Trophy Wife

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A female classmate in prim and proper Heather’s nontraditional college degree course mentioning Penthouse Letters magazine made her curious enough to buy the current issue subtitled Second Anniversary Issue of Slut Wives. Unanimous claims of unparalleled sexual gratification in sections entitled black on white and white on black astounded Heather. Accounts of black men seducing previously happily married white wives and sexually frustrated white wives having extramarital affairs with extraordinarily well-hung black men in successive issues of Penthouse Letters steadily captivated Heather’s interest. An article in Cosmopolitan influenced her to privately gratify unmet sensual needs with triple-X videotapes and a life-like marital aid. The black studs appearing in triple-X videotapes influenced Heather to be an avid crotch watcher and also become increasingly more provocative with black men having prominent phallic bulges.

Heather attended an end-of-semester graduation party for her friend and classmate Joan. Although habitually portraying herself to be happily married–in spite of a nonexistent sex life, Heather could not resist the opportunity for making her first extramarital booty call to find out whether or not black cocks were both bigger and better. A last minute, totally unexpected, clinging to marital fidelity proved inadequate. Even spiking her drink with liquid Spanish fly eliminated neither morality nor inhibitions.

Nevertheless, her inability to resist fulfilling weeks of sexual fantasies and getting needed sexual gratification ecstatically expanded into her first double penetration. Although simultaneously pleasuring two extramarital partners’ big black cocks provided Heather with much needed sexual gratification, so willingly succumbing to once unthinkable sexual debauchery unnerved the formerly prim and proper white wife.

Despite avoiding those directly involved in forsaking her vows of marital fidelity, the internal conflict between remorseful guilt and the irrefutable fact that the two black men had provided her with unparalleled sexual satisfaction couldn’t be as easily ignored. Finally accepting her interracial sexual preference, Heather initially resumed using her big black dildo to meet libidinal needs that neither could nor ever would be met by a self-absorbed husband. Heather had absolutely no qualms with secretly being a white woman hooked on fucking big black cocks while enjoying the financial and social benefits of a publicly projected happy marriage to a successful MBA. Meanwhile, her husband’s single-minded focus upon a senior management promotion in the Fortune 500 firm precluded awareness of Heather’s adulterous interracial intentions.

Venturing into the racially mixed section of the city, Heather wandered in and out of several adult book and video stores until finding one exclusively oriented to interracial sexuality. Elated with finding an impressive selection of interracial videotapes, she had a hard time deciding which one to buy. Amazed with the variety of personal pleasure accessories, she couldn’t resist buying an even larger black dildo than her current ebony pleasure toy.

Frequent visits to the interracially oriented sex shop enabled her to figure out the working schedule of an exceptionally handsome, sexually desirable black clerk named Tyrone. Heather provocatively encouraged the black clerk’s flirtatious advances while steadily adding to her videotape collection. Uncharacteristically finding no other patrons on her seventh visit, Heather accepted Tyrone’s invitation to accompany him into the private office and guided his big black hand to her 35D alabaster boobs while welcoming his passionate kiss.

As she knelt before the handsome black clerk, her fingers deftly drew down the zipper of his jeans. Reaching inside Tyrone’s fly, she was not at all disappointed to be lustfully extracting the biggest black cock yet personally encountered. Without hesitation, she wantonly wrapped her lips around his mammoth midnight-hued meat and lasciviously stroked the other half of the ten-inch black cock outside her mouth for several minutes, until her mouth overflowed with luscious cum.

Two afternoons later, Heather left work early, hoping to make a booty call on the phenomenally well-hung Tyrone at the interracial sex shop. Tyrone surprised her with a gift of crotch-less panties, which she enticingly modeled for him in the office. Laying back on the office desk, Heather’s gorgeous ivory body once again welcomed the erotic contrast of her third illicit ebony cock with open arms and wide spread legs while wantonly moaning, “Oh, yesssss! Fuck me with that big black cock. So…so fucking good!”

Heather wantonly, and eagerly, threw her legs over Tyrone’s shoulders each time he returned from waiting on patrons for the rest of the afternoon so that bonus veren siteler huge black cock of his could fill the yawning gap in her new crotch less panties and give her multiple orgasms.

