Something About Gary

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Chapter 1

“Where the hell’s Gary?” Richard asked a few of his friends in one of the cramped corners of the rec room.

It wasn’t like Gary to leave a party that had so many attractive women present, Richard thought to himself. Maybe

Gary was in one of the bedrooms getting with one of them right now.

Richard didn’t know. He figured he would look for his friend, who was hard to miss. Gary was a big, black gentleman

that stood out in a crowd, often the life of the party. That he would leave a party unannounced was unlike him.

Richard often entertained many of his friends on weekends, and this one was no different. The 34-year-old white

male was making a very good living for he and his wife, Natalie, a 27-year-old brunette with outstanding physical

features and soft, brown hair.

It was a good party Richard was throwing on this evening, so good that many of the attendants were getting awfully


Richard was wandering down one of the hallways of his spacious home in search of his friend when he heard

laughter coming from outside the bathroom.

He didn’t think much of it. He got closer to the bathroom and saw it was his wife, Natalie, and her best friend, Nicole.

They were looking in at the bathroom, laughing hysterically. Natalie was nearly falling over.

Now Richard was a bit curious as to what was going on.

As he got closer, Natalie saw him and urged him forward.

“Richard, honey, you have to see this,” bursa escort she said.

She pulled her husband by the arm to the door of the bathroom, and Richard peeked in to see Gary, passed out,

sitting on the toilet. His pants were around his ankles, his head leaning off to one side.

Richard was a bit amused, but didn’t think it was as funny as the two women made it out to be.

“Okay, so Gary had a few beers and passed out in the bathroom. What’s so funny about that?” he asked.

Natalie grabbed him by the arm again, and this time led him into the bathroom.

“Honey, look,” she said, bringing him up to the feet of the unconscious black man.

Richard looked down, and gasped at what he saw.

Gary’s penis was humongous. It hung down between his legs, the head of it touching the toilet water.

“Is it getting a drink?” Natalie whispered in a cute tone.

“I didn’t know they came in jumbo size,” Nicole said from the hallway.

Richard felt sick to his stomach. He really didn’t think another man could have a bigger penis than him. Richard’s was

average – about six inches — and he thought all men had about that same size.

Gary’s was beyond that, and he didn’t even have an erection. It looked like an optical illusion.

“H-how long has he been here?” asked Richard, stumbling over his words.

“I don’t know,” Natalie said, still laughing. “Nicole and I came down to the bathroom to get some washcloths and the

door was open bursa escort so we went right in. Have you ever seen anything like that?”

Richard assumed she meant the size of Gary’s penis.

“Um, no,” he said.

“Just don’t flush the toilet,” Nicole chimed in. “His dick might get caught.”

Natalie laughed hysterically again.

Richard couldn’t believe how giddy the two women were, but they were awfully drunk.

“You better wake him up,” Natalie said. “God, if all the other guests see this…”

She motioned toward Gary’s large penis.

Richard felt awfully awkward, but somewhat aroused.

Was Natalie enjoying this little spectacle?

Did she ever fantasize about a man like this?

The two women went back to the party, and Richard woke Gary up. He was startled, and embarrassed. He apologized for his state.

Chapter 2

Days went by quickly after the incident at the party, and Richard would not see Gary for weeks.

Although he wound up seeing him sooner, in a way he didn’t expect.

Richard walked into his house the one afternoon after work and heard loud laughing, women laughing, in the kitchen.

Whatever it was that was so funny engrossed them so much they didn’t hear the husband arrive home.

He knew he heard his wife, and recognized the other voices as Nicole’s, and another of his wife’s friends, Annette.

“That should be in the Guiness Book of World Records,” said one voice.

“Seriously…how escort bayan does…how does he get it in his pants?” asked another woman.

“Must have to let it hang down one of the pants legs I guess,” said Natalie, her voice recognizable to Richard.

“Or he coils it around his leg,” said Annette.

An eruption of laughter.

Richard felt a growing erection. He could not believe what he thought he heard.

Were these women talking about Gary’s freakishly huge penis? Their candid chatter excited him.

He decided to walk into the kitchen.

“Hi hun,” he said, acting as if he just arrived home.

The women scrambled about to hind something. It dawned on Richard that they must have snapped a Polaroid of Gary when he was passed out days earlier at the party.

Not only were they amused by the sight, they took a picture to record it.

He acted as though he didn’t know what they were chatting about before he walked in.

Their faces, all pretty ones, were red with embarrassment. They almost got caught.

“I heard you guys laughing about something…what’s up?” asked Richard, putting away some groceries.


“Um, just looking at some pictures Annette brought over, one of them was kind of funny,” said the wife.

“Oh, what was it?” asked the husband.


“What was it?” asked Natalie.

“Yeah, what was the picture of?” asked the husband, still acting casual.

Natalie didn’t answer. Nicole did.

“It was a picture of a horse,” she said.

The women held in their laughter.

“A horse? What’s so funny about that?” asked the husband.

Natalie changed the subject and the women soon left. Richard knew things would start to get interesting.


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