Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 04

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Kyle and Nancy Reddick lived in Farborough, the town next to Dillon outside Boston. We figured we’d drive over to the girls’ parent’s home in Dillon after our meeting with the Reddicks. The couple met us at the front door before we had a chance to ring the bell, so we went inside amid the welcoming chatter, through the tastefully decorated home and onto the back patio.

Another couple, Gale and Chip Dunn, also was introduced, along with a nicely dressed single man about my age named Aidan. We did polite talk on the patio while Kyle got the grill organized to do hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. Nancy rushed a lot of covered dishes to a picnic table that had been extended to accommodate all of us by an old door laid flat on sawhorses. Fran, Sheila, and Ally moved to help Nancy, while the rest of us sat.

We got through lunch, and as our food settled Kyle started the ball rolling as he’d explained earlier. “First off, thank you so much for coming and talking with us. We’re loaded with questions, and I even wrote some of mine down over the past week. If we ask you anything embarrassing, please feel free to tell us to skip that. We want to know about every aspect of your relationship, and … well everything.” He gave us all a sheepish grin.

Sheila asked, “Before you go on, could you tell us how you five got to where you are today?”

Lyle said, “Oh, sure. I hadn’t thought of that. Nancy and I have been married for five years. We waited until we were past age thirty to wed, just so we’d have a little more maturity under our belts. We’re both thirty five now.”

Kyle continued, “I work with Gale. Nancy worked with Aidan for a while, but he changed jobs. Chip we met through Gale. We started to get together socially a couple of years ago, and each time we seemed to bond more tightly with one another. We liked each other without caring about the boundaries of the relationships.

Over the past few months we’ve allowed our friendships to take us in new and more intimate directions. For instance, Gale spent a couple of nights with me, while Nancy went with Chip and Aidan. Aidan also joined me with Gale one night. I must say the sex was great – truly transcending – and now that we have the Tantric class behind us we are introducing even greater sensitivities into our mix.”

Fran observed, “It seems like you’ve already got things pretty well worked out.”

Chip spoke, “Well, maybe. We’re a little tentative about things, but more importantly we’re talking about living together. We don’t know anybody else that has done this except you four, and Kyle discovered that only last day of the Tantric sex workshop. We think living together could bring us even closer together, with more love and intimacy, but we also see some risks. We’re also worried that the three men might over power the two women, if I can put it that way.” He chuckled and added, “You have the opposite problem in some ways.”

Nancy said, “To start with, maybe we could ask you how you four ended up together. I figured out over lunch that Fran and Sheila are sisters, right?”

Sheila laughed, “Right, sort of. The three women in our mix are sisters. Fran and I are stepsisters but for almost our entire life; I came with my Dad and Fran with our Mom. Our birthdays are about six months apart. Ally was born three years later after my Dad and stepmother married. They were still pretty young.”

I stepped in, “I started to date two women from different jobs and with different personalities. I met each of them at different parties and started to romance both of them. I was still playing the field and not being exclusive. In hindsight, I was falling in love as we went along.”

Fran said, “As Steve became more and more important in my life, I thought I should take him home to meet my family – my Mom, Stepdad – who I have always just called Dad, and my sisters Sheila and Ally. We drove out to Dillon to their home one Saturday evening for dinner. We’d just gotten inside the foyer of the home and were doing introductions when Sheila appeared from the kitchen. Steve about fainted.”

I continued, “I figured out they were sisters or family members of some kind as soon as I saw them with their parents. Sheila looks like her Dad, and Fran like her mother. I suddenly realized I’d been dating sisters, plus I’d been brought home for the first important ‘Meet My Parents’ because we were getting more serious about each other. I had a similar dinner date with Sheila three days later. I about died.”

Sheila said, “Fran and I were sort of upset at the discovery, but got over it pretty quickly that evening. Mom and Dad talked us through our initial hurt. When we realized that Steve didn’t know our relationship, and that he’d never intended to hurt us, we mellowed out and saw some humor in the situation.”

Fran confided, “So, that night, back at Steve’s apartment we three made love for the first time. I think Steve was blown away making it with the two of us.”

“I was.” I gave my best Cheshire cat grin.