Learning early one Saturday morning that her husband would be with clients all afternoon until late that evening, Heather impulsively called and invited her interracial extramarital partner to her home located in a secluded suburban cul-de-sac. Opening the door upon hearing the chimes, her belated misgivings over taking such an unbelievable risk immediately evaporated. Standing there confidently with a broad smile on his face was her phenomenally well-hung black visitor.

Front door closed and locked, Heather led Tyrone to the master bedroom. She quickly stripped away her scanty attire while watching her ebony god peel off his t-shirt, shoes and socks. Laying across the king-sized bed, panting in anticipation, she caressed a spiked nipple with trembling fingers of one hand and tweaked her clitoris with the other. Watching Tyrone finish disrobing, her hot white pussy pulsated with wanton lust for exactly what she not only secretly wanted, but also needed.

This time Heather didn’t need to pretend she was cuckolding her husband with an imaginary black lover on their marital bed. Propped up on pillows, she ecstatically enjoyed the erotic ebony and ivory contrast of Tyrone’s midnight-hued meat driving into and withdrawing from her hot white pussy. Riding her black mustang to another climax, she shifted onto her hands and knees for forty-five minutes of amazing pelvic thrusts, taking her to increasingly intense multiple climaxes.

Reveling in interracial sexual fulfillment on her marital bed had Heather so aroused she impulsively decided to mimic a particularly erotic scene on the latest triple-X interracial videotape she had viewed. For the past two private pleasure sessions, she had tentatively and then more enjoyably eased one then two K Y jelly coated fingers into her rosebud while plunging her foot long black dildo into her hot pussy.

Naively thrusting her sexy white buttocks back at Tyrone, Heather was totally unprepared for the overwhelming and excruciating pain of being anally penetrated by a real black cock. Fortunately, Tyrone had barely inserted the head of his huge black cock, while simultaneously strumming her engorged clitoris. Each time Heather’s anal walls responsively clutched Tyrone’s ebony erection, he slowly inserted a little more until his entire black cock was sheathed inside her beautiful booty. Even though the intense initial pain of satisfying her curiosity gradually became unbelievably exquisite pleasure, discomfort in sitting and painful evacuations for a couple of days afterwards convinced her to avoid anal sex.

Adulterous guilt had initially overwhelmed Heather in the aftermath of her first interracial extramarital fling. Not enrolling in evening college classes during the summer provided enough time for her to absolve the slowly diminishing guilt over cuckolding a husband who had been unintentionally, or intentionally, subordinating his wife and marriage to career goals far too long. Discreetly gratifying her interracial lust with Tyrone, her subsequent extramarital partner, took place on those two evenings she was “supposedly” attending college classes.

If the painful aftermath of giving up her anal virginity had not left Heather deeply ashamed to be a black cock three-holer, then these extramarital liaisons would have solidified her total devotion to sexual gratification as a secret interracial slut. This caused her enough consternation that not only did she stop meeting Tyrone, but also she equivocated over whether or not she actually was hooked on big black cocks. Until irresistible temptation arrived in the secluded cul-de-sac, that is.

The next-door neighbor’s promotion six months after Heather had abruptly ended her extramarital affairs dictated immediate relocation and, not surprisingly, their house was quickly sold. The arrival of the only black family thus far to move into their elite suburban subdivision instantly awakened her too-long suppressed natural inclination of being a secret interracial slut. Private pleasures resumed with her two ebony dildos and triple X videotape collection, fantasizing her new neighbor would soon validate the erotic interracial adage, “Once a white woman goes black, she’ll keep cumming back.”

Meandering across her lawn the Sunday morning after the new neighbors arrival, Heather congenially welcomed Maurice Morris with assurance that he would enjoy this quiet, private cul-de-sac. Maurice’s tight white tank top erotically contrasting with the ebony hue of his skin and his form-fitting jogging shorts emphasizing a phenomenal phallic outline was simply too tempting for Heather to resist. Flirtatiously prolonging their discussion she intended to seduce Maurice Morris into fucking her bahis with his big black cock.

