The Land of Dreams Ch. 05

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For nearly two years after our return from Garak our life ran placidly. Leo and I, our two children and their Auntie Jasmine formed a little family together. Leo’s two brothers’ families interacted well with our own, although there were the usual childish squabbles at times, and not always among the children. We made it our habit to live in Garak for two months each year to ensure that our reforms were carried out and that justice was being done and so that our children would be known to the people there. We made that horrible palace into somewhere pleasant to live and where we could bring up our children happily.

I had just turned twenty-two when I began to find that Leo was unusually preoccupied. His mind was elsewhere and I asked if he was worried.

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘I am worried about what your reaction will be when I tell you something.’

‘Then tell me and you’ll find out,’ I replied.

‘Please don’t think I love you less,’ he began and I immediately said, ‘Now I am worried.’

‘I have had a letter from Rollo. He and I have not spent time alone together since before our marriage. He misses me and wants me to join him on a hunting expedition.’

‘I think you mean a love-making expedition, don’t you, Leo?’

‘I do.’

‘How long will you be away?’

‘A month or, possibly, two.’

‘How can you say you don’t love me less, when you want to be away from me for so long?’

‘I am sorry, darling, but, as I told you, I love Rollo too. He has been very patient. When he married Ina I only gave him six months before I asked him to join me here. He has given me more than two years. I cannot disappoint him.’

When I told Jasmine of our conversation she said, ‘It had to come. Give in as gracefully as you can, otherwise you will damage your marriage.’

‘But what shall I do?’ I whined, and then was ashamed of myself. I am not given to whining.

Jasmine knew that I was referring to the bleakness of the sexless month or two I could see stretching before me.

‘You’ll just have to discover the pleasures of the love of women,’ she said, smiling.

The day of Leo’s departure I had no sooner waved him off than I found out what Jasmine meant. Leo had been titillated by his original sight of me lying on my bed, wearing stockings and a suspender belt, and he had used his merchants to bring for me a wide variety of pretty lingerie. My ladies had loved them when I showed them off to them and they ordered their own, and from there the fashion for European lingerie spread through the three principalities.

When I returned to my suite of private rooms after Leo had left I found Jasmine and my ladies waiting for me. Jasmine explained that when our men went to enjoy one another it was accepted that we women should spend our time enjoying each other also. My ladies dressed me in a pretty set of pink silk suspender belt, tiny panties and a bra which exposed more of my breasts than it hid and the sheerest of sheer stockings. They giggled and flirted with me as they slipped out of their clothes and put on similarly provocative pieces of satin, silk and lace. They laid me on my bed and a sequence of ladies knelt between my legs and suckled my clitie balls and cocklet, whilst others touched my lips with their little cocklets and encouraged me to take their clitie balls into my mouth. Silk enclosed legs and clities sliding against other silk clad limbs roused all of us.

The rooms became filled with the moans of excited ladies and I found myself being turned on my front so that my ladies could take turns in fingering and licking my rosebud until my cunt opened to them and their tongues darted in to my secret places and I came again and again into the mouths of my clitie lickers. It was an orgy of womanly limbs seeking and giving release but so far no one had placed her cocklet in my cunt.

My dear sister-in-law had coordinated proceedings so far. I lay on my back spread-eagled on the bed, momentarily free of probing tongues and fingers when I saw her approaching me. She was dressed in stockings and suspender belt but wore nothing else. Instead of a clitie she had a cock of remarkable proportions. It was not quite as long as her brother’s but it must have been a good nine inches and it was wide. I stared in shock.

Jasmine knelt beside my head and whispered in my ear, ‘I love you, my dearest sister. I have loved you since you were brought here from the desert and I have waited for a sign that you might love me. I love women of our sort; I love our clothes and the way we live; but my love for my fellow women also encompasses loving them as a man loves them. May I take you as a man would take you if he were so fortunate? My cock longs for your cunt. May I dare?’ and she kissed me long on the lips, then I opened my lips and she entered. Her hands roved over my breasts, my clitie, my arms, my back, she raised my legs to kiss my rosebud, then I sank entranced into her arms. Our silken thighs brushed together until she raised my legs to her shoulders. Her cock found its home and she began to pump into me the collected frustration porno indir she had felt for two years which culminated in charge after charge of baby making juice and I felt impregnated to the depths of my womb. She had taken me on my own bed, in the middle of my women, and I was not ashamed.

