The Homecoming: Kenny’s Fantasy

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“My flight is due in around five, and you know I will hit the rush hour traffic. Will be there as soon as I can Babe,” Shay reported into her cell phone.

“You know I will be in from the office as soon as I can,” Kenny replied. Then Kenny asked, “Is it just me, or does it seem like you left last week instead of yesterday morning?”

Shay gave a little giggle as she rest her head on the pillow on the empty bed in her hotel room. ” you miss me huh?”

Kenny released a sexy sigh before he answered, ” You know I do Shay Lyn. I want you home.”

There was a minute or so of silence, but Shay could tell Kenny was breathing rather roughly. She had been intimate with him enough to know his ‘sweet sounds’, as she called them.

With a smile on her face that he could feel, Shay asked coyly, ” What are you doing Kenny? No wait! Let me do that for you…”

That being said, Kenny pushed his boxers down more as he took his hard cock in his strong hand and closed his eyes…

“…I’m curling my fingers around the shaft Kenny,” Shay whispered into the phone. Then she continued and he listened and followed her instructions. ” My hand is about an inch below the spongy head. As I stroke upward, your tightly stretched skin glides towards the tip. As I stroke backwards, the head seems to swell more. As I pump back and forth on your throbbing cock, I drag my dry, bottom lip over your left nipple. You realize that as I take your hard nipple between my teeth, I bite it in time with the stroking of my tiny hand.”

Shay could hear his breathing getting faster. Whispering her name and his voice cracking. She was always so impressed by the way Kenny’s voice would change as he felt his release getting closer. He had a very sexy voice and as he would get closer to cumming…his range would go a little higher. Sort of like when a young man’s voice would be changing during puberty. Even his gasps and whimpers were different. It would make her so wet just hearing him accelerate like that.

“Ohhh Kenny,” Shay whispered. ” You are going to cum for me huh? Been a long time since we had phone sex baby. Come on baby…take care of you for me…”

Shay could hear each rush of air over the cell phone as he pumped his tightly gripped fist up and down his hard cock.

Shay sat up on the bed. She pressed the ‘end’ button on her cell phone. The smile on her face was radiating…

Kenny heard the dial tone in his ear between his gasps. His hand action was slowing down as his balls ached. He could feel the sweat on his forearm as he laid his arm in the patch of hair on his stomach. After he got his breathing under control, he grabbed a tissue from the night stand and wiped the precum from his cock. He couldn’t help but smile as he thought of what she had just done. But, his smile grew bigger as he stuffed his semi-hard cock back into his boxers, walked to the bathroom thinking about how she would pay for that phone call.

The next afternoon Shay entered the front door and tossed the mail on the foyer table. Placed her laptop and brief case in the maroon wing chair. She was still holding the playful pout on her lips that she formed as she pulled into the driveway and saw his car was not there. Then she thought that was OK, it would give her time to shower and unwind a little. She went into the kitchen and took an apple juice from the refrigerator. She smiled as she saw the note left there from Kenny, ” Welcome home YOU! Picking up Chinese for tonight. LEMON CHICKEN for my baby. XOX Baloo” As she made her way back through the living room, she began to unbutton her blouse and was going to take a nice hot shower.

After her shower she blow dried her hair, wrapped herself in a fluffy towel and climbed in their bed. There, she lotioned her body from head to toe. As she leaned back on her pillow, she closed her eyes and drifted off for a little nap before Kenny got home.

As Kenny drove home from the office, he had all sorts of things running through his mind. He was really glad he made the visit to the “Toy Store” before he went to the office. He had made his list mentally before going so he was able to gather all his trinkets and still be on time.

As he sat at the drive-thru window at “The China Wok,” he was glad he did not have to go inside. His erection would have caused the huge Buddha to flinch he thought to himself as he drove away.

Ken gathered the packages and the carryout, closed the car door and set the alarm. He unlocked the door, stepped inside and smiled knowing she was home again, in his castle where she should be. He quickly stashed the packages into the hall closet until he was ready to get them close at hand. He placed dinner in the oven to keep warm. He then went into the guest room to grab a quick shower and hopefully she would not wake while he was preparing for the evening. After drying off and wrapping a towel around himself, Kenny passed their bedroom and peeked in. There she was still wrapped in her towel and sleeping. He could smell the Jasmine lotion she had used. He quickly slid past the door and went back to the hall closet where he had placed the packages from the “Toy Store” as he came in.

