The Gift Ch. 05

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Bouncing Ass

Continued from “The Gift — Ch. 04″…

As you are wrapped in the big fluffy towels, you look over a Ellen, and smile shyly, and ask her what is to be next for you.

“Now we dress you for the Master and Mistress’ pleasure.” she tells you, as she walks over to a large ornate armoire. She pulls it open, exposing various outfits made from an assortment of materials. You see outfits made from what looks like leather, and rubber, various fabrics including silks, satins and lace. As Ellen looks through the outfits within, you begin to wonder just what type of outfit is in store for you this evening.

Ellen finally decides on an outfit for you, and pulls it out.

A black lace bra, low cut to expose the nipples.

Matching black lace panties.

A pair of black stockings. The kind with a line up the back of the leg.

A long satin dress in red. It looks like it will fit you snugly.

A pair of black pumps.

And a pair of opera cloves, the same color as the dress.

Looking at what has been chosen for you to wear, you wonder just what is going to happen tonight. Are you going to the opera? Or the dungeon?

After the others finish drying you off completely, Ellen, Lily and Karen begin dressing you.

Lily puts the bra on you, and makes sure your breasts are properly cupped by it, your nipples standing almost straight out from your chest now with the way the bra is holding them. While she works, you feel Karen putting a garter belt on you, nestling it just above your hips.

Ellen leans down and lifts one foot to place a stocking on it, then the other. She starts slowly unrolling the stockings up your legs, keeping the line along the back perfectly straight as she does. Once they are unrolled all the way up your legs, she snaps the garters to the tops of the stockings, holding them up, adjusting the garters to make sure they are properly snug.

Once Ellen finishes with the stockings and garter, Karen helps you step carefully into the panties, slipping them up over your ass, and adjusting them so they are comfortable on you.

As they do all of this, you realize that they have done this many times before. All working together to prepare someone. They work like a well maintained machine, with no wasted movements, or words between them.

Ellen leans down once again and places the pumps on your feet, wrapping the straps around your ankles before tying them there. As her hand leaves the shoes, she runs her palm up along your calves and thighs, making sure there are no wrinkles and that the line in the back is still straight.

Karen helps Lily to slowly lower the red dress over your head, drawing it’s silken caress down along your body, letting your skin luxuriate in it’s caress. Ellen then slowly works the opera length, red gloves onto your hands and arms, finishing the outfit off.

As they finish dressing you, one of the other girls come over and draw you to a table set to one side, and applies subtle, restrained makeup to your face as one of the boys takes care of your hair. When they finish and turn you to the mirror, you are stunned by the change they have wrought in you.

You see all of the others rushing around in the room now, as you look in the mirror. Dressing themselves and each other, all of them getting into outfits that would be appropriate to a formal party. The Men all put on outfits that look like waiter’s uniforms, and the women dressing as maids. But the outfits look formal.

Except Ellen, Karen and Lily.

They are dressed as you, in other colors. They wear beautiful black leather chokers görükle escort around their necks, with stones the same color as their dresses in them. The only thing that mars the look of the chokers, is the small heart shaped lock on the back of each one. With that, you realize that these are formal dress collars.

All of the others depart quickly, dashing out a second door instead of the big, ornate double doors you came in through. Only now, do you begin to hear the sounds of voices and music coming from outside the room.

Suddenly the doors swings open, and Mistress Linda comes strolling in.

She looks you over carefully, as if she’s inspecting a horse she is contemplating purchasing.

Turning, she holds out her hand to Ellen, who eagerly kisses it. “You did well. I’m pleased with how she looks. And I’m sure the Master will be pleased as well.” She then turns to Lily and Karen, and holds out a hand to each of them. They kiss them as Ellen did, before moving back to stand next to you.

“Now, I must greet our guests. When you hear the bell, escort her down the front staircase.” She says to the girls. “The Master will meet the four of you at the bottom. Karen and Lily will follow the Master as he brings Beth forward for the ceremony. Ellen, you will join me.”

