The Good Doctor Ch. 1

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Being in the medical community, I hesitated about telling my story but decided as long as I left the location out and changed the names it would be impossible for this story to be linked back to me. Being a fairly hi-profile plastic surgeon in a town where cosmic alterations were made famous keeps me quite busy and had afforded me many riches.

First off, in this line of work it is very easy to receive sexual favors from grateful women. I have taken the very ordinary and turned them into the very extraordinary and have shunned many offers that go beyond my monetary fee. I have on occasion accepted oral favors which is quite common amongst my colleagues. I even had one man so grateful for the boobs I gave his wife that he insisted she perform oral sex on me and he sat on the leather sofa in my office and watched as I received what has been the best blow job of my life to date. But the normal stuff is not what my story is about.

I’m 43, married to an attractive woman my age who unfortunately has a waning interest in sex. I have a son and daughter away at college and travel in pleasant circles socially. I have been having a sexual relationship with my 28 year-old nurse who is a knock out, for several years. It continues to this day despite her marriage nearly two years ago. She has lovely breasts which are my own creation. But again, my stories not about her… so let me begin.

Crystal was stunning. She was 25 years-old, a product of a black father and an Irish mother and she had lovely features. I’d seen her in the waiting room and she demanded a second look in her short skirt and red pumps. Karen, my nurse/lover came into my office and handed me a chart and told me I had a very interesting patient waiting for me in exam room number 3. It was Thursday and my partner was not in the office so I was usually running a bit behind but today was an exception. I asked her what she meant and she simply smiled a sexy, wicked smile and said the patient was ready for me.

As I walked from my office to exam room
I flipped through the chart and noticed the patient hadn’t checked off her sex, I didn’t give it a second thought thinking simply it was an oversight. Crystal had a lovely face and as I examined her features I knew that the absent choice of sex was not an oversight. My partner had done breasts on several transexuals or transvestites but she was my first. As was the practice in the office, Karen was in there with me to assure no hanky panky went on. Crystal was in the small, backless gown and I decided I would take her full medical history first.

What I found out was that indeed Crystal was a man currently taking female hormones. She ( I am going to refer to Crystal as she because she was a beautiful woman) was always girlish and her voice gave no indication of the contrary. Her mannerisms were also completely feminine and her facial features and body were definitely more woman then man. By that I mean there was no large Adam’s apple, she didn’t have large hands or large feet, certainly not in a manly way. She had a sexy manicure and pedicure and her arms were nearly hairless as was the rest of her, “naturally” she said. After talking to her and studying her for fifteen minutes I asked her to lower the gown so I could see her breasts and evaluate them.

Crystal had the beginnings of female breasts. A-cups, with rather large areola for a man and rather long nipples. She wanted C-cups and voiced concern that she would lose sensitivity in her nipples and she didn’t want that to happen. I assured her with the method I used that was very rarely a side effect in my patients. porno izle I examined the breasts and explained the type of procedure to her as I went along.

She was also having her hips and thighs shaped so I proceeded with my examination and had her remove the gown completely. I saw Karen become quite interested when I moved to this portion of the examination. I’m a medical doctor, I try to keep an open mind. I guess I didn’t know what to expect from Crystal but I certainly didn’t expect what I saw. Instead of a small, wrinkled penis, which my partner explained was a result of strong hormone usage, I saw a penis larger and thicker then my own. She was flaccid and obviously nervous but there was no doubting that beneath the foreskin lay an impressive organ. I glanced at Karen who seemed quite shocked. I asked Crystal if she had any effects from the hormone pills and she said she had none whatsoever. She took a very small dosage because she was quite feminine to begin with. She said her testicles were a bit smaller and her ejaculate was more watery then before she took the pills. “I still get firm erections” she answered nervously.