Fran maraş escort went on, “We wanted to be in each other’s company more and more, so at his suggestion about trying it, we moved in with Steve.”

Ally spoke up, “I saw how loving and caring they were with one another – how in love. I wanted in on those relationships, so I asked to be included. Steve insisted that he date me for a while just as he had my sisters so we’d be sure my moving in wouldn’t upset the balance of the triad they’d formed.”

Nancy asked Ally, “Did you start having sex with Steve right away?”

Ally responded with a smile, “No, the bastard made me wait until the three of them decided I could be admitted to the fold. That was eight weeks of torture. We dated, made out, petted, and got intimate, but no sex until that time. Each time we met I fell more deeply in love with him, and the idea of living in a foursome arrangement. I was also so horny by the time we made love I would’ve fucked a bedpost if he’d had one.”

Kyle asked, “Steve, how do you satisfy three women? Are you superman?”

I laughed, “You’ll have to ask the girls if they’re satisfied. I know I am, and last week’s Tantric class has helped immeasurably. I guess I’m young enough that keeping the first two happy wasn’t a problem. Ally stretched my endurance and recovery time quite a bit. The new Tantric lessons now let us enjoy a night together where everyone has happy experiences, and I mean lots of orgasms.”

Sheila spoke up, “I’ll never get enough sex. Steve delivers way above the average for couples, and he’s got three of us. He know other ways to deliver satisfaction too, plus he’s so attentive and loving.”

“What is it like living together?” Gale asked.

I started, “I love it. I love my partners, and want to spend every waking minute with them. At first, I was a little overtaken with two females moving into my small apartment. Fran and Sheila still take precautions not to spread their feminine touch over everything, but what they do did take some getting used to.”

Sheila said, “None of us had ever lived with a man, so we were adjusting to. We’d often ask whether we could do something, like leave nylons drying over the shower bar. Steve put three separate and large medicine cabinets in the bath, and we can keep a lot of our cosmetics and girly stuff in there. We added some under counter shelves too, plus a new shelf up high in the shower for all our shampoos and conditioners. He also put double bars in the closets to hang our clothing.”

Fran volunteered, “We keep our ‘overflow’ clothing in my old apartment, so we have offsite storage five blocks away. That’ll change someday when we decide our foursome isn’t something temporary. We wanted to wait six months.”

Gale said, “Do you argue or get mad at each other? What stuff bothers you?”

Ally said, “I’m new to this, but as an outside observer what they or we do is interesting. Any little thing that is a bother is commented on immediately, before it becomes an issue. We also have monthly ‘How Goes It?’ meetings where we look back over the month or more and talk about what we like and what we’d like to change. It’s all very constructive.”

Aidan said, “Do you always have sex together, as a foursome?”

Fran responded, “No, maybe about eighty percent of the time. Sometimes one of us will be out and about when the mood strikes the others, or it’ll be that time of the month, or we have a ‘real’ headache, so we’ll opt out. If we feel things are getting out of balance in some way, we’ll encourage Steve to bed the one of us coming up short on the scale. We do always sleep together, and we’ve gotten to a point where we don’t have sex every night. It’s only almost every night.” She giggled at her revelation.

Fran continued, “Our libidos beat at different rates. I have yet to be unsatisfied in the sexual part of our relationship.”

Ally added, “Me too.”

I was learning a lot about my housemates.

Nancy asked in a shy voice, “This is sort of delicate, and I can understand if you want to duck the question, but are you guys kinky at all – I mean beyond being a foursome?”

Fran said, “Well, we’re not into dom-sub stuff, nor bondage or sadomasochism, or some of the other kinks. Four of us having sex simultaneously is sort of kinky, isn’t it? Anyway, we all agree on the extent of our sex games so far. We have a few toys we play with, girl toys. They add some spice to our playing.”

Sheila volunteered, “We’ve started to do some role play, at least talking about various situations that lead to sex or particular kinds of sex. I can see we’ll get into costumes in the near future, like a nurse or schoolgirl. We also use dirty talk a lot; we all get off on that.”

Chip asked, “Do you think you’ll add any more people to your circle, another guy maybe?”

