The First Meeting Ch. 05

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Part 5, Punishment and Surrender

“Now, Puppy… there’s one more thing you can do to demonstrate your submission,” you said as you pulled me to my feet.

I gulped hard and held my breath, dreading what would come next.

“You’ve been very good so far this evening; but you have a bad habit of being bratty on occasion, and those instances have not gone unnoticed. It’s time they be rectified.”

My body trembled, and I bit back silent whimpers of anticipation of the pain that was to come.

You took my right hand in yours, pulling me toward you and the bed. With your left hand, you pushed me to a prone position at your right side. Immediately, that hand slid down, first fondling my ass, then smacking it hard.

I involuntarily jumped at the shock of the strike but held back any cries. You followed up the first blow with a series of swats, first on my left cheek, then on the right. I was soon whimpering and breathing heavily.

Meanwhile, your right hand was underneath me, teasing my soaking cunt. “What a dirty slut. Look at how wet you are already, as if this is giving you some kind of pleasure.” With those words, you rained down even stronger blows to my backside

I was on the verge of sobs and loud cries; so to quiet myself, I stuck my thumb in my mouth and began sucking it. This only muffled my whimpers, but didn’t silence them completely. In retaliation, your strikes became even harder.

By this point, the fingers of your right hand moved from merely tantalizing me to outright reaming my pussy and g-spot. My body bucked in pleasure as I tried to ride your buried hand. The fact that I was attempting to control my own delight caused you to smack me harder still.

“Daddy, please! I’m sorry!” I cried; but my pleas fell on deaf ears. I started shuddering from the sublime mixture of pleasure and pain.

Your left hand glided across my ass, caressing my cheeks in a loving way. “You know this hurts you more than it does me.” You continued gently petting me, soothing the stinging pain I was suffering. “Such a pretty shade of red,” you said as you admired your handiwork. Just when I relaxed at the cessation of punishment, your hand hit me again, furiously increasing the pace of my beating.

I openly wailed, begging you to stop. A small part of my brain worried that the hotel might send someone to check on the noise kütahya escort that our neighbors were surely already reporting. I would have tried pleading or reasoning with you, but speech was nearly impossible at this point. Between the blows to my butt and the assault on my g-spot, I could do nothing more than writhe in ecstasy.

My ass burned with pain; my cunt sang with pleasure. And I was caught in the middle of both, heading for subspace. All that mattered were the sensations: your hand slapping against my flesh, the sting of each strike, the rapture of a g-spot orgasm, being held down to endure this punishment, with no chance of escape.

My hips bucked again, frantically riding your hand as you hit me repeatedly, moving from one cheek to the other.

With the complete abandon of the sexually satisfied, I let out a piercing howl as I wept –- not from the pain, for the pain had merely opened a portal. I wept with the joy of having made it over the final barrier to bliss.

After the spanking, I was a quivering, weeping bundle of emotional intensity too formidable for me to face alone. You scooped me up, holding me close while allowing me to cry into your shoulder. “Shhhhhh, pet. Calm yourself, now. Nice deep breaths.”

My sobs slowly subsided, replaced at first by shuddering, unsteady breaths which soon modulated to a more even rhythm.

As you soothed me, you gently showered me with kisses, traveling from lips, to neck, to breasts, and then back again. When your mouth returned to mine, I thrust my tongue into you, taking your mouth in the same manner I wanted to be fucked. While you kept me thus occupied, you parted my thighs, casually gliding your fingers along my wet slit. In response, I began to make that moaning/begging whimper which always heralded my need for release. “Like so many times we’ve played before: it’s my voice seducing you, my mind dominating you; only this time it’s my fingers touching you,” you breathed, while your digits delighted me. My body squirmed beneath yours, trying to escape from or increase our contact; either would have been preferable to this teasing precipice upon which I was poised. “I want to watch your face as you cum, dear. I want to witness that moment when you completely abandon yourself to rapture.”

