The Ballad of Jaimie and Vera Ch. 05

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We shot 55 encounters over a six month period. That averages out to one about every three days, but that wasn’t always the case. Once, we shot three different encounters in a 24 hour period, and once we went a week and a half without finding anything. However, in between those 55 encounters, Vera and I were having sex constantly just by ourselves, and we filmed a lot of it just for our own purposes. Vera’s outrageous orgasms really translate well to the video medium.

Sometimes, though, we just filmed ourselves doing bits and stunts. One time, she filmed me getting hired at a Hooters, which was true. I really applied for and earned a job at a Hooters in Decatur, IL, although I never actually worked a day.

“C’mon Jaimie. It’s a tight fitting shirt and short shorts. Why is this taking so long?” Vera said.

“Hang on!”

The door opened and Vera had the camera trained on my face. I came out and primped in front of the big mirror in our hotel room for a second. “Well?” I asked as I turned around. “How do I look?”

“You look… uh…”

I looked amazing. My tits were born for a Hooters shirt. But then she’s pointing down, and I leaned forward a bit to look down and my cock is sticking out of the bottom of the leg of my short shorts.

“Womp womp,” I say to the camera, with a shrug.

And that was it. Just weird, stupid little skits we had fun with. A lot of fun, especially when we were just spitballing ideas in the planning phases. We were less concerned that these skits would be something we could turn around and sell than we were with just enjoying ourselves.

That’s how I came to find myself standing over a treadmill one day with a medium sized cucumber shoved up my ass and my dick curled around inside my pussy sometime between encounters 28 and 29

“So the bet is that you don’t think I can make it a mile like this.”

“There’s no fucking way. You’ll start to get hard and tap out, and if your dick pops out, you lose. Either that or having your balls pushed to the side will start to hurt. Either way, if you stop, you lose.”

“And, for the camera, the loser…”

“…does all house chores for a month when we get back. In the French Maid costume.”

We both had one. We’d bought them as gag gifts for each other back in college, and we’d each kept ours when we split up. Mine was woefully inadequate to cover or support either my boobs or my cock. Hers had no covering over her tits at all, and the frill at the waist did nothing to cover her ass. We had matching heels, hats, gloves, stockings, and hats. It was awesome. Best Valentines Day ever.

Anyway, part and parcel with wearing them is that wearing means you’re submissive. That was a rule Vera made up the first time I wore mine for no reason, and we’d kept it up for years. She’d even surprised me with hers once before we left for the road trip. Neither of us is an inherently submissive person, but it can be thrilling to assume that role from time to time. But a whole month? High stakes indeed…

I’ve got on a yellow bikini and my bright orange and grey New Balances. My balls are pushed out to the sides of the bikini bottom, and my cock is tucked in between them. At first, Vera was gonna have them both be off to the same side. Then she was worried I’d get off balance and walk in a big circle, which she thought was HILARIOUS.

She sets the treadmill at 3 mph, so I’m looking at 20 minutes. I can do this. I can do this.

“Quit psyching yourself up and go already,” she laughs. I stick my tongue out at her, reset the distance, and I’m off. “You’re so not gonna make it.”

“Are you gonna stand there and jabber at me the whole time?”

“Oh, you didn’t think I would just let you try with no distractions, did you?”

“What?! No!!”

“Oh yeah. I might not need to, but we’ll see.”

She might not after all. The cucumber feels really good. It’s like eight or nine inches long, but eight or nine that can just keep being pushed in feels a lot bigger. The other big distraction is this bikini. It offers zero support for my boobs, just basic nipple coverage, and a quick pace like this means I’m gonna be heaving. She knows how much I love my tits…

The whole thing is exactly my kind of devious, which is infuriating and awesome at the same time. I’m not too worried though. 1) I’m way more fiendish than she is, so me losing won’t be awful. 2) I’m better at withholding and restraining myself. If I can just find a happy place to ride this out, I’m golden. 3) I’m way more fiendish than she is, so me winning will be dangerous for her. Focus on that and I’ll be fine.

“Point three miles, huh. How you feelin down there?” She smacks my ass, which sends a ripple through my whole body.

“Keep it up,” I say, grinning. “This is gonna bite you in the ass.”

“Haha, I doubt it!”

