The Care Girls Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 – Alone in the house.

Later that day you pop round to Becky’s. It felt great telling your mother that you where going to see the best looking girl at school. She was so proud of you – little did she know.

Becky was not along in her house but her parents don’t mind as she leads you upstairs to her bedroom. You’re amazed at all her beautiful clothes and like two teenage girls you spend ages pouring over her things. Eventually she lends you a black jersey mini dress, black long stiletto boots and a bra.

‘And darling, So you don’t get bored I’ve got you a few extra things. You can borrow one of my fashion magazines and I’ve one of my favourite CD’s and a clothes catalogue.’ She stuffs them all into a holdall. ‘Have a flick through it. I’ve marked some things that I think will look nice on me but I want you to do the same for you.’ She giggles. ‘Take a long look at the so so short mini skirts and the sweet camisoles.’

You turn a beetroot red but look forward to spending a girly evening dressed as a girl.

‘I’ve got you that special treat,’ she says and you stand mesmerised as she hitches up her skirt and deftly slips her panties to the ground. You wonder what her parents would think as she steps demurely out of them and hands them to you. They’re still warm.

‘Thank you.’ You say not sure what to do next.

‘They’re for you. They’re my best. You’re honoured. I call them my lucky knickers.’

You don’t want to ask why but you guess as feast your eyes on their lace and frills. You’ve never felt anything so light and beautiful before. You fold them delicately into your pockets.

She smiles. ‘Oh no darling! You can’t get away that easily, my little kitten. I want you to go into our bathroom and put them on now. I want you wearing my panties now so I can see you.’

If you’re delighted read on; otherwise call her a misguided fool and stop reading now.

Nervously, yet full of excitement you slip across the landing into the bathroom and drop your trousers. You step out of your pants then hold her panties before you as if about to perform a religious ceremony. Becky raps on the door.

‘Hurry up.’ She calls. ‘Got cold feet? What’s up with you? I know you’ve always wanted to get into my panties.’

You must hurry so without further hesitation you step into them… Whoosh! That familiar feminine wave spirals out from your groin. You feel light-headed. Your mouth dries and you’re unsteady on your feet. The lace tickles your thighs gently as you draw them slowly up your legs savouring every sensation. Your next surprise rather annoys you as you pull them up around your cock. Twang! It springs to attention ruining the otherwise feminine mound and then all of a sudden without any provocation your cock bucks and rears like a angry donkey and to your horror spurts your watery seed inside her panties. What do you do? You’ve no time to clean yourself up without attracting suspicion. Panicking you yank your trousers on. They feel odd under your trousers. The silky material sliding tantalisingly against your skin and trouser. Your convinced everyone will see the pantie line.

Back in her bedroom, Becky insists you lower your waistband so she can see they you’re actually wearing her panties.

‘Good girl’ she coos but she wants to see more so she attempts to pull your trousers down. You don’t want her to see the mess you’ve made in them so you pull away shyly.

‘Oh bashful,’ Becky chirps, ‘but do they feel ensest porno lucky for you?

You blush.

‘Dressed in tonight’s mini dress and my panties you’ll look irresistible. Mr Wilson will struggle keeping his hands off you.’

She neatly folds all your clothes for the night into the bag with the other things.

‘She giggles and drops in a Condon.

You’re horrified.

‘Don’t worry it’s an extra strong.’

‘I don’t need that,’ you scream unsure if she’s joking.

‘A girl can’t be over prepared. Haven’t you learnt anything?’

But, but, but…’ you stammer.

‘Talking of being prepared. You can’t dress round here tonight. You’ll have to find somewhere to get ready before turning up at the Wilson’s.’

‘That’s terrible!’ You shout. ‘What am I supposed to do.’

She grabs your groin and gives your cock a squeeze. ‘What’s up! You expect me to think of everything. Use some of that feminine intuition. Perhaps you can dress in your car again.’ She smirks. ‘Unless you dress at your own home in your own bedroom and sneak out without anyone seeing you.’ She laughs again. ‘But that’s your choice.

What do you do: Dress in your own home and hope your mother doesn’t see you or do you dress in your car down a leafy lane. It’s your imagination?