The examination ended and we went to my office and I showed her on the computer what I planned to do for her. The price seemed not to be a problem and we made an appointment for the first of three procedures pending her lab results and that everything was cleared. After Crystal left I found myself oddly aroused. Karen came in to tell me I had another patient and she smiled and told me “that lady has some cock” and smiled when she ran her hand over my crotch before she left me. I took a few minutes to collect my thoughts and proceeded with my day.

I must admit, what I did for Crystal over the next three months was some of my finest work considering. When I was through she was a gorgeous woman with the exception of the rather large penis between her legs. I also couldn’t understand my increased sexuality after Crystals first visit. I have never considered myself bisexual and I’m not sure if my desire for Crystal could be considered homosexual thoughts. After all, she had the soft, pretty face of an angel, wonderful breasts, shapely hips and one of the shapeliest ass I’d ever seen on any woman.

When Crystal came in for her last follow up visit I found myself disappointed that I would no longer be seeing her. Before she was ready to leave, I did something I do not do regularly, I asked her if she was free next week. My wife was taking a week long trip to visit our daughter and her sister on the other side of the state. I invited Crystal to my home on the pretense that there were many questions I wanted to ask her because I had grown curious of her situation and I thought for her willingness to answer questions, she should be rewarded with a nice dinner. I was delighted when she didn’t hesitate and accepted my offer.

On the night of our “date”, Crystal arrived on time and looked absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous. She was wearing a short dress with a snug top that showed plenty of her lovely cleavage. Her legs were sexy as hell in her sheer stockings and as she got in my Mercedes I noticed she wearing a white garter under her dress which I loved. I still hadn’t decided on whether or not I would try to seduce Crystal but I had to admit to be aroused at that point.

We were enjoying a wonderful dinner at an out of the way restaurant where I usually took Karen to and the staff knew me and knew that I was never there with my wife. Crystal got quite a few stared and I got quite a few thumbs up from the male staff signifying their approval of my amatör porno latest date. It was 3/4 of the way through dinner when I felt Crystals stockinged foot touch my crotch. I had an erection in no time and decided I wanted something to happen between us that night.

As we were driving back to my empty home Crystal confessed to me that while she had performed oral sex on many men, no one had ever taken her “virginity” and she told me she wanted me to be her first. That is she said, if I had any interest in that. Well, I may not have been before but I certainly was interested now. By the time we arrived home I had an erection just at the idea of seeing her naked in a non clinical way.

No sooner did the front door close then we began to kiss. I was hesitant at first but Crystals mouth and lips were as soft as any woman I’d known in the past. She moaned as we kissed and I ran my hand over her hard nipples. I could tell she smiled when she reached down and found that my cock was hard. “I think you’ll find I suck amazing cock” she said before dropping to her knees and unzipping my slacks.

She seemed pleased at my solid 6″ erection. She was every bit as good as she claimed too. She dipped her head and licked my balls completely, sucking them one at a time and then licking the length of my shaft and letting her tongue dance along the head. She sensed I was close to cumming and backed off to give my balls more attention again. She did this thing where she stroked my shaft in a circular motion while she sucked the swollen crown that drove me absolutely crazy. My wife gave terrible head, so bad in fact that I didn’t even bother asking her for it on the infrequent occasions we made love. Karen gave nice head, but Crystal was in a league of her own.

I wondered just how many cocks she’d sucked in her young life to acquire such skill. “Can I swallow your cum?” she asked looking up at me. How could I refuse. I knew this hot girl was disease free and I knew that I would do it all with her. She stepped up her wonderful cock sucking efforts and when she began to swallow my whole cock I lost it. I shot four or five thick, powerful gobs which she greedily tried to swallow before pulling my cock from her mouth and letting the rest dribble around her lips and on her chin. I pulled her to her feet and we kissed before I reached down and tried to rub her crotch. “Are you sure it won’t bother you to see it?” she said hesitating and I shook my head and told her I wanted to see it and touch it. She smiled and I led her from the doorway into the living room. She lifted her sexy dress and stood their in a dainty, black pair of panties and the bulge was now impossible to hide.

