The New Slave Ch. 63

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Chapter 63, Dr Tammy Lynn, Gynecologist for a Male Slave

Dr Sherry and Rachel had barely started getting cleaned up when the intercom buzzed.

“Dr Sherry?” the female voice asked over the intercom.


“Doctor, this is security. We have a Dr Lynn up at the front desk. She says that you called for her?” the voice responded professionally.

“Yes, we’re expecting her. Escort her back to my private lab and I’ll have Rachel meet you in the hallway,” she replied toward the intercom speaker.

“Right away doctor.”

“So, you’ve never met the infamous and legendary Dr Tamara Lynn?” Dr Sherry said as she tossed the wet and saturated towels into a large bin.

“No, I haven’t. Now you have me wondering about all of the things that I’ve heard about her. Since you know her and like her, then I’m beginning to wonder about all of those stories. I’m especially curious about her castrating male slaves just for fun,” Rachel said with a laugh.

“Well, you can ask her. I think that you’ll be surprised,” Caren said as Rachel headed over to the lab’s main door to wait for the arriving doctor. It was only a few moments till Dr Lynn arrived.

“Hello doctor, I’m Rachel, head of security for Dr Sherry,” she said politely but with a friendly tone as she opened the locked lab room door.

“Hi Rachel, you can call me Tammy. I’m here to fix one of your broken toys?” she added with a laugh. “Did you break him or was it your boss?” she quickly added with a laugh. Rachel was immediately shocked and impressed by the young doctor. Besides being dressed impeccably, she was absolutely stunning. She was beautiful and sexy in one small petite package. Rachel had always imagined an older meaner looking doctor, since the first story she ever heard about Dr Lynn.

“No, not me. I’ve been trying to help him,” Rachel stuttered in embarrassment, caught off guard by the friendly exuberance of the young female doctor.

“I bet you have been,” Tammy said as she came into the room, eyeing Rachel from head to toe. It was obvious that Rachel was splattered in the thick white gooey slime, which Dr Lynn immediately recognized as sperm. The thick globs were all over the front of her gown. Tammy was laughing as she walked past Rachel carrying a large bag and an expensive hard sided briefcase. Rachel immediately started turning red.

“I’m just kidding you,” Tammy said seriously. Rachel was actually stunned at the sight of Dr Tammy Lynn. From the stories that she had heard, Rachel surmised that Dr Lynn was maybe in her 50’s or maybe even 60’s and grey haired. She never expected the young doctor to be such a gorgeous beauty. Tammy was around 34 or 35. She was only 5’2 but unbelievably built. She was wearing a classic black pin striped business suit; the skirt short enough to accentuate her long gorgeous stocking covered legs and a light grey satin blouse, complete with a business tie. Her hair was black, long, thick, and full of body. Her makeup was impeccable. Besides her immediate enamored smile, her deep blue eyes were something rarely seen, they were literally mesmerizing. If her legs were that fabulous, the rest of her must be something spectacular, Rachel found herself thinking. The business suit was very professional and showed no clue of Tammy’s sexual nature. The only thing that even came close to a hint of sexual nature were Tammy’s black 4 inch heels that tied in a criss-cross manner well above her shapely ankles. They were what some people referred to as ‘fuck me’ heels.

“Hello doc, long time no see,” Tammy said as she saw Caren Sherry coming across the room. She put the bag and the briefcase down on top of a nearby counter top and then crossed the room and gave her friend a big hug.

“It has been awhile, you look fabulous. Obviously your research and your work have been doing good for you,” Caren said sincerely with a big smile.

“Let’s just say that there are quite a few benefits that I enjoy, with my research,” Tammy replied with a laugh.

“I bet there are. I probably have many of those same benefits. It appears that we both have developed well-rounded successful companies. It sort of gives a new meaning to ’employee benefit program’,” Dr Sherry said with a laugh.

“And I use my company’s benefit program every chance I get,” Tammy said laughing. “We’ll catch up on old times later, but for now, I understand that you have a slight problem with one of your slaves?” Tammy said looking back over at the exam table that held Ross. Rachel had placed a clean sheet over Ross as he slept. As Tammy walked over to the table, the large protrusion in the middle of his body was obvious, even under the sheet. She walked up to the exam table and softly touched the swollen meaty bundle that lay hidden just under the sheet. She turned around to Dr Sherry and smiled. “Looks like an employee benefit to me. He’s either very swollen or very large,” she said with a concerned tone.

