The After Party

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Part One of this story appeared in Loving Wives. I’ve changed the narrator from the husband, Fred to the groomsman Ben for the obvious reason that Fred isn’t there while Part Two is taking place.

Tim and I went back to reception after a short, but nasty fuck fest with this milf bridesmaid Julie. Getting a couple of shots from the bar, we looked around for the husband. Thankfully, he was no where to be seen. If he caused a scene, my brother, the groom, would fucking kill me. Then it hit me. We should “flee the scene of the crime” and take our accomplice with us.

“Do you think that slut is drunk enough, horny enough and pissed off at her asshole husband to leave with us?” I asked Tim.

“You’re a fucking genius, is what I think!” Tim laughed.

I threw back my drink.

“Lets head her off before she comes back to the hall.”

And we practically sprinted back to the other end of the club, catching her just as she was exiting the locker room.

“Hey sexy. Where are you going?” i asked her..

She was still pretty drunk, I could tell.

“Back to the reception. Fred would have noticed I’m missing by now.”

“He would if he hadn’t left,” Tim told her.

“That shit” she yelled, completely overlooking the fact that she’d just sucked and fucked the two of us after letting us grope the shit out of her in front of her husband.

“He obviously doesn’t care where you are. Tim and I are going to a local bar. Why don’t you come? It’ll be fun,” I said, sliding behind her, kissing her neck, one had holding her midsection up against me, the other reaching under her dress to play with her nipple.

“I don’t know. I should get a ride home,” her voice was saying but her ass was rubbing back against me and her nipple was sticking out like an eraser.

“C’mon, when’s the last time you partied?” Tim chimed in.

“Ok , but only or an hour or so. Fred will be pissed.”

Are you fucking kidding me, I thought. Fred’s already about as pissed as he’s gonna get! And another thought crossed my mind. We had no fucking car! We’d all arrived in a limo. Getting a cab to come out here would take forever. Then it hit me. At least one of the parking attendants must have a car. Pay them for a ride back to town. They don’t make shit. Fifty bucks and they’ll drive us to Mars.

Sure enough, first one we asked. The three of us got in the back seat, Julie in the middle. We took turns kissing her, and fondling her. About ten minutes into the ride, i convinced her to take her tits out, so I could suck on her nipples.

“Play with your nipples” I told her as I slid my hand up her skirt, her thighs parting to give me access.

When she started to tweak her own nipples, moaning, her dress all the way up her thighs,, I thought the fucking guy was going to drive off the road!

Damn, I love drunk sluts!

Soon we pulled up in front of the bar we frequented. The clientele was “post college” 20 something’s so Tim and I knew quite a few of the patrons as well as the bartender.

Seeing a friend of mine at the bar, we headed over to him.

“What’s up John?”

“Who’s this beautiful woman?” said John, putting his arm around Julie.

Giggling, Julie responded with her name.

“Thanks for dressing up guys” cracked John.

“Very funny. We just left a wedding. Four shots of tequila.” I said to the bartender.

We all clinked glasses and threw back the shots

The band started up as we put our Escort bayan glasses on the bar.

“Dance with me!” said Julie, grabbing my hand.

“Not now, maybe later”, I said.

She looked at Tim.

Tim just shook his head and ordered more shots.

“I’ll dance with you” John said, pulling her a little closer.

“Knock yourself out”, I said downing my second shot.

Drinking her shot, Julie stuck her tongue out at Tim and me, and went out to dance with John.

We soon lost sight of them on the crowded dance floor. Tim struck a conversation with a girl sitting at the bar. Not all that good-looking, but with a nice rack. Before long, Tim’s swapping spit with her while I contented myself with rubbing her ass, which she doesn’t seem to mind.

I look out at the dance floor for Julie and John and fuck if the slut isn’t grinding into him and kissing him during a slow dance. The song ends and they come back to the bar, both damp with sweat.

“Gotta hit the head” John says, going towards the men’s room.

“Having a good time?” I say to Julie, smirking.

She puts her arms around me, gives me a kiss and says, “Oh yeah! But now I have to pee!”

I point her towards the ladies room.