With a chorus of ‘Yes Mistress”, the girls all bow deeply to Linda, who turns and walks back out, two servants closing the doors behind her.

“Oh, I hope you will be happy with Master!” Karen says, excitement bubbling up within her. “He has been so happy since he married you, but I know that this will please him even more!”

Suddenly, you begin to get a true idea of what is going on. You are about to be collared to me. Not only will I be your husband, but I will be your Master. Not just in little sex games, but in reality.

The idea excites you, and you begin to get antsy with anticipation. But still, you wonder how many others call me “Master”.

Turning to Lily and Karen, you ask the question, fearing the answer but needing to know it. They tell you that they are the only others that serve me as slaves, although Mistress Linda is collared to me as well, but as a Mistress within my family. She maintains the household servants, and a few special slaves that belong to her alone.

But to be his bride, as well as his slave was the one wish they had both hoped for themselves. And although you will be the one to get that, instead of one of them, they are very happy and hope you will be too.

The girls all take care of a few last things, straighten a line on a stocking, making sure breasts are cupped right in a bra, checking hair, and such for a few moments, until you all hear a deep resonant bell, gong once.

At the sound, Ellen steps to the door, and throws open both leaves, and starts to walk out slowly, standing straight and tall, with her eyes tilted slightly downward.

Lily and Karen step to either side of you, and standing straight and looking downward slightly, they encourage you to walk slowly with them from the room. Realizing this is part of whatever ceremony is to come, you stand up straighter, and taking your cue from them, you let your eyes drop, looking at the floor in front of you.

You see Ellen starting down the long winding staircase, as Lily and Karen walk in step on each side of you, all four of you moving at the exact same pace, although it is sometimes hard for you. It’s like they have done this so many times before or rehearsed it.

You hear a fresh burst of voices, realizing that there are about 40 or 50 people standing görükle escort bayan around in the entry area of the house, at the bottom of the stairs. This gives you pause, and for a moment you hesitate, but Lily and Karen encourage you quietly, helping you get over your nervous reaction. You slowly come down the stairs, following Ellen, about 6 feet behind her, as you all become visible to the gathered crowd at the bottom.

Suddenly, you see me. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, waiting patiently for you. I’m dressed in a Old fashioned, black frock coat, with a brocade vest, a black string tie, and a red silk shirt the same shade as your dress. Standing, with one hand behind me, the other in one with a thumb hooked in a vest pocket. Looking at my beautiful wife, and soon to be slave as she descends to me with my other pets as escorts.

Ellen reaches the bottom, and moves to just behind Mistress Linda, flashing you a quick, encouraging smile. As you and the other girls reach the bottom of the steps, a distinguished looking older man steps forward, and asks Lily and Karen “Who brings forth this slave and recommends her?”

They both curtsy deeply and answer in unison “We do, Lord Timint. May we present Elizabeth, wife of our master for collaring as his slave.”

“Thank you, Lily and Karen. Let us proceed to the Chamber.” Lord Timint says, as he begins to slowly walk to a large formal room that is off to one side.

Here you see many of the other men and women that were upstairs with you just a little while ago, serving the various guests with finger foods and drinks, from a large bar along one wall.

At the far end of the room, a large raised platform stands, which looks almost like a church altar. There is a set of large ornate chairs off to one side, with little padded benches arrayed around them. There is also a ring with a chain, attached to the front of the altar.

Lord Timint walks up and stands behind the altar, opening a large old book that is resting there. Lily and Karen walk you up to the front of the alter and instruct you to kneel down on the bench before it. Reaching for the collar you are still wearing, they remove it with a key that Lord Timint hands to them. As the air touches the skin under where the collar had been, you get a chill.

I step up onto the platform as Lily and Karen step back behind you.

Your eyes are still down, looking at the beautiful Italian shoes you had bought me just last week. You hear Lord Timint’s deep voice as he begins the ceremony.