Kenny knew where the serving tray was. He got it and placed it on the island in the kitchen. From the packages he withdrew a soft ostrich Alanya escort feather, a bottle of peppermint oil, a new thin 5 inch vibrator, two royal blue velvet straps approximately three feet long and a silver bullet that was attached to a remote. After placing these items on the tray, he stepped into the den and got the silver ice bucket. This was filled with ice and placed on the tray also.

He sat the tray in the floor before taking the two velvet straps in hand. He looked in on her and seen she had not moved. She was still on her side of the bed and her arms were still accessible.

Kenny quietly made his way to the bed and gently slipped the straps on both wrists. Securing them so they would not slip over her hands, yet loose enough not to wake her. He then took one end and secured it on the corner bedpost and the other to the center cut into the headboard. Shay would still have mobility with her arms. But limited. She stirred a little as he carefully un tucked her towel that was secured between her breast. Admiring her, the light pinkish-beige tint of her areolas. His cock jumped as he looked at her neatly trimmed mound. He could not understand how one pussy could cause so much pleasure. As her breathing patterns began to change, he decided he had better get things set up.

Kenny stepped to the tray, picked it up and sat it on the night stand. He picked up the bottle of peppermint oil as he stood next to the bed. The bottle had a dropper inside so the places one could get to were endless. He remembered how the peppermint candy canes at Christmas time was one of her favorite toys. The mint would cause them to fuck with such intensity trying to soothe and share the warm yet cooling effects on their sensitive areas. Kenny smiled as he filled the dropper with the oil and held it just an inch or so from the top of her slit. He knew the oil would touch her hood and probably the clit as she began to squirm. Then the oil would travel down the sweet crevice of her pussy. Kenny gently squeezed the dropper and watched as one…two…three drops of peppermint oil filled her slit.

Shay inhaled slowly as she pulled her thighs tight and gave a slight roll of her hips. Her eyes opened quickly. Her expression was one of slight embarrassment. She thought she might have been having an arousing dream and Kenny had walked in on her. Quickly gathering her thoughts, the warmth between her legs was intensifying.

Kenny stood at the bedside with the peppermint bottle concealed in his hand and said,” Welcome home Baby…nice flight?”

Shay started to push up in a sitting up position. That’s when she realized her arms with secured with the velvet straps. She glanced at the straps then to Kenny. Kenny was smiling because he had noticed her moving her thigh in attempt to cool or console her pussy.

“What’s with this?”, Shay asked in a not so playful tone.

Kenny leaned to her and sat the tiny bottle of oil on her tummy, he then started walking to the foot of the bed.

Shay read the label the best she could as her breathing had increased and the bottle was bobbing around on her moving tummy. Her eyes darted straight to his and ‘THAT’ look he had seen on more than a few occasions was there.

In a very seductive way, Kenny asked her, ” Glad to be home baby?” He lifted his left leg and placed his foot on the bed, leaning forward and resting his forearm on his knee.

Shay inhaled deeply and adjusted her ass causing the bottle to fall off her tummy. ” Kenny ,” she spoke calmly. ” Untie my hands, this is not amusing me at all. Let’s do the Chinese and kick back.”

“Sorry that you had to hit the rush hour, but at least your home,” Kenny continued.

Shay brought her knees up and her feet were on the bed, spread just a little. The peppermint oil was working it’s magic. She noticed Kenny glancing at her exposed pussy. She felt her tightening her pussy was probably noticeable to him. She wanted untied.

“Are you not listening to me? Untie my arms Ken…now…please.” She replied sternly.

Kenny stayed in place.

Shay began to lose her fight with her body. Kenny smiled as he seen three definite pumps of her ass. He knew the oil had just hit her sweet asshole and he also knew that drove her nuts.

When Shay spoke again, the words were pushed from her with a gasp. “Your pissin me off…*emmmmm*….fuckin untie me!” Shay squeezed her legs together tight. Her clit was begging for attention.

Kenny stood up, placing his foot on the floor. He then walked to the night stand and took the tray of toys to the foot of the bed. He continued in his calm, seductive voice, ” Darlin, I saw…….”

“What the fuck is that? Ken are you out of your mind?” Shay cut him off quickly and began to kick at the tray he had placed at the foot of the bed. ” What’s the deal Ken…I don’t understand this shit! Do I not fuck you enough? You think you have to tie me down to get your kicks? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKIN MIND?”

Kenny pulled the tray far enough away that she could not dump it.

Shay was pissed and he knew it. She watched as he walked back over to the side of the bed retrieving the bottle of oil. Her breast were heaving as she started in again…..” you COCK SUCKER! This is NOT you…what now you want ass…you tie me down Alanya escort bayan to take my ass MOTHER FUCKER!”

