The Family Ritual Ch. 05

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©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

I know there are many characters in this story, here are the main characters:

The Cassidy’s
Matthew: The Patriarch
Helen: His wife
Hayley: Their youngest daughter
Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell
Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth
Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn

Son in law’s
Brandon Mitchell – Handsome actor
Daniel Worth – Handsome Sports agent
Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah
Jake Harrison – Fiancé to Hayley

Frederick – Butler
Daniela – His daughter and now submissive to Hayley
Max – Chauffeur

Everyone in this story is well over the age of consent. All women are shaved. All agree to follow completely the ritual and to the use of the secret drugs in the story. Jake knows what he’s getting into. This was all my dream.



When Jake awoke, he was still naked but alone in his bed. He stretched and looked at the clock. It was 10 in the morning. He supposed everyone was still asleep. Jake decided to lie in bed until 10:30, then get up, have breakfast and see what Brandon, Daniel and Jonah would teach him today.

Turning over he thought about Hayley. He wondered how she was. Jake was still angry with her. Jake knew it was irrational. She had been drugged, he was sure of that. The Hayley he knew would never even talk the way this vixen had last night.

Jake thought about how excited he had been watching Hayley. Tonight, it would be his turn to tap that pussy and he would… good and hard. Jake would let Hayley know that he, not Matthew was her true Master.

As for Matthew, Jake wanted to whip him to shreds. He would take care of his soon to be father-in-law.


Matthew got up early. He and Helen went into town where they went to a spa for a morning of massages. Matthew knew that Jake would take out his revenge. In a very big way, Matthew was looking forward to this punishment. Jake was a good match for him. He would force Matthew to submit.

Matthew was also looking forward to taking Jake’s big prick in his ass. He wanted to suck on Jake’s black dick. Matthew’s mouth watered at the thought.


Jake ordered his breakfast and went into the shower. He washed and came out of the bathroom wrapping a towel around his waist. After brushing and shaving, he came out of the room to find a pair of blue sweat pants and a tee that read Master of the Universe on his bed. He chuckled and wondered whose idea of a joke this was.

Jake dressed as the knock came at the door of his room. Jake was surprised when he opened the door to find Daniel, Brandon and Jonah with the cart. “Hey guys, come on in.”

There was breakfast for the four of them. Jonah and Daniel pulled up chairs as Jake and Brandon sat down at the table. They ate in silence for a few minutes then Jonah leaned back in his seat and said, “I want to apologize to you Jake.”

Jake raised an eyebrow as he took a sip of his orange juice. “Why is that?”

Jonah looked at Daniel who nodded. “I want to apologize for my behavior.”

Jonah looked down at his hands, “I was punished yesterday for being jealous of you and father.”

Jake looked at Brandon who wore a smirk on his lips.

“Who punished you?” Jake asked.

Jonah turned crimson, “Father and…Quinn.”

‘So your wife and your father. What did they do to you?”

Jonah turned even redder, “They flogged me. Quinn fucked me with the strap-on and I was made to wear a cock cage.”

“Do you still have on the cage?” Jake asked.

Jonah nodded.

“Show me.” Jake ordered.

Jonah stood up and pulled down his sweat pants. Brandon pulled a chain from around his neck. There was a small silver key. “Matthew gave it to me this morning. It is up to you to release Jonah.”

“So I get to decide when you are to be free?” Jake asked and grinned.

“Yes you do.” Jonah said. He looked up through his lashes at Jake.

“On your knees Jonah.” Jake ordered.

Brandon and Daniel looked at each other and they both grinned. Matthew had better watch out. His soon to be in-law was definitely on his way to be the top dog in this house.

Jake stood and took his cock out of his pants. “See this. Today this is your Master. Show me what a good boy you are. If I let you out, you will do what I ask and maybe you can get back at your father.”

Jonah grinned. “I know you love your father’s cock, but I think you’ll enjoy mine much better.” Jake said stroking his cock.

Jonah was mesmerized. Jake’s cock was just a little smaller than his father’s, but it was black and beautiful. It was so smooth and looked like the cock Quinn often fucked him with.

Jake stroked his cock enticingly and sat back down. Jonah got on his knees and crawled forward. Jake grabbed the back of Jonah’s neck and pulled him onto his cock. Jonah went to work as Daniel and Brandon watched.

Jonah sucked Jake deep into his mouth. Jake istanbul escort proceeded to eat his breakfast with one hand while keeping his other on Jonah’s head. He fucked into Jonah’s hot mouth. Jonah sputtered and choked, but kept on licking. Jake finishing his meal, put both hands on the back of Jonah’s head and pounded his fiancée’s brother’s mouth. “Yes Jonah, you are my bitch now. Tonight I’m going to fuck your ass and show you whose boss. You’ll be my little puppy.”