He asks you various questions, and explains what you can expect as my slave, and what I will expect of you. Many of the things he talks about are just like what you heard during our wedding ceremony. Although, there are a FEW differences. Such as punishment, the collar, averting eyes, kneeling, etc… that he covers in great detail, questioning you as he goes to make sure you understand.

Finally, he turns to me, and asks me if I will take you as my slave, and goes through the obligations I owe you as your Master. After he finishes, I answer that “Yes, I will take her as mine.” Your heart beats a little faster, as Lord Timint asks you if you will accept this and be my slave, with no reservations, fully consenting to it, with all it entails.

With a slight tremble in your voice, you tell him “Yes, Lord, I accept my Master fully.”

With that, he leans forward, handing me something that you can not see, since your eyes still stare at my shoes. Suddenly, you feel Lily and Karen’s hands, helping you to stand on shaky legs. Looking escort görükle up slightly, you see my hands. And what is in them.

Your new collar.

Beautiful black leather.

Ruby’s glowing in the lights of the room.

Silver shines from the buckle and hasp.

As the girls help you to stand, you see my hands reach forward, and feel them place the collar around your neck. The second time I’ve done that today. Only this one is forever. I snap the little heart shaped, silver lock closed in the hasp, and place the key in my vest pocket.

“Kneel before your Master, slave elizabeth” says Lord Timint as I step back slightly from you. The girls let go of you, and you fall to your knees on the platform before me. I hold out my one hand, the one with my wedding ring on it, and you lean forward to kiss it, right across the ring that rests there.

I reach down and slowly draw you to your feet again, using my hand on your chin as a guide. As you stand, I slowly turn you to face all the people gathered around us, and say loudly “May I now present my newest slave, elizabeth.”

At that, the audience erupts in cheers and shouts of congratulations to me. Several guests approach, the men shaking my hand, the women kissing my cheek. You stand quietly, beside and slightly behind me, looking down at the floor, as Lily and Karen join you. You hear me tell several of the guests to be sure to stay after dinner, as you will be the entertainment this evening. At this, your stomach leaps, and your pussy spasms in hope.

You see the guests being led away in groups by the male slaves that are dressed as waiters, to the room straight across the entryway. I begin to walk that way, Lily and Karen making sure you are in the right place as all three of you follow me across to the dining hall.

As all the other guests are seated, you see two chairs left, as well as several benches that are not occupied by slaves belonging to other Masters and Mistresses. As I walk to the head of the table, you also see Mistress Linda coming up along the other side, to meet me at our seats. With a flourish, I seat her, then sit down myself. As soon as I do, you note that Lily and Karen place themselves on two of the padded benches behind me. You quickly move to join them, seeing Ellen on a bench behind Mistress Linda.

As the house slaves begin to serve the meal, you note that many of the other slaves around the table provide personal service to their owner as they eat, either getting more for them to eat or drink, or feeding them little bites. Looking at Karen and Lily, you see them indicate with their eyes what you should do at this point. Quietly, you ask “Master, May I serve you?”

Looking over at you, I crook a finger at you, beckoning you closer. “Yes, my precious pet, you may.”

As dinner progresses, you sit on your bench near me, getting things when I need them, filling my wine glass when told.

As all the guests finish eating, they begin to wander back into the other room, getting additional drinks from the bar, and talking to each other. You see all of their slaves going through a set of doors that look like they lead to a kitchen area. As I stand, I look at Karen and Lily, and tell them to go eat. Mistress Linda stands at the same time and tells Ellen to go, and make sure beth doesn’t eat the wrong things this evening.

Ellen kisses Linda’s hand, before coming over to lead you to the kitchen, as Lily and Karen kiss my hand and walk that way as well.

As you walk, Ellen explains that you can’t eat anything heavy tonight, and that they will make sure you have lot’s of carbs to buffer your system, no matter what may happen. Not sure about the sound of that, but knowing that I would never hurt you more than necessary, you follow to get your light dinner as the others around you eat from what was left of the feast.

To be continued…

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