Kenny felt his cock jump. He opened the bottle, holding the dropper well out of her reach. He squeezed a drop of peppermint oil to her right nipple. As Shay felt the oil heating up her nipple and rolling down the side of her breast, Kenny replied, ” Heard that Griggs tune you like so well…” Kenny placed the bottle between her breast.

He knew she was beyond pissed as she whispered…” you bastard.”

Kenny pulled up a chair so close to the bed his knees were touching it. Shay had wiggled enough that she was to the edge of the bed. Kenny was able to blow a steady stream of air directly to her glistening nipple. Her back arched at the sensation that went from her nipple to her clit. Shay’s legs immediately separated so the room temperature could kiss her pussy and send the sensations deep inside. “How you feel Shay?” Kenny asked in that same seductive tone.

Shay did not answer him. She couldn’t. He had her body so worked up yet he hadn’t even touched her. She was trying so hard to control her breathing. She was not use to being in the position she appeared to be in.

Kenny reached up and lightly brushed a strand of hair from her face, lightly blew at her nipple again and then he continued. In that calm, seductive voice he said, ” I know this is not what you are familiar with from me. You afraid of me Shay?” He didn’t give her time to answer before he stood, took the ostrich feather from the tray, returned to the chair and sat down. As he gently touched her hard right nipple, her breast swelled as she inhaled from touch. He then lightly pulled the soft feather down her rib cage to just above her belly bo. Shay felt a surge of sweetness escape her labia. Kenny continued, “You commented earlier …had I decided I wanted your ass and this was the way I was going to take it.” Kenny slowly shook his head as he began dragging the feather back up her diaphragm. “Not necessary,” Kenny replied.

Shay listened closely to every word. Not sure where he was going with this. She listened and held her breath as not to let him see that her body was wanting to be ravaged.

“You know that I would not hurt you Shay Lyn…you know that I am yours to fill your fantasies and to make knew ones. You are about to do the same for me. You know I was hanging on your every word last night on the phone. You had me where you wanted me. Now I am going to get you there.” Ken lightly touched the left nipple and heard her gasp. ” If we need to work at this until you turn that trust over, to allow me to guide your body through the pleasure, then we have all night. I will decide where to put things. I will decide what to use. I will decide how much pressure you need. I will decide not only when to start, but when to stop.”

Kenny stood and leaned over her taking her right nipple between his teeth. He applied pressure to it, only stopping when he heard Shay moan “Ugh.”

Kenny then walked to the foot of the bed. Shay watched as he let the towel he had wrapped around his waist drop to the floor. It was almost mesmerizing to her. Kenny’s cock had a slight bounce to it from it’s own weight.

Shay could still feel the effects of the peppermint oil on her pussy and nipple. She clenched her pussy and was about to ask him again to untie her as he spoke, “I want you to close your eyes. Bring your knees up and spread them.”

Just as Shay opened her mouth to protest, in the same calm voice he responded, ” Now Shay Lyn.”

Shay bent her knees and brought her feet so close, her heels touched her butt. As she spread her legs Kenny was at the foot of the bed stroking his cock slowly. She closed her eyes. Knowing he was about to slip into her and they would fuck like animals.

Kenny reached for the thin vibe and the bullet with the remote. He quickly put a drop of peppermint oil on the bullet and the tip of the vibe. Placing them beside her, he laid down on the bed with his face at her opened pussy. He seen her tighten her tummy as he blew a steady stream of air over her hood. Looking up at her he reminded her, ” Keep them shut Shay.” Just as he said that he held the vibe just above her clit and held the bullet at her hole. The contact was at the same time. As he touched the vibe to her hard clit, he pushed the bullet into her wet pussy in one push.

Shay kept her eyes shut. She felt the tease on her clit and she was also aware that something went into her. She also knew it was not his cock.

Kenny continued to massage her clit and he told her, ” Be still Shay. No movement. Let the excitement you feel travel through you.”

Shay begin to concentrate. She scrunched up handfuls of sheet as she bit her bottom lip and squeezed her eyes shut even tighter. It felt as if her body was tingly from head to toe. She could hear his calming voice repeating, ” Don’t cum. Don’t cum Shay Lyn. You trust me to make this spectacular. Look at me Shay.”

She lifted her head a little to look between her legs. There he was, his tongue about to touch her clit as he held the vibe on it. She bore down getting ready for the burst of pleasure as he touched her. At the exact moment she felt his tongue and the vibe touch her throbbing clit, he switched Escort Alanya on the remote. The bullet that had settled next to her g-spot caused her to explode into an orgasm. Kenny had not realized the strength in her legs. Shay began to reach for him, to hold his head, but the straps prevented her from doing so.