You decide to dress at home and tell your Mother that you’re going to a fancy dress party. Its a stroke of genius. She’s a great help. She loves your outfit and she helps you get ready. She stuffs your bra this time but you’re careful not to drop a cup size. Your mother thinks you look amazing though she’s convinced you’ve over done the tissue.

‘You look like a tart,’ she says as you squeeze your feet into Becky’s thigh length boots.

‘It is a fancy dress,’ you say.

She behaves just like a mother would do to a daughter as she combs your hair, straightens your dress and transforms your face with Becky’s make-up. She asks about the party and you struggle answering her probing questions. Finally you’re done and you desperately try not to get to excited so as to ruin your outfit as you look at yourself in a mirror.

‘Oh! Darling if i didn’t know you better I’d think you enjoy dressing as a girl.’ She steps back and slowly walks around you flicking your hair and pulling off a fleck of imaginary dust. ‘You look gorgeous. I can’t believe its you. You look like stunning, like a catwalk model.’

But all of a sudden she looks closely at your rump then at you suspiciously as if you’re hiding something.

‘What have you got on under your skirt darling?

That’s a question? Are wearing Becky’s soiled panties or your own briefs or are you butt naked?

You blush awkwardly. ‘B…, B…, Briefs,’ you say. ‘Why?’

‘You telling your mother the truth.’

‘Y, Y, Yes,’ you stutter but she’s not convinced and to your surprise she grasps the hem of your skirt and with no consideration of your modesty she flips it over your hips.

‘Mum,’ you holler

She looks down at the spectacle before her.

‘See,’ you say as you yank your dress down.

‘Sorry,’ she says apologetically, ‘I was a bit worried you may have taken this fancy dress thing a bit far.’ She chuckles awkwardly. ‘I thought you might be tempted to wear panties.’

‘Mother,’ You scoff, ‘what do you take me for?’

Just before you leave the house you pop into the sanctury of the toilet and lock the door. Convinced she can’t hear you hike asyalı porno your skirt waist height and slip your briefs over your lacy suspender straps and down your stockings. You smirk proudly to yourself, flush with your intuition as you unravel Becky’s laundered freshly laundered panties from your handbag. Then you step gracefully into each leg. They feel wonderful.

‘Bang, bang.’ There’s a sharp knock on the door and your heart misses a beat.

‘Darling, I don’t want to be a nag but you’ll be late,’ your mother calls.

‘Coming,’ you say unbolting the door but in your haste you leave your briefs crumpled on the floor.

At last you’re relieved to get out the house and away from your inquisitive mother but are terrified to find that your car doesn’t start.

What are you to do? Go back inside and call the whole thing off or spend the next ten minutes under the bonnet tinkering with the engine, trying not to ladder your stockings or chip a nail.

You can’t go back inside as your mother would offer to drive and you didn’t want her to know where you where going. With no option you decide to walk. Never before had you walked so quickly but it wasn’t easy in Becky’s stiletto boots. It’s not just the cold. The wind whistles up your mini dress and chills parts that you never thought could be chilled. You walk past a group of lads that are on pub crawl. You smell the overwhelming aroma of beer as they brush up against you.

‘Phoar, Sorry Darling,’ one of the lads says. They all smirk and you feel very frightened. You clutch your bag, pull you short jacket around you and quicken your pace. A car flashes towards you and hoots its horn. You look up and as it passes you can just make out Tony and Becky on their way out. They wave but you feel awkward and used.

The Wilson’s are great. Mrs Wilson welcomes you in warmly and shows you some food that she’s left out for you. The baby is asleep and she doesn’t expect any trouble. Mr Wilson is fascinated by your leather stiletto boots and is delighted to hear your cars broken as offers you a lift home at the end of the night.

The Wilson’s soon get organised and just before going Mrs Wilson gives you a kiss on the forehead. ‘Good luck,’ she whispers. You don’t need it. The baby never stirs and you spend the evening listening to Becky’s girly, boy band music and reading women’s magazines. You love being dressed as Lucy. Everything feels fabulous. Becky’s panties are the best. They feel gorgeously soft and sumptuously comfortable and you keep getting up to admire your reflection. You even pose, legs akimbo so you can see Becky’s lucky panties.

