The Engagement Ch. 03

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When the doorbell rang, I called to Louis, who was in the kitchen making dinner.

“I’ll get it, Louis.”

“Thank you, dear,” he called back.

“Stephie, how good it is to see you!”

I gave my old roommate a great big hug, and then kissed her cheek.

“Same here, but next time, you’re making the drive to my house. The traffic was horrible!”

“Well, you’re here now, so relax and set your bag down. I’ll have Louis take it to the guest room in a moment.”

Stephie stretched her back. Her pert little titties strained against her pink tank top. She hadn’t changed a bit since college. Her sun-streaked blonde hair framed her pretty face, those big blue eyes and the cute freckles across her nose.

“I can’t wait to meet him!”

“Oh, Louis! Come out here and meet my old friend.”

Louis scurried from the kitchen and met us in the foyer.

“Louis, this is Stephie, the friend I told you about. Stephie, I’d like you to meet my fiancée. Louis, say hello to Stephie.”

“Hello, Stephie, It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“The same to you, Louis. Congratulations on your engagement. You’re getting a wonderful girl; you must feel very lucky.”

Louis could not help staring at Steph. We are exact opposites in appearance. Where I am tall, with pale white complexion, fairly large breasts and naturally red hair, Stephie is the quintessential surfer girl; small, pert little breasts, a cute little body and a golden tan.

“Louis, is supper ready? Stephie must be starving after her long drive.”

“Not quite, dear. The salad is prepared, but the lasagna needs a few minutes in the oven.”

“Excellent; take Stephie’s bag to the guest room and bring us some wine.”

“Yes, dear.”

While Louis took her bag and headed for the guest room, Steph looked about the place.”

“Della, this is so lovely, so big and spacious!”

“Thank-you, hon. Come and make yourself comfortable.”

We had just settled on the leather sofa, when Louis brought us each a glass of wine.

“I’ve set the table, and çorum escort I just have to mix the salad and take the lasagna out to cool. It should be about twenty minutes before dinner.”

Once Louis disappeared into the kitchen, Steph looked at me and grinned.

“So, how’s it going?”

“He’s like putty in my hands. It’s only been two months and as you can see, he jumps at my instructions.”

“So, what are his fetishes, what turns him on?”

“Steph, it’s incredible. He has no fetishes; he only wants to please me. He’s terrified that I’ll change my mind and break our engagement.”

“That is incredible! Have you punished him?”

I sipped my wine and laughed.

“I’ve only paddled him three times. Of course, I spank him often, I give him plenty of corner time; but he’s terrified of the hairbrush, which is as it should be.”

“I can’t believe you’ve only used the hairbrush three times. He must love being submissive to you!”

“Truth be told, Louis hates to be punished. Nevertheless, he is so infatuated with me that he’s willing to endure anything to please me. Sometimes, I wish he would fuck up more often. We are so close to concluding his training, but he needs some severe discipline to put him in his place.”

I’d no sooner finished speaking when we heard Louis cry out in obvious pain, followed by a loud “God dammit!” There followed a loud crash and Louis yelled, “Oh shit!”

I grinned mischievously at Steph.

“I think my prayer has been answered. Let’s go see what’s going on.”

We entered the kitchen and found Lois at the sink, running cold water on his wrist. The casserole dish lay on the floor, lasagna splattered on the floor and cabinets.

“I’m sorry, dear! I burned my wrist and dropped the dish!”

“I didn’t ask for an explanation. Call for a pizza and clean up this mess!”

“Yes, dear; I’m so sorry!”

“We’ll see how sorry you are after we’ve eaten. Now, get busy!”

“Yes dear!”

When the pizza arrived, I set the box on the dining denizli escort room table and called for Louis.

“Louis, are you finished cleaning the kitchen?”

“I’ve cleaned the mess, dear. I still have the dish to scrub.”

“Let it soak for now. Bring the salad dishes and the bottle of wine.”

Louis sat at the table with us. He was quiet as a mouse as Stephie and I chatted and caught up on things together. Eventually, I told Louis to clear the table. When he returned, Stephie was sitting on the couch. I sat across the coffee table from her on one of the dining room chairs. Louis emitted and audible whimper when he saw me sitting in the armless, straight backed chair.

“Get over here.”

“Yes, dear.”

Louis scurried over and stood facing me.

“Don’t turn your back on our guest, it’s so rude! Stand at the end of the coffee table.”

Louis took his place and hung his head. I could almost smell his fear and embarrassment.

“Louis, you knew how important this dinner was to me. I haven’t seen Steph in months and you ruined our dinner. Because of you, I was forced to serve delivery pizza. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry, dear; I burnt myself and dropped the dish. Please forgive me!”

“Louis, I always forgive you for your screw ups. You also know that I have to punish you when you fail to please me. Go prepare yourself and fetch the hairbrush.”

When Louis was gone, Steph turned to me.

“Oh, goody! I get to see you paddle him!”

“You’ll see more than a paddling…shh, here he comes.”

Louis entered the room naked, hairbrush in hand. His little penis appeared even smaller by his fear and lack of body hair. He handed me the brush and took his place at the end of the coffee table.

“You know that you deserve this, don’t you?”

“Yes dear.”

“Before I begin, I want you to give Stephie a thorough apology. Show some respect for my guest.”

“Miss Stephie, please forgive me for ruining dinner.”

“Do you have anything diyarbakır escort else to say?”

“Miss Stephie, I’m sorry that you have to witness my punishment. I’ll try to do better so you won’t have to see me paddled again.”

“If you’re finished, get your sorry bottom over my lap this instant.”

I didn’t want to hurt him too much, as I might have the opportunity to administer the hairbrush to his ass again before the week-end was over. I paddled him slowly, methodically. I prefer to deliver an upward swat that catches the bottom, fleshy part of his cheeks until his buns are glowing and he cries, softly and pitifully. Eventually, I told him to stand and take his place at the end of the coffee table.

“Louis, you took your punishment well for ruining dinner. However, you have another transgression that must be dealt with. When you were in the kitchen, you used some words that are forbidden in this house. You are not only clumsy, you are a potty mouth. Furthermore, you failed to apologize to Steph for using those naughty potty words. I suggest that you do that now.”

Louis could barely speak as he turned to address Stephie. Her pretty white teeth sparkled in contrast to her golden tan as she tried to keep a straight face.

“Miss Stephie, I’m sorry that you had to hear me use those naughty words. Please forgive me for having a naughty potty mouth.”

I picked up the bar of soap I’d placed on the table. I let Steph have a good look at it before I proceeded to punish Louis.

“Louis is learning to use the words I’ve given him to describe his improper behavior. Look at this bar of soap and tell me what you see.”

Steph leaned forward to examine the cake of soap.

“Why, it looks like teeth marks!”

“Yes, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to wash his potty mouth. Louis, open wide.”

Louis reluctantly opened his mouth and allowed me to stuff the bar of soap halfway into his mouth. He made a horrible face, but submitted to his punishment.

“Now, go stand in the corner and leave that in your mouth until I tell you otherwise. If you drop the soap, we will repeat your punishment. Now, go!”

Stephie couldn’t hold back any longer. She burst into peels of laughter, holding her sides until she was finally able to speak.

“Don’t drop the soap! Naughty little potty mouth–oh, that’s rich!”

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