The Restaurant

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Mike used to be my boss. He owns this restaurant, a little Italian place, the type that costs a fortune and you have to wait forever to get a table. When I quit, he seemed happy and asked me to dinner. He’s older than my dad but I always thought he was hot so I agreed. What the hell? He picked me up in his swanky car. It had an expensive feel, like everything about him. Once I got in he leaned over and kissed my cheek. “Baby, are you ready for a great night?” He has always called me baby. I figure he doesn’t remember my name. I’m just the new girl on his menu. But it’s ok, I plan on making him remember. I like him. Maybe it’s that he’s so authoritative. He would yell at his employees but he never me. He’d just give me that fatherly look and I would cringe. He’s brilliant and hot. He has these sharp, green eyes, always a little grey stubble and his hair slicked back. He dresses well, usually in mossy shades to accentuate his eyes. He knows his assets and uses them.

I smiled at him, “Of course. You always make something happen.” He grinned and put his hand on my bare knee as he drove. Very forward. Most guys I’d push away but I was a curious what he wanted and didn’t want to offend him so early in the date.

“This that skirt I bought you?” I nodded. He sent me this skirt for our date with a note. He wrote that he pays, I can wear something he likes. Part of me thought about not wearing it but it was cute. It’s a short school girl skirt. That’s kind of his thing. He used to swat all the girl’s butts at work. Everyone at the restaurant knows he has that all-American love of the school girl uniform and playing Daddy. Maybe that’s why I like him. Once he even toyed with the idea of having the girls at his restaurant wear uniforms. A school girl version of Hooters. “Looks nice. A bit long, though, don’t you think?” He winked at me and I swatted his hand.

We pulled into his restaurant’s parking lot and he parked in his space. He jumped out and walked around to open my door, looking very cool. I took his arm, enjoying the gentleman treatment. Guys my age don’t do that. So we went in and sat at his booth in the corner. I tried to sit opposite him but he pulled me to his side. The table had one of those short red and white checked table cloths and a candle. Two or three other couples sat huddled together, holding hands. Mike ordered us some sort of expensive wine.

We drank and he kept pushing my skirt higher and higher, telling me it was just too long. Slowly his hand worked its way up and came in contact with my thong. Black and silky. I tried to squirm away but he looked at me in such a way that I held still. I whispered, “What if the waiter comes out?” He smiled and pushed my legs open further. His thick finger was sliding in and out of me while I squirmed. I had heard he liked public but didn’t realize how public. I was uncomfortable but impressed with how confident he was that I wanted him.

“Don’t you think the boy would like a show? You can spice up his evening.” I bit my lip, feeling nervous. I know he liked making me nervous even more than he enjoyed making me wet. Our server was hurrying our food over as quickly as possible to please the boss. I was relieved I didn’t know him. Maybe he replaced me. I tried to close my legs and push down my skirt but Mike stopped me. My effort shifted the little table cloth and drew more attention to what he was doing than if I had been still. The waiter stumbled. He was about adana escort my age, twenty-ish, and looked cool other than the shade of red his face had become. He carefully put our plates before us but it was obvious he was watching something else. When the waiter left the hand remained.

“This looks good, doesn’t it?” Mike smiled at me calmly. I wasn’t hungry but he insisted I eat. I was rude if I didn’t. Our waiter came back to our table multiple times to refill our barely touched glasses and watch as his boss fingered me. It was obvious the boy was excited and Mike pointed it out. “Think he’s ever fingered a girl?” I shrugged.

I wasn’t concerned about the waiter. “Can we leave? Please?”

Mike finished his meal with one hand. “Would you like some dessert?”

“I want you.”

He looked annoyed, “I know you’re wet and the waiter is about to cream his pants but do what Daddy says. Be a good girl and finish your meal.” I could see the bulge in his pants but I knew he didn’t want sex, he wanted control.

I ate a couple of bites before asking again, “Can we please leave?”

He sighed. “First you have to clean up your mess.” I looked at the table but then his wet fingers were at my lips. I opened up and sucked, eager to leave. I again tried to close my legs but he shook his head. “Our waiter would like a final look to remember you by.” Almost on cue, the waiter appeared. His jaw dropped and Mike laughed, “Son, you need to find a girl to take care of that.” He nodded to the waiter’s slight bulge.

