The Gymnast and the Coach Pt. 03-04

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Part 3

We sat on the floor for at least half hour, most of that not talking him just holding me. He got up and grabbed a bottle of water from the side.

“Drink and don’t worry its just water.” He said.

I gulped the water down and thank him for it. He walked over and kissed me on the head. He then untied the rope still attached to my balls from the hook and pulled me indicating for me to get up. I stood up slowly and shacked my arms and legs.

“How you feeling boy?” he asked walking back behind me.

“Like I have done 4 hours of work out Sir. Pumped Sir but wanting more.” I replied.

“Glad to hear it boy, follow me” as he pulled the rope attached to my balls.

He leads me to the other end of the basement towards the cross leaning against the wall. He stopped in front of it.

“This boy is all made by me for you boy. Oh, I had this basement and some bits beforehand but the cross and table those are for you boy!”

I looked at the cross, it was about a foot taller than me and looked like the ones in the videos I had sent him.

“You know I said we have 12 hours boy?”

“Yes Sir”

“Well that is not really true. You see I spoke to your Mum today and told her I had managed to get Sports Psychology event at the last minute. I told her you would learn about mind over body and it would help your game. I told her I was going to surprise you with it this evening. She thought it would be a great idea! So, she is not expecting you back until the weekend now Boy!”

I could see the smile on his face.

“But Sir, my training, what will the gym say if I don’t turn up? What will the lads say?” I was starting to get worried now.

“Don’t worry boy, I have it covered. The gym thinks the same and the lads do as well, and you are on a mind over matter event of sorts!” He replied smiling as he said it. “So, we have days down here boy!” his tone changed.

He leads me to another door I had not noticed before at far corner, inside was a small prison cell. It had the full bar doors and hanging on the door was a leather straight jacket and full rubber suit. On the floor of the cell just by a small drain cover attached to a hook on the floor was a set of heavy leg irons. Stand here boy. He positioned me with my back to the cell door. He started to unwind the rope which had been wrapped around my balls for almost two hours. The bloody rushing back in made them feel cold and made my legs shiver. He went to a shelf on the wall and showed me a device that looked like a cock.

“This is a chastity device boy. Your cock no longer belongs to you. It belongs to me. I will decide when you touch it and if you cum. You will not be allowed to cum without my permission.”

“SIR YES SIR” I replied, again without thinking he had my mind as well as my cock.

He knelt down and opened the ring of the device and closed it around my balls and cock. He then rubbed some lotion on my cock. It felt cold but had the effect of softening my hardon. He then pushed the tube over my cock.

“This is heat sensitive boy, the lotion I have put on will being feeling cold, hence why your impressive cock is softening. But when this goes on and it starts to warm up it will shape your cock, but you won’t be able to get hard fully.” He explained when as he pushed the tube on. He slid into place and he locked with a key. No padlock and no way of getting the cage off! As soon as it was locked off I could feel a warmth over my cock and it started to grow again. But it was stopped by the cage, unable to stand proud.

He pushed on my shoulders as he stood up, forcing me onto my knees. He leaned back and pulled down two sets of handcuffs. He expertly put the cuffs on each wrist and then attached them to the cage. My arms ached as he again stretched me wide and clicked the cuffs shut. I was now on my knees level to his crotch. He pushed me against the bars with his crotch and rubbed his cock, hidden by his shorts in my face.

“This is what you worship now boy, this is the reward you will get for doing well in your training, but believe me boy you will have to earn this reward boy! Pull my shorts down with your teeth boy!” I took hold of the top of his shorts and slowly edged them down. As I did I could smell him even more. A mix of sweat and piss. I inhaled the scent, the scent of my master, my coach, my Owner! As I pulled the shorts down his cock was starting to come into view, it was surrounded by a thick layer of black hair, the top of his cock was thick and as I continued to pull the short lower the rest was just the same. It was the most beautiful cock I had seen. Long and thick and his balls were big and hung low. I wanted no needed to worship this. He moved back from me as I went to bury my head into his cock and balls.

“NO BOY as I said you need to earn this boy! Tell me what you will endure to earn this boy?”

