The Misadventures of Amelia

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Amelia wakes up feeling strange. She checks her phone. “Oh shit… I don’t have to be up for another three hours…” As the reality that she wouldn’t easily fall back asleep set in, she immediately felt cheated. “I deserve a better night’s sleep” she thought. In her half-woken stupor, she tossed and turned trying to return back to that comfortable land of relaxation. After a few trying minutes of getting some much needed rest, she finally gave in to the natural urge to pee, thinking that after she was done, she could collapse and finally be at peace. Amelia quietly shuffles to the edge of the bed, careful not to wake her boyfriend, Brandon. Stumbling across the bedroom floor, she makes her way to the master bathroom. Amelia is a solid 8 out of 10. She feels a little short compared to most people, but at 5′ 2″, and 110 lbs, she was very attractive. Her face speckled in light freckles, B-cup breasts, and curvy hips with an ass that would knock your socks off. The hateful beams of light protrude her eyes as she turns the bathroom light on. Cranky and groggy, she finds her way to the toilet, and plops down, waiting to take care of business while secretly hating the autonomous functions of being a human. How inconvenient. After finishing, she reaches a slender hand flush and slowly stands up.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Uh… What?!

Amelia stands up and finally starts waking up. “uhm… what the hell is this?!” She stares blurry-eyed at the newfound appendage hanging between her legs. She takes a good look in the mirror. “I’m tired. Very tired. This can’t be real.” Is her first thought. She does a double take. “Yup! There’s something there.” She looks at herself in the mirror above the sink. “Yes! I have breasts… there’s no way that I have a…” Her mind drifts off wondering if what she is seeing is reality. “I am so tired! I must have had too much to drink last night.” This is her final explanation. She decides to go back to bed and sleep this weird dream off.


Bzzzp! Bzzzp! Bzzzp!

That all-to-familiar sound of a buzzing cellphone wakes her up. “Oh god, I hate work” is the first thought that comes to mind. Amelia usually sleeps in the buff, but last night, she didn’t have time to disrobe. After drinking a few cosmos, it was a miracle she actually made it up to bed. She felt an immediate jealousy for that fact that her boyfriend had the day off from their boring department store job. She looked at Brandon with as much contempt as she could muster. He was about 5′ 10″, brown hair. Yeah, he drank a little too much, but she loved him, beer-belly and all, maybe because his 8″ cock had a way of satisfying her needs. Amelia groggily came-to and slid out of bed, almost awake enough to greet the day. She stepped into the bathroom to make up her face and looked into the mirror. “What a crazy dream I had last night!” she whispered to herself. “Could you imagine if I really had a…” Amelia reaches a trembling hand down just to prove how ridiculous the notion was. Her hand finds its destination palm first, and Amelia gasps aloud.

“Oh my God!”

Amelia stood at the sink in disbelief. In the palm of her hand, she could feel a foreign bulge that was tucked tightly between her legs, pressing against her tight cotton panties. Swinging the bathroom door closed, she takes some panicked breaths as she tries to understand exactly what has happened. She tries to sort the millions of thoughts passing through her mind as she holds her panties in shock. “OK. Get it together, Amelia. I can figure this out!” With a newfound confidence, Amelia decides to take stock of the facts and get a good look at the change. With a deep breath she turns towards the mirror and slides her thumbs under the tops of her panties. She slowly slides them down, seeing the familiar triangle of hair that Brandon finds so sexy. As she brings them lower, her newest addition bounds from between her thighs and swings between them until it finally comes to rest. With her mouth open wide, she stares at the mirror at the penis between her legs. She could feel the warmth as it rested on her inner thigh. It was soft and about 4 inches long. It was so strange seeing it there. She had seen plenty of cocks, but seeing xhamster porno one on her body was a whole new experience. She poked it with a timid finger half expecting it to not be real. “It’s weird and squishy?” she thought to herself. She let her fingertips run its length, getting to know her new friend. “I can’t believe how sensitive it is. Is it always like this?” She reached a little lower and cupped her soft balls in her hand before giving them a squeeze. “Whoa! That hurts!” Amelia giggled to herself and thought, “It really WOULD suck to get kicked in these things.”

Trying to keep a level head, Amelia decided to take a shower. As she stepped in, a crippling thought entered her mind. “Oh no! Brandon is going to find out!” She stood in the shower’s warm stream and contemplated on how she was going to be able to tell her boyfriend. Brandon has always been open sexually, but this is something unexplainable! Brandon and Amelia had always been honest with each other and wanted to explore different sexual desires. On a few occasions, Amelia had teased Brandon’s body with one of her dildos, and they had even bought a strap-on but hadn’t gotten around to trying it out. After washing her hair, Amelia looked down. “How do I even wash this thing?” She soaped up and tried to be very careful around her balls. She didn’t want to experience THAT sensation again. As she ran the sponge around her new cock, she felt a strange sensation. She touched the head of her penis with the tip of her finger, and the feeling made her jump. “What was that?!” Amelia touched herself again with the same result. “It’s so sensitive!” she used her hand to explore her soapy friend and felt the heat emanating as she felt it get thicker and a bit longer. “Oh wow!” She quickly rinsed off, and wrapped in a towel. She debated with herself on whether to tell Brandon before leaving for work, or after returning.

