Truck Stop Turn Out

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I was driving home from college for spring break and to celebrate my 19th birthday at home. It was a four hour drive and I got a very late start after having helped my girlfriend and her friends pack their car for Panama City. At midnight, I was still 150 miles away and totally exhausted. I decided I would drive into a rest stop to get a little sleep so I would get home safely. As soon as I parked and put my seat back, I was out.

When I awoke, there were only 2 cars in the parking and only 1 semi parked in the truck lot. I had to pee very badly when I sat up, noticing now it was 2:30am. I entered the visitors center and it was hard not to notice the only person in there. He stood about 6’3″, 280 with grey hair and a military haircut. He was wearing a short sleeve shirt, stretched by his muscles and growing middle. He had on jeans with a big belt buckle, boots and looked very intimidating.

As I walked past him, he was staring hard at my 5’8″, 150 lb. frame and making it obvious. I unfortunately wore only tight shorts, a tank top and sandals with my shoulder length brown hair tied back. To break the tension I said hello to him.

He said, “Hello sweetie!” as he followed me into the restroom. My heart was beating out of control as he started using the urinal next to me. I thought I was going to get beat up and robbed until he started talking.

“You suck cock sweetie?”

“No, I’m straight.” I said nervously.

“Then why are your arms and legs, and I would guess the rest of your body shaved smooth like a girl?”

“I am a swimmer and besides my girlfriend likes me like that”, I said defensively while trying to head for the door.

He grabbed my arm to stop me and as he spun around, I could see his cock had not made it into his pants yet. My eyes locked on his uncut python that was 8″ limp and as thick as my forearm.

“No need fighting me sweet cheeks. The door is locked and I put up the out of order sign. We have some time now for you to show me all your girlie features. You can call me Daddy Buck. We’ll get to know each other real well. What’s your name little bitch?”

“I-I-I’m Timmy” I stammered as I oddly remained focused on his cock. I was feeling so weak in front of this strong, masculine man about 30 years my senior.

“I’ll call you Tina. It can be your new sissy name.” He said this casually as he reached down and cupped my face, driving his sloppy tongue deep in my mouth. He then placed my hand onto his rising cock and I instinctively began stroking it.

All I could think was I have got to get the fuck out of here. And while I am thinking that, my hand was covered in precum and I am latched on to an 11″ rock hard cock so thick I cannot close my fingers around hatay escort it. Daddy Buck’s tongue was so deep in my throat I was gagging and had saliva running down my chin, soaking my tank top. I could see myself in the mirror with this hulking real man wrapped around my feminine sized body stroking his monster cock like a bitch.

That instant I felt a change in me and I started kissing back.

“That’s it faggot, show who you are. You were meant to be a sissy my little Tina. Now get on your knees and show me how much you love man meat!”

Daddy Buck pushed me down and got a firm grip of my hair. When I was face to face with his massive manhood, I nervously pushed back the uncut coat exposing the slick precumed head. He forced the slimed head into my mouth.

“That’ll give you a salty taste of what is soon going to be filling up your belly Tina. But damn, we got to stretch that mouth of yours faggot. Open it wide bitch!”

I could barely get the head in my mouth at first, but as he continued to face fuck me, I got as much as three thick inches down in between gagging. My face and chest were covered with saliva and Daddy Buck told me to get up and take off everything but my sandals. When I stood up to strip, it became obvious that I was no longer an involuntary participant to the events. My little cock was rock hard and tenting my shorts.

“Looks like your little clitty betrayed you faggot. I guess you’re in love with Daddy Buck’s cock.”

I stood naked and blushing in front of this mountainous man. He pulled me in close and wrapped his muscular arms around me and rubbed my white round girly ass with his big hands. Than he pushed me back down to my knees to get back to work on his cock. Daddy Buck’s understanding of my feelings made me give more effort in pleasing him.

I forced up half of his cock down my mouth pussy even when he wasn’t using my shoulder length hair to force it down. I kissed and licked the length of his shaft and massaged his massive clean shaven balls. I got underneath of him, giving each his ball sack a tongue bath. Than he pushed me further under him and spread his ass cheeks for me. I knew exactly what he wanted. I started kissing and licking his tangy asshole than buried my face in his crack so I could get my tongue as far up his hole as possible. At the same time, he was stroking his meat while I was doing the same with my clitty.

Soon after my little clitty shot its fag juice just before I was being pulled forward in front of Daddy Buck’s beautiful cock. I knew he was about to blow his load, so I forced it into my wide open mouth and bobbed deeply.


“You learn quick sissy cunt. Are you ready for your creamy snack bitch? You want daddy’s jizz Tina, say it! Say it and prove ığdır escort your my cum slut!”

I pulled off daddy’s cock long enough to say, “Yes daddy, I want to be your girly Tina. I want your cum filling my faggot belly daddy!”

