The Games Pt. 03

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It was still dark, everything was shrouded in shadows as Felicity looked around the room, she wasn’t sure why she had woken up, she was still exhausted from yesterday.

Tired and annoyed with being awake, she scanned the room, Amy was fast asleep next to her, laying on her front to ease the pain of her back and buttocks.

Joseph was snoring, not loudly, but enough to be heard clearly. She could make out the basic shape of him but little else, squeezed in by his side was another shape, the German woman he had fucked the day before. Her eyes glittered in the darkness and Felicity realised she too was awake.

The woman was careful as she slipped out of Joe’s arms, she moved without a sound and stood up, she wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, completely naked, she walked on tip toes to the bedroom door.

Felicity watched her, she was poetry in motion as she moved, athletically built, tall and well-toned, even in the darkness, Felicity could tell she was a superbly fit person.

The door opened, the light from the hallway illuminated the room a little and gave Felicity a clearer view of the tall blonde woman, she looked over her shoulder at Felicity and beckoned for her to follow, stepping into the hallway but waiting, holding the door open for Felicity.

Curiosity got the better of her, she slipped silently from the bed, Felicity adjusted the long cotton T-shirt she had worn to bed before following the German woman out into the hallway.

The door closed and they were alone in the dorms hallway, the woman held out her hand with a smile. “Anna.” She said in introduction.

They shook hands briefly, more of a quick clasp than a proper handshake as Felicity replied with her own name.

Anna cocked her head to one side, her face had a look of curiosity on it, “why are you wearing clothes?” she asked in genuine surprise.

In the semi-privacy of the dorms, everyone tended to go nude, only Felicity and Amy wore something to sleep in or walk the hallways, they had been given quizzical looks before, but no one had bothered to ask why, until now.

“Given the choice, I don’t like to be seen naked.” Felicity replied honestly.

Anna seemed amused by the answer, but shrugged and turned away, striding down the hall with a simple “come.” By way of instruction.

Felicity understood the amusement, it did seem a little silly to wear clothes after the events, everyone here had watched her bare bum as she had ridden joe and they had all seen her being fucked by him during the race yesterday.

Anna turned back and looked at a still stationary Felicity, “come, you will like.” She said by way of encouragement.

Startled out of her thoughts, she followed Anna, it was hard not to admire the tall woman’s naked rear, she was all toned muscle, lightly tanned without any lines, a few red whip marks stood out on her back, but other than that her skin was unblemished.

They walked on silently, bare feet making little noise as the padded down the halls and out into the night, crossing the lawns they had all raced over and into a small building that looked like a boathouse, it stood partially out over the private lake and had a jetty.

Anna opened the door and stood aside for Felicity to enter. Inside she was warmly greeted by a few of the other girls she had competed against yesterday.

They kissed her cheeks and hugged her, welcoming her into their little party, Anna passed her a glass of wine and they gathered around a table, taking seats in plush leather chairs.

The room was tastefully decorated, the theme was classical, leather furniture in an old style, Persian rugs, Oak furnishings, two large crystal chandeliers lit the room brightly and the walls were wood panelling.

Felicity looked around at the expensive furnishings and tried to guess why she had been invited here. She sat cross-legged in one of the chairs and waited for an explanation.

Helen, a woman in her early forties made the introductions.

Pointing everyone out and giving their names and origins, there was Anna from Hamburg and slave to Master William, she was about thirty and friendly.

Theresa from London and pet to Lady Townsend, closer to Felicity in age and height, pale skinned, almost midnight black hair and startlingly bright blue eyes, like most of them she was slim, small breasted and naked.

Gabriella from Naples, slave to Master James, she was well tanned with dark brown hair, in her early Thirties with pierced nipples, belly and wore numerous thin chains over her body. She smiled warmly at Felicity and stood to give her another set of kisses on the cheek.

Gabriella sat back down, “I’m only half Italian, I was born in Naples, but I’m boringly English now.” She said with a laugh.

Felicity smiled back, the half Italian woman was fairly plain to look at but had such a cheerful disposition she was impossible to ignore.

