The Day He Left

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She was on the Internet one afternoon, checking her emails, opening each and every one that she knew, when she came across a feedback from someone who had read one of her stories. She read the feedback, and seeing as how the gentleman reader had left her his email address, she replied to him. As the days went on and he read more and more of her stories, he sent her continuous feedbacks. The more of his feedbacks she read, the more she came to learn about him, although she obviously didn’t know all the in’s and out’s of him, she knew in her heart that there was something special about him, and she really wanted to learn more. They began to correspond almost daily through email, until the day she emailed him her actual screen name, and the messengers that she has.

A few days later, she logged onto one particular messenger, and added his name to her list, and there he was. Oh she was so nervous, and yet excited at the same time to actually be able to chat with him by means other than email. She said “hello” to him, and that’s all it took. They began to chat, at first not for long because she was in the college, and he was at work, and after introducing themselves to each other, they began talking about her stories, and he told her just how much he really enjoyed them. He had told her that he didn’t think he could write like that, although he had wanted to try. She encouraged him enough that day that he did try for her.

Little by little with his permission, she began to edit his writings for him, and she encouraged him to submit them Pendik Escort into the same site that her stories were posted in, he wasn’t sure at first, but again she kept up the encouragement, and he did it, he submitted the first story, which he called, “The Guitar and the Red Head.” A few days passed, and there it was, his first story posted. She was so proud of him. He continued to write, and she continued to edit them, as their friendship grew stronger.

Each day, she would log on and look for him, when she was home, she would turn her web cam on for him from time to time so he could see her, and she won’t ever forget the time he called her although only once, she knew from what he had told her about himself, that he was a southern gentleman, but when she heard his sexy southern accent for the first time she melted almost instantly, yet she tried hard to maintain her composure, as she couldn’t let him know just how he truly made her feel. She had known for a while, that she was attracted to him, but being as he was a happily married man (so she thought), and older than her, she didn’t think he would be interested in her in that kind of a way, she sort of suspected it, but she never really knew. She never talked to him about it for she was afraid that if she was wrong, she would push away a man who had made her feel good about herself, and someone whom she treasures dearly.

After months of their chatting, and her heart growing even fonder to him, he began to be gone a lot more, she didn’t get to chat with him quite Anadolu Yakası Escort so often. Then one day the nightmare from hell developed, she opened her email to find that he was going away for a few months, he didn’t know when he would be returning. Oh how she cried when she read that, her heart instantly dropped into her stomach. She replied to his email, begging him not to go. He was gone from her for almost a week, when she received yet another heart breaking email from him, as he told her that he was leaving for good and he wouldn’t be coming back, he had made some decisions, and the internet just wasn’t where he was needing to be. At that point, she broke down and cried, she cried for days, and hell for weeks, when he left her he took her heart with him. Each time she logged onto her messenger after that heart shattering email had been read, she cried all the more, as just looking at his name, made her miss him.

She didn’t give up hope though, she prayed each day that he would come back to her, and as time went on, it grew a little less painful, although not much. She stopped listening to a particular song, that reminded her of him, she couldn’t listen to it anymore. Not with out her “Mr. Man”.

A few months later, two days after thanksgiving, she opened her email, and there was his name. Seeing that, stopped all time for her, she was hoping it wouldn’t be more bad news, reluctantly she opened it, and when she did, she found out that her Mr. Man was all right and he was doing well. She replied İstanbul Escort to his email, and told him how much she had missed him, and she was hoping he would just come back. The following day, she received a reply from him, telling her that he was indeed back, but he wasn’t sure for how long. He told her how he missed his sexy brown eyes baby, and he wanted to them to get reacquainted, so needless to say yes she cried all over again, only this time tears of joy not sadness. She logged onto her messenger, only to find a name on her list that she just didn’t know, she sat and thought a minute, and then it dawned on her, he in fact had changed his screen name. She messaged him, and he back to her, and it began all over again.

They talked for almost two hours online, they talked about his return, and about how she felt when he left, and about the stories that she had just sent to him the day before, and little by little her Mr. Man began to reveal things to her that he was afraid to tell her before. It was at that very moment that she found out just how much she really means to him, how badly he wants her, and just how much he truly loves her. She revealed to him just how much he means to her, and just how much she loves him, and she begged him never to leave her again, and he promised her he wouldn’t.

They have since then begun writing for each other again, and there isn’t usually a day that goes by that they don’t say I love you to each other, whether it be through their messengers or just simply in an email. She is so happy now, she is happier than she has been in a very long time. She knows now that the feelings that she holds for him, are in fact able to be expressed to him for he holds the same feelings for her, and now that her Mr. Man has come “Home” she has no intentions of ever letting him go away again.

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