Swinging on the Fourth of July Ch. 02

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Through the fog of sleep, Ron felt his limp penis being gently massaged. He relaxed, feeling Fran’s ministrations to his small member, something he had always enjoyed since their first adventures in intimacy. As the fog dissipated, he realized that the hand didn’t belong to his wife. He was lying on his back and could feel the heat radiating from the tall female form lying beside him. Gaining more consciousness, he remembered the actions of the previous night that had culminated in erotic activities far beyond what he had ever imagined in his teenaged fantasies. Rolling on his side, he saw Alice beside him, looking down on his body with a slight smile on her face. He reached out with one hand and cupped her ample breast, stoking the nipple with his thumb. She intensified her stroking as his penis started to harden. He leaned over to start licking her nipple.

Rolling onto her back, Alice said, “Get on top, I want you inside me.”

Ron moved between her long legs, supported his weight on his elbows and maneuvered his genitals over her warm slit. Alice reached down and directed him to the target and raised her hips as he lowered his. He felt the warm moistness of her love canal and started to slowly slide back and forth.

“I’m sorry,” Ron said in a low voice. “I won’t be able to satisfy you making love this way.”

It had been the same with the few other women he had had intercourse with. He felt lost inside them and had relied on using his tongue and lips to bring them to orgasm.

“I don’t need to have an orgasm right now,” Alice said. I just want to feel you close to me and enjoy the sensation of you moving inside me. You gave me one of the most intense orgasms ever last night. This is all I need now.”

The smell of her soft warm body was intoxicating and before long, Ron felt his whole body spasm as an orgasm rolled over him. Alice pulled his buttocks close to her as he spurted several times before collapsing down on her. He started to tremble and could feel his erection rapidly subside. Memories of his first sexual encounter flashed back, his partner ridiculing him for his sub-par performance. It had taken him a long time to attempt intimacy again. It was Fran who had directed him to the activities that gave her such intense pleasure and he had been a good student.

“I’m sorry I can’t give you the pleasure that others can,” said Ron in a soft voice.

“I love being with you,” said Alice. “I appreciate Don because he’s willing to let me have different experiences. Did you know he’s actually a little jealous of you? You’re so smart and financially secure. Knowing he has a much bigger penis than you is his way of compensating. You and Chuck and Don are all special in your own way. I wouldn’t change anything about any of you.” Fran was awake bright and early as usual. The soft morning light was filtering through the window blinds, casting delicate shadows around the room. While she had enjoyed the animal lust of last night, she had no desire to cuddle with Chuck the way she almost always snuggled up to Ron in the morning. She pulled the thin sheet back to reveal his hirsute body. What was obviously once a muscular frame was now getting a little flabby. Chuck sometimes engaged in a pick-up touch football game at the gym but his athletic activities were now only occasional and it showed. Still, his heavy penis was a delight to behold and memories of their multiple couplings last night sent a warm glow throughout her body. “More to come, ” she mused as the smell of coffee wafted in from the kitchen.

“I’ll bet Sally’s up already,” Fran thought and wondered what the morning dress code would be.

She quietly rolled out of bed, cracked open the door and peered out. There were Sylvia and Don, both nude and drinking cups of coffee.

“Good morning!” Fran called out as she stepped into the room. “What time is it? I’ve got a bit of a hangover and needed some coffee real bad.”

“It’s just after 8,” said Sally. “Don and I have only been up for half and hour. Coffee, cold cereal and PB and J are all I can offer you.”

“That should do it,” replied Fran. “What’s on the agenda for today?”

“When Chuck and Ron get up, we need to put the raft out into the cove,” said Don. “Hopefully Ron can figure out how it’s supposed to be moored. I have no idea and mechanical things are definitely not Chuck’s specialty.”

A short while later they were all seated around the room, naked and nursing various degrees of hangover. Ron looked around the room and was surprised at how comfortable he felt. While the night before had been wild beyond his imagination, today it seemed perfectly natural to be looking at beautiful naked women and not feeling aroused. At the same time, he said to himself, Erenköy Escort “I wonder what Sally and Alice have cooked up for tonight. It will be hard to top last night.”