She looked so sexy, her perfect cocoa colored skin and her full, firm tits with dark, erect nipples. I sat on the couch as she slowly lowered her panties. If I was surprised to see how big it was flaccid, I was shocked when it sprang into view, fully erect and easily 9″ long. Although not as thick as mine it was a very impressive sight indeed. I looked at it from all angles and tentatively reached my hand out to touch it which caused her to moan. The foreskin covered the head, it was much darker then the rest of her skin but when I peeled back the skin and revealed the head, which was a lighter shade and had a clear droplet on the tip. A part of me was curious as to what it would feel like to take it in my mouth, but I guess I wasn’t ready for that yet.

Crystal lay beside me on the couch and I kissed her and we began to make out and I reached down and stroked her. It was like I had done anal porno so many times in high school, getting a hand job from a girlfriend. I leaned my head down and was greedily sucking her sensitive nipples when she bucked her hips and began to cum. She took over my pumping ( I guess I lacked skill at this point) and milked her cock to orgasm. When it was over I noticed how quickly her cock had lost its erectness, I also noticed the load of nearly clear cum that had shot nearly to her tits. We both laughed and I couldn’t believe how hard I was again, it usually took me a good twenty minutes to get a second erection but I had been hard since the moment she lowered her panties.

We made our way upstairs to the master bathroom and were both naked and in the shower in just a few minutes. We soaped each other’s body in a very sensual, relaxing way. She was careful to avoid touching my erection and I finally calmed down a bit after ten minutes in the shower. As I soaped her wonderful ass I couldn’t believe I would be fucking it soon. I hadn’t had anal sex since college and even then it was only a few times with a girl I dated who liked it in the ass when she was drunk enough.

As we dried each other off my erection was returning and I noticed Crystals cock had also grown some, but wasn’t fully erect yet. “Do you have some lube or something?” I nodded and told her to go on into the bedroom. I found the stuff my wife used to get her pussy wet enough for our occasional fuck and returned to find Crystal laying on the bed, on her side. She had tucked her cock away and anyone who saw her would’ve simply guessed that I was a lucky guy about to fuck a sexy mulatto girl.

After several minutes of kissing she asked me if I still wanted to make love to her and I smiled and told her I wanted nothing more. She raised herself up on her elbows and waved her perfect ass at me. I moved in behind Crystal and looked at her sexy ass and I found myself really turned on by seeing her balls and her semi hard cock hanging there. I’m not sure what came over me but I leaned my head down and began to kiss her ass cheeks all over. As I approached her crack I inhaled the fresh, clean smell of soap. I darted my tongue in her asshole and Crystal immediately responded. I lost track of time as I ate out her asshole as if it were the sweetest pussy on earth. Only when she turned and told me in her sexy voice that she wanted my cock in her right now, did I come back to reality.

I looked and saw that her cock was much harder then it had been earlier. I squeezed a droplet of the lube on my cock head and a drop on her ass just to be sure, even though her hole was wet and open from my tongue job. I worked one lubed finger in and then a second before I placed my cock at her tight entrance. Her virgin hole swallowed my cock slowly and when I had worked all of my 6″ in I had to stop for fear of cumming to quickly. When the urge passed I continued.

I worked my cock in and out at an even pace and was even more turned on when Crystal grabbed her big cock and jerked it until her cum flew all over the sheets. Knowing I made my partner cum was my signal to let loose. I began slamming into her virgin asshole, she was moaning loudly and begging me to fuck her. It was only a few minutes later that my cock erupted, flooding the depths of her asshole. I don’t remember ever cumming with such an intense force. My load shot out, slamming the walls of her rectum until I finally fell away spent.

We both lay there breathing heavy and sweating. We kissed for a long time and she whispered to me that she finally felt like a real woman for the first time in her life. I had to smile. We fell asleep, her on her back, me snuggled close with my face near her tits and my hand on her soft, sweaty cock. This was an awakening for me that would change my life forever.

To Be Continued…

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