The Country Club Ch. 02

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Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This story follows on from the Holiday Loving series and Chapter 1 of The Country Club. While it is stand alone, it will make more sense to read those stories first.


Jason and Anne visit the club for the first time

Jason and Anne had only been married for a few years. They had progressed from being school friends, through childhood sweethearts, lovers in their late teens, to marriage without really deciding they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives. Now, in their mid-twenties, they were paying the price; the joy and enthusiasm had already gone from their lives together; it seemed that it was only a matter of time till love also was lost. Unless they did something about it.

“Hey, have a look at this!” exclaimed Jason one Saturday morning as they each tapped away on their laptops after breakfast.

“What is it this time?” asked Anne in a bored tone, “Some hot chick you’ve found on a porn site again?”

“No, not this time,” replied Jason, embarrassed by the memories of the times Anne had caught him watching porn while having no time at all for her hot bod, “This looks like it could be exciting for us both, if you’re interested.”

Anne glanced over his shoulder and noticed a picture of a naked female bound in what looked like cast iron ankle and wrist cuffs to a cross while a male, dressed in medieval costume, stood in front of her with a whip.

“It says here that there’s a country club that hosts medieval celebrations not too far away from us and they’re inviting prospective members to their spring equinox celebration,” continued Jason. “This might be something interesting we could do together. I’ve always been interested in the torture used during medieval times. I wonder what it would have been like back then, going to work each day to maim and kill beautiful maidens.”

“Hummmph, be OK if you were doing the torturing, but I feel sorry for those being tortured. Most hadn’t done anything wrong except provoke the hierarchy, yet they were brutally and slowly murdered. Not only women either. I’m sure they had ways of torturing men as well, especially as they’re so vulnerable sexually.”

“Well, anyway,” replied Jason, moving the conversation away from male genitalia, “Would you like to visit this weekend? They’re welcoming people who are interested and we could go just for Friday night, or for Friday and Saturday, or for the whole weekend. Wanna go?”

“Yeah, why not. Beats sitting watching TV and waiting for you to carry me off to bed and have your way with me, as if that ever happens nowadays.”

Jason blushed, knowing that what Anne had said was true, but justifying it by the long hours he spent at work.

“Sorry, darling, but you know I’m really tired after a week at work and you know I need the promotion I’m working towards before we have the kids you want. So it’s for us, really.”

Anne simply gave him a glare and shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe there won’t be an ‘us’ once you get the promotion,” she said huffily as she left the room. “OK, I’ll come with you if that’s what you want,” she called from the kitchen.

“We have to book, so how long for?” called Jason.

“Oh, make it the whole weekend.”

They had no idea what they would find at the club. Jason wore jeans and shirt, Anne a simple dress. They pulled up in the car park and followed the signs to the large building where they were greeted by a tall guy wearing a cloak that was similar to pictures Jason had seen of how monks had dressed in medieval times. A woman was with him, similarly dressed. The guy introduced himself as Tom and the woman as Bev and welcomed them to the celebration. Bev showed them to the unisex changing room where they could leave their street clothes and select more appropriate clothing of a size to fit.

“Make certain that you are naked beneath your cloak,” said Bev.

Anne looked at her askance, blushing furiously. “You mean, no underwear?” she asked.

“Well, that’s what naked usually means,” replied Bev with a smile, “Like me.” She pulled apart the front of her cloak to show them her naked body beneath. Jason was suddenly very interested in this celebration and wondered just what type of celebrating would be occurring during the night.

Anne blushed even more and looked away. “Ok, I get the picture,” she said, just wanting Bev to cover herself again.

They stripped, placed their clothes in a locker which they locked, remembering the combination, and pulled on their cloaks before inspecting each other. They kilis escort had a trial hug, naked body to naked body, before they closed the Velcro holding the fronts together. They then had a second hug to see how it would feel and noticed that the inside of the cloak was slightly rougher than normal clothing but not really uncomfortable. They left the room and returned to Tom and Bev who did a cursory inspection before Bev led them out to the large bonfire behind the building. There was a bar at one end where they collected drinks, then they stood quietly talking to each other as they observed the group of people meeting and chatting animatedly to each other. They also noticed that there was a large covered area which looked like it could be a pool, but probably wasn’t going to be used this weekend.