“Anything Sir, I am yours SIR, yours to do what you want SIR”

“I know you are boy, but what will you do escort bayan now boy in this room to get my cock inside you boy!?”

I looked at him this stunning man standing tall and muscular, the most impressive man I had ever seen. My mind raced, I had just been abused worse than I thought possible but I wanted and needed more.

“SIR, hang me from the bars of the cell Sir, beat and whip your property SIR!”

“Good boy!” he replied as he walked out the room.

The situation I am in was sink in. As far as everyone else was concerned I was stopping at my coaches for the night and then going on a retreat to improve my mental sportsmen ship, when in fact I was being held as property, held at the will of a man who now owned my body. A future Olympic gymnast champion receiving very special training. I was in a position that would terrify most people but for me I never felt safer than I do now, handcuffed to cell about to be beaten.

He returned to the room and holding the leather flogger, what looked like a riding crop and some rope. He was still naked, his cock hard as rock, his body looked like it was chiselled in stone under the fur on his chest and abs.

“Stand up boy” he commanded.

I pushed myself off and he tied the rope around my ankles spreading my legs wide apart. He then unlocked the first cuff and lifted my arm as high as it would go and cuffed it to the top of the cell. He did the same with my left arm. I was again spread eagle standing up but this time my feet were on the ground. He took the riding crop and started to hit my chest and nipples, still sore from the abuse earlier it took on a few gentle hits before they were one fire. I started to groan from deep within me. This seems to encourage him as his increase the intensity of the hits one my chest, quick sharp whacks of the crop over and over again my chest. It felt like some had lit a fire on me. I tried to hold onto the groans but could not longer. I let out a crawl and shouted.


I had no idea why I said it, what deep down made me ask to be tortured more than I already was.

“Fuck boy you asked for it!” he shouted back. He dropped the crop and picked up the flogger. He stood back and took a swing at full force on my abs. The noise echoed around the room as the fire ran through my body. I arched my body out towards the next blow which hit square on me. The snap of the flogger landing on my abs, it felt like it was cutting my skin. I started to thrash against my bonds like a wild animal, shouting and swearing. Pleading with Sir to stop one minute and go harder the next.

He continues to flog my body working over my chest, stomach, caged cock and legs. It felt like it went on for hours. My whole body was trembling and my mind was on the biggest high of my life. My mind started to feel like it was outside my body. I swear I was watching myself, watching the god of a man swinging his arm back and forth and he rained down hit after hit on me. I felt like I was ready to burst when he suddenly stopped and I slumped into the bondage that was holding me against the metal bars of the cell. I opened my eyes and looked around, I don’t know if I passed out or not but I could not see Sir in front of me. I suddenly felt a hand on my arse and then I felt a cold liquid being put into my hole I was being lube up. I must of please him.

I had been fucked before, at the world championships after the competition had ended by a Russian gymnast.

“You have done well boy now you get your reward!” His hot breath on my neck made me crawl again.

I felt his thick cock on my back, it slid down between my arse and reached my hole. He pushed the tip of his cock inside me. I felt the heat from it as he pushed himself into me. It felt like I was being invaded, but my moans and my cock pushing against the chastity cage told I was enjoying this. I felt alive like I had never done before. He slowly, almost tenderly started to fuck me, he picked up the speed of his thrusts. He was deep inside me now.

“Fucking hell body, your hole feels good. Your being fucked by your owner boy. You’re a slab of meat for me to fuck, abuse and use boy. Your understand. You have no rights down here in the prison. No say in what happens to you. No say in stopping it. I own you 100% boy!”

“Sir YES SIR!” I shouted back.

He was getting rough now, banging away at my arse. He arms wrapped around my body through the cell bars. I could feel precum dripping out of my cock and I so wanted to be wanking myself off as he fucked me. I could feel myself getting close to cumming.

“Sir I’m going to cum Sir”

“You can boy cum boy” he said as he his fucking became harder. His moans grew more and more as did mind. I pushed my arse back towards the bars and his cock was deep inside me. I lifted myself off the ground and screamed as I cum exploded out of my caged cock, the force of the cum splashing on the floor and onto my legs. I felt Sirs bursa vip escort grip on my body get stronger.