“He is rather large,” Caren said with a grin. “That is our problem right now. I’ll fill you in on the details later over coffee, but he was kidnapped Escort bayan from a private party 4 days ago and just recovered earlier today. It appears that someone has been having a lot of fun with him. He’s very swollen, has a rampant infection, dehydrated, and a bite mark that looks pretty serious. I’m figuring that the bite mark is the cause of the infection. Tammy stood watching the slave, listening carefully.

“How about his stats?” Dr Lynn asked seriously.

“He’s stabilized. He’s feverish but his blood pressure and everything else are within normal ranges,” she quickly answered.

“What’s your treatment so far and diagnosis?” Tammy asked seriously, turning and looking at Caren.

“We’ve been attempting to reduce the swelling with manual sperm removal, antibiotic injection, fluid replacement by IV line and that’s as far as we’ve gotten. My diagnosis… he’ll quickly improve over the next few days. There’s nothing life threatening, but I am worried about the swelling. He’s wearing a specialized piece of jewelry that isn’t helping the matter. Sometimes when we rent males out, we prep them with jewelry. Some of the customers really like the ‘endowed’ look,” Caren reported.

“How many extractions and how did he do with them. What kind of amounts did you get from him? That information can sometimes give a good idea of what he’s been up to. Have you tried any mechanical extraction methods,” Tammy said, a hint of a smile on her face. She definitely wanted to hear the details.

“Two so far and he was struggling through each of them. We haven’t had the time to get into anything mechanical. I know this slave very well and I can tell you, he’s exhausted,” Caren said. It was obvious that Tammy was intent on the verbal report. She walked over closer to the male slave and took a closer look at him. “The amounts were pretty heavy in volume, but he has heavy ejaculations on a regular basis.”

“He’s older but he’s cute,” Tammy said with a big grin. “He’s very nice. How come you never invite me over when you have slaves like this one around? You never did share with your toys, did you?” Tammy joked.

“Well, under the circumstances and just for you, if you’re interested in him, that could be arranged,” Caren countered quickly. “You haven’t seen the rest of him yet.” She leaned over and pulled the sheet back from Ross, fully exposing him down to where she folded the sheet, across his thighs.

“Wow, he does have a big one. That is definitely the biggest pair of balls that I’ve ever seen on a human male,” Tammy said as she leaned down for a closer look. “That is definitely what I call swollen.”

“Well, he is swollen, but probably not as much as you might think. He’s larger than average on a normal day. And I have to agree, that is the biggest pair of balls that I’ve ever seen. Why do you think I bought him?” Caren said with a laugh.

“Knowing what goes on here, I can definitely see why you bought him. Gloves?” Tammy asked as she continued her visual observation of the slave in front of her. Rachel immediately grabbed a box of latex surgical gloves and let Tammy take a pair. Putting them on, Tammy gently picked up the soft fattened cock and laid it back on his stomach, looking at the underside bite mark. “Yow, I bet that hurt. Then again, maybe it didn’t hurt as much as we might think. You never can tell with slaves. I’ve actually seen males cum like a horse by being bitten in the right area,” she said with a laugh.

“His cock is swollen a little and that’s mainly around the bite area. It’s his balls that I’m worried about. I’m afraid that the jewelry is cutting off circulation but I also suspect that we’ll have a hard time cutting it off,” Dr Sherry said.

“You say that his cock is only a little swollen? Wow, that means that he’s a lot thicker than the average. With balls, you can never be sure. I’ve seen them blow up like a balloon, on the verge of popping. I’ll have to really examine them before I can tell you if there’s any damage in them. I’m assuming that you would like to keep his ‘sperm producing ability’ in tact?” Tammy said with a laugh.

“I’d like to keep all of his abilities in tact. He is quickly becoming very popular for rentals and even among the staff here, not to mention one of the fem slaves. He has some very pleasurable talents,” Caren said with a grin.

“I can see that he does. Are you speaking from experience?” Tammy said with a friendly smile.

“As a matter of fact, I am. Do you think that he’s in any danger of losing function?”

“I honestly don’t know. I need to really get in there and see what is damaged. I’ll know better after I do my exam. But, for right now, there’s no hurry. You and Rachel have done all the necessary primary care. Based on my prelim, I’d say that he’s in no danger or anything at the moment. Matter of fact, why don’t you go ahead and get someone to clean him up. You and I can have that coffee and talk a bit. By the time they’re through cleaning him, I’ll get started on him and you and Rachel can get back to whatever you were doing,” Tammy Bayan escort said seriously.