“Maybe we’re the only newbies here,” commented Jason, feeling conspicuous in his unfamiliar cloak but knowing he’d have been more conspicuous with normal clothing.

“Hmmm, maybe,” replied Anne non-committedly as they watched a couple break away from a group and approach them.

“Hi,” said the guy as he approached, “I’m Neil and this is my wife Mandy. Welcome to the country club.”

“Thank you,” replied Jason, “I’m Jason and this is my wife Anne. This is our first time here so we’re feeling a bit lost.”

“You and us both,” replied Neil, “It’s our first time too, even though we actually own the property. My uncle left it to us in his Will but this is the first time we’ve been to a gathering here.”

Anne moved away from Jason and approached me. “Hi, Mandy,” she said softly.

“Hi Anne,” I replied, then reached out and gave her a gentle hug, noticing a feeling of sadness about her. “Why did you decide to come here tonight?”

“Oh, I don’t really know. I guess our marriage is falling apart and we’re looking for something to put some spark back into it.”

I noticed tear drops forming in the corners of her eyes. “Yes, sometimes that’s needed. We’ve only been married a very short time and so we don’t really need to put spice into our relationship, but I’m sure that weekends such as this would do the trick if and when we do need it.”

“Do you know what happens tonight?”

“I have no real idea. I do know a bit about the activities taking place tomorrow and Sunday, but not about the actual celebration.”

“Oh. So what happens for the weekend?”

“Well, we helped set …”

I never managed to complete my sentence as Tom called for quietness so he could begin the celebrations. Anne and I walked towards the fire and were soon part of a circle of people. Tom told us to all hold hands with those alongside us. I found I was holding hands with a young man on one side and, of course, Anne on the other. Tom then began a chant and the group joined in. Neither Anne nor I knew the words to begin with, but the chant was repeated many times so after a few repetitions there was no problem with us joining in. As we chanted, we also moved around the fire, the whole circle slowly rotating. I noticed Neil was holding hands with Jason on one side and a striking blonde woman on the other. I smiled, knowing Neil’s predilection for blondes.

Eventually the chant ceased and Tom welcomed everyone, wishing us all an exciting, stimulating, enjoyable and challenging time. Those who had been before smiled at the challenging part. He then asked Neil and I to step forward as the new owners of the property and introduced us to the group, then asked Anne and Jason, and another couple, the striking blonde named Sammie and her partner, Jeff, to step forward as he introduced them and us as those who had never been to meetings of the club before.

He then launched into his speech proper, explaining the reason why we celebrated the spring equinox and its significance in the medieval calendar.

“The spring equinox is the time when we celebrate the rebirth of the Earth and of all living creatures. It is a time to procreate the species and to celebrate life in all its many forms. How many of you women here are looking to become pregnant at this celebration?”

Three women stepped forward and everyone clapped and cheered.

“Congratulations,” continued Tom as the cheering quietened down, “I wish you well for your pregnancies and can see that there are many eligible males here who can assist you with your goals. Tell me, are you wanting children by your partner only or will you be open to other partners?”

One woman indicated that she wanted this child with her partner only, the other two were open to being impregnated by any partner. The man next to me explained this in a whisper, telling me that their own partners were sterile after some too-vigorous activities at a previous club celebration. I remembered Neil’s balls being tortured and decided that Neil should not undertake any activities that would place his ability to reproduce in jeopardy.

Tom then said it was time for everyone to greet old acquaintances and to meet new ones, so kırıkkale escort for everyone to please engage in the customary club hugs. For the benefit of us newbies, Tom and Bev approached Neil and I to demonstrate the club hug. As they approached, they both pulled the Velcro closures on their gowns open and signalled for us to do the same. Then while Bev pressed her body against Neil, Tom did the same to me. It was wonderful feeling his muscular body against me once more, his half-hard cock sliding between my legs bringing a promise of fun times to come later, maybe. Tom signalled for Anne and Jeff, and Sammie and Jason to hug also.

