The New Kid Next Door Pt. 06

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Ryan was pretty quiet in the car ride home.

“Something wrong Ryan?” I asked him.

“Tom did you have to tell her I was a virgin?” Ryan asked me quite perturbed.

“Ryan it was so she would know what we needed, she knows her stuff, you think cause your a virgin its a bad thing, its a good thing to be a virgin Ryan.” I told him.

“You’re right Tom I’m sorry.” Ryan said.

Once home we washed the toys.

“So Ryan want to try the butt plug?” I asked him.

“Yes but a little nervous is all Tom, it seems to be a bit big.” Ryan said honestly.

“Good you should be, if at some point you don’t want to do this it’s okay to say Stop or No more.” I said looking him in the eyes.

“Thanks Tom I really do want to do this.” Ryan said hugging me.

“Shower time Mister.” I said to him.

I grabbed the lube and stripped turned on the douche attachment, I put lots of lube on it so it would slide in fairly easily.

I demonstrated to him how it works,

“Ryan you slide it in then press the button, it will fill you full of water till you can’t hold it anymore, it will all go down the drain, do this a few times till it comes out clear water only. Okay? I will let you do this alone, I don’t like anyone to watch me do this.” I explained to him.

“Thanks Tom, now go please.” He ordered me.

“Yes Sir.” I said saluting him.

“Okay Tom I’m done, now what?” He asked me.

“Come lay on the bed, I am going to help you with this, on your back legs in the air.” I told him.

Ryan laid back holding his legs bursa escort so his hole was open for me to do as I pleased, my cock throbbing, dripping precum like a fire hydrant, his hole so perfect, a little bit of lube and water dripping from the small opening. I leaned in and pressed my tongue to his hole, Ryan was like a vice.

“Ryan press out when I try to go in it will be easier that way.” I instructed him.

I pushed my tongue to his opening, his hole opened up and swallowed my tongue, the taste was incredible a mix of lube and ass, my tongue roamed his hole, finding sensitive spots.

“Ryan was on the edge of yet another orgasm, my tongue was in overdrive now, his hole would get a good tongue lashing, I would make him cum. No sooner said than done, his hole tightened on my tongue, his cock spurted out cream. I quickly pulled out and took his cock in my mouth, I gently sucked everything he had to give me.

While his orgasm subsided I wet the plug with lube and slid it in, Ryan was not even aware it was in till his orgasm stopped. I licked him clean, putting his legs on the floor.

“Tom that was amazing, what did you do to me this time?” Ryan asked.

“I made you cum by deep rimming your hole, oh and the plug is in.” I said to him.

“It is? Oh yes it is, dam that feels so weird.”Ryan said.

“Stand up Ryan walk around, see how it feels.” I suggested.

“Feels weird but hits that one spot makes my cock twitch.” Ryan said.

“Swim?” I asked him.

Ryan grabbed malatya escort my hand leading me to the pool, once again his arms and legs wrapped tight. He and I kissed underwater, then surfaced, the expression on his face was priceless, the stimulation one gets from a plug can be amazing. We got out of the pool and took a seat in the lounger, Ryan kind of squirmed it would take some to get used too.

“Tom can we try a dildo now?” Ryan asked me.

I took his hand and led him to the bedroom, again on his back legs up, I grabbed the plug, I firmly tried to pull it out, it was in there tight I got a better hold and slowly slid it out. I took the smaller dildo lubed it up then put it to his hole.

“Okay Ryan push out, so I can get this in you.” I said to him.

Ryan’s ass opened up and accepted the toy, I could see the discomfort of having this toy in him.

“Ryan you have to relax, don’t clamp down, let the toy go in and out, my cock is bigger and is going to hurt you if you don’t relax.” I told him.

Ryan tried to relax the toy now glided in and out with less resistance, I grabbed the bigger toy and slid it in place of the other, Ryan moaned, I fed him the bigger toy his ass taking it like a champ. I pulled it out watching his ass gape was amazing, I quickly slid my tongue inside him, licking all the right spots.

“Oh Tom please Yes Please More of that, harder, oh my.” Ryan screamed as his cock shot a fountain of cum.

I pulled my tongue out and licked Ryan clean, he and I would çanakkale escort need a nap before long it was draining to put out so much cum at one time. I picked him up and placed him in the middle of the bed, I got in beside him he quickly snuggled in close to me.

“Thank you Tom that was incredible.” Ryan said to me.

I pulled him in closer, both of us quickly passing out from exhaustion. I woke Ryan was still asleep, he was snoring ever so softly, his cock totally erect on my hip, my own cock rock hard as well. I rolled him on his back and got up to pee, when I came back in he was still asleep, I slid him down the bed and got into a sixty nine, my cock dangling inches from his mouth, his cock right there for me to lick suck and kiss.

I took his cock in slowly, the foreskin slowly sliding back, his knob so shiny with precum, I took his cock to the base then back out, with my lips holding the foreskin between them, I swallowed his cock once more, Ryan grabbed my cock and buried it deep in his mouth, he now was at about three quarters, his style changed each time he sucked me now. He was a fast learner and he was becoming so good in bed.

I rolled us over so he was on top of me, Ryan fucked my mouth, making me take his entire cock with each stroke, I sucked down, his cock in a vice, his balls quickly pulled in, Ryan sucked even harder on me now, my cock so close, Ryan’s cock exploded in my mouth. With his orgasm he made my cock blow its load in him, Ryan lapped it all up, both of us having the same idea, we repositioned and kissed mixing our cum together in our mouths.

We both laid there, my cock was sore, my balls drained, we needed to take a break.

“Swim?” Ryan asked me turning towards me.

“Yes lets do that.” I said taking his hand leading him to the backyard.

Ryan climbed on me, I let us fall into the pool, lip locked till we surfaced.

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