“Do you think that’s ok, I mean getting him cleaned up?” Dr Sherry asked. She was actually worried about Ross’ condition.

“Sure. Believe me, he’s in no danger of any damage right now. The damage is either already done or it’s ‘workable’ injuries. Just from my initial observations, I suspect that he’s ok,” Tammy said with a laugh. “I’m sure that I can reduce the swelling in him and I think that I can even get that ring off,” she said as she reached down and felt the oval band that was still encompassing the slave’s genitals.

“Great, lets do it. Rachel, why don’t you hand pick two prep girls that you know will follow your instructions. Get them to clean Ross up and also be gentle with him. No playing with him. But I want him clean for Dr Tammy,” Dr Sherry ordered. Rachel was already heading to the phone on the desk.

Dr Lynn was thinking of the possibilities of her treatment and an array of procedures that she could perform on this slave. She always enjoyed the more endowed males. The extra meatiness in their genitals gave her an ability to do more with them, rather than a thinner cock or normal sized balls. She was already beginning to feel a wetness starting to ooze into her panties.

Within 45 minutes, Rachel had picked the two prep girls and even supervised them while they bathed the unconscious Ross. He moaned painfully as they paid special attention to his battered and bruised genitals, a sign that he had full feeling in the tortured organs. One of the prep girls was Candy; the one that had helped put the jewelry on Ross, four days prior. As Rachel later told Dr Sherry, she cried as she blamed herself for what had happened to Ross. Rachel explained to her that it wasn’t her fault that she had only put the jewelry on, but she was still upset. The odd thing that struck Rachel was that Candy also seemed to be very aroused and entertained as she worked on the battered genitals. She seemed to more than enjoy her quick assignment on the slave’s injured cock and balls. In short time, they had Ross cleaned up and ready for Dr Lynn.

Meanwhile, Dr Lynn and Dr Sherry had moved into Dr Sherry’s private office where they drank coffee and caught up on old times. Rachel notified the doctor as soon as the prep girls had finished.

“I’ll get started on him. He’s going to be ok, don’t worry. As a matter of fact, would you like me to do a vasectomy on him while I’m working on him? It would only take a minute or two. Might as well, since I’ll probably be inside him anyway,” Dr Lynn asked with a laugh.

“Vasectomy? No, definitely not. Do you really think that you’re going to have to go inside him?” Dr Sherry asked, the surprise on her face.

“Maybe. I’m not sure till I do a thorough exam, but it won’t be a big deal if I do. It would only be a couple of small stitches. It’s nothing that will detract from his appearance. He might be sore for a couple of days,” Tammy said with a laugh. “Why would you worry? A vasectomy would help you out in a lot of ways?” she quickly added.

“I didn’t realize that you would need to be inside him. I definitely want to keep his sperm production up high like it has been. And I want it to be viable sperm,” Caren said.

“Why would you want viable sperm from a male slave?” Tammy asked, a sly grin on her face. “Come on Caren, spill the beans. Tell me everything. What are you doing with his sperm? Are you trying to get pregnant?” she asked, a look of mock surprise on her face.

“Not in a million years. But let’s just say that I could make a small fortune on his sperm, if I was to send it to the appropriate clinics. No one here knows about that aspect of the facility, so lets just keep that between us. He doesn’t even know about that,” she quickly added.

“No problem. I have no reason to spoil your fun. I’m surprised, since I’m in reproductive medicine and I’ve never heard anything about you being a supplier. I know you can get big bucks for a tiny quantity of male specimens. Are you sure you don’t want me to ‘snip him’ for you?” Tammy said with a big grin.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Caren said laughing. “They’re ready with him and I’m way behind on my work. Do you need me to assist you or is there anything that you need?” Caren asked seriously.

“No, I don’t think so. I brought along my own medical bag. I even brought my own scrubs, just in case. If I need anything, I’ll buzz you,” Tammy replied.

“Ok, just call. I’ll get whatever you need or help you,” she answered.

“Oh, one other thing. I’m going to lock us in, once I get started. That way I’m not distracted since I’m in your clinic and not mine. I can concentrate more that way,” Tammy said seriously.

“Sure, no problem. Do whatever you need,” Dr Sherry said as she got up to leave. Tammy just smiled.

“Oh, don’t worry. I definitely will,” she said with a devious grin. Tammy was already coming up with a multitude of things that she wanted to do with the slave. She had worked on hundreds of males but none Escort of them with testicles of this size. She was more than use to working on endowed males, but not the kind of endowment that lay beneath this slave’s cock. With that, Dr Sherry left the room and continued with her rounds, checking on the many function going on around the facility. Tammy stood up and slowly finished her coffee. When Rachel walked in, Tammy followed her back to the private exam room where Ross was found to be still unconscious.