Two fingers slid into my glistening cunt while your thumb malatya escort flicked over my clitoris. As a shuddering gasp escaped my lips, an orgasm started to move through me, beginning at my clit and moving outward in all directions. Taking charge of your advantage, your fingers pushed further into me, locating and suddenly stimulating my g-spot, which elicited an even louder response. Suddenly I was twisting my hips in a futile attempt at escape, but you’d have none of it. You pushed your fingers deeper inside, gouging my g-spot, causing me to howl.

My body trembled as I writhed, intensifying my reaction to every one of your gestures. Pleas and gasps were all I could utter in response. I brought my thighs together as closely as I could, which had the effect of concentrating the stimulus of your hand. The result was louder cries and more labored breathing. Then I shifted, turning on the bed, which delivered new sensations. Every time I moved, some new titillation occurred, sending me into another wave of ecstasy. I was reduced to shrieks of pleasure, and even those became hoarse with my exertion.

Leaning close to my ear, you sighed, “Mmmmmmm, lovely! You’re exquisite when you cum.” Your voice brought me back from the essence of bliss, causing me to suffer delirium tremors as you removed your hand from inside me. Needing to reconnect with you in some way, I clutched for you. You smiled and embraced me, soothing me down from my high. I don’t know how long it took for you to calm me and pull me back from that brink.

“You should have something to quench your thirst after that bit of exercise, pet.” You reached over to the nightstand and handed me a bottle of juice. I greedily gulped it down, thankful for anything cool and sweet to relieve my aching throat. Once I emptied the bottle, you asked, “Better?” I nodded. “Good.”

You pulled away from me long enough to toss the bottle aside, then repositioned yourself so that your mouth was poised over my slippery pussy. With a leering grin, you dived in.

It took mere seconds for me to begin to experience le petit mort once more as your tongue gently lapped at my soft, wet mound. At first it was only a small orgasm, but as soon as your tongue rippled over my clit, it grew to class 5 hurricane strength. I was beyond reality; there was nothing outside this moment. manisa escort So intense was our intimacy that the next thing I remember was you kissing me, whispering, “Shhhhhh. Slowly, now. Come back, my sweet.”

You covered my mouth with yours, forcing me to breathe in as much air as I was expelling. As you did this, you held me, stroking your fingers through my hair. “You have no idea how beautiful that was to behold, Puppy.” Touching me gently, easing me back down to earth, you held me until my breathing steadied. Your fingertips brushed along my cheek as we gazed at one another.

“They’re brown,” I murmured. For a moment you gave me a baffled look. “Your eyes” I offered. “They’re brown.” When I realized you still didn’t understand the significance of my utterance, I added, “A long time ago in chat, you made me promise to look into your eyes when we met and tell you their color.”

A smile lit your face as you replied, “I thought you’d forgotten about that.”

I shook my head while allowing my hands to caress you. “I try never to forget anything you’ve told me, Sir.”

“Do you trust me, pet?”


You stood up; when I reached for you to return, you smiled, raised my ankles to your shoulders, then split me with your rock hard cock. There was no easing into my cunt, no gentle stealing into the darkness; you thrust your entire length into my waiting love-hole. The result was an involuntary cry which rose from my lips and hovered in the air above us.

My ass still burned from the recent punishment; every thrust of your hips against mine slammed my butt against the bed, repeatedly reminding me of the lesson of submission. Every stroke, which grazed my already-sensitive g-spot, seemed even deeper than the last –- seemed to reach all the way inside me, to my very soul. It was neural overload, causing me to lose control of any desire for decorum; any potential complaints from neighbors were long-forgotten — all that existed was this moment’s sensations.

Ramming in and out, swirling around, faster and ever faster until you were barely more than a blur in my mind. As I bucked and writhed against you, all I could do was close my eyes and ride out the storm of your passion.

You pounded me savagely, first in my pussy, then in my asshole; all without changing relative positions. I was yours to use, any way you saw fit. “The. First. Of. Many,” you panted as you came in my tight ass.

It was my turn now to soothe you, to embrace and cuddle you after your efforts. Finally, once you’d regained your composure you said, “We’re not done yet, my sweet. Didn’t I promise I’d give you as many orgasms as I could manage?”

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