From that moment it was accepted amongst my women that Jasmine was my female husband, that I was her wife and that she would share my bed. The women would continue to make love to one another if they wished and, indeed, Jasmine and I might from time to time join them, but we were now a couple.

My children, meanwhile, continued to be at the centre of our life and were bemused by change. I found them one day, soon after Leo’s departure, huddled together, Lisa was crying and Theo was trying to comfort her. She raised her little tear-stained face to me and asked, ‘Mummy, doesn’t daddy love us any more? Is it our fault he has gone away?’

I picked her up in my arms and cuddled her. ‘No, darling,’ I said, ‘It’s not your fault, either of you, one little bit. Daddy and I and Auntie Jasmine love you both more than anyone else in the world. You are daddy’s favourite little girl and Theo is daddy’s favourite boy (I remembered not to call Theo ‘a little boy’. He wouldn’t have liked it.) We told you that a dear friend of daddy’s, Uncle Rollo, needed to see daddy very urgently and daddy has gone to see him.’

Theo asked, ‘Will daddy come back, mummy?’

‘Of course he will, sweetheart. Whatever made you think he might not?’

‘When we come into your bedroom to see you in the morning Auntie Jasmine is always there. We thought she had moved in because daddy had gone away for ever.’

I glanced at Jasmine, pulled Theo into my embrace, with his sister, and said, ‘Auntie Jasmine has moved into my room whilst daddy is away to keep me company. She will go back to her room when daddy returns.’

Jasmine made an inarticulate sound and went out. I continued to reassure my children until it was time for their lunch, when their nurse came for them; then I sought out Jasmine. I found her in her room. She had been crying. I sat down beside her on her bed and tried to take her hand. She pulled it away and blew her nose.

‘That was final, then,’ she said.

‘That was necessary to make the children feel safe. They must be my first thought. But I shall not stop loving you and I shall not stop being your lover, even your wife, if you want me. But if you want me you will have to share me with my male husband, your brother. You have always known that, but knowing does not necessarily mean accepting. Do you still want me under those circumstances?’

Jasmine pushed me back on the bed. Her hands thrust up my skirt. She tore off my panties and nuzzled into my clitie with tongue and fingers. In a moment we were both naked and her rampant cock forced itself into my cunt. She thrust into me as though her life depended on it. As her sperm crashed into my womb I knew for the second time that she had impregnated me and my little clitie cock, still flaccid, poured out my milk for her to stoop down and lap it up. Thus we were reconciled and thus we continued to share a bed, and she fed me on her sperm and I fed her on my clitie milk.

Please do not think I am insane. I knew I don’t actually have a womb and that, however potent my husbands (I now regarded Jasmine as one of my husbands) may be they will not really make me pregnant. Nevertheless, in the height of their taking me my mind accepts my femininity to the point where I can believe I am indeed pregnant. I long to bear babies to my loves. Jasmine and I and my ladies devised a piece of play acting which gave me solace at this time. Jasmine would fuck me, we would play my giving birth to our child, then one or other of my ladies would take the part of our baby and would nurse on my nipples, then on my cocklet to drink my milk. There was so much vying amongst the ladies to suckle on me that I had to have triplets each time so that three could suck me simultaneously. Jasmine was so aroused by the sight of me with them she would fuck me whilst they were suckling and then I would give birth to three more. In this way all my ladies tasted every part of me, for some would lick my pussy to stimulate the lactation of my clitie cock.

It was three months before Leo returned. I had ruled the state for all that time but I was glad when he came back. Much as I loved Jasmine I am the sort of woman who needs a muscular, preferably hairy, man with a large and ravenous cock. Also, despite doing rather a good job of ruling (not just my opinion), I prefer to have a man in charge. I am psychologically submissive and, as a man-woman I feel I can say this without being thought anti-feminist. If a woman wants to rule I am all for her being able to do so. I prefer to be ruled, particularly by a well-built, well-hung hunk of manhood.