As a special treat Becky has put a pretty gloss nail varnish in your handbag and you spend the rest of the evening manicuring and polishing your nails. You even do your toenails too and after you’ve slipped your stockings and boots back on you’re so excited you can’t help but pop into the bathroom to massage your growing cock. You know you’ve got to do something about the unsightly bulge between your legs. You couldn’t be so excited when the Wilson come home. Like the previous night you rub your hands all over your body enjoying the thrill of the fabrics on your sensitive skin. More and more your hands wander until you can stand it no longer and as one hand slides up the front of your leg the other caresses your bum. Hmm! You touch Becky’s panties as if priceless jewels and with delicate care you caress your cock within. Hmm! gizli çekim porno As you do so the hand that’s on your bum slips under the lace and dives into her panties. You gasp as a moist, hot finger touches your hole and gently probes into you. Hmm! Your other hand prises open the edge of your panties at your front and crawls deep inside. You lick your lips, taste your juicy lipstick and feel your growing cock and as your mind merrily dreams of tights, high heeled shoes, panties and bras. It not long before your cock spasms and spurts its dribble of seed into Becky’s panties. Again you’re embarrassed with yourself but rather than clean up you pull your hands from her panties, pull down your skirt and revel in the damp warmness that spreads within your panties. ‘Hmm!’ You gasp. You just only hope that it doesn’t show through your dress.

Back downstairs, delightfully content, you dreamily imagine what it would be like to wear lots of the clothes that Becky’s marked in the catalogue. Just as instructed you feast your eyes over the pretty ‘fuck me’ mini skirts and beautifully romantic chemise tops. Being a girl gives so much more opportunity you muse. You imagine Becky working in the shop and if she got discount. You look down at your feminised form and wonder if you stood a chance of getting the job. You wondered if they where still interviewing. You shook your head to dislodge the thoughts. Fantasy is fantasy you say to yourself… But…

Just as they said the Wilson’s come home at twelve o’clock. Mrs Wilson is delighted to hear that the baby was fine and that you’d enjoy yourself. She admires your nail varnished finger nails and spends a few minutes looking through the clothing catalogue with you. She likes your choice of skirts and dresses but thought the mini was a bit too short. She laughs.

‘You’ll just have to wait until Christmas,’ she says with a warm smile.

‘Let me give you a lift home,’ Mr Wilson suggests eagerly.

Becky had warned you about Mr Wilson but you didn’t want to walk all the way home again in the cold and the dark.

‘Er thanks, You say and went to pick up Becky’s coat from the banister.

You’ve never sat in such a huge car before let alone dressed in a short skirt. And dressed as you are you feel very nervous of the amorous Mr Wilson. Your skirt rides dangerously high up your thigh as you settle into the passenger seat.

Mr Wilson takes a deep breath and you can’t help but notice the bulge in his groin.

‘This is strange,’ Mr Wilson says as you drive down the lane. ‘It only seems like yesterday that I was courting.’ His large hand brushed inadvertently across your stockinged leg and your heart misses a beat.

What happens next: Does Mr Wilson take you into the country and fuck you up the arse with Becky’s Condom or do you avoid his advances and let him drop you safely outside your house.

Chicken – He drops you back at your Mothers house and you wave before opening the door. You’ve had a fabulous night and you’re now exhausted ready for bed. As you put your key in the latch you imagine your coming home, about to moisturise your body, remove your make-up and slip into a pretty, classic baby-doll adorned with fluff around the hem. To your surprise the lounge light is still on and your mother is up.

‘Hello darling,’ your mother says. ‘You’ve a surprise guest. Becky’s here with Tony. She just wanted to see if you got home alright after the party. That’s nice of her isn’t it?’

You look at Becky and she’s grinning like a Cheshire cat.

The End –

Do you go on a blind date with Tony’s friend?
Does Mr Wilson find out what tiny secrets you’ve hidden under your skirt?
What Does Becky get you to do next?
Do you ever get to use the condom?

Tell me!

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