The New Neighbour Pt. 04

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Hopeful and excited, on my way home, I picked up a bottle of chilled Champagne and some posh ‘nibbles’. Whilst waiting for Caroline, I stowed my ‘booty’ of Jennifer’s intimate garments, under the bed in the spare room in a plastic shopping bag.

Of course, I had forgotten that this was one of my wife’s ‘gym nights’. So, it was almost 9.00PM before I heard her pull up in her car. Despite my frustration, I decided to be positive and gave her a big hug when she appeared.

“I’ve got Champagne and snacks darling,” I said brightly.

“Oh, I’ve had my diet ration for today, Peter” she smiled, “but I’ll join you for a class of fizz!” she replied.

“Put your feet up darling and I’ll get some glasses” I said. When I returned she was stretching out on the sofa. She’d taken off her suit jacket, but was otherwise still in her office outfit. I poured the drinks and managed to squeeze on beside her feet. We sipped and engaged in small talk for a while. She was most interested to learn of my task for Jennifer.

“That must have been embarrassing for you Peter – handing those frilly things to the Charity shop ladies!” I must have blushed a little as she continued: “Perhaps they think you’re a cross-dresser!” Escort bayan We both laughed, but I noted the ‘put-down’.

After our second glass of Champagne, I began to gently massage Caroline’s ankles.

“Darling, you know, this morning, when you said ‘you’d promise to make it up to me’. I was wondering, could we have some sexy fun tonight. Please.”

“What did you have in mind, Peter?”

I summoned up my courage: “Well, it’s been an awfully long time since I spanked you…”

“Yes, it has darling. For a very good reason. I don’t like it!” she replied, “but, you have been very cooperative recently…let’s turn the tables. Why don’t I spank you!”

I tried not to look too keen (I’d often enjoyed mild femdom porn), but gulped: “Ok, why not, sweetheart!”

“Very well Peter. Stand up for me and I’ll lower your pants”. I stood, expectantly while she slowly unzipped my trousers and lowered them to my ankles. She then hooked my shorts and ever so slowly worked them down my legs, revealing a tell-tale semi-erect penis.

“I can see that this excites you Peter – we should have tried this long ago!”

She adjusted her position on the sofa and raised her skirt, revealing Bayan escort sheer stockings and suspenders. “We don’t want you messing my skirt, now do we?”, she smirked.

“Err, no Caroline.”

She proceeded to manoeuvre me over her lap, ensuring that my penis was ‘trapped’ between her soft, warm nyloned thighs. She then began to gently stroke my buttocks, whilst questioning me:

“Are you a naughty boy, Peter?”

Oh my, this felt good! “Yes”.

“Yes what, Peter?” she prompted.

“Yes Caroline” I responded.

“Really Peter, surely you know, its ‘Yes Mommy’, don’t you?”

“Yes Mommy” I squeeked.

“Are you a dirty boy, Peter?”

“Yes Mommy”

“Mommy knows you are a naughty, dirty little boy. A little boy who needs a spanking from his lovely mommy. Say it Peter.” (Still stroking and teasing).

I repeated: “I’m a naughty, dirty little boy who needs a spanking from his lovely Mommy”

Then it started. Softly at first, she gradually increased both the pace and severity. I was in ecstacy. At each spank, I thrust my now fully hard cock against her thighs.

“You dirty, dirty boy, Peter. Rubbing you little pee-pee against Mommy’s stockings. What Escort would our neighbour say?”

With that she spanked harder again. I couldn’t hold back and spurted my hot sperm onto her nylons. I can honestly say, it was the most intense orgasm of my life.

“You filthy, dirty little boy Peter. Making your mess like that on Mommy’s expensive nylon stockings” she mocked, “Go and fetch a flannel and clean up this filth”.

I tried to pull up my pants, but she stopped me.

“Leave those down for now. I want to see that pink bottom!” So, I hobbled off and returned with a warm sponge which I used to remove my stains.

“Now Peter, hopefully, if you have those dirty thoughts again, you will come to Mommy for correction. Go and stand in the corner of the room with your hands on your head, your nose pressed against the wall and pants around your ankles. Do not move, until I say!”

I did as I was told, and spent almost half an hour in this position, while she watched her favorite soap on T.V. Finally, she told me to make myself decent and go to bed immediately for the night, to think about what had just happened. I stole one final peek at her still slightly damp, exposed, stocking tops.

Humbled, I made my way to the spare room and certainly did think about it. That scene was the nearest I’ll ever get to being in a porn movie! After an hour, I just couldn’t help it. I reached for one of Jennifer’s old nylons and wanked to another explosive cum.

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