Presently, Chuck called out, “Come on guys. Let’s get that float set up. I promised Sally’s brother that we would do it. It’s not much to pay for the use of the cabin this weekend. It’s supposed to be tied to a chain that’s attached to that buoy.”

The three guys walked outside and along the cove to where a 12 foot square float was sitting against a tree about ten feet from the water. There was a hole in the middle of the float with a stainless steel latch in it.

After much discussion about how to accomplish the mooring task, Ron came up with a suggestion that seemed reasonable and they lay the float down and dragged it to the water. Ron and Don got on and paddled with their hands while Chuck swam behind pushing. There was a lot of fumbling and laughing, but they finally got the float moored to the chain and called out to the girls to join them.

The girls had been watching the entire endeavor from lawn chairs on the veranda, commenting on how cute the guys’ butts looked while bending over working on the mooring. Fran was intrigued by how their genitals wagged about during the activity. Ron’s barely moved when she’d watched him while he worked around the house but Don’s and Chuck’s put on quite a display. One time they both had to get into the cold water and after coming out, Sally called out, “Swimming is supposed to add years to your life, but it’s certainly taking inches off someplace else.” To this they both danced around waving their hips suggestively.

The girls swam out to the float to greet their husbands who were sitting side by side with their legs apart.

Chuck said, “I think we all deserve a big kiss for a job well done.”

Sally pulled herself up to Chuck’s groin, took hold of his penis and started to lick. Alice and Fran followed suit and soon all three were fully erect enjoying the fruits of their labor. While Fran had her face almost hidden between Ron’s thighs, she could see Chuck’s and Don’s sizeable cocks being manipulated on each side of her. She looked up at Ron, who was looking down at her, and made sure he noticed what she was looking at. She pretended that she was licking a long member, extending her tongue stroke well beyond the end of his penis. This turned Ron on enormously. It gave him tremendous pleasure when she acknowledged that he was much smaller than her former partners were. Now he could see her eyes just inches from a monster cock that she had been fucked by the night before.

Before any of the men could cum Sally called out, “Let’s get back to the cabin and have lunch. It looks like rain but I’ve got a game we can play this afternoon.”

After a simple lunch of cold cuts, rolls and bagged salad, they settled back into the living room. As it was getting cold and damp with the rain, Chuck started a fire in the fireplace and they were all feeling very comfortable. Being nude for the entire weekend was old hat for Sally, Chuck, Alice and Don but Fran and Ron were getting used to it as well.

Sally got up to introduce the game. She said, “We’re going to play a game and the winner has to draw a slip of paper from this bowl. I’ve written out several dozen phrases describing things someone can do to someone else, or have someone else do to them. I got the phrases from various stories on Literotica.com. We’ll role this die to see who the winner is. I’ll be number 1, Chuck is number 2, Alice and Don are 3 and 4 and Fran and Ron are 5 and 6. The winner will role the die again to see who the other person will be.”

“That sounds kinky,” said Alice. “Leave it to you to come up with something fun to do on a rainy day.”

“Chuck was the last person to deal last night. Its Sally’s turn to role the die,” said Fran.

The die came up 3 so Alice was the winner. She drew a slip of paper and stood in the middle of the group to read it.

“Lick the other person from head to toe,” she read. She then picked up the die. “If I roll my own number, I presume I roll again,” she said.

“That’s right,” answered Sally.

Alice rolled the die and it came up 5. “That’s Fran,” she said. “Guess I have to roll again until I get one of the guys.”

“No,” said Sally. “The someone else can be a man or a woman.”

“This is really kinky,” cried Alice. “I’m going to love this game. Come here Fran, I can taste you already.”

Fran walked into the center of the room. She was frightened and excited at the same time. She’d never had a lesbian experience although she had fantasized about it a few times. She stood before Alice. There was a stark contrast in appearance, Göztepe Escort Fran, a petite woman with small firm breasts and Alice, a statuesque woman with prominent breasts, large pink areolas and erect nipples. Alice knelt down and ran her tongue over Fran’s foot and up the inside of her left leg up to the groin. She then returned to the right foot and repeated the journey up the other leg. Finally, she parted the neatly trimmed hair, parted the labia, which were stating to swell, and licked gently.