I greeted my well-built, well-hung hunk of manhood at the door of the palace on his return. In front of everyone he picked me up, carried me to our bedroom, closed the door rokettube on everybody and fucked me to exhaustion for the next twenty-four hours. When he finally admitted my ladies to bathe me my pussy was more distended than it had ever been and ropes of dried cum were in my hair, across my skin, under my nails and on my teeth. We were both ecstatic.

The following day he received reports of the state of the nation and told me of the praise that all the members of our council lavished on me. I told him of our children’s fear that he had left them and we spent a slightly awkward day reassuring them. Lisa accepted Leo back almost immediately, whereas our son, Theo, was more wary. It was not until Leo took me in his arms in front of them and kissed me that Theo relaxed and accepted that mummy and daddy were together again.

Jasmine urged me to tell Leo of our new relationship as soon as he arrived home. His action in filling me with his cock from the moment he stepped through the door put paid to that. However, on the third day after his return, I explained the situation to him. He said that he had rather expected it and that he was happy so long as he and I would share a bed at night. What Jasmine and I did during the day was our business. I also was happy with this arrangement. It meant I should be fucked by both of them on a daily basis. We discussed the proposed ménage with Jasmine and agreed to try it.

Obviously, there were times when there were strains between us but, in the main, it worked well. Indeed, the three of us became closer because of our triangular relationship. One day Jasmine and I decided to make love in stockings and suspender belts and Leo arrived unexpectedly. Our ladies were atwitter in case he was angry. Instead he was so excited by seeing his wife and his sister dressed in his favourite uniform, and his sister’s cock sunk deep in his wife’s cunt, that, after rapidly shucking off his clothes, he tried to pull on a pair of my stockings, then joined us by thrusting his cock in my mouth and feeding me one of the most copious flows of his heavenly juices I had ever had. The brother and sister then changed ends and fucked me a second time each. Leo managed to cum for a third time in my cunt whilst his sister sucked off my clity.

Of course, the stockings were ruined. They couldn’t even stretch over his massive calf. Jokingly I told him that he would need stockings made for big men not for girls like Jasmine and me. I was surprised when a parcel of them arrived and Leo took to wearing them whenever he shared me with Jasmine or my women. He even allowed me to make him up on occasion and he would pull his legs up, exposing his hairy arse, as though asking to be fucked, but actually for me to lick his pucker before he started laughing and throwing me face down on the bed for a good fucking.

I preferred the feeling of his hairy, muscular legs, without stockings, gliding over my super-smooth legs, before his cock took me to paradise and his copious jets of cum convinced me anew that I was carrying my dear husband’s baby.

When Theo was twelve years old it would have been usual for him to go to one of our neighbour’s courts for a few years. Since two of the principalities were now effectively ours that would have meant him going to Rollo. Rollo would have taught him well and would have been kind but Theo did not want to go. The trauma of his early life had left its mark in that, although he was still the sweet boy we loved, he seemed unsure of himself away from us. I convinced Leo that it would be better for him to stay with us and with his sister. I agreed that when we went on a joint visit to Rollo and Ina, in a year’s time, the children should come with us in the hope that Theo might then fancy staying with Rollo for a few months when we returned. It didn’t work like that. We went, Rollo and Ina were hospitable and charming as ever, and when the visit ended Theo insisted on coming home with his father and me.

We were no sooner home than a messenger followed us to say that Ina had died, having suffered a catastrophic stroke within hours of our leaving. Leo returned immediately to comfort Rollo. I joined them for the funeral then came home whilst Leo remained for a month. Jasmine returned to being my husband. I find that my cunt needs a cock. Without it I feel less of a woman and that I do not like.

Leo brought Rollo back with him and he became part of the pattern of our lives. He would spend a month with us, then we should go for a month with him before settling in Garak for a visit. Rollo would spend three months in Chembalom whilst we sorted out any problems in Leonesse. Then the pattern, with only a few variations, would be repeated. When Theo was sixteen and Lisa fourteen Rollo brought his eldest son and heir to visit us. He proposed that, if the young people agreed, when Lisa was eighteen she should marry his son. We said it was too early to make any arrangements but that in principle it would please us should they come to love one another.

One morning Leo said he had something to ask seks filmi me. He told me that Rollo was in love with me and asked me if I would be willing to be his wife as well as Leo’s. I was stunned and asked Leo how he felt about it. He said that he and Rollo were so much one that he would like me to belong to both of them. I said that Rollo would have to ask me himself. I asked my husband to tell Rollo that I would receive him after dinner that evening to hear what he had to say.