“Fuck boy, fuck fuck, fuuuccckkkkkkkkk” he shouted as I felt his body shake I felt his cum fill my insides and he continued to fuck every last drop out him and into me.

We both collapsed into each other only separated by the bars of the cell. I slumped as much as the handcuffs would allow and Sir held me tight. He removed his still stiff cock from my arse and walked out the cell and stood in front of me. He kissed me, deep the most passionate and intense kiss in the world. It was like a bolt of lightning hitting and running through my body. I didn’t notice he had grabbed something from the shelf until I felt something at my whole again. He forced in a large butt plug into my hole. It slotted into place.

“HOLD THAT TIGHT BOY!” he walked out the room and left me tied up.

He left me light that for a few minutes and returned with a protein shaker and some bottles of rub. He opened the bottles and started to rub oil into my body. He worked from the legs up, massaging my whole body. When he was done he untied the rope from my legs and released the handcuffs. He rubs cream around my wrists, the marks from the cuffs showing.

“This will help relax the muscle boy, you need to be ready for tomorrow’s training boy, now drink this it’s a meal replacement drink boy.”

“Thank you, SIR,” I took the drink and gulped it down.

“Right boy time to get you ready for the night. You will spend each night you are here in this cell in some form of bondage boy. If you have done well it will be light enough for you to sleep, if you have done bad it won’t be boy. Unless I think you need a night of hard bondage and pain, do you understand boy?”


“Good now I had this rubber suit made for you boy, I know your measurements from the gym so this should fit like a glove. Use the powder on your body and put the suit on I will be back in 10 minutes.” He left the room closing and locking the door behind him.

I looked down at my body it was glowing red with welts and marks all over my front. I could feel the plug in my arse holding in Sir’s seed. I picked up the bottle that contained the powder. I opened it and put some on my hand. It felt like the chalk we used at the gym, I rubbed it over my body from neck to feet. I took down the rubber suit from it hanger and smelt the rubber. I had never thought of rubber before but the smell sent a message to my cage cock and it again pushed against the cage. I put my feet into the legs of the suit and pulled them up over my legs. The suit had a cut out for my cock and I ease the cage through. It snapped around my cock, I continued to pull the suit up over my body and put my arms through the sleeves. I had to bend my body to get it over my shoulders as I stood straight the suit felt like it sucked around my body. The suit had an attached hood and I pulled it over my newly shaved head. It had a hold around the mouth, and two cut out holes for my eyes. I noticed it did not have and holes for my nostrils! it had a zip on the back with a rubber piece I could pull the zip up with. I managed with some wriggling to pull the zip all the way up. I looked at my down at myself the rubber was shiny and reflected the lights in the room. The suit was skin tight and showed off my muscle body, it stuck to my body and followed every contour. It even showed my abs as I breathed.

The door lock clicked open and I looked up to see Sir standing in front of me, still naked his cock now soft but hanging down his leg. It really was impressive.

“When I enter boy, you will take the position, kneel with your hands clasped on your head. DO IT NOW BOY!” he commanded. I dropped to my knees, he walked towards me and pushed his cock into my face. He started to slap his cock around my face and each hit it got harder until it was fully hard again just a few minutes after fucking me raw. He started to grown again. He stopped suddenly and walked behind me. I heard him take something from the shelf and I he dangled a cock shaped gag into front of my face.

“This is mine boy, not as big as you know but it is moulded on my cock boy. Your will spend you night sucking my cock. It has a tube through the middle so you will be able to breath. He pushed the cock gag into my mouth. It filled my mouth, I was unable to speak but I took a deep breath in and was able to breathe through the tube. He next pulled a blindfold over my eyes and my world went black.

“Now the finishing touches boy!”

I felt another hood being pulled over my head and my world fell silent. He buckled the hood tight and I heard padlocks clicking around my head. He lifted me up and pulled my arms in front of me, I felt my arms being pushed into the arms of what felt like a coat but I sound realised was the straight jacket as the arms were wrapped around my already rubber covered body. The straps were pulled bursa elit escort tight, it felt like I was hugging myself. Next, I felt heavy metal cuffs around my legs. I was pushed forward and had to hobble due a chain between the cuffs.