Daniel was rubbing his dick inside his pants. Brandon stopped him. “They need to finish this up. We have work to do.”

Jake groaned, “I’m almost there. Jonah’s doing a real good job.”

Jake leaned back in his chair as Jonah continued sucking. Jake felt his semen rising to the top and held Jonah all the way down on his dick. Jonah took the whole thing down his throat as Jake exploded.

Jonah let a few drops drip on the floor. Jake gave him a look and Jonah bent down to the floor and licked up the drop.

Jake gave him another look and Jonah made sure that Jake’s dick was clean.

Jake sat for a moment. He took a drink of his juice and told Jonah. “Finish eating, then join us in the punishment room where I will take the cage off your cock.”

Jake stood, pulled up his pants and left with Brandon and Daniel.

Jonah took his time eating. He savored Jake’s sperm in his mouth. He wanted more of Jake’s cock. He couldn’t wait to tell Quinn.


Jake spent the afternoon learning what everything was in the punishment room. Brandon informed Jake that when he returned home there would be suitable toys in Hayley’s apartment. Matthew arranged for a small playroom to be built in the second bedroom closet.

Jake looked at Brandon and Daniel, “Does this guy think of everything? Does he make all the decisions? How does he know I want all this crap?”

“He will be with you all year until your wedding training both of you. You will need it I assure you.” Brandon said. “Matthew is very good and very thorough. By the time of your wedding, you will be the Master of your house and Hayley will be your submissive wife.

“Are you the dominant one in your family?” Jake asked.

Brandon shook his head. “Samantha is my Mistress. She will beat my ass every day if I don’t do as she asks. Samantha is a very strong woman. I love being between her legs. I love it when she uses the flogger on me. I do my best to obey her, but she punishes me when she feels like it.”

Daniel interrupted before Jake could ask, “I’m the dominant in my house. Denise likes to be in bondage. I tie her up nice and tight and have my way with her. Matthew taught me all types of very neat rope tricks and sent me to Japan to learn other methods. I’m quit good. If you want I’ll teach you a few things.”

“What about Jonah?” Jake asked.

“Both him and Quinn take turns. The term is switch. Sometimes she’s in control, sometimes he is.” Daniel whispered, and then said conspiratorially, “but personally, I believe that Quinn is a domme. I know for a fact that she spanks him every day.”

“Do you visit each other?” Jake asked as he picked up a paddle and started swinging it. “I plan to use this tonight.”

Brandon raised an eyebrow and answered Jake’s question.” I live in LA and Daniel lives in NY, we get together now and again. Quinn and Jonah live in Washington, D.C. Work permitting we get together about every three months.”

“Do you plan to get together with Hayley and me?” Jake asked as he swung the paddle.

“That’s up to you. We’ll call and let you know when we’re coming. It’s up to you and Hayley, but for the next year we can’t be with you except here in Denver and at family functions. Matthew will be training you until you two are married.” Brandon informed him.

Jake just nodded.

They spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon teaching Jake how to use the toys that were in the punishment room. Jonah joined them. He let Jake in on a little secret; Matthew hated the paddle more than anything else. He had a soft spot on his right buttock and the paddle when used correctly hurt him there more than any other place.


Hayley spent the day out of the house with Samantha, Denise and Quinn. They took her shopping for something to wear for the party and something sexy to wear for tonight.

Denise noticed that Hayley seemed a bit off somehow. “Hayley are you all right?”

Hayley looked down at her hands. She gazed up at Denise through her lashes. “I slept with daddy.”

“We know that. We saw that. We’ve all slept with father.” Denise said and put her arm around Hayley.

“No Denise. I meant after. I seduced him. All of you had left to go to bed and I locked the ritual door.” Hayley said.

“I bet dad told you to keep it a secret.” Denise said.

“How did you know?” Hayley asked her eyes wide staring into Denise’s eyes.

Denise smiled at her. “We’ve all done it. I did it after my time. I couldn’t get enough of that big dick.” Denise izmir escort squeezed Hayley’s arm.

Hayley relaxed. Quinn and Samantha who had heard the conversation came to Hayley and hugged her. “We’ve all done it and father used it to his advantage.” Samantha said, “Tonight, show Jake that he’s the man. Show Jake that he has your complete loyalty. Show father that you know what he is trying to do. Stand up to him!”

