Three’s A Party

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*** Author’s Note: Although this story has a detailed beginning, it is worth reading to get to the juicy good stuff within. Take your time, enjoy the build-up, and it will be worth it. For those of you who are impatient, scroll down to the stars.***

In a world full of people who are stuck up about sex, I am a singular case. Even as a woman, I see nothing wrong with enjoying yourself with others, be they male or female. I’ve never let others’ opinions about the matter change how I feel – I enjoy sex. Some might call me any number of distasteful names for voicing this opinion, but it doesn’t change the fact that, to me, sex is just plain, old-fashioned fun.

On this particular night, I had plans to go out with two friends for dinner, Aaron and Vince. We did this about once a week, mostly to blow off steam. Sometimes we did more than that…

* * *

“So, Rina, how was your date with what’s-his-name go Saturday?” Aaron’s blue eyes twinkled mischievously as he prodding me for information. This was his favorite part of the evening, finding out the dirty details of my dates. On nights like this we were like a bunch of frat guys trading stories about the people we were with. It was good to have friends that didn’t judge you.

“Eh, it was okay. He was a little too prim and proper for me. Opened my door for me, pulled out my chair. Creeped me out a little, to be honest.” I laughed as I downed the rest of my red wine.

“Not one for gentlemanly ways, huh?” Vince pushed hair so dark it was nearly black out of his eyes.

“Naw, makes me feel like a little old lady. I can seat myself, thank you. What about you guys? Any conquests lately?”

“I wish. Work had me on call all weekend. Hoping to change that soon, though.” Aaron wiggled his eyebrows in my direction, not hiding the fact that he was attracted to me at all.

“Watch out, guy.” Vince popped a playful punch on his friend’s shoulder. “It’s been so long for you, Rina might eat you alive. Maybe you oughta start slow… my mom has a widowed friend who could use some company.”

Aaron and I groaned at that mental picture, and Aaron led the conversation back to me. “Did prim and proper try to score?”

“Actually,” I nearly snorted into my newly refilled wine glass, “He wanted to take me to a family reunion next weekend.”

Our conversation went on for a while about our latest date failures. Vince told us about a girl he took out recently who was so nervous she drank too much and ended up passing out on the drive home.

“At least she didn’t throw up all over my car like my last one did.” Aaron sneered.

“Okay,” I changed the topic, “What about good dates? What has been your favorite date in the past year?”

“Oh, I got one. Straight out of a porno. I take this girl to the beach, and as I’m changing in the changing rooms, she sneaks in. The whole time I was worried about another guy coming in.” Aaron always had a great story to tell. Sometimes I wondered how many were true, and how many were in his head.

“You could have asked him to join.” Vince poured more wine into his empty glass.

“Oh, now there is something I’ve been dying to try. Would you believe that in all my conquests, I have never had a guy-guy-girl three-way? I mean, sure, it is easy enough to find another girl to play along, but guys have this bug up their ass about seeing another dude’s cock anywhere near them.”

Now it was Vince’s turn to nearly snort wine out his nose. Aaron laughed, and clapped the coughing man on the back.

“Oooh, I think we found V’s stopping point.” He continued to help Vince clear his throat.

“No…” Vince wheezed, “Just wasn’t expecting that.”

“So, what ‘cha think, fellas. Give me some reasons… why don’t guys want to do the guy-guy-girl thing?” I asked two of my best friends the question that had been on my mind lately.

I was surprised when I got a serious answer from Aaron, since it was rare for him to talk about sex without some sense of humor.

“I think it’s because guys want to know that they are the ones to give a woman pleasure, not wonder if it was them or the other guy.”

“Yeah, I can understand that. Would you guys ever think Escort bayan about doing it?” My curiosity got the better of me. These were two very attractive men, and I wasn’t opposed to experimenting with them if they were game.

They took their time thinking about the question I had just posed. As they pondered, I took in the wonders that were my friends.

Aaron was short for a man, only five foot six. His sandy blonde hair was short and pushed up into spikes. Blue eyes that gleamed with humor framed a lovely face; feminine, but not girly. His lips were a bow set under a short, straight nose.

Vince was nearly the opposite of his friend. He stood at a full six feet tall, and every few minutes he was forced to brush his unruly hair out of his dark grey eyes. His nose was long and slender, his lips narrow and wide.

I had never been with these men, though we shared almost every sexual fantasy with each other, so I felt as if I had. Aaron’s love style was much like the rest of his personality. He loved to be silly, and play along with pleasure. Vince was very romantic. He enjoyed spending time on bringing pleasure to his woman before enjoying her. Either would be wonderful lovers. Together, they might be the best experience a woman could have.

Not surprisingly, Aaron was the first to answer my question.

“Yeah. With the right girl, I’d be up for it. I’d just have to know the guy, though. Being with a strange guy would be weird.”