Then there was Helen herself, just over Forty, still very fit and youthful, decidedly upper-class and with light brown rize escort hair, freckled pale skin, piercing green eyes and perfectly manicured body. She was the leader here, pet to Sir David himself and one of the founders of this little club.

Helen briefly explained, Felicity was now a member of the ‘winners circle’, this club was for the riders who won the steeple chase. It was considered the hardest race to win and by doing so she was now part of this exclusive group.

Helen had won it five times back in her glory days, she didn’t compete anymore but remained club president.

Theresa had won twice, Gabriella once and Anna three times, two other members were not here, but Felicity was told they would be next year and if she chose to compete again she would meet them then.

“We are all rather pleased it’s you, that horrid bitch Elouise Dupont, looked like she might take it.” Said Helen, “She and that nasty prick of an owner of hers are not welcome in my home.” Her tone was emphatic and Felicity gathered the others felt the same.

Introductions over with, they moved onto club matters, it became apparent that this wasn’t just a place to relax and chat, Helen kept tabs on everyone, from now on if Felicity needed advice on anything she could call on the club, they were a team, supporting each other in their daily lives and had a variety of expertise.

Felicity was a little overwhelmed by it all, but felt welcome and impressed, for the first time since coming to Sir David’s estates, she felt secure and safe. She could tell that even within such a short time, these people were going to be her friends for a very long time.

They talked for quite some time, Anna gave her quite the insight into the next few event’s she would be in, useful advice and while some of the information was decidedly frightening, it was immensely helpful.

Felicity was shown around the club house, there was a bar, various sex toys, a jacuzzi, computers and access to the lake, two row boats and one small engine motor boat. She could come here anytime she wished and they also had a club house in London. Her name would be added to the list and she could gain access anytime, day or night, there was always someone on duty there.

To officialise her membership she needed to pose for her members photo, on one of the walls hung everyone else’s picture.

They had all posed fully naked, each picture was full bodied and full frontal nude.

Theresa had posed with a dildo, she had stood with her legs spread and a bright red dildo shoved inside her.

Anna’s picture had her holding her hair up with one hand while squeezing one of her breasts with the other.

Helen had just stood with hands on hips, legs slightly open to show her shaved mound off.

Gabriella’s was the naughtiest, cupping one breast and using her other hand to spread her labia, showing a pierced clit and open hole.

Kelly, one of the absent members, had gone for a demure pose, covering her bare breasts with both hands but leaving her shaved pussy on display.

Imogen, the other missing member, posed with her tongue out, hands behind her back and legs wide open, it was a cheeky and playful look. Felicity decided she would probably get on quite well with her.

Normally Felicity would have been nervous about posing naked for a picture, but here she felt comfortable with it and stripped off her cotton T-shirt without having to be asked.

Standing in front of all the other pictures, just as the other girls had, she struck a smiler pose to that of Helens, her hands on her hips, legs together with one knee slightly out, her hips at an angle and her back straight, a bright smile on her face as the camera clicked and her image was taken.

The picture would join the others and a copy sent to the London club house, other than that there would be no other copies, she wasn’t even allowed one for herself. This place and the house in London where the only places it would ever be seen. Which was fine with Felicity, as she liked her privacy.

The meeting broke up and they all kissed each other before leaving, it wasn’t the kisses on the cheek, they were deep French kisses, lips locked and tongues flickering. This was the way she would greet and leave club members from now on, one rule they all had to obey, even in public. Felicity thought about that as she walked back to her room, it might cause problems in the future, especially with Tiffany.

Felicity slipped back into bed next to a still sleeping Amy, she fell asleep slowly, still tasting Helen and Gabriella, the pair had fingered each other before kissing and had licked the cum from their fingers, then kissed everyone else goodbye. Club membership might be fun.


The next day, Tiffany woke them at the crack of dawn, she wasn’t going to let a repeat of the day before happen.

She had them shower and dress for the days first event, this time Felicity too was placed in a harness, white like Amy’s, the sakarya escort leather straps crisscrossed her body, leaving her large breasts bare, with a thin leather strap parting her pussy lips and bum crack, a butt plug with a strawberry blonde tail was inserted, the tail matched her natural colour and was made from her own hair.