“If you wish, you can have a very interesting private fun session like this,” instructed Tom to the six of us, “You will notice that you can pull your arms out of the wide sleeves easily so they can be brought inside your cloak and also that you can fasten the Velcro from each other’s cloak together, so you’re left standing naked inside a small tent, with your heads sticking out a hole in the top. I’ll leave to your imagination what you can do now, but will point out that it works like this with four people as well; more than that and you tend to get too large an open space in the middle.”

To demonstrate, Tom moved us over to Sammie and Jason. As we approached he separated the edge of our cloaks and told Sammie to do the same for their cloaks, then they joined us so there were four naked bodies pressing together beneath four cloaks. I noticed that the other four joined up also. I wondered what it would be like with my hands inside and pulled both hands through the arm holes, but before they were fully inside I felt a hand stroking my belly gently. I realized the most interesting part was that I had no idea whose hand it was. Once my hands were inside I reached downwards and stroked the lower bellies of my neighbors, moving further downwards to encircle their hardening cocks with my fingers, then encountering other hands, presumably belonging to Sammie, doing likewise. This could be great fun, I thought.

After a few minutes Tom moved away and our group broke up, but we all quickly moved to other groups where we were easily assimilated into the group hugs in which everyone was indulging. It seemed to me to be a wonderful way to start off a sexy weekend, which would have been memorable even without the added attraction of watching and experiencing the medieval torture sessions and hopefully spending two nights with different lovers.

After a while, Tom led us all inside and stepped up onto the stage.

“A few items that I need to cover. Firstly, this is an equinox celebration so it’s the turn of women to be allocated room numbers. It is the job of each woman to select a male partner to take to bed with them for each of the two nights; it certainly doesn’t need to be your normal partner nor the same partner each night. Secondly, it is also the women’s turn to provide the demonstrations. These will occur each hour from 10am to 4pm tomorrow and from 10am to 2pm Sunday. That means there will be 12 demonstrations so about half of you women will take part in those. The tasks to be demonstrated will be drawn from a barrel immediately before the task takes place. You are all welcome to watch the task being completed or to continue with your own play; it is entirely up to you.

“For safety, remember there is a safeword system of amber if you feel the task is becoming too much for you to handle, and red if you’re in extreme agony or if something is going very wrong. Please respect the safewords, both by refraining from using them unnecessarily and, if you’re administering the torture, by checking on amber and stopping for red whatever is causing the problem. Remember that if the administering person feels the safeword was misused then they can appeal to Bev or me and, if we consider the complaint justified, we can order up to fifty strokes of the cane in punishment. So far in our history we have only upheld one complaint, and we would like to keep it that way.

“All necessary jobs to keep us fed and comfortable are carried out by members. So please consult the noticeboard once you have your room numbers to be certain you know what your allocated jobs are. These are neither onerous nor unduly time consuming so you will still have ample time to play.

“Please remember that there are two women here who need to be impregnated this weekend, so save some of your cum for them. Men, if you wish to assist with this please book a time on the notice board. Finally, Bev and I wish you an excellent weekend of fun and enjoyment as you challenge yourselves to experience painful pleasure.”

As Tom stepped down from the stage everyone clapped him and people reformed into small, informal groups, chatting as they met old friends or made new ones. Bev was allocating room numbers beside the noticeboard so I visited her and was handed number 26, which she explained was our unit number, the other 25 rooms being the smaller guest rooms. kırklareli escort I noticed that I was on cleaning up the kitchen after lunch tomorrow, so would have most of the weekend to observe and experience.