Hayley thought about all this over lunch. She thought about it when she went to the spa with her sisters. She thought about Jake and about her father. Tonight she would make Jake proud. The girls were right; it was time that Matthew learned his lesson.


Matthew felt the prick of the needle as Helen gave him the shot. The shot would help him during the ritual. Matthew fell asleep and slept for a few hours. When he awoke, Helen had lunch brought up.

She kissed her husband. “You really like to push things don’t you.”

“I need to see if the boy is good enough. I need to know that he can take charge of this family.” Matthew said.

“No, you need to beat him. You want Hayley all to yourself.” Helen said stroking her husband’s face.

Matthew didn’t answer her. He knew that was partially the truth. No man was good enough for Hayley.


Everyone met for dinner. Brandon and Daniel led Jake to the head of the table. Matthew was on his right while Helen was on his left. Hayley sat at the other end of the table.

Dinner was very formal. Frederick and Max helped serve the food. Matthew did very little talking while Helen asked Jake if he thought about getting married in Denver. Everyone was dressed in black tie. Hayley looked beautiful in a long red gown. Daniela was very sexy in a black and white cocktail dress.

Jake gazed at her and said, “Hayley and I will be getting married in New York.”

Matthew’s head snapped up. He started to speak, but held his tongue.

Jake watched Matthew. He knew he had pissed his father-in-law off and Jake was glad.

After dinner, Matthew was taken away by Daniel and Jonah. Brandon took Jake to his room so Jake could change his clothes. Jake chose a pair of tight fitting black leather pants with a button down crotch. He wore a black leather vest.

Matthew had changed into a pair of black leather chaps with the back open. In front were ties to free his dick.

Jonah came into the bedroom dressed in a pair of black leather shorts. Jake unbuttoned Jonah’s pants. Jake took the key from the chain around his neck and unlocked the cock cage. “Wash it and replace it.” He ordered. Jonah nodded.

Brandon and Jake went downstairs. When they arrived in the punishment room, everyone knelt before Jake. Jonah arrived a few moments later and put the cock cage back with the rest of them in the drawer of the cabinet in the room.

Jake walked over to Daniela. She was wearing a black lace bra and panties. He unbuttoned his crotch and pulled out his dick. Daniela was looking down at the floor. “Daniela, you belong to me and Hayley. Take your Master’s dick in your mouth. Show me how much you want it.”

Daniela looked up at him. Hayley’s head snapped up. Jake looked at her. “Since you enjoyed your father’s dick so much last night, you get to watch Daniela.”

Hayley narrowed her eyes. Jake stared at her and she lowered her gaze. Daniela opened her mouth. “Use your hands. Caress my cock. It will be in your pussy soon enough.” Jake said.

Daniela wrapped her small hands around his large dick. It wasn’t as large as Matthews but it was pretty large. Daniela licked Jake’s cock from the tip to the base. She sucked his balls as everyone watched.

Making her mouth into an O, Daniela teased the head sucking on it. Matthew watched as Daniela sucked on the dick.

Jake looked at his family to be. “I want everyone naked in five minutes. Everyone except Matthew, Hayley and Daniela.” Jake said.

They all got undressed. Daniela sucked Jake’s penis. He patted her head. Hayley watched Daniela. She licked her lips. Hayley wanted to suck Jake.

“Brandon.” Jake said and then moaned. “Good girl Daniela. You will be doing this a great deal.” He pinched her breasts. She moaned.

“Brandon.” Jake began again, “Take Hayley to the cross and cuff her face to the wall.” Jake moved his hips fucking in and out of Daniela’s mouth.

Brandon did as Jake ordered. Hayley looked back at Daniela and groaned. She wanted Jake’s cock in her mouth badly. She wanted to taste it. She had waited a long time.

Jake looked over at Frederick. “Frederick, come and undress your daughter.” Frederick hesitated for a moment but then came forward and undid the bra Daniela was wearing.

Daniela still sucking Jake’s cock lifted her leg up to allow her father to take down her underwear.

Jake stroked Daniela’s hair. “Open your legs Daniela. Frederick feel your daughter’s cunt. Get it nice and wet.” Frederick did as he was ordered, sticking his fingers inside Daniela’s very wet pussy while izmit escort Daniela kept licking Jake’s dick.

Jake looked over at Quinn. He looked at Daniel. “Daniel, take Quinn into the ritual room. I want you to spank her. I want you to turn her ass red with your hand and then I want you to fuck her very hard in her pussy and her ass. Remember to use a condom.”

Quinn got up and took Daniel’s hand. She grinned at Jake as she walked past him.