I close my eyes and take a moment to calm down. I am starting to get a little hard. That’s a slippery slope. Once I start getting olgun porno hard, that’s gonna set off my pussy, which will get me harder and so on and so forth, so I have to stop it before it really got going. After a while I hear Vera walk off, and I open my eyes to look around. She’d set the camera on the tripod… I hadn’t considered that she would not be holding the camera the whole time.

0.7 miles.

Vera comes back out a minute later with her shorts and panties gone, just a shirt on. She grabs a chair and drags it right in front of me. Then she turns around and bends over, just like in the shower that first time…

I don’t see the dildo in her hand until she’s about to stick it in her pussy. Fuck…

She’s really playing up the moaning. She’s not half as vocal when it’s my dick instead of that dildo, and my dick is twice as long and half again thicker. “OOOOOOooooooooh.” I just close my eyes and try to calm down. It’s having some effect, for sure, but it isn’t nearly enough to worry me.


Of course, when your significant other says oops, the first thing you do is start paying attention. Vera’s taken the dildo from her pussy and put it in her ass…

“Not fair!” I shout

I still hadn’t fucked her ass. She’d been insistent on it, especially since I’d tried with Leah. I’d been pining for it too. But I never pushed. I was being respectful, and I hadn’t brought it up since before we’d left for the road trip.

“It was an accident,” she says, looking faux-frightened, but that doesn’t stop her from working that lucky little piece of pink plastic in and out of her beautiful ass. One hand reaches around from the side to pull that finely tuned piece of muscle to the side, giving me an even better view. Vera’s ass is just so round… not fleshy like mine, just sculpted. Damnit…

0.8 miles

Now her moaning is genuine, if a bit less intense. Everything sounds more intense when you fake it. This, this is a believable level of vocal enjoyment of self love. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Even when I close my eyes, it’s still working. My cock is starting to reach an uncomfortable level of rigidity…

I close my eyes and start humming the first thing that pops into my head. Tenacious D’s Fuck Her Gently. I’d really come to enjoy Tenacious D since getting my dick. I don’t know if it’s anything to do with the hormones, or that I can relate better now that I-

Suddenly, the treadmill shakes underneath me. I’m jarred out of my inner monologue, especially when I realize that Vera has jumped onto it and is straddling the track behind me. There’s a tugging on the strings of my bikini top. My eyes go a little wide when I look down just in time to see it go slack, fall off, hit the track, and get thrown back behind me.

I shake my head and start trying a deep breathing exercise from a Yoga class I took once, but then Vera reaches around from behind me. Her hands scoop up my tits, pushing them up and together. My nipples start getting hard, being rubbed between two fingers on each hand, and a moan escapes my lips before I can lock it down.

0.9 miles

“Alright. You asked for it…” Vera swings off the treadmill, comes around in front of me, and leans in underneath the bar I’ve been gripping. Oh no…

I’m pretty hard. My cock is really starting to ache from the angle, but when she wraps her lips around my nipple, it’s all over. I make it maybe to 0.92 before I yank the string on the side of my bikini and pull it out.

“Victory is miiiiiiiiiiiine!!”

I stood there, massaging my poor cock and straddling the treadmill for a good minute while Vera took a literal victory lap around the treadmill. I was sooooo mad…

That’s where our fuckfighting began. By the time we got home, it was tied at 4, but that afternoon was Vera 1 Jaimie 0.

I didn’t tie things up until a week later. Encounter 31 was a full-on lesbian we’d met. We spent the entire time in a triangle on the floor giving each other oral. It was ok at the time, but not terribly exciting to watch and certainly not great footage even though we tried passing the camera around to get close ups. The encounter with Leah was basically the Gold standard by which all other scenes were measured, and 31 was lacking. I put my plan into action late that night.

The camera screen is black for a few seconds until I turn on the night vision. Suddenly you can see that I was right in front of it. I’m standing in the bathroom of our RV. A wet sound offscreen starts to get louder, and I turn the camera down to show me spreading lube up and down my wonderful cock.

“Won’t be time to do this once I get out there,” I explain into the camera with a smirk. I keep the camera facing me as I open the door and walk out, but then it spins around and rattles for a second while I mount it on the tripod.