“You smell divine, Fran,” she said. “I could stay here all day.”

Fran shuddered as Alice lingered briefly near the clitoris and then proceeded to the navel, which she licked forcefully before proceeding ever higher. Over a full minute was spent on the left breast, Alice’s mouth almost engulfing it while her tongue circled the delicate opalescent flesh. She repeated the performance on the right breast and then ran her tongue along the breastbone, up the front of the neck and around until she came to Fran’s left ear. This she licked vigorously then licked around the back of the neck to the right ear, embracing Fran the entire time. Finally, she ran her tongue over Fran’s lips and forced herself into Fran’s mouth. Alice then sat down, leaving Fran quivering and weak-kneed.

Sally fanned herself with her hand and sighed, “That’s worth the price of admission any day.”

For their part, all three men were now partially erect and anticipating the next slip of paper thinking, would it be better to win and be the someone or hope to have your number rolled and be the someone else.

Sally read their minds and interjected, “Remember guys, the winner isn’t always the doer of the action, they can be the receiver as well. I know you want Alice to lick you all over, but the person winning the first roll gets to receive some good things too.”

Ron won the next round. On the one hand he was excited to do or to receive a similar treatment to the one Fran got, but on the other hand he wasn’t sure what he’d do if he rolled Don or Chuck’s number. He read his slip of paper, “Fondle the private areas of someone for two minutes while they fondle you.” He then rolled the die. “It’s a one,” he surprised himself when he shouted. “Come on up Sally, those big tits need some expert attention.”

Ron ran his hands over Sally’s breasts, weighing them in his palms and fingering the nipples while Fran and Alice counted off the seconds. Meanwhile Sally cupped his genitals in one hand while she ran the other over his butt-cheeks giving each of them a hard squeeze. Ron inserted one finger into Sally’s wet cunt then followed it with a second and finally a third finger. When the time was up, Ron walked back to his seat licking Sally’s love juices off his fingers. His penis was rock hard and he had bright red marks on each buttock.

Sally’s number was rolled on the next round. She got up and made a big flourish of drawing a slip of paper.

“Describe the other person in graphic detail,” she read.

She rolled the die and shouted, “It’s a four. Come on Don, let see what I can tell the good folks about what you’ve got.”

Don walked up to Sally, who turned him around as she looked his body over from head to toe.

“He’s about 6 feet tall and I would guess a little over 190 pounds,” Sally started. “He has sandy hair, brown eyes and a tanned complexion. Appears to be fit, with firm biceps but starting to get a little paunch,” she continued, running her hands over his shoulders and patting his belly. “His hands are big and strong and he also has big feet. We all know what that indicates don’t we ladies?”

Sally ran her hands up and down Don’s legs commenting on the course hairiness of them. She then turned him around and ran her hands over his buttocks, squeezing each cheek and saying, “Don’t you just love his cute little ass? I’ll bet he’d be a big hit in Provincetown,” referring to the gay community on Cape Cod.

Turning him again, she started to fondle his penis and testicles announcing, “Ladies and gentlemen, I now present Don’s most attractive feature. Feel the heft of this amazing specimen. Still has a ways to go before fully functional but already more than I can hold in two hands. Let’s not forget the family jewels boys and girls. See how then hang. Magnificent to behold!”

By this time, Don’s was almost fully erect and enjoying every minute of it. Fran could feel herself getting moist, wishing her hands were doing the demonstration, not Sally’s. Chuck was enjoying the spectacle too, while Ron was having mixed emotions. He’d always been jealous of other men and had strongly suppressed any homosexual thoughts. Now however, he found himself rather turned on by Sally’s descriptions Acıbadem Escort and watching her fondling Don.