Daniela was fucking back on Frederick’s fingers. He slid a third finger inside her and she was moaning. “Daddy, that’s so good. More please”, she said as she lifted her face from Jake’s cock.

Jake pulled out of her mouth. Daniela still had her hand on his cock and was stroking Jake. “Frederick, take your daughter into the ritual room and eat her pussy. Get her ready for me.”

Frederick helped Daniela up. His dick was standing straight out. Jake took Daniela’s hand and put it on her father’s dick. “On second thought, 69 it, but don’t cum.” Jake warned.

“Everyone else…” Jake announced. “Watch while I show my fiancée how I felt about last night.”

Jake looked at Matthew. “You’ll get yours soon, but watch how I master your daughter.

Matthew smirked, “you’ll never be man enough for her.”

Jake’s mouth turned up into a half smile, “But I will be man enough for you my father-in-law. Before the night is over you and Hayley will know that I am the better man.”

Jake walked up to Hayley standing up on the cross. “Samantha hand me the ball gag.”

Matthew and Helen both gasped. Jake heard them and grinned. Samantha ran over and opened the drawer. She took out a white ball gag and brought it to Jake. Jake caressed Samantha’s cheek. “I want you to watch every moment of this night.” Samantha nodded.

“Hayley, open your mouth.” Jake ordered.

Hayley obeyed. Her body was trembling from fear or anticipation, Jake didn’t know. He just knew that she would call him Master from now on.

Jake stepped back. He gave a looked to Brandon who went to the wall and took down the black bullwhip. Helen started to go to him, but Jake turned to Helen. “Move mother-in-law and I will whip you until you bleed.”

Helen stopped. Matthew cringed. Jake spoke to Jonah, “Jonah, take out your father’s cock and Brandon get the ruler on the table.” Jake turned to Denise, “Go get Daniel and Quinn, tell them to stop what they are doing and return, leave Frederick and Daniela to their play.” Denise hurried from the room.

Daniel was just about to stick his dick into Quinn’s ass. He immediately stopped and brought Quinn whose ass was very red from the spanking he had given her, back into the punishment room.

Jake noticed them. “Fuck Quinn’s ass while I continue.” He ordered.

Daniel went behind Quinn who was on her knees. “Open that pretty brown ass for me.”

Quinn who had been crying from the spanking she received did what Daniel asked. Daniel forced his cock into her ass. He started fucking her. Her eyes were glued to Hayley and Jake.

Jake walked up behind Hayley. He kissed her neck and undid her bra. “Jonah, every hit that Hayley gets, you hit Matthew’s cock with the ruler. I think 21 will do and one for good behavior.”

Helen cried, “No. You cannot whip my daughter 21 times. You’ll kill her.”

“Who said I planned to just use the whip.” Jake said and turned to Helen, “One more word out of you and I’ll make it fifty.

Helen shut her mouth.

Jake looked at Jonah. Raising the whip, he let it fly. WHISH! The whip sliced through the air and landed on Hayley’s back. She let out a scream which was partially muffled by the ball gag.

Jonah hit his father’s cock with the ruler. Matthew flinched, but managed not to cry out.

Twice more Jake used the whip on Hayley. He managed not to cut the skin, but leave a red angry Mark. In the short time, Brandon’s teaching had paid off.

Jonah didn’t look in his father’s face as he administered his blows. Helen watched Matthew’s face. She knew the pain he was feeling as well as the humiliation that it was Jonah hitting his cock must be excruciating.

Jake handed the whip to Samantha who placed it back on the wall. She handed Jake a belt.

Jake pulled down Hayley’s panties. She trembled as he knelt down and kissed her behind. Jake kissed back up her spine. He licked her neck and whispered in her ear, “Only 18 more to go my dearest. You belong to me and I am your only Master.”

He reached his hands to her front and pinched Hayley’s nipples hard. Hayley squeezed her eyes closed. Jake reached down to her pussy. It was soaking. He would do this a great deal when they returned home.

Jake raised he belt and let it fly on Hayley’s right butt cheek. He then hit her left butt cheek. He alternated between the two for ten blows. Hayley’s ass was red. Jake pressed his hand on her butt. Hayley’s ass was hot to the touch. She moaned through the gag.

Denise came to Jake. She had a bowl of ice. Jake pressed the cold ice to Hayley’s butt and she screamed. Denise dried her. Quinn who managed to cum from the fucking she received from Daniel, brought over some ointment. Jake instructed Helen to put the ointment on her daughter’s ass.

Matthew’s cock was red. He was nearly doubled over. Tears were streaming down his eyes but he refused to cry out.

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