Than he pressed his cock deep in my throat and began emptying his balls. Each jet filled my mouth quicker than I could swallow. His seed started coming out of my nose as I began choking. The remaining streams covered my face and chest. I collapsed on the floor exhausted while Daddy Buck cleaned his cock and tucked it back in his jeans.

He smacked me hard on my naked ass to get me up. He helped clean me when I got up by wiping the cum off me with his fingers than had me lick them off. I stood there a disheveled mess, totally naked with only my sandals on. Daddy picked up my clothes and walked toward the door.

“I-I can’t leave here naked! Please daddy, give me back my clothes.”

“Sweetie there is only one car out there other than yours and my truck. And it’s a buddy of mine fucking a faggot in his front seat. Besides, I’m holding your clothes and wallet so you’ll have to follow me to my cabin. You can call whoever you need to from there and tell them your spending your vacation elsewhere.”

“But I…”. A swift smack on the ass and we were out the door. The cooler night air made me even more aware of my nakedness. Daddy walked as if there was no rush and got a thumbs up as we passed his buddies car. When we got to my car, I was anxious to get in but daddy turned me toward him and started kissing my soiled lips. At the same time, he was rubbing my bubble butt and fingering my crack. I’m sure this was done for his buddies amusement as he had stopped fucking his boyfriends asshole and was staring at us. Than he asked me for my keys which I gave him.

“Just to be sure my little bitch doesn’t run off, I’ll be taking these suitcases with me” he said as he pulled my bags from the trunk.

Than another smack on the ass and I got into my car to follow Daddy Buck to his cabin. I drove right behind him about 10 miles to a house on the lake in a very wooded, private area. He had me park on the side of the cabin and parked his rig right behind me. As I was getting out of the car, he picked me up effortlessly and carried me inside.

“By the time the sun comes sweetie, your going to be turned out. You will know that you are a girl when you lose your virginity ” daddy said with a big smile on his face.

Once inside, daddy took me into the bathroom and I laid down while he flushed my bowels with warm water. It was very embarrassing but he said I would need all the room I could get. We went into the shower together and I felt so small and feminine next to him. I complimented him on his hairy muscular chest and arms while he said he ısparta escort loved tan lines, soft lips and girly ass. We kissed while I stroked his cock and balls.

Daddy Buck dried me off, carried me to the bedroom and laid me down on my back. He pushed my legs up to expose my asshole and my rock hard clitty. Than he spit on my little dick , massaged it with his hand and drove his tongue into my rosebud. I went wild humping on his tongue.

“Your ready my little cum dump faggot. A little more warm up and I am going to permanently take your manhood. Than we’ll make some changes so you can satisfy daddy.”

“O-o-o-k daddy” I said tentatively as I stared at his huge cock and balls.

Daddy Buck lubed up his cock and put a generous amount on two of his fingers. He rubbed it around my butthole and as I was enjoying this, he forced his fingers into my asshole and I let out a high pitched scream and jumped off the bed. This seriously pissed him off and he grabbed ball gag and stuffed a pill in my mouth, making me swallow. He put the gag on me and put me on the bed face down. When he was on top of me, his man meat started to slide in to my crack. When it reached my rosebud, I started to scream again and tug at the bed. When the pill started to kick in, I began to relax.

When daddy really got going it was like I was being pounded into the bed. I could feel myself being stretched to the max and the strength of his body on top of me. Than he turned me over to fuck me missionary style and took off the gag. When he did, my clitty was as hard as it gets. Before he started, I grabbed his cock and stuffed it in my mouth. I was sucking and licking my ass off his cock and balls. Then I put my legs on Daddys shoulders I and guided his man meat back into my stretched out asshole. I watched as he worked up to three quarters of his huge thick dick into my rectum. With the pill he gave me, it dulled the pain and allowed to enjoy the penetration so much that I began fucking back.

“You love getting fucked Tina? You love daddy’s cock up your boy cunt?” he asked as he continued to pound the manhood out me.

“Y-y-y-e-e-s da-da-dy! I-I love your cock inside me!”

“You ready for daddy to breed cum slut?”


With that, he began pumping thick warm creamy jizz into my bowels. I loved it so much, lying there spooning with his cock still deep in my boy pussy. The sun was coming up and just as daddy said, I was turned out. I was feminized and could think of nothing but pleasing daddy. He gave me permission to use the bathroom after his dick softened and plopped out of my gaping hole. I got up on very shaky legs and I couldn’t keep the cum from dripping down my legs my asshole was so dilated. As I swished my way to the bathroom, daddy just laughed watching me cup my hand over my ass to catch the blood streaked cum.

Later, I called my parents to tell them I was not coming home for the holidays while naked in bed stroking and sucking a cock. They accused me of being with a girl. Little did they know, I was the girl.

To be continued.

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