John returns and says. “Did you tap that?” meaning Julie.

“Tim and I both did at the wedding”

“Fuck me! Really?”

“Yep. On a desk in one of the offices. Double teamed the bitch.”

John smiles and says, “i wouldn’t mind getting some.”

“You’ll have to ask Julie,” I say as she comes up behind him.

“Ask me what?” she says.

“My apartments around the corner. You want to come over for a nightcap?” John asks Julie.

“Only if Ben comes” she replies.

“Sure, why not” says John half-heartedly.

Tim stops making out with his new girlfriend long enough to say “I’m in! How about you? Ah, sorry, your name?”

“Carol” she utters before going back to kissing and humping Tim.

All five of us exit the bar, heading around the block then up the stairs to John’s apartment. He has a tv, a kitchen counter, two chairs and a coach in one room a tiny bathroom and a sofa bed in the open position in the bedroom. I can tell all this because the only door is the entry door. The bathroom has a shower curtain where the door should be. Not exactly five star. But he does produce a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels and two joints.

Tim grabs a bottle as he and his friend go directly to the bedroom, while Julie, John and I take the couch, Julie between us. John puts on some music. We pass the bottle and joint around and listen to the moans coming from the bedroom. Julie is getting glassy-eyed and doesn’t object when John kisses her. In fact she responds eagerly, arms around his neck.

I take the opportunity to unzip her dress and pull the straps down her arms. She shrugs, allowing the top to come completely off, exposing her tits. John wastes no time in squeezing them and sucking her nipples, eliciting a loud drawn out groan of pleasure from Julie.

As I pull her dress past her hips, she lifts her ass to allow me to take it all the way off. She’s now naked, her panties already in my jacket pocket.

I kneel on the floor, bend over and lick her clit, putting a finger into her cunt, then two. She was moaning continually, humping back against my tongue and fingers.

John takes off his shirt as Julie fumbles with his belt and zipper. He slips his pants Bayan escort off as Julie goes down on him. I stop licking her clit to get my clothes off. When I do, she replaces my tongue with her finger, rubbing her clit as she bobs up and downon John’s tool.

Grabbing her hips, I ease her off the couch until she’s on her knees, still sucking John’s knob. I line my cock up at her cunt and slide it in easily, balls deep. She lifts her head up for a second as she gasps, then goes back to sucking while rocking backagainst me, one of her hands still massaging her clit.

“Fuck, she’s good!” exclaims John as Julie deep throats him.

I smack her ass a couple of times, then licking my finger, work it into her ass. She squirms a little as I work it in deeper, wiggling it around as I do.

“My turn to fuck her,” John pants. I pull out, lift her up under her arms and lower her until she’s impaled on Joh’s cock.

I know what i want.

In the bathroom, I rummage in the medicine cabinet until I find a jar of Vaseline. Perfect.

I look in the bedroom where Tim is fucking Carol doggy style on the bed. I decide to see if she’s as big a whore as Julie.

I look at Tim who’s pile driving her and wave my dick towards her face. He shrugs, which I take to mean “go for it.”

I rub my stiff cock on her lips, lightly grasping the back of her head. Damn if she doesn’t willingly inhale it, slobbering all over my cock, tongue in the tip, lips up and down my shaft.

Enjoying the blowjob, but knowing I want to take Julie’s tight little mommy ass, I pull out and go back in the living room where John has Julie on her back on the couch, her knees over his shoulders, fucking her like he’s on speed.

She’s still massaging her clit and pinching her nipples, her eyes partially closed, a look of pure lust on her face.

“Cum on her tits!” I yell as I can see John’s about to explode.

Julie hears that and shudders with an orgasm as she rubs her clit harder.

John pulls out and, jerking his cock a couple of times, explodes all over her stomach, tits and chin.

“Fuck! That was good!” John exclaims as he takes a swig of JD.

“You ready for round two, baby?” i say to Julie.

She smiles and nods.

This fucking slut is insatiable I think.

Tossing her a towel from the bathroom, I tell her to wipe herself off. She stands up and slowly, erotically, wipes the cum off her body and licking it off her chin.