“Uh… Good Morning!”

When Amelia exited the bathroom, she was surprised to see Brandon awake. Brandon was lying propped up on one elbow, shirtless and sleepy-eyed. “Good morning, baby.” Amelia knew that she had to tell him then. If not, she would just spend the entire day worrying. Now that he was awake, it would be impossible to get dressed anyway.

“Good morning!”

“Have a good shower?”

“Yeah. Sure. Hey Brandon… Something really strange happened…”

“Look Amelia, it was probably just a strange dream. I have those all the time, don’t let it ruin your day.”

“No. It’s not that. Something happened to… me. I don’t even know what to think about it myself, but I don’t want you to freak out.”

“Are you alright?”

“I think so… just… don’t freak out…”

As Amelia undoes her towel, her perky breasts bounce free. She grabs the towel at the top corners and fans it out, exposing her smooth tummy, tight thighs, and her cock. Brandon rubs his eyes and Amelia watches his face as he stares at her naked body. After what felt like an eternity of awkward silence, Brandon finally speaks.

“um… uh… how?”

“I don’t know! I woke up and… well… it was just there!”

“So… is it going to disappear tomorrow?”

“I have no idea”

Amelia sits on the edge of the bed and starts to tear up. Brandon puts a hand on her shoulder and rubs her back assuring her that nothing could change the way he feels about her. After a while, Brandon had Amelia in a better mood, and could even get her to laugh. They sat and talked and made jokes until she was in a better disposition.

“I don’t know, Brandon. I just don’t know how I’m going to be able to handle this. How do I hide it? What do I wear?”

“Well, it’s not all bad, look on the bright side.”

“What bright side?”

“Well… having that thing could be a lot of fun!”

“You can’t be serious right now.”

Brandon laughed as he placed his hand on her calf. He slid his right hand up the inside of her leg until he had a handful of her thigh. Inching closer to her, he placed his left hand on her breast and kissed her deeply. He squeezed her thigh while kissing her and used his index finger to stimulate her nipple. After a while, Brandon pulled back and checked yaşlı porno to see if his plan had worked. Amelia’s face was flushed as she finished kissing Brandon.

“Well Amelia, it looks like someone is excited!”

Amelia looked down in amazement. Looking right back up at her, was her cock. Not all soft and squishy, but now, hard and strong. She could see her new penis pulsing with desire. She could feel an intense heat on the inside of her thighs. It stood proud at 7 inches. She was pleased with the fact that this was her first erection! It was so easy! She smiled at Brandon and simply said, “Wow!” Amelia sat on the edge of the bed, one foot on the floor, and the other folded Indian-style as Brandon slowly slid his hand further up her thigh. Amelia was excited and nervous as she watched his hand edge closer and closer to her new friend. Brandon took on finger and let it run up and down her length. The sensation was intense. Amelia let out a long sigh of pleasure as he circled the head of her cock. Amelia watched as he loosely gripped her and ran his hand up and down her complete 7 inches. She closed her eyes and moaned as he slowly stroked her. Brandon took his left hand away from her breast and used it to gently cup her soft balls. By this time, Amelia was breathing hard, taking in every new sensation her body was experiencing. “This couldn’t get any better” she thought to herself. Brandon slowed to a stop. As Amelia opened her eyes, she look down to the glistening drop of pre-cum that had accumulated at the head of her penis. Her breasts rose and fell with each of her deep breathes. Brandon motioned her over, and asked her to lie down on her back.

Amelia shuffled on the bed as quickly as she could. She rested her head on the pillow and looked down at her hard cock. It was so exciting to see it standing there, and she couldn’t wait to experience every new sensation that she could. She wondered what an orgasm would feel like. Would it be different? Brandon positioned himself at the foot of the bed. Amelia noticed the huge tent in his boxers. “Well, at least he’s excited too!” she thought to herself. Brandon ran his hands up the length of Amelia’s slender legs. Amelia watched her cock bounce and throb, yearning for more stimulation. Brandon put on a seductive smile as he inched up her body. He continued until his hands rested on her sexy hips. He slowly brought his face lower and lower until his mouth was only an inch away from her excited friend. Amelia let out a soft moan as he felt Brandon’s hot breaths caressing every inch of her. He gave her a big smile as he asked, “Well, are you ready?” Before she could answer, Brandon was already making a move. He pressed the tip of his tongue at the base of her throbbing cock. He took his time as he traced slowly traced her length to the very tip. As he pulled away, a string of her pre-cum connected the tip of his tongue to the head of her swollen penis. The visual was incredible. It was so sexy to watch her boyfriend please her in a way she had never had before.