I dressed with particular care as for a suitor. My women had done well and my dress emphasised the shape of my body without being vulgar; in other words it put my best points to best advantage without seeming to try too hard. My makeup was a masterpiece of understatement. Rollo entered, paused as though his breath had been taken away (most gratifying), came to himself again and bowed hurriedly. I have found it is often useful to throw a man off-guard a little. I indicated a place for him to sit next to me on the sofa. He was the most graceful man, surprisingly so for a man of such overwhelming size and masculinity. I felt giddy from his nearness, in view of the purpose of his visit. I had only met him before as my husband’s friend and lover and I had regarded him as a sort of rival. Now he wanted me, and as I looked afresh at the beauty of his face, the sculptured line of his lips, the power and splendour of his chest, his arms, his legs, indeed of everything about him, I almost fainted with desire. I laid my hand on his hand and said, ‘Do you truly desire me and want me as your wife?’ He leant towards me and kissed my lips, then he grasped me in his arms and kissed me with fervour.

‘I long for you and have ever since I saw you at your wedding reception. Even whilst my dear wife was alive, I am ashamed to say, I lusted after you and could not trust myself to be alone with you. Now Leo, my beloved friend, says he will share you with me. Will you consent, oh peerless woman?’

‘I should like to see what I shall receive,’ I said and he smiled at my forwardness. He stood and removed his clothes in front of me. One magnificence after another was revealed: his skin shone, black and sumptuous, and a down of black hair emphasised his glorious pectorals. His arms and legs were as of the gods; his buttocks, for he turned round for me to see everything, were to die for; his cock and balls were indigo, suffused with a dark glow; his cock was almost a foot long and wide accordingly, and his balls were the size of grapefruits, covered in the same trimmed black hair which also provided his bush.

In turn I stood and let my dress fall in folds at my feet. Beneath it I was naked. I too turned around for him to see. He exclaimed in delight as his hands caressed my swelling buttocks and his magnificent cock sprang to attention. I knelt and licked the precum from his slit, then planted little shivery kisses over the helmet and the shaft. The helmet was perfect, a sculpture worthy of a master, and its predominant indigo was outlined by a blush of pink. He seized my head and thrust his great member down my willing throat. He fucked my face, holding me by the hair until he came shudderingly into me and I received a flow of nectar from that beautiful cock. In gratitude I sucked his balls then cleaned his cock so as not to waste a drop. You might say that I agreed to be the wife of this beautiful man without speaking a word. Later, we admitted Leo to the room and the three of us made love together, one of them taking my cunt, one my throat.

When we told Theo and Lisa that I was to be the wife of Uncle Rollo as well as of daddy Theo’s reaction took us all by surprise. He yelled, ‘They don’t love you as I do. When you’re my wife I shan’t let any other man have you,’ and he burst out of the room. We decided that the Oedipus complex was working overtime and left it at that. As he went, I saw how he had grown; his shoulders had filled out and he was already taller than his original father and was set fair to have his immense bull-like strength and build. In height he had nearly caught up with Leo.

My wedding to Rollo was held in Chembalom. After the ceremony I should be Princess of Chembalom as well as Queen of Leonesse and Garak. No woman had ever held all three titles and, now, no woman ever will again, but that comes in a later part of our story.

Our whole family went to Chambalom for the nuptials. Although Rollo and Leo continued to enjoy me both singly and together, at the wedding ceremony Leo formally gave me to Rollo in the sight of the people, then Rollo and I retired to bed, as demurely as though we had not already enjoyed each other. Rollo is a magnificent lover. He took care to strip me slowly and expertly. He brought me to climax first with his lips and tongue on my clitie, then he fucked me face down before turning me over and fucking me face-to-face. His magnificent black and indigo cock ravaged my senses. Its veins were ridges which rasped my cunt into violent life. I cried out in ecstasy as he turned me back to fuck my cunt for the third time, this time doggy fashion and his hands grasped my breasts and tweaked my nipples into hardness before he threw me onto my back and fed me the still flowing juices of his cock. By morning I belonged to him to an extent I had never belonged to any man. I was the slave of his cock and of the salt and spices of his cum.

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