Vera is laying face down on the bed, nude as usual. The sheets are thrown back, so the camera has a great shot of the bump of her ass. porno I come around to the far side of the bed and climb up behind her. My cock is fully erect, sticking straight out and bobbing with every movement. Carefully, slowly, I crawl over her and settle on my knees, which straddle hers. She fidgets a little, but doesn’t really move. I’ve only got one shot at this…

I smirk at the camera one last time. One hand reaches down to lay gently on one of her ass cheeks. Slowly, ever so slowly, I pull the left one to the side. Her ass is so well muscled, I couldn’t do this without spreading them first. I only need them a little bit separated…

After about a minute, I’ve got her opened up enough, so I flip off the cap of the lube bottle with my thumb. I only get one good squirt in there before she starts to wake up. This is it…

“Nnnnnnngh… whaatareyou…” She starts to turn to roll over, and I pounce. I throw the lube bottle down, and both hands come down on her shoulders. I hop up a little and slide my shins in over the back of her knees. “What the…Jaimie, what are you doing?”

“Getting you back,” I say, and I start wiggling my hips to get my dick between her asscheeks.

“Jaimie?! Wait!!

“Oh no,” I say, leaning in to whisper. “You thought it was so funny to pin me there on that treadmill, and to tease me with your ass…”

“Nnnnnnn… nnnnnnnnnn,” she says, straining to push up.

“Thats what I thought. You want to say no, but you can’t. You’re the one who keeps bringing up that I can’t fuck your ass, not I. Methinks the lady doth protest too much…”

Vera’s wriggling beneath me starts to slow down, so I move my legs off to the side. It was a terrible angle anyway. She doesn’t try to kick herself free. I know that if she really wanted to, Vera could EASILY overpower me. In addition to that, we have a safe word. Snapdragon. Vera says it’s the prettiest word in the english language.

This time, when I whisper, it’s so quiet I can barely hear it myself.

“You might want to bite down…”

She’s staring back at me out of the corner of her widened eye. She’s vulnerable… it’s such a turn on knowing she could get loose and isn’t. No one can make Vera be vulnerable. She would go down kicking and screaming if she was forced into something. No, she has to do it herself, which is the real kicker. I’d been wrestling with doing this all week. I knew almost as soon as I got off the treadmill that this should be my counterstroke, but it was a bold move to be sure. Now, here I am. My cock is throbbing, and the head is drenched in enough lube to fit a square peg in a round hole. This was what I had wanted the most since the first time in my shower. Still, I hesitated…

But then, peering over her shoulder at me, eyes wide with fear, Vera nodded ever so slightly. The dam burst.

I took one hand off her shoulder to steady my wonderful cock, and just tried to support my weight on it. I didn’t need to push, I just needed to not hold myself upright by my arms and legs. The head popped inside almost instantly. Vera squeezed her eyes shut and cried out louder than I thought she was capable of.

“Ohhh, it’s so tight. Good Fucking God.”

Nothing Vera said was a word. After a good 15 seconds of moaning, she buried her face in the pillow. I chance a couple more inches, and then a couple more. Her breathing is a labored grunting exhalation, and a wheezing inhalation. I take my other hand off her shoulder and plant both of them in the bed beside her. Her right hand shoots out to grasp mine. Her fingers wrap around my palm and squeeze.

I sit back so the my ass is resting on her thighs. I love that my cock is long enough that I can sit back a bit and still fuck her. In a moonbeam, I can just make out that the freckle is still an inch away from her ass, but this is more than enough to start with. I start by just rocking at the hips. Her fingers squeeze down with every thrust, let off with every withdrawal. She’s still moaning like a banshee into the pillow, but she’s dropped about three octaves. Her other hand has disappeared underneath herself. Every time the head gets close to pulling out, it stretches the edges of her asshole. I can’t see it in the dark, but the feel of it is amazing, like her ass is begging me. No, don’t leave yet. Come back. So I do. Over and over.

Vera cums like a ton of bricks, and really quickly. Her hand crushes mine, and I cry out a little too. She tries to curl her legs up beneath her stomach, but only really ends up lifting us both an inch or two off the bed. I’m not even close to an orgasm yet!!

I slow to a stop. She returns to earth about a minute later. My erection hasn’t gone anywhere… if anything it’s even harder. I knew Vera really liked anal play, but we’d never gone much past a good tongue bath and maybe a few fingers. This… This was something new. That orgasm was different. She’s still just panting underneath me. Sometimes, when I take a deep Porno izle breath, my cock pushes just a little bit extra on her, and she starts shivering.

It takes a long time for me to realize that it’s wet under my knees.