“What’s it like?” she asked Brandon as his tongue rolled back into his mouth.

“There’s not much to it, see for yourself.”

Amelia was excited as she reached a single finger down. The tip of her cock was leaking pre-cum. She took her finger and swiped the warm juice. It left a long stringy trail that fell about halfway back to her face. She took a good look at her finger, and that mysterious drop on it. She took a deep breath and smeared here finger onto her tongue. She didn’t detect much flavor, but the naughty act was thrilling enough. Brandon was thrilled too. He leaned back down and took the head of her cock into his mouth. The warm wet sensation drove Amelia wild. She moaned as she bucked her hips wanting more. Brandon obliged and slowly took more of her length into his mouth. The feeling was sensational. Amelia now understood why Brandon was always asking for a blowjob. They are amazing! Amelia matched Brandon’s rhythm and pushed her hips up as his mouth came down. Every experience was new, it was incredible, it was divine. Brandon worked on her cock until her cock was covered with his saliva. The wet slurping noises was a big turn-on aldatma porno for them both.

Giving his mouth a rest, Brandon pulled away and quickly replaced the motion with his fist. Licking his wet lips, he asked Amelia, “So, how does it feel?”

“Amazing! Don’t stop!”

Despite his sore jaw, Brandon was happy to oblige, this was her first blowjob, after all. Once again, he returned to her dripping penis, ready to please. He opened wide and took as much as he could inside his mouth. This was only about 4 good inches, but it was enough for Amelia. He let her do most of the work fucking his mouth. Brandon wanted to do something for her that had always enhanced getting sucked off. As Amelia pushed away at his mouth, Brandon closed his lips around her girth and hummed really low. Amelia moaned loudly as her paced slowed just a little. She could feel her cock buzzing every time he hummed. It was amazing. Instead of pounding away at his mouth, she held the back of his head and pushed inside with intentioned thrusts. Her balls were dripping wet with his saliva and slapped her ass with every push. All of a sudden, Amelia could feel her temperature rise. She felt her whole body throbbing with immense pleasure.

“Oh Brandon! I feel something building up!”

Brandon was very excited that he had made her feel so good. He knew what kind of intensity she was about to experience and couldn’t wait. He knew just what to do. He sat up, and took both hands and wrapped them around her slippery cock. He rubbed her cock with both hands while twisting them slowly. He used his thumb to rub the tip while sliding his hands all over her. That warm feeling had gotten to Amelia’s head as she grabbed and kneaded her perky breasts. She knew she was close. She squinted her eyes tightly waiting for the sensation to overtake her.

“Keep your eyes open. You won’t want to miss this.” Brandon said.

Amelia opened her eyes and watched mesmerized as her hard cock got a massage.

“Oh Brandon! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

Amelia felt her entire body tense up. She gripped her tits tightly as the biggest wave of relief rushed over her body. The swollen, thick head of her cock jumped and released a thick stream of cum into the air. The moment seemed to last forever. She was amazed that her body could do something like that. She watched that stream rise and begin its descent. Just as it was landing on her stomach, she felt another wave, and watched as another thick stream was released. Brandon moved his hands up a little higher to hold the tip in his hands. He ran her warm jizz up and down her shaft while she exploded into his hand over and over. She watched as her thick juices squeezed through the cracks in his fingers. Globs of sticky white cum clung to his fingers, and to her stomach. As her orgasm slowed, so did Brandon’s hands. Amelia looked down at the mess she made and was very proud. Her orgasm was so intense, it SHOULD look like this afterwards. With a red, flushed face she turned to Brandon.

“That felt so good! I want to ask something, but I’m a little nervous.”

“Don’t be! What do you want to know?”

Amelia looked at her stomach, at her cock, and at Brandon’s plastered hands.

“How do I taste?”

Brandon sensed her shy tone and was careful to make this experience as amazing as possible. He slowly slid his hands up and away from her messy friend and spread his fingers to show sticky strings of her cum connected them all together. He lifted a finger to his mouth, gave it a little lick, then sucked the entire thing clean.

“You taste great!”

He moved a hand over to her mouth just as a thick drop was falling. It landed on her bottom lip. Amelia pursed her lips together then licked them clean. She thought a moment, and then grabbed Brandon’s wrist. She pulled it to her mouth and started licking and sucking his fingers clean.

“I taste delicious!”

As she breathes hard, Amelia casually glances at the clock. “Oh shit! Its 10:30! I’m already late for work!” In a hurried rush, she grabs a fresh pair of panties and bra from the drawer, then rushes to the closet to grab a blouse, skirt, and pair of shoes. She takes a quick look at Brandon’s boxers, ready to burst at the seams.

“Oh my gosh Brandon! I am so sorry! I have to get to work! There’s a meeting today!”

He just chuckles and says, “I’m sure I’ll think of something to do!” as she runs out the door.

~To be continued~

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