It was Alice’s turn to throw the dice. Rather than just dropping them close to her feet, she rolled them hard along the floor where they bounced off the fireplace before coming to a halt. She had to get up to read the number.

“It’s a 6!” she cried. “Ron, you’re the lucky winner. Come on up and get a slip of paper. This is just like, ‘choose your own adventure!'”

Ron stood up and walked over to the bowl holding the papers. He was conscious of his penis bobbling as he walked and thankful that he didn’t have a full erection. He didn’t want the women to see that he’d been turned on by the previous action.

He read the slip of paper to himself, hesitated a moment and then read it out loud, “Have someone perform cunnilingus/felatio on you and then return the favor.” He hoped nobody could detect the tremor in his voice. He had greatly enjoyed doing that last night with Alice but realized there was only a 3-in-5 chance that he would roll a woman’s number. Those weren’t good odds in his mind.

Fran was worried for Ron for the same reason. He had been quite upset last year when he had to go for a company physical. The doctor had performed a thorough genital exam followed by a digital rectal exam and Ron felt extremely embarrassed having his privates touched by a man. She had told him that he should imaging her doing the exam the next time, but he had said that would give him a hard-on and it would be even more embarrassing. Ron picked up the die and looked at it. Could he somehow maneuver it so only odd numbers came up? Not a chance. He rolled but was afraid to look at the result. His heart dropped as someone shouted out, “It’s a 2! Get to work Chuck, you’ve got a job to do.”

As Chuck walked towards him, the sight of his large testicles dangling behind a thick heavily wrinkled bulbous headed penis mesmerized Ron. He looked at his own member and was surprised that it had not completely retracted. In fact, it was hanging down in an almost totally quiescent state. Chuck kneeled down and grasped Ron’s penis with the index finger and thumb of his right hand. The thumb was actually bigger than the penis, making Ron feel mortified. Chuck reached out his tongue and gently licked the head of Ron’s penis, rolling his tongue all around the head and pushing on the opening.

Ron closed his eyes and tried to ignore who was licking him. It actually felt amazingly good. Fran was always very gentle and even Alice last night was not as aggressive as Chuck was now. He could feel Chuck’s hot breath on his scrotum and realized that he was rapidly getting hard. Now his entire penis was in Chuck’s mouth being sucked and licked aggressively.

After several minutes of ecstasy, his legs began to shake and he shouted, “Stop, I’m going to cum!”

Chuck pulled his head away but continued to rapidly stroke Ron’s cock until he shot a load of cum in a high arc and onto the floor. The girls all cheered and Ron was surprised to see that both Chuck and Don were sporting erections. Ron rationalized that it couldn’t be homosexual if there were women involved in the activity.

Ron came out of his trance when he heard Chuck say, “OK man, it’s your turn. Alice tells me you’re the best she’s ever had. I can’t wait.”

Ron knelt down in front of Chuck and looked at the massive cock pointing up and away from him. He was amazed at how hot it was. He could barely get his hand around it as he lowered it towards his mouth. There was no way that head would fit inside his mouth and he had visions of it being thrust into Fran. He started to lick the head and was startled to see some pre-cum oozing from the opening. He continued his ministrations, eventually getting his lips around most of the head. He remembered what Fran had told him about what she had to do to prevent touching anything with her teeth and proceeded carefully. He brought his other had up and started stroking Chuck with both hands. It felt so different from his own one-handed masturbation. The shaft was so thick and rigid and he realized he was starting to get turned on by the experience. After quite a few enjoyable minutes, Chuck pulled away and shot a powerful load that flew past Ron and splattered on the floor to cheers from the audience.

The game continued for several more hours, ending in a group orgy, each wife with her own husband in what for Ron and Fran was the best sex they’d had since their wedding night. The rest of the weekend was spent with similar activities, everybody discussing their fantasies and acting out various erotic vignettes. On arriving back home, Ron and Fran agreed that it was a most enjoyable weekend. However, it was not one they would want to participate in more than once a year. They were happy to discover that the others had never gone that far before and they all settled into a comfortable relationship with occasional swapping of partners just to keep some variety in their lives.

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