Without seeming to be intentional, Heather led her newly arrived neighbor between their houses under the guise of discussing their adjacent landscaping. She was well aware of the sexual arousal leaking into the crotch of her short shorts. Seeing her neighbor’s eyes fixated on her visibly spiked nipples, she provocatively leaned toward him, purposely letting her scooped neck halter fall free revealing her unfettered boobs.

Hearing his gasp, she looked at his throbbing tumescence before meeting his lust filled eyes with her own. Hidden from the prying view of other neighbors, the long-time resident white wife stood and wrapped her arms around the newly arrived black husband in an illicit embrace. She then provocatively plastered her 5’5″ 35D-22-33 body tightly against Maurice’s buff torso, especially against his mouthwatering cock bulge.

Aggravatingly, though fortunately, both of them heard her husband’s car pull into the front driveway. Ebony husband and ivory wife neighbors quickly promised each other, “We’ll get together at a more opportune time” As Maurice hastily departed, Heather smiled knowing her husband’s early return home was merely a temporary interruption in acquiring her next well-hung interracial extramarital partner.

* * *

Two weeks later, Heather’s husband left early on Friday morning for a managerial symposium and would not return before late Tuesday or Wednesday. Leaving work early that afternoon, Heather nervously stopped into her favorite adult boutique exclusively oriented to interracial sexuality. She was relieved that Tyrone was not scheduled to work, enabling her to relax and take all the time she needed to find films featuring the erotic theme preoccupying her for the last three weeks. She purchased two DVD formatted triple-X interracial films featuring white wives with black lovers.

Since their only DVD player was in the den, Heather excitedly settled on the soft leather sofa. The first DVD featured a husband with a black boss manipulating his racially prejudiced white wife into reluctantly going black on a Caribbean holiday, thereby insuring his promotion upon their return. The second DVD portrayed the long-term affects of neighboring white and black couples surprisingly encountering each other at a wife-swapping club. The two long format DVDs enabled Heather to relish the freedom of openly enjoying her two black dildos while fantasizing herself in place of both white wives going black late into the night.

The noise of a weed trimmer outside awakened Heather Saturday morning. She groggily peered out the curtains, delighted to see Maurice trimming along the landscaping blocks bordering their back yards. Donning her most revealing top and shorts, Heather hurried downstairs intent on completing her seduction of her black neighbor.

Maurice’s lecherous smile was neither dismissed nor unwelcome. Attired in white shorts similar to those he had worn two weeks earlier, Heather couldn’t help making the mental connection with the constant nocturnal erotic fantasies she had been having of him as an imaginary black lover. Licking her lips as her eyes focused on his mouthwatering phallic bulge before meeting his equally lust-filled eyes, she coyly offered, “You must be thirsty, working so hard. Please follow me inside for some refreshment.”

Maurice couldn’t help the lascivious thoughts racing through his mind, especially after the way this supposedly prim and proper young white wife had flaunted her sexy body at him, had unmistakably eyed his responsive erection, and then had literally plastered her short shorts-clad camel-toe against his raging hard on two weeks earlier. With his wife gone for the weekend to visit their son, he had waited to see whether or not his sexy neighbor would come onto him again. Having noticed her husband leaving with a carry all the previous morning, Maurice had taken the risk of presuming Heather was still willing to “get together at a more opportune time,” and had devised this innocent appearing means to entice the gorgeous married white neighbor into rewarding his efforts in the early morning heat with mutually desirable interracial heat. Apparently right in all of his assumptions, he followed her inside, elated over the unmistakable invitation.

Heather excused herself, explaining she had just gotten up and needed coffee before asking the purposefully loaded question, “What would you like?”

“Ice tea,” Maurice replied. “Sweetened if you have any.” Licking his suddenly dry lips he flirtatiously added, “By the way, you look more gorgeous than I’ve ever seen you.”

Heather profusely blushed and coquettishly invited her flirtatiously helpful neighbor to make himself comfortable. Upon entering the adjacent den and sitting on the leather sofa, Maurice couldn’t help noticing the big black dildo rolling deneme bonusu along the cushion toward his thigh. Emboldened by this fortuitous discovery, the black neighbor no longer had any doubts about this seemingly prim and proper white wife’s kinky secret. If she was either merely curious about the whispered myth or actually harbored a thing for black men, then he would satisfy this sexy wench’s curiosity, or lust, for black cock.