The four of us were silent for a moment. I shrugged. I guess our silence answered the question. We’d never thought about mardin escort it, but now the idea had been planted. I made note to raise the issue at home. Chip just accepted our silence and shrugs.

There were a bunch of questions about how we were handling finances, rent, groceries, tasks around the home, outside social contacts, job duties, preferences for various activities particularly on weekends, our thoughts about spirituality and relationships, our personalities, arguments, raising sensitive subjects, and how we saw the future. The questions came in a steady stream from each of them.

We left about five o’clock and drove over to the Henson’s home for dinner there. We had made five new friends, and I know they had dozens of further questions to ask, but we ran out of time. I expected I’d hear from Lyle during the week with another invitation to get together.

* * * * *

Jean Henson was a pert fifty-year old, and had obviously shared her good looks with Fran. As we filed into the home, Jean kissed each of her daughters and then planted a big juicy kiss on my lips, lingering just a second longer than I thought she should have. I thought I might have even felt the tip of her tongue for a fraction of a second, almost as if she started to do something and then changed her mind. With a smile, she latched onto my arm and led me into the living room and made sure I was comfortable and had a glass of wine. A football game was on the TV.

Dave trotted downstairs a moment later with a strong handshake and a friendly smile. I wondered if I’d have the same attitude towards a guy if three daughters of mine were sleeping with him. I figured I’d have at least twenty-five years before I’d have to cope with that question. In the meantime, I was on my best behavior and trying to show that I was deserving of the love, affection, and sexual relations of Fran, Sheila, and Ally.

The kitchen became a room full of laughter and exclamations, at least that’s what it sounded like from the living room. I figured the girls were revealing all to their mother, who could often be heard making an exclamation of amazement. What I was hearing was the prelude to an embarrassing dinner table discussion, at least embarrassing for me.

Jean timed dinner for ten minutes after the end of the game. We were all seated and passing the various dishes around as the conversation started. To my surprise, Fran gave a description of the Reddicks, Dunns, and Aidan Winslow, and how they were starting a group relationship. Jean and Dave looked on with great interest.

My embarrassment came with Jean’s next question that she directed to me, “The girls tell me you keep them satisfied, and can make love all night long. Could you teach Dave how to do that?”

I swallowed half a chicken without chewing, and then choked wildly for a minute. Ally pounded on my back to dislodge the obstruction. The time out gave me a chance to figure out what to say, only I couldn’t think of a single redeeming thing to reply.

Finally, after life-giving air refilled my lungs, I started, “Excuse me for the coughing fit. Your question caught me off guard. I guess to answer you, yes, I could tell Dave what I know about extending and recovery periods. He’s more senior, so some of what I know and do may not be relevant. Most of it I learned a week or so ago when we all went down to the Cape for that seminar.”

A silence prevailed as I gulped down some water trying to get the chicken the rest of the way to my stomach. Thank god the chunk was boneless. When I looked up, everyone was looking at me, especially Dave.

Dave said, “Well, go on. I’m paying rapt attention.”

I balked, “Errr, could we maybe hold class after dinner. Some of what I want to say is … well, highly sexual and I’m sort of embarrassed to say anything in front of everybody.”

Dave thought about my response and then let me off the hook, “Oh, sure. Later.” He paused and turned to Ally, “I think it’s great that Steve keeps the three of you satisfied.”

Ally smiled, “Oh, he certainly does. I had more orgasms our first week together than the rest of my life. He’s so concerned and considerate of each of us. He always wants us to climax before he even starts to think about his own needs.” She turned and patted my thigh, even dragging her hand off of me by way of my crotch.

I withered down in my chair over the frank discussion. In my family such a discussion would never have taken place. My parents were about as straight arrow as they came, and anything sexual was a forbidden topic. I still hadn’t told them I was living with anybody, let alone three women who I loved. Eventually, I’d have to tell them, and I knew they’d fly around the room ten times and then probably boot my ass out of the house and family. It wasn’t that they were overly religious or thought it was a sin; no, what would bother them was the fact it was different from what most of the world did.

Jean leaned in from my other side mersin escort and patted my hand, “Please don’t be embarrassed, Steve. We’ve always been quite open about our sexuality with each other. We don’t flaunt that point in front of others, but we enjoy a certain openness and frankness that few other families do, particularly when it just family – and we consider you family now.”

