The New Apartment Ch. 03

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I had never felt more guilty in all of my life.

It was one thing to harass poor Kairi, but having sex with my own sister was over the line. I knew it wasn’t entirely my fault, Jessica had worked us up, but I felt responsible.

How can you justify incest?

The sun was still out of sight when I rose, but I kept the lights off for fear of awakening Felicity. I quickly tied my hair in a bun and slipped on a heavy coat over my negligee. I had to get out of there.

Down on the street the icy temperature hit me hard. I definitely should have dressed a little smarter, but I was too afraid to turn back. There weren’t a lot of people out there anyway.

As I wandered along I had time to really think about my actions. Had I gone insane? A few weeks ago I was just another small town girl, I’d only ever been with my boyfriend. Now I was a lesbian turned on by voyeurism and incest; not to mention that I had a lesbian ghost stalking me.

Jessica had not shown her face so far. Could she be warping my mind? Was I possessed? I had heard of possessions in fiction, but this was real.

I found myself at a standstill and suddenly realised that I had wandered pretty far. I examined the area around me, searching for something I could identify.

I saw it.

Just visible at the end of the street stood a rundown old church. It was nothing special, but seeing it filled me with hope.

It was a little warmer on the inside, but I didn’t really care. It was small, obviously not a popular location, but it was also clean and I felt safe. There was a lone figure seated on one of the benches. I approached, tuzla escort keeping my head down in shame.

“Father,” I began, “I think I need some advice- no, I need help.”

“‘Sister’,” replied the figure.

“Excuse me? How did you know?”

“No, you call me ‘Sister’, not ‘Father’.”

I looked up in confusion and found out I was talking to a nun.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I blurted out, “I assumed-“

“No need to be sorry,” she said, “I’m new here, but I can still assist those in need. I’m Sister Kate, by the way.”

Sister Kate was obviously still young. Her hair was short and red, her eyes a mix of blue and gray. Her habit wasn’t exactly form fitting, but I could see that she was built for seduction. As a silently checked her out I realised just how perverted I had become.

“I don’t know if I can open up to a woman.”

“I understand your reluctance,” she said, “However I’m better trained than I look. I’m sure there is something I can do for you. Is your problem… embarrassing?”

I held back a grin, “I guess you could describe it like that.”

“I see. We should go somewhere with a little more privacy then?”

“I suppose.”

She took me to a small room in the back. There were a twelve chairs arranged in a circle, I sat down opposite her.

“You are clearly disturbed,” she said, “How much can you tell me?”

“I’m a sick pervert!” I blurted out.

She was momentarily stunned by my outburst. She gathered herself once more.

“I’m sure it isn’t as bad as you seem to think. What have you done to make you feel this way?”

“I’ve been göztepe escort with another woman.”

“That’s putting it lightly,” a voice whispered in my ear.

I instinctively turned to look, desperately hoping that some stranger had intruded. Sister Kate and I were alone.

“I’m sorry,” said Sister Kate, “What are you doing?”

“Ex- excuse me, I’m a little wound up.”

“That’s perfectly fine. Please, go on.”

The crotch of my panties pulled to one side and a cool breeze blew over my pussy. I was immediately aware of how little privacy my coat offered.

“I was in bed one night, and I felt another presence in the room-“

Sister Kate waited patiently. A tongue ran up my leg.

I took a deep breath, “Then my sister came to visit, we shared a bed.”

Jessica pushed my legs apart, exposing me.

It took a second for Sister Kate to notice. Suddenly her eyes widened.

“I had sex with my own sister!”

Silence. She took a few short breaths.

“Could you give me some details?”

“Really? I don’t know what I can say. We ate each other out.”

I could see her blushing at my language..

“I’m not sure what that means,” she said, “Could you show me?”

Stunned, I got down on my hands and knees and crawled over to her. She kept eye contact with me for the entire trip.

I knew my face was a foot away from her pussy. I lifted the front of her habit, she had nothing on underneath.

“Please be gentle with me,” she murmured.

I started by running my tongue around the edge. Sister Kate let out a gasp and I felt her shudder.

“Oh üsküdar escort my,” she said quietly.

I gently began to probe her, flicking my tongue in and out. As I continued I pushed a little further inward.

Sister Kate grabbed the edge of her chair with her one hand, she grabbed the back of my head with the other. Her fingers became tangled in my hair.

“It’s so good,” she whispered between breaths, “How can you be so good?”

I moved my mouth a little higher and pushed a finger inside. She slid forward.

“No, I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“She is losing her nerve,” Jessica whispered, “Work harder.”

My free hand moved up under Sister Kate’s habit to her breasts. She shifted uncomfortably, but there wasn’t much resistance. I tongue fucked her with abandon.

Her head fell back, the air escaped through her teeth with a hiss.

As I continued to ravish her pussy she started gyrating her hips. Her breaths were coming shorter and faster: she was approaching the edge.

pulled back and blew air across her clit, she seemed appreciative. My lips wrapped around it, I flicked my tongue across the little bud. That was all it took.

She let out a scream of ecstasy. Her legs splayed out wildly; she very nearly fell off her chair.

I slowed myself, my stroking became softer and I pulled back my hands.

A moment passed in silence.

Sister Kate looked down at me, I could feel her juices on my face and I blushed.

“That was wrong,” she said. Her body language disagreed.

I knew what I had to do.

“Kate, I know how you really feel. How about you put on something more comfortable and come home with me.”

She though for a moment then she nodded and made her exit. As I awaited her return I pulled out my mobile phone and made a call.

It was time to have a housewarming party.

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