Before Maurice could hide the dildo between the sofa cushions, he heard his hot hostess gasp. Jerking his eyes toward the den doorway, he saw Heather frozen in the doorway. Her mouth was moving, but no sound was coming forth. Slowly standing, he took three steps toward her and held out his hand in a comforting gesture. “Don’t be embarrassed,” he began. Holding the big black dildo toward her, he continued, “If you got this after our promise to get together at a more opportune time, then I am truly flattered.”

Initial embarrassment gave way to realizing her oversight was fortunate. All of her fantasies would come true if she simply accepted her neighbor’s implicit sexual offer. Unconditionally accepting her lascivious desire to compare the ecstatic pleasure garnered from the neighbor’s big black cock, Heather lasciviously responded with a half-truth, “Ever since we abruptly parted two weeks ago, I’ve been unable to stop wondering whether the myth about black men’s sexual prowess is true. I was fantasizing last night that you might be willing to satisfy my curiosity with both our spouses away for the weekend.”

Lecherously smiling Maurice replied, “We’ve got all weekend to satisfy your curiosity.”

Two minutes later the hot-to-trot neighbors had shucked the little clothing they wore. Once again Heather reveled in the erotic contrast between ebony and ivory skins. But, this time her illicit interracial partner had fastened his mouth over her wet white pussy and was driving his stiffened tongue into it, while she struggled to deep throat the longest and thickest black cock she had yet encountered.

The novelty of her first sixty-nine, especially an interracial sixty-nine, brought Heather to multiple climaxes. Disengaging, she spread her white legs wide in welcome to her extraordinarily well-endowed black lover. Seductively fondling her sought-after big thick black prize, she praised Maurice, “I bought the largest marital aid in the sex shop. But, what you got, baby, surpasses even it’s size. I can’t wait any longer for your big thick black cock!”

Slowly inserting himself into the diminutive white wife, Maurice was both astounded and ecstatic when Heather crossed her long sexy legs over his buttocks and pulled his big thick black cock deep inside her. “Oh my God, Maurice!” she ecstatically blurted, “You… you’re deeper inside me than anyone else has ever been!” In addition, the exceptional thickness of his big black cock drubbing her clitoris kept her swooning in unparalleled sexual pleasure.

Maurice Morris was not only Heather’s oldest, but also the most sophisticated sexual partner she had yet been with. While resting after their first forty-five minute sexual marathon, Maurice explained his wife Althea had such a difficult time carrying to term and delivering their only son that he had opted for a vasectomy to spare her any repeat of the horrible experience. Heather was elated that she had finally found a black lover that insured her infidelity would not be discovered due to a careless pregnancy producing a biracial baby.

Willingly becoming Maurice’s uninhibited white slut, Heather ecstatically found herself being introduced to many sexual positions she had only seen in the pornographic videos. Even though Tyrone had often taken her doggy style and during her first double penetration fling, the ecstasy she felt laying face down over the arm of the leather sofa, filled to capacity with the biggest, the thickest black cock she had yet to experience far surpassed all of her prior interracial flings combined. Straddling Maurice’s lap—either facing him or with her back to his chest and varying the penetration depth of his magnificent midnight-hued meat was her second favorite position. The novelty of being walked around the house, riding atop Maurice’s big thick black cock became her favorite sexual position.

The only time they were apart that weekend was when Maurice returned home to await his wife’s telephone call Saturday evening. Learning that Althea was taking a personal leave day from teaching Monday to drive back with their son Anthony, who was taking a week’s vacation, was great news for the neighboring lovers. Sunday morning Heather loved waking up with her hot wet white pussy full of her neighbor’s big thick black cock and most of the rest of that day was a continuing sexual marathon.

While helping clean up their Sunday evening dinner dishes, Maurice broached a difficult subject with Heather. He thanked her for waking up a zest for love and life that had lain dormant in him for the past decade. Openly sharing each one’s lackluster marital situation had also helped both of them discover neither of them had been getting their sexual needs met until this weekend together.

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