Tim and Carol have come out of the bedroom, Tim sitting on one of the chairs, Carol on his lap, sharing a joint. John is sitting up against the wall, sipping from the Jack bottle.

Standing behind Julie, I pull on one of her nipples, rubbing my cock in her ass crack, saying “You like it when people watch, slut?”

She moans and nods her head.

Wrapping one hand in her hair, walk her to the couch and firmly, but not too roughly, force her to her knees and then push her head into the seat of the couch. I could tell she was loving the “rough stuff” and the audience because as soon I knelt behind her, she began mumbling fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

I teased her pussy lips with my cock head until she finally reached behind her and shoved it in herself.

Holding her hip with one hand, I reached into the jar of Vaseline I had put next to the couch. Getting a glob of it on my middle finger, I slowly worked into her ass.

“You like that?” I asked and was Escort answered with a moan and a nod.

I slowly added a second finger. I bent them and moved them around.

I looked over at Tim and Carol. She was now straddling him, reverse cowgirl, riding his cock slowly, watching us.

John was sitting stroking his meat.

“Tell John you want to suck his cock,” I said. No response.

I pulled her hair back a bit and stopped fucking her.

“Please” she whined, moving back toward me.

I move away a little more.

“John, let me suck your cock!” Julie cried.

John wasted no time in sitting on the couch.

As she took his cock into her mouth, I resumed fucking her pussy while my fingers worked her ass.

I slowly pulled my fingers out, massaging her clit with my other hand.

Changing my “angle of attack”, I pushed the head of my cock into her asshole.

Pulling her head off John’s prick, she yelled “No, no! It hurts!” and tried to pull away.

John held her arms as I pushed in a little further. pressing down on her back with one hand, continuing to work her clit with the other.

“Oh God! Oh fuck!” she cried. “Please take it out!”

Instead, I pushed in more, still working her clit. My full length was now buried in her ass.

“Fuck, you’re tight!” I exclaimed as I started to fuck her ass slowly.

She was now starting to push back toward me, getting used to my cock in her ass.

John put her head back on his cock which she willingly started to suck as I put two fingers in her cunt.

Moaning constantly, Julie moved her hand to replace mine on her clit, alternately sucking and licking John’s cock, rocking back against me, shuddering with another orgasm.

Hearing, or rather feeling a thumping on the floor, I look over to see Carol in a frenzy, bouncing on Tim’s cock.

Holding Julies head still, John dumps his load in her mouth.

As he releases her, I pick up the pace, slapping her ass with my free hand.

Her head hanging, cum dripping from her mouth, she matches my speed.

I can’t hold back anymore. I shoot a giant wad of jizz up her ass and collapse on top of her.

I wake up a couple of hours later, laying on the floor, naked, next to an equally naked, sound asleep Julie.

Sitting up, I look around. Tim snoring in a chair, Carol on the floor next to him, John curled up on the couch, empty liquor bottles greeted my bleary eyes. I looked at my watch. Five am.

I shake Julie awake.

“Hey! It’s 5am! Wake the fuck up!” I tell her.

She sits up. She looks like shit. Dried cum on her chin and chest, blood shot eyes, hair a mess, rug burns on her knees.

“Five am?!?” she cries. I’m am soo fucked! Fred is going to kill me!”

“Yeah right” I say. That pussy isn’t going to do anything.”‘

Finding her dress and shoes, she says “Take me home, please.”

“Wait while I pull a car out of my ass. Call a fucking cab.”

Thinking that was a bit harsh, I say “Sorry. None of us have a car, remember?” Use John’s phone to call a cab.”

“I have no money” she sobs.

Oh shit, I think. Is there such a thing as whore’s remorse? I don’t want to deal with a crying woman.

I find my pants and give her a $20. She calls the cab.

“They’ll be here in five minutes” she tells me, still sobbing a bit.

“I’ll wait with you downstairs” I say, slipping on some clothes.

When the cab pulls up, she leans in to give me a kiss. With the image of her lips wrapped around John’s cock, I turn my head.

Then she really starts to sob as she gets into the cab.

I’m thinking I’d pay money to see what happens when Fred sees her.

to be continued

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