The guy became even more red, “Yes, sir.”

Mike told me to get up so I did, feeling like everyone knew about me. My ex-boss had fingered me in public. I was horrified and excited. Mike firmly planted his hands on my hips, his erection brushing my ass. I whispered, “Wanna go to the bathroom?”

He smiled and shook his head, muttering, “What a slut.” I sulked but didn’t mind his game. We walked toward the exit but he shoved me into the storeroom. He started kissing me roughly, his hands holding mine behind my back. When he looked over my should a smile spread across his face. “Well, looks like it’s your lucky day, son.” I froze. The waiter was in the storeroom with us. “I’m sorry, sir, just leaving.”

Mike was blocking the door; the waiter wasn’t going anywhere. “Baby, go bend over that box.” I looked at him, puzzled, but he arched his eyebrows and I knew to do it. Mike laughed, “Someday, son, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to make girls do what you want, too.” Mike flipped up the back of my short skirt. “You like school girls? Go ahead. She wants it.”

The waiter hesitated and I knew Mike was annoyed. The waiter was saying, “Sir! Sir!” when I heard the zipper go down and Mike say, “Son, I’m doing you a favor. I know you’re ready to bust a nut. Fuck her ass.” I tried to get up but Mike said, “Baby, stay.” He paused, “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. He’s hung like a mouse.” I closed my eyes. Mike chuckled, “Son, girls don’t give up their asses easy. Maybe you aren’t old enough to know that.” I could feel Mike fingering me. “Look how wet she is. She’s a bad girl. She wants it.” I remained silent and hoped the kid would bolt when Mike mumerd, “Good boy.” My panties were at my ankles and the waiter was holding my ass cheeks apart, forcing himself up my ass.

The whole time the kid was muttering, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

I heard Mike eskişehir escort slap the kid’s ass. “Don’t apologize. That’s what she wants. You like her ass? She’d never give it to you. She’s a fucking snob.” Mike’s words were obviously meant to anger the kid and anger they did. He started pumping me harder and grunting. Mike was right. It didn’t hurt much. The guy must be tiny. “Grab her tits… Good boy.” The waiter was squeezing my tits in a very non-sexual way. This seemed to go on for too long when Mike sighed and said, “Good boy. Now cum in her ass.” I was turned on more by Mike’s authority than the little prick in my ass. I felt the kid cum on command. “Ok, baby, get on your knees and clean him up.”

The waiter flushed, “I can go to the restroom.”

Mike shook his head and motioned for me to suck the kid. I was curious to see where this went so I begrudgingly took his little dick and cleaned him. “Son, when you can fuck a girl in the ass and have her clean you up, don’t give that away.” Mike bent over and shoved a finger in the kid’s ass. He squeeked out loudly and Mike was grinning his power-hungry grin. “You think you can get a sweet ass like that for nothing? You won’t stretch her out but you still have to pay.” Mike removed his finger and grunted, “I, however, will stretch you.” He bent the waiter over like I had been and pinned him. “Lube him up for me, baby.”

With disgust I tongue fucked the waiter’s his clenched ass. I wondered if this might be rape and whispered, “If you don’t relax, he’ll really hurt you.”

The waiter looked terrified. “Don’t let him do this, please? Don’t let him.”

I smoothed his hair and smiled at his limp dick. “Relax.”

Mike shoved me out of the way and started roughly reaming the waiter’s asshole.

The guy was hollering and Mike smacked his ass a couple times. “You want the other waiters to find out you’re a faggot? You want a gangbang? Keep yelling.” The kid shut up and squeezed his eyes shut. “Look, he’s getting hard!” Mike laughed, “I guess you really are a faggot, aren’t you? You like my cock in your ass?” I was turned on with how Mike forced everyone to his will. I reached out to jerk off the guy but Mike shook his head, “No, I want him to cum because of me.” Mike reached and started stroking him tenderly, “You like it, don’t you? Dirty little queer,” Mike grinned really big. I was excluded so I decided to play with myself if I couldn’t play with them. I started fondling my clit, I was so wet. Mike was practically raping the waiter but he liked it. “His prick jumps every time I call him a fag. He gets tighter, too.”