“Oh my god, Vera, did you squirt again?!” I’m not sure she heard me. She’s still whimper-panting after her orgasm. I reach a hand down under her thigh and…Yup. Totally soaked. I give my hand a quick sniff, and it’s not pee. “Sweetie? Are you ok?”

“Please get off me…”

I slowly pull out and sit back down next to her. She lumbers up on all fours and looks down at herself, although it’s really too dark to see anything. She runs a hand over her abs and legs and curses.

“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.”

“Hey c’mon, it’s not that bad…”

“Look what I fucking did!”

“Vera, it’s ok!”

“It’s not o-fucking-kay! We sleep here! God damnit!” She starts to get up, but I put a hand on her shoulder and that stops her just after she crawled off the dark spot in our light colored sheets. I can just barely make out the scowl on her face start to dissipate as I reach my hand down to the wet spot, and then put my fingers in my mouth.

“It’s ok.”

She just sits back then, breathing deep and staring at me. I run my hand over the wet spot again. Most of it has seeped down into the bed. There’s not really any more puddling to scoop up, but I would if I could find it.

“We can replace the sheets in the morning.”

Her eyes go down to the wet spot, and she just stares.

“That was fucking incredible,” she says.

“The combination? Anal and squirting?”

“Hell, I just meant the anal itself. The squirting was almost more of a distraction.” Man, I will never get over how cool this girl is. She’s moved on. “I mean, I’ve had anal before, but only with smaller guys.” Hearing that makes me glow. I only know of one guy she’s been with who was as big as me. Vera thinks he might be bigger, but she’d have to get us side by side to be sure. That means I broke new ground for her. I had guessed that was gonna be her first time with a big one, but knowing was much more satisfying. Suddenly, she reaches around behind herself. “You didn’t cum?”

“No, I was just getting warmed up!”

“I came that fast? It felt like forever…”

“Nope. Just a few minutes.”

She sits still in the dark for a minute. I can really only make out her silhouette against the window. Her shoulders are still rising and falling pretty hard. Damn, that must have been a game-changing orgasm for her to still be recovering. She scoots around the spot in the sheets and sits back down next to my legs. Then she takes my cock in both of her hands, and starts stroking it up and down very, very slowly.

“I don’t think I ever noticed how it gets thicker down here at the bottom. Feels kinda like a bat. Fat at one end, thinner at the other, but with a nub at the end…” I nod my head. I’d never thought about comparing my dick to a baseball bat, but the simile is flattering. “How far in did you get it?”

I reach down and grab her hands, and slide them up along the shaft until the lower tips of her fingers are right at about the halfway point.

“Fuck, that’s all you put in there? It felt like way more… Fuck! And I had this much farther to go? Fuck!!” She says as she kept one hand in place and with the other explores the parts of my cock that had not yet seen the inside of her most glorious hole. “No. No, we’re going again.”

“I should certainly hope so,” I say. “I didn’t cum yet!”

“Oh, who cares about that,” she says, though I can hear the smirk in her voice. She reaches over and grabs the lube bottle from the edge of the bed, and puts a dollop on her fingers before passing it to me. I pour a helping down on the tip of the still erect head and let it run down the sides while she reaches back to get ready. “Lie back.”

With a grin, I roll back onto my elbows and kicked my feet out. Vera climbs on top of me, keeping one hand on the tip of my dick so as not to lose it in the dark. She squats, and in my mind, I picture myself with David that first time, scaling his giant cock. In the dark, I couldn’t see much, but I certainly felt it when she finally started to lower herself onto my cock.

“Nnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnngh,” and the head is in. She starts doin’ some kind of pregnancy breathing, quick bursts of inhalation and exhalation, followed by a few seconds of slower breathing through gritted teeth. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck fuck. Why did you have to nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn get the upgraded model?”

“It’s, ooo christ, it’s tearing you apart and you love it.”

“I know. Mmmmmmmmm… MMMMMMMMM Fuck, I know.”

“Don’t fight it. Fuck, don’t fight it.”

Slowly, ever so slowly, Vera’s ass consumes my cock. Inch after vice-like inch is slowly filled as she settles further and further. After about a 15 second cry, she hits about the 8 inch mark and changes direction for the first time. Up to about 2 inches, down to about 8. Up. Down. This time, when she goes down, she just sits there. I can barely see in the dark, and much more clearly hear, that she put a hand down into her pussy. Judging by the sound, she’s… Oh man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32