“What did you give him,” Tammy asked as she surveyed the sheet covered male slave. Rachel retrieved the sedative vial from a cabinet and handed it to Tammy. “Ahh, this is good stuff for knocking out a horse. It should definitely keep him out of it for a while. That will give me plenty of time to do a thorough exam that would probably have been painful for him if he was awake,” she said as she put the sedative back down on the counter.

“Do you need me to stick around? I can help if you need me. I’ve worked on Ross a few times in the past. He definitely is fun to play with,” Rachel told the young doctor. Tammy looked up at her, seeing that Rachel was more than interested in the slave. She sensed that there might be more than just medical assistance in Rachel’s mind.

“No, that’s ok. I can take care of everything. You say that you’ve worked on Ross? I bet that was entertaining for both of you,” Dr Lynn said, acknowledging the sexual appeal of the young security chief. Dr Lynn had absolutely no bi sexual tendencies but she could easily see how attractive and very sexually appealing Rachel was.

“Oh, I’ve done him, but he’s never done me, if you know what I mean,” the blushing Rachel said almost in a whisper, as if someone might hear her. “I’ve wanted to schedule an appointment for time alone with him, but in the short time that he’s been here, it seems that he’s usually scheduled for a rental or some of the doctor’s special tasks,” she said.

“Unfortunate. So if you had an appointment with him, then you could spend time alone with him, doing whatever? And what are the special tasks?” Tammy asked innocently without ever looking up. She had heard stories about Dr Sherry’s facility, but wasn’t exactly sure what went on here. Since Dr Sherry had male slaves, she only assumed that Dr Sherry would put the slaves to her own personal use, a very personal use.

“Definitely. An appointment means that the slave is yours, to do whatever you want with him. We don’t even have to collect their sperm like they do during regular extractions or harvesting. And a special task is usually when the doctor’s sperm supply is running low. We’ll bring in a small or even large number of males and they’ll be drained to build the supply back up. Usually the doctor hand picks, which slaves are to be drained. Ross hasn’t really been drained since his arrival here. But I’m sure that he’d be on that list. It’s always fun to watch,” Rachel explained with obvious enthusiasm.

“Harvesting? Drained?” Tammy interjected with a smile as soon as she heard the words. She thought that the word ‘drained’ was something that was only spoken around her clinic or her research lab. She never expected that Dr Sherry was also ‘draining’ males for various reasons. She was pretty sure that Dr Sherry wasn’t involved in research.

“Yea drained. You know… where you just keep extracting the male’s sperm till there is nothing left in him. Harvesting and draining both involve collecting the sperm and saving it. The fresh uncontaminated sperm is refrigerated and stored,” Rachel said, her eyes almost in a twinkle.

“Oh, I know what draining is, since I do a lot of research on males. I know very well how to drain a male,” Tammy said with a laugh. She wasn’t even beginning to scratch the surface when it came to her knowledge with various methods of draining slaves, whether pleasurably or painfully. Either way, they would end up drained.

“Since you work extensively with males, can I ask you a really personal question? Dr Sherry said that I should ask you, but she didn’t think that I would,” Rachel said haltingly.

“Sure, you can ask. That doesn’t mean that I’ll answer it. And by the way, it is actual research. It’s not all for fun,” Tammy replied with a sincere smile.

“Sorry, I meant that it was real research. I’ve heard stories that you’ve castrated male slaves. Is that true?” Tammy asked hesitantly.

“Yes it’s true. I keep all of their balls in a big jar on my desk in the office. Would you like to see them sometime? Maybe you’d like to hold one in your hand?” Tammy said seriously as she watched Rachel’s reaction. It was immediate, her eyes growing big as her mouth opened, her jaw dropping.

“You’re kidding. All of it for research or just for fun?” Rachel asked in shock.

“Actually, it’s just for the fun of it but don’t tell anyone,” Tammy replied softly as she looked around to see if anyone might be listening. She then paused for a moment as she watched Rachel’s shocked face. “No, I’m just kidding you. I’ve done several castrations and none of them were for fun, believe me. They were slaves that had been badly injured. I’m not a psycho,” Tammy said laughing hard. She loved it when people asked her about the castration rumors. Rachel stood there shocked for several moments and then started laughing also.

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