Mike was moaning, “Mmm, you can be my bitch when I’m horny at work. How about that? Maybe you can suck me off during meetings. I bet you’d like that.” He continued to stroke the waiter until he trembled and shot his load in Mike’s hand. “Oh, goddamn.” He flipped the kid over and forced him to his knees. “Come on, fag, clean up your mess.” The waiter looked horrified but opened up. He licked Mike’s dirty hand and I watched as the waiter’s little penis started inflating. Mike and shoved the waiter off of him.

He held out his hands to me, “Baby, Daddy wants you.” I crawled to him. “How does Daddy’s little girl want it?” He sat and pulled me onto his bare lap. I still had on my school girl skirt but my blouse was open and panties gone. I didn’t wear a bra. “I think you’ve been bad. sakarya escort I saw you touching yourself without my permission.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I just got so excited…”

He forced me over his knee and started spanking me. I could feel myself dripping down my thighs and couldn’t help moaning. “See, son, if you get rich, you can find sluts like her. You can even find little queers to suck you under the table.” I was moaning with pleasure and Mike grunted. “Hands and knees.” I pretended to pout again but I liked being on my hands and knees. “You ready for a nice, big load, slut? He can’t make me cum but your tight pussy will.” Mike looked at the waiter, “You came with my cock in your ass.” He flushed red but couldn’t look away from Mike’s nearly naked body. Mike started teasing me with his cock and I tried to push back but his hand cracked across my ass. He was in control. “What do you want?”

This was the worst and best part. “Your cock.”

“Where do you want Daddy’s cock?”

I moaned. “Daddy, I want your cock in my pussy. Please? I want it hard. Please, Daddy? I’m so wet.” That was enough, he grunted and thrust himself into me. I squealed. It was surprising just how big Daddy’s cock is. He roughly grabbed my tits and pulled me back onto him. It felt so good. So much better than the waiter. Daddy was rougher than I was used to and I liked it.

“Fucking whore. You let a queer give it to you up the butt.” He breathed, “You fingered yourself while I gave the fag what he wanted.” I knew Mike was close to cumming. He had held out a long time and this control was all he wanted. “God, you’re wet. My little slut. Daddy’s going to cum in your pussy real soon.”

I groaned as he held my hips to him. “Daddy, can I touch myself?” He ignored me. “Please, Daddy? I want to cum so bad.”

“Play with your pussy, baby. Daddy wants to see you touch yourself.” I groaned and rubbed my clit roughly. Him pumping me hard plus my fingers on my clit was too much. I started to tremble. “Cum for me, slut, cum just like that queer did. Daddy wants to feel his baby girl cum.” I glanced over at the waiter. He was furiously jerking himself off. It was obvious he liked Mike’s dick. Maybe he needed a daddy, too. Then Mike was shooting his load and pulling my hair which set me off, too. He was yelling, “Take care of Daddy, baby. Take it all like a good girl.”

I couldn’t stop shaking. That was my first time with Mike. I don’t know how he could ever top that. Mike removed himself from me and without being told, the waiter hurried over and started to eat my pussy, cleaning up what Daddy left. I looked up at a very pleased Daddy, slowly stroking his cock. The waiter was turning me on more. “Daddy, can I cum again?”

He watched for a moment before he said, “Finger her ass. I bet she cums hard if you finger her ass.” The kid did as he was told and I pinched my nipples. I came again fast into the waiter’s mouth. He cleaned me up and smiled at Mike who had put on his clothes but was still fondling his cock. “Come on. Both of you. We’re leaving.” I lifted myself up with a little help from the waiter who was grinning bigger than anything. Mike said, “Boy.” The guy looked up at Mike who held my panties. He slowly wiped off his cock with them and then handed them to the waiter. “Keep those for later.”

The shy boy smiled and said, “I’d rather have yours.”

Mike looked stunned then said, “Now look what you’ve done, fag.” Mike motioned to the tented front of his own pants and the boy smiled.

“I can help.”

Mike sighed. “Let’s go.” Then, to the waiter, “You sit in the front. I’ve never had a queer blow me while I drive.” He leaned down and kissed me roughly. “Did you like dinner?”

“Mmm… I can’t wait to do it again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32