The Mirror

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I lay asleep in my dorm bedroom. I started having a dream. Someone was eating me out, using their tongue on me like no one had done before. The tip went in circles around my clit, building up the tension in my body. They used their hands to further push my legs apart, and started touching my outer lips with their fingertips. Then they started rubbing one of their thumbs on the top part of my clit while still circling their tongue around the rest of it. It was … Well, orgasmic. I was getting closer and closer to cumming. The muscles inside my pussy were pulsing, and then I felt the mystery person insert just the tip of their finger and rotate it just the slightest. This set me off. I was cumming and cumming and then … I woke up.

Well, that was nice. It took me a second after being asleep, but I quickly realized that I was not alone. My dream had been real, and there was someone lowering their face to my pussy again after apparently coming up for air. It was me. She was even wearing the same clothes I went to bed in. So I was still dreaming, huh? I wasn’t arguing. Her tongue finally touched my clit and I was in ecstasy. The wetness coupled with her knowledge of the exact right pressure sent me into fits, squeezing my eyes shut and unable to control the no doubt ridiculous face I was making. At the same time, her finger inside me had started thrusting, adding to my pleasure. Then it stopped after thrusting in, and she crooked her finger to nudge it against my G-spot. This quickly worked me up again, but when I was right at the edge, she pulled off and continued thrusting.

She kept alternating between thrusting her fingers and stimulating my G-spot, and when I knew I was going to cum, she pulled it out and focused solely on my clit, latching on and enveloping it completely. My orgasm echoed through my pussy, this acıbadem escort one more powerful than the first, and my clit was so sensitive that it almost hurt. When it was over, I expected to wake up as before, but when I opened my eyes, she, the other me, was still there.

“I’m still asleep,” I said.

“No,” the other me responded, laughing a little.

“Don’t tell me what’s happening in my own room,” I said, getting annoyed. What was dream me saying?

“Believe me or not. Just look in the mirror,” she said. She had a smug smile on her face that made her all the more annoying.

I looked to my right at the large mirrored door of my closet which reflected the bed. I didn’t see a true reflection, however. I saw myself alone and sleeping on my side.

“What is this? Who are you?”

“I’m obviously you,” she said, raising an eyebrow. “Just … Go through it.”

“Go through it?”

“Yeah, just … Like in Harry Potter, you know? Platform 9 and ¾ style.”

When I didn’t move to get up, she said, “Don’t you trust me?”

What a cliché. But since this was all a dream, why not? I finally got up and walked slowly towards the mirror. This was definitely the most surreal dream I could remember having. I placed one hand on the mirror with some hesitance, then pushed it through. It was like touching the surface of water, that solid feeling before you go under. And I went “under” through to the other side. There was me, sleeping on the bed, laying on my side like I usually would. I turned back to look in the mirror and now it was a true reflection: I was standing there over my other self.

What better use of the supernatural than to have sex with yourself when the opportunity comes? I turned to my still sleeping self, getting on the bed with her. I gently turned atalar escort her to lay on her back, being careful not to wake her up yet. I wanted things to happen just as before because it had felt so good. I slowly pulled off her sleep shorts and saw her pussy revealed. I’d never had such a viewpoint of it before. Sure, there were mirrors, but it doesn’t provide the big picture, i.e. the other me’s legs slightly spread with my pussy in between, leading into a smooth stomach and the rest of her body.

I had fat outer lips and my clit was hidden beneath its hood. My pussy was a dark pink, getting brighter as the color led to my opening, where it was the most pink, a rosy pink color. I wasn’t shaven, so my hair was growing around the top of my mound, but I did keep it trimmed. I didn’t have any experience eating someone out, but I did know what I liked, so after a good look I thought I was ready.

I started simply by touching her outer lips, getting a feel. She was nowhere near wet, but that would change soon. I pulled up her clit’s hood and started rubbing it with my thumb. I liked a slow build, so I started by rubbing slowly and increasingly getting faster. I touched her opening with my other hand. It was so strange to be able to feel it from this angle. The outer lips were dry, but when I dipped my finger in it was moist and soft inside.

I pulled my finger out and leaned down until my face was right at her pussy. I gingerly stuck my tongue out, feeling a little nervous to taste my essence for the first time. I didn’t know if I would like it, but then I took the plunge and went straight for the opening. I stuck my tongue inside as far as I could, and tasted the musky moisture. It had a slight fishy tinge, but was mostly pleasant. The other me still wasn’t aroused yet. I licked up to my clit, aydınlı escort then repeated my actions a few times more, licking from pussy to clit.

Okay, this was starting to turn me on, and I could feel the arousal starting on the other me, too. I could feel the moisture starting to leak out of her pussy, which introduced a new, sweeter flavor. I decided to get my hands involved more, and started rubbing my thumb in circles on her clit as I thrust my tongue inside her box. I saw the sleeping me start to stir, and this made me want to get her to orgasm as I did before. Remembering the sensations, I kept my thumb tapping the top part of her clit while I circled the rest with my tongue. I started going faster and faster, my thumb touching lightly, until I could smell her arousal. Then I moved my other hand up to insert one of my fingers just slightly into her as she orgasmed.

I looked up as she was waking. She had a peaceful smile on her face, and I went back down right before she opened her eyes. I touched my tongue to her clit again, this time with more pressure. I looked up at her and saw her face screwed up in pleasure with her eyes closed, but I knew she was awake now. I started thrusting one of my fingers into her pussy and used my other hand to lightly finger my own clit as I was getting so turned on. With my finger inside her canal, I searched for the spongy feeling of her G-spot. When I found it, I crooked my finger and pressed hard as she moaned from the feeling. I pressed harder and harder, and then let off, pulling back and thrusting just at her opening. I was still licking her clit, but only lightly. Then when the tension had receded, I went back in, pressing on her G-spot and tonguing her with pressure. I backed off and went in several more times, until I knew she’d had enough, and when she was seconds from coming, I pulled my finger out and sucked on her clit hard until she came, moaning loudly.

“I’m still asleep,” she said after opening her eyes and seeing me still there.

“No.” I laughed. It was actually real. How was I going to explain this?

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