After a while a guy by the name of Pete sidled up to me and gently took my hand. I paused and we smiled at each other, he asked what I wanted to see and do for the weekend. I really hadn’t given it much thought but on looking around I noticed that Neil was deep in conversation with a statuesque redhead. It appeared that each of the newbies had been taken under the wing of a more experienced club member of the opposite gender who were showing the newbies the ropes; I guessed Pete was to be my guide, at least until I chose otherwise.

Pete guided me towards the square post in a corner where a naked woman had been blindfolded and was hanging from a rope tied to a harness as two men were attaching her support ropes. Once she was secured, the two men holding her rope slowly lowered her while she was positioned so the rubber point of the post pierced her pussy lips and eased its way into her opening. I watched her face, her mouth opened in surprise at the feeling of helplessness as her body weight pressed her downwards, forcing the point further inside her vagina. Then I saw a difference between what I had experienced the other day and now; there was no stop bar fitted to prevent her from, theoretically, being impaled completely and killed as her body weight pulled her onto the post.

I turned to Pete. “She hasn’t got a stop bar in there. She’ll be impaled.”

Pete grinned at me. “Not everyone has a stop bar; some people like the challenge of seeing how long they can remain on the post without using the safeword. That’s Tabatha, or Tab as she’s called, and each meeting she sees how long she can stay on the post. Her record so far is 12 minutes. Apparently, she practises between meetings, trying to strengthen her pussy muscles to prevent herself descending further than she can tolerate. I guess she also needs to acclimatize herself to the pain. I think tonight she’s trying for 15 minutes, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in a while.”

I tried to imagine voluntarily post-squatting just for the kicks it would bring, and could not. I most definitely would have the safety rod to stop me being impaled. Pete brought me back to the present by asking again what I wanted to do.

“I really don’t know. I did a bit of playing around when I helped Bev and Tom set up, but nothing much. Maybe start with the basics. Can you whip me then cane me please? And teach me how to whip and cane you?”

Pete grinned. “How much do you want? It can vary from a few strokes just to experience the feelings right up to shredding your skin so it will take months to heal. I have never done that, nor experienced that, but I know some people who have. One considers it the greatest mistake she ever made, while another thinks of it as her greatest achievement. So, with whipping and caning, it’s definitely different strokes for different folks, excuse the pun.”

“I would like to know I’ve been whipped or caned, but I would not want it to leave any permanent scars. Can you do that for me please?”

“Sure. Come over here.”

I followed Pete to the storeroom wall where the whips and canes were kept. He explained to me the basics of the different types, their properties and uses. Then we both went back to the main room where Tab was writhing on the post. It was easy to see that it had penetrated her much further; her pussy lips were severely distended as they fitted around the whole post, not just the tapered end, meaning that it must be nearly a foot inside her at the least. I now knew why it had a rubber tip; had it not it would have undoubtedly penetrated the end of her vagina. The clock alongside her indicated nearly 14 minutes, so she had just over a minute to go to reach her goal. Could she do this or would the pain become too great?

I found myself gripping Pete’s hand tightly, feeling how stressful it was for me, let alone poor Tab. But then, I thought, she was doing this to herself; she could stop at any time if she chose. As I watched I allowed my thoughts to wander into the realms of questioning why anyone would want to do what Tab was doing, or what I was going to do. Why would a supposedly sane, sensible woman want to be whipped and caned for no reason except to feel what it was like? At present, I had no answer, but I hoped the next hour would bring one to me.

“Red, red, red,” screamed Tab as the clock registered 15 minutes. I looked at her groin and saw that she had slipped down the post slightly more than a minute ago. Her weight was immediately taken on the rope from her harness and she was slowly lifted off the post. I noticed also that the level she had reached down the post was a good four inches below the top safety bar hole; as I joined in the clapping, I wondered what it would feel like to have such a huge object that far inside me. Once she was off and dangling from the ropes, I saw her pussy was gaping, a huge hole that would almost take an elephant cock, I imagined, shuddering as I further imagined being fucked by an elephant. I followed Pete back to the storeroom where we selected a leather flogger, a single tailed whip, a multi-tailed whip and a light cane.

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