I walked about 10 paces and was stopped. Sir lowered me down onto a mat and I heard the door to the cell slam shut. Sir said nothing and I suddenly felt very alone. I tried to pull my legs into me but they were stopped I must have been chained to the floor in the cell. I suddenly heard a crackle in my ears.

“Boy, the hood had speakers in so I can talk to you. You are now chained by your ankles to the floor, in a specially made rubber suit which looked amazing on you. You are gagged with my cock and held by a leather straight jacket. If you need to piss, piss boy. Your will not be let out until morning. Your body and mind are now my property. YOU ARE NOW MY SLAVE!”

The speakers crackled again and then silence.

I slumped onto the mat the last view hours of heavy abuse taking its toll. My body aches and I tried to find a comfortable position. I had no idea how long I would held like this. By my calculations I had been down here for around 4 hours which would make it just after midnight but I had no idea if that was correct. I had the sudden need to piss and realised I had not pissed since arriving this evening. I had drank 4 bottles of beer and other fluid. I moved my legs apart and let go, the piss flowing out the cage. I thought back on what had happened. I had dreamt of this for a long time I had talked on Grindr with my coach for a number of months. Telling him my deepest, darkest secrets, the fantasys I would dream up and wank over never thinking they would become reality but they had and the first few hours showed me I was in for a long tough number if days.

Telling him how I wanted to be crucified on the cross, hung from my feet, pulled on a rack, even how I wanted to be shared by him with others! I moved myself onto my back, the pressure of the butt plug filling my hole, the cock cage hugging my cock. I had read about chastity and wondered if I would be wearing this all the time, how would I hide it at the gym? The thoughts running through my mind caused my cock to try and get hard again, I tried to move my arms around but the straight jacket was so tight I could not move at all. I relaxed into the darkness of the hood and started to suck on the gag, imagining what would happen next. I felt at home in my situation, I felt safe however strange that might sound. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep in my new role as a object of abuse.

Part 4

I don’t know how long I had slept for but I was awakened by a crackle in my ear.

“Time to get up boy, kneel boy!” it was Sir, can it be morning already, this thick hood on I had no idea. I lead against the wall and pushed myself up. I rubber suit was still sticking to my body but I could feel the sweat dripping down my body as I sat up straight. I shuffled forward and managed to get on my knees as I heard the cell door click open. My cock was hard and my arms cried out to be stretched away from the straight jacket. My mouth was dry and my jaw aches but I felt good my muscles not as sore as I had expected.

I felt Sir’s presence behind me and he pulled me up by the buckles on the jacket and I stood. Now I could feel the stiffness in my legs but no more than I would after a hard gym session.

I could feel the padlocks being unlocked and the hood slowly being removed. The blindfold was next and the bright lights of the cell blinded me for a minute. When my vision returned SIr was stood in front of me. He was wearing shorts and a vest, his hair was all bed hair and he looked more beautiful than I remembered. He smiled at me, and my cock started to grow in the cage. God this man has a power over me like no one else.

“Morning boy, did you sleep well?” he asked

“SIR YES SIR!” tried to say through the gag.

He laughed and unbuckled the gag and pulled it out of my mouth. I groaned as I moved my jaw around. Sir leaned in and kissed me deeply, a full passionate snog. By now my cock was straining against the cage, I felt like I could cum there and then but I am not sure when I will be able to cum next.

“Right boy the morning routine. When you are let out of the cell you will have a liquid meal breakfast and some multivitamins. You will also have the normal supplements you take, we will do a workout and then you will have a shower. Understand Boy?”

“Yes, Sir.” He started to unbuckle the straight jacket and when I came off I moved my arms. It felt good to stretch out. He left the rubber suit and hood on and handed me a bottle of water. I took the whole bottle down whilst taking the vitamins. He then handed me a shaker of protein.

I drank that down, it tasted nice and it was gone in minutes. The leg irons were removed and Sir told me to walk out the cage and into the dungeon.

All of the lights were on and I followed Sir to one corner. It had a bench press, weights and a treadmill and was mirrored. I stood in front of the mirrors seeing the rubber suit for the first time in all its glory. It looked like it had been painted on. The black rubber was showing off my body in every detail.

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