“Errr, OK. I’ll try to get used to that. My family would faint dead away over what was just said, let alone the deeper and more detailed discussion I’ll have with Dave about Tantric sex, spirituality in relationships, and the other parts of making love. I’m struggling with how to tell my folks I’m in love with three women and living with them.”

Jean asked softly, “Do you always call it ‘making love’?”

I nodded, “Yes, because to me it’s a coupling of two people who must care for each other in order to get the full benefit of the experience. I might use other words for the act, sometimes even the ‘F’ word, but I always think about making love even when we’re being swept away by our passion and perhaps dirty talk.”

I now wished that dinner were over as well as the talk I’d have with Dave about lovemaking techniques. I felt embarrassed and knew I was blushing. Nonetheless, I sat there as various other topics were bandied around the dinner table, some of them having a sexual overtone to them as they related to the Dunns, Reddicks, and Aidan.

We helped clear the table, load the dishwasher, and straighten the kitchen. With six people, the job went amazingly fast.

Dave then collared me and led me away to the den off the living room. “OK, I’m the student. Teach me.”

I took a deep breath and started to recount everything we’d learned on our Tantric sex weekend retreat. I also told him about the vitamins and supplements I was taking, plus the level of exercise I maintained. Dave would ask a question here and there, but for the most part he just listened intently. He seemed most interested in how a male could extend his lovemaking indefinitely, and how he could control his orgasms. I explained about meditation and the spiritual component, and he leaned in for that part of explanation too.

I finally ran out of things to say, so I just stopped and waited for questions.

Dave paused and asked, “Can you really go all night with what you just told me?”

I nodded, and I hoped that he didn’t have too vivid a picture of me plugging each of his daughters, one at a time, in a single night in the king-size bed they’d given us two weekends prior.

He said, “Thank you. I hope that wasn’t too hard to do. As you’ll learn we are pretty open about our sexuality in this family, and I will try some of your techniques with Jean starting tonight.”

I briefly wondered if they knew that Fran and Sheila enjoyed sapphic pleasures with one another, and that thought led me to how well Ally had adapted to their touches and kisses. Maybe there were some activities in the Henson family that hadn’t been revealed to me.

I caught Dave in a yawn, and that in turn made me look at my watch. It was ten o’clock, and I knew the parents were not always night people. I rose and led us back to the kitchen where I retrieved the girls and we bid Jean and Dave goodnight.

In the car, I turned to Fran who sat in the front passenger seat and asked, “I didn’t say anything to your Dad about your sapphic enjoyment of one another, but I did want to ask do either of your parents know that you and Sheila play together?”

From the backseat, Ally added, “And me too.”

Fran laughed, “Yes, Mom has known for years and even encouraged us to satisfy each other instead of losing our virginity prematurely to some high school jock. She even bought us vibrators and talked to us about masturbation.”

Ally said, “How come she never did that for me?” Sheila and Fran ignored her comment.

Sheila added from the back seat, “What Dad told you was true. The Henson family is very open about their sexual activities. I even watched my parents making love one time; I think they intentionally left the bedroom door ajar and I took the bait and watched. Later, I told my mother what I’d seen and she just said, ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ They didn’t make a big deal of it; in fact, I got the feeling they were glad I’d watched, and even that they are exhibitionists.”

We were quiet for a long time until Ally said, “The people we met earlier – the Reddicks, Dunns, and Aidan? – I really like them all. I wouldn’t mind socializing with them. Do you suppose we’ll hear from them again?”

I answered, “I’m certain of it. I saw the list of questions that Lyle had, and we’d only gotten through about half of it. I bet he’ll call in the next day or so and invite us to another cookout or dinner depending on the weather.”

Fran said, “I liked them too. Let’s make sure we can all go when we see them again.”

We got home and went through the motions of going to bed. Ally and I hung back in the living room as Sheila and Fran went to the bedroom. When they were tucked in, the two of us made love on the sofa.

In bed, spooning behind Ally, I thanked the universe for the gift of these three women in my life. They made my life so rich and so varied. I couldn’t think of a better way to live.

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