Vince took a little longer to pry an answer from. Aaron and I had fun poking at the issue for a while until he finally gave up.

“Okay. I guess I might. I’d at least try it. If it was too weird, I could always leave, I guess.”

I grew warm at the thought of being with these two men, feeling them both against my naked skin. I tingled at the thought of having that much attention focused on me. I could definitely be an attention hog in bed.

“I think we got Rina all hot and bothered.” Aaron poked me in my arm, drawing me out of my day dream.

“Don’t tempt me,” I winked at him, “I might just cart you both off and have my way with you. You’d have no power over it, just have to lie there and take it.”

“I wouldn’t fight you a bit.” Vince put his two cents in.

“Maybe we should be the ones carting you off.” Aaron’s tone was playful, but his eyes were serious.

After another glass of wine, and some more good conversation, I was ready to head home. We had all ridden together to save gas, and once we reached my apartment I decided to give it a try.

“Any chance you both want to come up?” I pulled my best sensual glance out of my bag o’ tricks. Even then I had a feeling that no one was going to bite.

“I would, but I have to drop V off at…”

Vince cut Aaron off, “Sure.”

Aaron did a double take, then smiled. “Okay, then. I’m game.”

* * *

I invited the guys to get comfortable while I poured us all some more wine. I brought the glasses over to the coffee table and set them down. Vince immediately grabbed his, sucking down the liquid courage. Aaron just watched me as I sat down between them on the oversized couch. He looked anxious to begin, so I leaned my back against his chest and got comfortable. Aaron reacted by running his hands up and down my arms and kissing the crook of my neck. I made a small noise as his tongue teased my sensitive skin. My eyes fluttered closed, enjoying the sensation of Aaron at my neck, his hands now reaching down to lift my shirt over my head.

Suddenly it was Vince who pulled me towards him, kissing me with such force that I gasped, then moaned with the intensity. His right hand was wrapped in my hair, his left grasping my breast, pinching my nipple between two fingers. His tongue swirled in my mouth, the wine he had just taken in leaving a burning trail down my throat. As Vince kissed me, Aaron unhooked my bra and pushed it off my shoulders. I busied my hands by reaching down to Vince’s pants and freeing him from their hold. I reached into his jeans and knew that he was no longer shy about being with me.

Now it was Aaron pulling me into a kiss, reaching up my skirt to run his fingertips up my now trembling thighs. Bayan escort He had taken off his shirt, and I ran my hands across his broad, hairless chest. Then it was his turn to become less clothed, so I unzipped him and tugged at his pants. He leaned back and arched his hips so I could free him completely. I heard Vince doing the same, and motioned the two of them to sit closer together on the couch as I knelt between them.

I was pleased to see that both men wanted me so much, and were comfortable with what we were starting. Then, I tugged at each man’s underwear and marveled at my friends’ endowments. Aaron was long, and strait with width that I knew was going to leave an impression on me. Vince curved slightly to one side, and was surprisingly long with a broad tip. I knew I was going to enjoy both.

There was a sharp intake of air as I grasped hold of both men, sliding up and down their shafts. I hoisted myself up higher and took Aaron into my mouth. He gasped again as I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, all while I continued to pump both of them. Then I leaned over to lick the very tip of Vince, making sure both men received equal pleasure. Aaron took this chance to reach down and take hold of my breast, massaging it thoroughly.

After another round of licking and sucking, I stood, pushing my skirt and panties down my long legs. I kicked them so they landed on the couch between the men, and strutted into the bedroom as their hungry eyes watched me. I peeked over my shoulder and saw Aaron stroking himself, and Vince taking one last gulp of wine before following.

I made my way over to the bed, pulling myself up towards the headboard and leaning against it. Teasingly, I ran my hands up and down my body, tweaking my nipples, fingers sliding between my legs. Vince joined me on the bed first, pulling my ankles so that I slid down the satin sheets towards him. Then, he crawled up on the bed, and spreading my legs wide, leaned down to kiss the inside of my left thigh. I shivered as his breath warmed my thighs, then my core. Finally I cried out in pleasure as the tip of his tongue met my most sensitive skin.

Aaron made his way to the side of the bed, still running his hand over his staff. Then, he knelt on the bed next to my head and forced me to turn towards him, thrusting his cock into my mouth. The sensation of both giving and receiving pleasure was amazing, even more than I had imagined. As Vince teased my clit, I sucked on Aaron’s rod, moaning as the feelings overwhelmed me. Aaron thrust over and over, Vince sucked and nibbled. I knew I wasn’t going to last this way, so I pulled away from them both. My pussy was hot, wet and aching for a man to be inside.

“I want one of you in me when I come the first time.” My voice was husky with sex.

Aaron’s laugh was also husky, “The first time, huh?”

“Oh, I plan on being well pleased by the end of the night.” I winked at him. He took this as a challenge, and crawled up so that he was between my legs. “Condoms are in the top drawer there.”