“Kennnnny!…OH my God!….*ugh*….Ohhhhhhh!,” came screaming from her mouth. Kenny cut the remote off.

He watched as Shay continued to squeeze her thighs as she trapped his hand that was holding the vibe to her. Kenny noticed a wet spot on the sheets. He knew that happened when her g-spot was touched. He caught her looking at him, her eyes glazed and her breathing choppy.

Shay whispered, ” Untie me Kenny…let me please you.”

Kenny reached for the ice bucket without saying a word. He took a piece of ice and slipped it into his mouth, never taking his eyes off hers. Pushing the ice in his mouth to his right cheek, he told her calmly, “Your legs Shay…spread them, relax and stay still.”

Shay opened her mouth to repeat her request, Kenny quickly responded, “Do it Shay Lyn.”

Shay returned her legs as they were. Her body was still glowing from the intense orgasm she had just experienced. The slightest movement of her ass and she could feel the bullet on her g-spot. She knew what ever he was doing, it was incredible. She had never had an orgasm from her clit and g-spot at the same time.

Kenny moved between her legs again. He touched the folds of her pussy with the tip of the vibrator, tracing every curve. As Shay closed her eyes, she felt the tip of his tongue touch her hood. It was so cold from the ice he held inside his mouth. Her hips pushed up to him wanting the cold ice to counteract the warmth from the peppermint oil. The contrast was wonderful. Shay was also aware that the warmth was coming from deep inside her too. There was no cooling that area.

Kenny brought the melting piece of ice to his tongue. Placing his mouth to her, he pushed the ice into her pussy and held it inside her with his tongue. Shay began to wiggle and squirm until the initial ‘cold’ has passed. Then Kenny placed the second piece of ice into her pussy. Shay was wrong, there was a way to cool that area off… he slipped the third piece of ice in and watched as the melted ice started to trickle out of her pink folds. He then turned on the remote.

The rush went through her body in seconds. As Shay began to ride the orgasm, he watched stroking his cock. He was feeling the cum travel through his tube. SO close but he was not finished with her.

After Shay held her breath clinging to her sweet release, Kenny almost lost it when he heard her moan from sheer pleasure. ” Oh my God, Kenny…I have never felt anything like that before…What are you doin?” Shay asked as she panted.

“I want to feel that too Shay,” Kenny replied. ” You trust me Shay Lyn?”

Shay’s mind was racing. How could he feel what she was feeling?

Kenny continued, still watching her trying to gain control of her breathing. ” Close your eyes Shay,”

“Why? Just untie me, I will take care of you…what are you gonna do?” Shay asked with a little hesitation in her voice.

“Shay Lyn, remember what I told you?” Ken replied in that same tone that was soothing yet cautious. “Turn that trust over to me, allow me to guide your body through the pleasure. I will decide where to put things. I will decide what to use. I will decide how much pressure you need. I will decide not only when to start, but when to stop. Do as I said Shay…. Now.”

Shay closed her eyes as she spread her legs, offering herself completely.

Kenny reached for the peppermint oil and rubbed some over the head of his cock. He slowly walked up the foot of the bed on his knees as he continued to spread the oil onto his shaft. The warmth was penetrating his flesh as his hand stroked faster. Kenny looked up at Shay to find her doing just as he had told her. Her eyes shut as she awaited his next move. Kenny looked at her pussy still glistening from her previous orgasms. He saw the thin wire that connected the bullet that was still inside her. Kenny pushed his cock down a little to line the engorged head to her hole. He guided the head between her labia and pushed. It was going to take another push to enter her tight pussy. When he pushed the second time the head stretched the opening to allow entry. He held the head of his cock just inside her tight ring and felt her grip around it. Shay felt the heat radiating again inside her. Kenny started giving her baby fucks. He did not want to move the bullet to much higher. As he sped up his pace, he watched her take her nipples between her fingers, her eyes still closed. She was biting her bottom lip as she pulled at them, little frown lines formed on her forehead. Kenny knew the second he turned the remote on, they would both cum like it was their last. As he began to pant with his thrust, he told her “Open your eyes Shay……*ugh*…let me see your eyes….*ugh…” Shay opened her eyes. He had a look on his face she had seen many times before. His voice was higher pitched. His gasps were almost shouts. Kenny hit the switch on the remote and they both tensed their bodies. Kenny felt her pussy gripping his cock. He only had about three inches in her. The bullet was massaging her g-spot and his cock was feeling the vibrations as his cum shot deep in her. Shay had gripped the sheets and was in her own place…Her eyes were open and looking at him. But there was no expression. She was definitely enjoying the pleasure he had given her.

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