Somali Lesbians Of Ottawa Rule!

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Is there anything sweeter than a submissive turning the tables on her own dominatrix? That’s the question I asked myself as my lover/submissive Kimberly Kellerman dominated the shit out of me. You’re my bitch now, the tall, sexy blonde chick from Toronto taunted me as she worked her fist into my pussy as her butt plug went deeper into my asshole. My name is Hagarla Osman, and I’m a twenty-two-year-old bisexual Somali-Canadian Muslim woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. This is my true story of getting dominated by the woman I love.

We’re having some fun in the bedroom of the apartment we share on Bronson Avenue, not far from the Carleton University campus which we both attend. Fuck me harder, I begged Kimberly. My favorite tall blonde smirked and left the butt plug embedded in my asshole and her fist lodged up my cunt. As you wish, she said in an icy tone. Leaning forward, she gently kissed me. I love you babe, she told me. I smiled contentedly, and next thing I knew she was smacking my face with all of her might. She smacked me so hard that I saw stars. Ouch, I yelped. I totally wasn’t expecting that!

Kimberly laughed and continued filling my holes as I squirmed on the bed. The bitch had me bound by my ankles and wrists, and I could do nothing. The woman I once called my Teutonic whore had me completely in her power. And I loved it! I’m only five-foot-four but my curvy, round little body can take a lot of punishment. In the early days of our relationship bursa escort I was the dominant one, totally getting off on dominating a tall, strong and athletic blonde chick like Kimberly Kellerman. I’ve gotten curious about what it would be like, to be on the receiving end of domination for a change. Since Kimberly was totally submissive to me, I didn’t think she had it in her to dominate me. Now look at me!

Kimberly licked my tits and pinched my nipples, twisting her fist this way and that inside my cunt as I squirmed on the bed, my naked body covered in sweat. Well, I was almost completely naked. My panties were at my ankles and I still had my Hijab on but I was otherwise nude. Please let me cum mistress, I begged Kimberly. My favorite sexy blonde shook her head, and continued fisting me while thrusting the butt plug deeper into my asshole. The sensation of being filled in both my holes was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before, that’s for bloody sure. Kimberly locked eyes with me and in that moment I didn’t recognize her. Those eyes of hers which I once found so warm and inviting were like ice cubes. She was…scary.

I’ve been wanting to make you my bitch for a long time you Somali slut, Kimberly said. Grabbing me, she flipped me on my back and smacked my big round ass. I yelped, and she laughed. Without mercy she began smacking my ass, hard. Those hands of hers which I found so gentle now spanked my ass so damn hard that I began moaning and gürsu escort whimpering. I breathed a sigh of relief as Kimberly pulled the butt plug from my asshole. Laughing, she told me my ass dirtied my butt plug and for that she would make me pay. I shuddered just thinking about what she had in mind.

When Kimberly pulled her fist out of my vagina, I felt immensely relieved. This bitch had been tormenting my holes for a while now! Without a word, she stopped everything. I looked up, and saw her get up from the bed and leave the room. I waited anxiously for her return, silently praying that she wouldn’t unleash worse sensual horrors upon me. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Kimberly Kellerman returned to the bedroom wearing a strap-on dildo and carrying a big pot of Salsa Picante. The Mexican hot sauce. I looked at her, puzzled. I want you to dance for me and this will help, Kimberly said wickedly. Then she began dipping the strap-on dildo in hot sauce. Please no, I begged. Shaking her head, Kimberly told me to stop being a little bitch.

I squirmed and struggled in my bonds as Kimberly came back towards me, with the strap-on cock dipped in hot sauce swinging between her long, sexy athletic legs. I beg you not to do this to me, I whimpered, all pride gone now. Nope, Kimberly said sarcastically. Then she grabbed me, overpowered me like the strong athletic woman she was and forcing my thighs open. With a powerful thrust she slammed the dildo into orhangazi escort my pussy. I felt the plastic cock go inside my cunt, and the hot sauce filled my vagina. It was like having liquid fire coursing through me. I howled like a madwoman, and struggled to escape. Kimberly held me firmly in place and fucked me with deep, powerful strokes.

I struggled in Kimberly’s grasp as she completely dominated me, fucking my cunt with her Salsa-covered dildo. I screamed, cried and wept as she totally wrecked my body, biting into my nipples, and even fingering my asshole while fucking me. It got so bad that I lost control of my body, farting loudly and even pissing all over myself. All of these things wryly amused Kimberly, who laughed out loud, smacked my face and called me a Somali whore and a worthless slut. Finally I broke, overwhelmed by it all, and begged for mercy. Only then did Kimberly pull the dildo out of my cunt, and remove her finger from my asshole. I lay there, weeping and shuddering. Kimberly pulled me into her arms and wiped away all of my tears. Then she kissed me passionately and told me she loved me.

That experience changed my life, folks. I love my sweetie Kimberly Kellerman to death. I can’t get enough of this woman! Our relationship is still going strong, and we’re happy together. I’m now the submissive and she’s the dominatrix. Try as I might, I can’t forget the amazing sensations I felt as she tormented my body like she did that time. I like it when my tall, bossy Teutonic mistress smacks my thick Somali booty and has her way with me. Sometimes I top her because we get bored and like to be different sometimes but mainly, it’s her dominating me in the bedroom. Why? Simply because I like it like that!

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