Vince fumbled with the drawer handle, then found two condoms and passed one to Aaron. Aaron’s hands were sure as he slid the latex down his shaft, then he gave me a quick smile before pushing me back onto the bed and pulling my legs up. He ran his fingertips over my wetness and his eyes clouded over with sex. Without another thought he thrust into me, forcing me to cry out from the feel of him pushing into me. Although he was wide enough to stretch me, it felt wonderful as I watched him slowly pull his length out of me and slide it back in.

Vince’s eyes were wide as he watched Aaron fuck me. His hand slowly made its way down to grasp his shaft, pulling at it gently as he stared.

“Oh, God…” I moaned, the slow movement between my legs and Vince’s happening in unison. “V… please… come to me.”

Vince walked toward me, and stood next to me, still running his hand over himself. I pushed his hand aside, and grabbed his manhood in my own. I pumped him in time with Aaron’s thrusts, and our moans filled the room. Aaron sped up, thrusting faster and faster, pushing me further and further, closer to the edge. I followed by pulling Escort faster at Vince, our breath coming faster. I felt pressure building in me, an orgasm nearing. I could tell that Vince was close, too, and I wanted us to come together.

Suddenly, I was pushed over the edge, Aaron fucking me, Vince thrusting into my palm. I shouted Aaron’s name as the orgasm rushed through me, and I felt Vince falter a moment before I felt his semen spurt onto my chest and neck, running down my breast. Aaron soon followed us, his thrusts becoming less consistent until he groaned and tensed up, his pelvis smacking against my core hard as he came. I moaned again as his power pushed him deep inside me.

After a moment, Aaron pulled out of me and went into my bathroom to clean up. I knew we weren’t finished, so I sat up and motioned Vince to sit with me.

“I want you in me next.” I whispered in his ear, tugging at his lobe with my teeth. His breath caught in his throat as I fondled his balls in my hand. “I want to come with you buried deep inside me.”

Amazingly, Vince’s body revived quickly and his cock reacted to my words. He was hard again in a moment’s notice and I grew warm at the sight of him.

“I want to bend you over and fuck you.” Vince’s words surprised and pleased me. I had always thought of Vince as a gentle lover, but the idea of him taking me from behind was even more exciting.

“Oh, yes.” I moaned, getting on my knees. I bent over to give him a view of me. His eyes sharpened, giving him the look of a hunter stalking his prey. He got up, unwrapped the condom he had grabbed earlier, and put it on. Crawling on the bed behind me, he ran his fingers over me, spreading my wetness. He tested me, pushing first one finger in me, then two. He slowly dragged those fingers in and out of me, dragging them across an even more sensitive spot inside me. I watched as he held onto himself, guiding his length towards me. When he finally pushed into me, I sighed.

Aaron came out of the bathroom, his manhood lying between his thighs. I watched as his expression went from shock, to amusement, and finally to arousal. He strode towards me as Vince began pumping, and stood at the end of the bed. I looked up at him, watching him watch me, and it made me even hotter. He began to touch himself, tugging until his staff became rock hard once again. Then he pushed his cock into my mouth, fucking me from the front as Vince did behind.

Aaron was so thick I nearly gagged on him. I forced myself to relax, letting him do all the work, and enjoying the feel of these men filling me so completely. It took a moment for them to find a rhythm that worked for both of them, but once they did my pleasure grew. Vince fucked me deeply, pushing himself in as far as he could. He reached the point where pleasure met pain, and rode that point over and over. Even with Aaron filling my mouth, I groaned as another orgasm rushed through me, forcing Aaron deeper into my throat.

Vince spanked me once as he thrust into me, and I moaned. As if I had given him permission, he smacked me again, harder this time, and my ass stung where his hand had been. I moaned again, and again as his repeated the motion. Aaron reached under me to pinch my nipple hard with one hand as his other held onto the back of my head. His breath was coming faster, and he suddenly pulled out of my mouth, splashing his seed over my face. Vince sped up as Aaron moaned, and I felt him jerking behind me, fucking me so hard that I screamed, my orgasm throbbing in time with his final thrusts.

Laughing breathily, Aaron flopped down on the bed beside me as Vince collapsed on top of me. Once he was able, Vince rolled off me so he was lying on my other side. His hands played over my arms and through my hair. Aaron leaned over and kissed me gently.

“I’ll get you a washcloth,” he said, wiping some of his seed away from my cheek. He returned and almost lovingly cleaned up the mess on my face. Vince let me sit up, then smoothed the warm, wet cloth over my chest and neck. When he was done he took the cloth into the bathroom and washed up as well. I was lying in Aaron’s arms when Vince returned, so he joined us on the bed. We were lying there for a while when suddenly Aaron let out a small laugh.

“What?” I looked up at him.

“I was just thinking about that old saying about how two’s company and three’s a crowd.”


“I disagree. Three’s a party!”

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