Her bridle matched Amy’s too, blinkered to obscure her peripheral vision and with long reins attached.

Amy wore the same, her tail blond, Joe’s was black to match his hair too. They all wore knee high leather boots, the girls with stilettoed heels.

Today’s first event was a team event, all would be taking turns to pull the buggy, with Tiffany in the carriage.

There was no ‘fuck penalty’ in this event and remembering how badly she had whipped Amy, Tiffany left the whip in the room, not trusting herself to do it again in the excitement of the race.

They took their places and watched as the first two teams got ready for their run, this was a race against time, beating the other team was important, but the stop watch was the real competition, as only two teams at a time ran, the quickest time decided the overall winners.

Anna and her team were up first, racing against the Welsh team, unless something went drastically wrong the Welsh team would lose, they were all in their late forties of early fifties, fit looking but nothing like the youth and vitality of the Germans.

Felicity admired the athletic build of Anna all over again, she was majestic, her tight and muscled body looked great in her leather harness, the straps biting into her flesh only accentuated the perfection of her body, her breasts wobbled a little as she strode forward to take her place as the final ‘pony’.

The German Girl who had raced yesterday in the buggy run took up her place in the harness, while their ‘stallion’ waited at the end of the long straight. This was a simple race, run the straight, change places with the ‘stallion’ and then run back, change again to the girl who was usually a rider and race to the finish.

The flag went down and surprisingly the Welsh girl took the lead, but it didn’t last long, The German girl, taller, fitter and stronger soon surged past, her long legs pumping as she gained her full stride, the crowded pavilion of watchers cheering her on as she reached a full run, not many could reach a full run, most could at best do a trot while pulling a buggy and passenger.

She stormed past the ‘stallion’ and executed a tight turn, bringing herself level with their male runner for a quick and efficient change. He was halfway to Anna before the Welsh had even changed runners.

Anna didn’t get over confident, she still ran like the wind, matching the achievement of a full run, her long legs hammered up and down, the muscles on her thighs working beautifully, Felicity began to understand why these events were watched so avidly, the near naked bodies looked so sexy as they ran, even the sweat was sexy, a glow to the skin from exertion, sweat glistening in the early morning sun and the panting breathes of the runners.

Anna flew past the finishing post to a round of applause from the crowd and a few of the other competitors, Felicity enthusiastically added her own, pleased for her new friend.

Flushed from her run, Anna smiled at Felicity in thanks, giving her a wave as she walked past.

Amy and Tiffany took their places at the starting point, they were up against the diminutive but powerfully built Japanese team.

Amy looked nervous and in pain, her harness rubbed at her red marked back and Felicity felt sorry for her, unlike Felicity, Amy didn’t enjoy pain and got no pleasure from it. Still she took her place with determination, even though she still blushed with embarrassment to be seen so naked by so many people.

She looked so very innocent and young, yet her good performance in the race yesterday had people betting on her to either win or place well.

Amy stood at the ready, one leg forward and bent, flushed as she was, her small pale breasts stood out, her puffy nipples erect as adrenalin started to course through her body. She flicked her twin braided hair and looked down the course with focus.

The Flag went down and Tiffany yelled out and gave a flick of the reins, Amy surged forward, letting out a grunt as she got the large wheeled buggy moving, she was strong for such a small framed girl, growing up on a farm had made her deceptively powerful.

Amy reached a full run, the crowd cheered as she pelted down the track, she ignored them, focusing on Josephs waiting mass, her small tits jiggled wildly as she ran, her legs pumped quickly and she let out fast snorts of breath from her nose as she powered down the lane.

The Japanese girl was well behind her, a poor start had left them trailing and her masters whip cracked continuously, but to little avail.

Amy made a very fast turn and Tiffany leapt out of the buggy to make the change over to Joe. samsun escort

It was fast, not as quick as the Germans, but well-practiced motions had Joe into the harness and pelting down the track towards an excited Felicity in moments.

