project of mine, this little brat delivered a pizza to me last night, and had the nerve to spark up an attitude. I taught her a good lesson and now I’m helping her find her proper place in society. She’s a got a lot of work to do though. I was thinking she could stay in here and learn a thing or two from Sherry.”

His friend begins to smile, “Well of course she can, you need me to give her a good whooping?”

No, that’s alright, she got it pretty good last night, but if she misbehaves for you, let me know.”

“Sure thing Dave.” He looks over at me again, “And what’s your name there little brat?”

Unsure what to say, I looked over at David. He looks at me with lustful eyes “I was thinking I’d name her Tricia.”

“I like it,” he replies. “Why don’t you come have a seat next to me Tricia.”

I confirm with David and he signals for me to do as Instructed. I walk over and have a seat next to him. After I take a seat, I look in front of me and there’s Sherry. I don’t know how I didn’t notice her before, but she was on down on the floor on all fours. She’s facing Mike and never breaks eye contact with him, it’s as if I wasn’t even there. She’s making suggestive faces and licking her lips.

“I’ll leave you alone with them for an hour or so. I’ve got some work to take care of,” David says as he walks off.

Mike grabs my head, and holds it facing Sherry. “I want you to watch how she teases and pleases me Tricia.”

Tricia Proceeds to crawl towards him on all fours. Swaying her hips and staring directly at his bulge. Once she reaches him, she stands up and turns around. Slowly moving her ass towards his dick she begins gyrating and starts giving him a lap dance. After a good five minutes of that, she drops back to the floor again. Her ass facing up, she lifts her skirt allowing her ass to be exposed, with nothing but a thong on. Her back is now arched in and she starts twerking her ass for him, and looking back at it while it bounces.

“See that Tricia, that’s talent, she’s just begging for some good dick.”

I have to say, Sherry has probably more skill than any stripper I had ever seen. However, Sherry’s ass looked rough. It was in good shape, but she had massive welts on her skin.

I now understood that Sherry must’ve been just like me, but how long did it take her to look so good and learn all of those skills. I started tearing up again, as I really didn’t think they would ever let me go. I was gonna end up just like her…

Mike begins slapping Sherry’s ass, as she cries out, “Oooh yes, spank it!”

Eventually he signals for her to turn around. She remains on two knees and places her hands on the edge of the couch. Mike grabs the back of her head and pushes her face onto his bulge. He yells out, “is that what you want whore? You wanna worship this fat cock?”

“Mmm yes,” she replies.

Mike begins dropping his shorts and puts Sherry’s face down onto his briefs. She rubs her face all over his bulge as she wines and begs, “please let me suck it sir, I wanna suck it so bad.” I began to wonder if Sherry actually wanted to suck his dick, she sounded so convincing.

“Alright you needy little slut. You can suck it, but I better not feel any teeth this time, understand?”

“Yes sir, I promise.”

And with that, Mike pulls his briefs down and puts his massive erection on display. He was huge, I mean, he had to have been at least 14 inches long and 2-3 inches thick. Sherry begins kissing and licking up his shaft, occasionally dipping her head down to suck on his nuts. I thought that she couldn’t possibly fit it into her mouth, but she wraps her mouth around his head, licking up all of his pre cum. My eyes lit up when all of the sudden, she opens as wide as possible, and slowly slides the whole thing down her throat. How she did not gag was beyond me, she knew what she was doing very well.

Mike relaxes his body and closes his eyes as Sherry continues sucking his cock. Occasionally he would hold her head all the way down until she gagged. Even then, he would still wait a few seconds before letting her bring her head back up, laughing at her every time. “What’s wrong you little skank, can’t handle it?” he shouted at her. “Or are you just trying to get me to fuck your little sissy cunt instead?” He pulls her off his dick and tilts her face up looking him in the eyes. “Which is it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32