His massive frame pulled the buggy with ease and he was running full tilt within a few strides, his long cock slapped from thigh to thigh and the crowd admired his dark physic as he ran. Felicity admired it too, he was very good looking and even though his cock had been painful when it had rammed in and out of her, she still liked the look of it.

Joseph ran towards Felicity, she looked great in leather, her massive DD breasts on display for all to see, her reddish gold pubes split by the white leather was a turn on, he felt himself smile, fucking her tight cunt had been so good, her Lilly white ass had jiggled beautifully as he rammed in and out of her.

Joe was getting hard, his cock lifted and pointed the way, aimed right at Felicity, she saw it and went a little wide eyed, ‘what the hell was he thinking’ she wondered as he raced past her and made a quick turn, panting hard, he stood next to her as Tiffney made the change over.

Distracted by Joes erect cock, Felicity didn’t respond to the first flick of the reins, Tiffany’s shout brought her back and she set off, she had lost precious seconds but the Japanese had only just started back.

With no one to race against but the clock, Felicity gritted her teeth and pulled the buggy as fast as she could.

She couldn’t get to a full run, it was more a fast jog, still her large breasts bounced around painfully, normally she liked having big tits, but not when she was doing this without a sports bra to hold them.

The crowd loved it though, clapping as they watched her large tits bounce up and down, her pale skin sweating, the sun making her body glisten, as she pushed herself to go faster, a cheer told her the Japanese team had hitched up and were on the chase.

She was already halfway, her legs were on fire though and she was unused to pulling a buggy, she regretted not training harder for this event.

Still she past the finish line well ahead of the other team and looked up at the clock in exhaustion.

Tiffany was pleased with the time, it wasn’t as fast as Anna’s team, but it was good, she had been to these events before and knew it would be a hard time to beat, Amy and Joseph had given them a very good lead, despite Felicity’s poor performance, they would place well.

The other teams performed well, the one exception being Theresa’s team, who didn’t seem to care if they won, instead her ‘stallion’ fucked her mid-exchange,

Black hair flung about wildly as he slammed into her body, her harness pulled to one side, her tail held in the air. The man rammed into her passionately and all could tell they were experienced lovers, she squealed in delight as he took her and the crowd roared their appreciation as she bucked her hips onto him.

Her Mistress whipped the buttocks of her ‘stallion’ with enthusiasm, making him drive deeper into Theresa’s dripping wet pussy. They looked to be enjoying themselves immensely and Felicity watched with a hint of jealously, wishing she was as brave and casual about sex in a public setting.

Once the times were calculated, Felicity and Amy were pleasantly surprised to find they had taken third place, Anna’s team was First, the French second and they were Third, the prize money for Third wasn’t fantastic, but it was nearly three thousand pounds each after the split.

The teams left for their respective rooms, they had about two hours for lunch and a rest before the evening event.

Felicity made her excuses and went to the club house. Helen was waiting and they kissed deeply by way of greeting, Felicity decided it was a rather nice way to say hello and enthusiastically greeted Gabriella in the same way when she arrived.

Gabriella responded passionately, dipping her fingers into Flick’s moist pussy as she did so, in any other circumstance, Flick would have pulled away, she had two lovers, Amy and Tiffany. That was enough for her, but this was different, it wasn’t sexual in a cheating way, it was part of being in the club and she quite liked it.

She let Gabriella feel around inside her, enjoying the sensation of the older woman’s explorations as they kissed.

Hellen coughed politely, “affectionate greetings are encouraged girls, fucking is not.” She laughingly admonished them.

Gabriella smirked and licked her fingers clean as she stepped away, Felicity blushed in shame and apologised.

The two older women smiled at her, reassuring her there was no need to say sorry, she had not gone too far, Helen had just wanted to make sure they didn’t take it any further.

Felicity still blushed, she wasn’t used to doing things like that, not with an audience, being here on the estate had her doing things she never thought she would do. It was a thrill in some ways and in others a change she wasn’t sure she liked.

The rules for what they wore during the day were quite strict, she had not wanted to walk the grounds in her leather harness, it showed far too much, leaving her breasts bare and her pussy split by the this strap, hardly something she was comfortable being seen in.

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