Sisters Ch. 04

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(all characters are at least 18 years old)

Monday seemed to crawl by at work. I was entirely preoccupied with the coming evening. Visions of Linda were constantly passing through my mind. Occasionally an image of Dawn passed through as well. I’d try hard to rid myself of it immediately but it wasn’t that easy. On that point I felt very guilty. Finally four o’clock rolled around and I rushed out of work and home just about as quickly as I could. I was in and out of the shower and changed well before it was even five o’clock. With that done I sat down to watch a little TV hoping it would help pass the time more quickly. It didn’t. I seemed to be checking my watch every three minutes and that just made it seem like time was passing even more slowly. Finally after fidgeting for over an hour it was ten minutes to six and I decided that that was late enough to leave. I drove slowly to Linda’s house trying to arrive there at precisely six. As I approached her house I still had four minutes before six so I passed by the house and made a wide circle around the neighborhood and back to her house. This time it was only one minute until six so I parked the car and proceeded to the front door. I pressed the doorbell and head Dawn’s voice yell, “I’ll get it!”

Dawn opened the door for me and welcomed me in but before the door was even closed her father was standing directly in front of me. As soon as Dawn turned around she noticed her father and said, “Daddy, this is Linda’s new boyfriend Sam.”

I extended my hand to him and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir.” I thought I sounded like Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver.

He smiled, shook my hand and said, “Well, welcome to our house.” Her father was a tall man of about six feet three inches I guessed. He was also very young and good looking. He motioned me into the living room. We sat down and he said, “This is my wife Anne. Anne, this is Sam, Linda’s friend.” I turned to look at her and she looked as if she could have been a much older sister to Linda. They looked so much alike although she was not at all large breasted as her daughters were. I figured they must have gotten that from their father’s side of the family.

“Welcome to our home Sam. Both Dawn and Linda have said such nice things about you.” I must have blushed when she said that. Here I was looking at June and Ward Cleaver with daughters who I thought could each have substituted for Lolita. They were so different from their daughters, at least at first glance. It was just then that Linda entered the room.

“Hi Sam,” she said with a broad smile on her face, “I’m so happy you could make it.” I don’t remember there really being much of a choice but I went along with her thinking she knew best on how to handle her parents. Linda came over to me, leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was certain this would draw a response from her parents. It didn’t and so I no longer considered myself to be in the presence of Ward and June.

“So, where are you going to college this fall?” her farther asked. The question surprised me a bit because he assumed that I was going to college. “I’ll be a freshman at B.U. sir.”

“And what will you major in?”

“I’m not really sure yet. I thought I’d get a year of college under my belt before I make a lifetime decision.”

“I like your thinking Sam. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. We’re very proud of our Linda, hastane porno as you probably know. She got a full scholarship to B.C. and plans on becoming a veterinarian. I’m sure she’s told you all about that though. It’s all she’s talked about ever since she was admitted last November. We’re naturally very proud of her.” I was surprised to hear about the scholarships as Linda had not said a thing to me and I would never have guessed she was so excited about going to college. In thinking about it I didn’t remember either of us bringing the issue up so I felt certain it was a learning experience for Linda as well.

“I got a partial scholarship to B.U. The rest I have to borrow or get from working. My parents can’t afford to send me to college.” I thought I had possibly made a faux pas with that admission. Possibly social status made a difference to them I though.

“We know how expensive college can be and if it were not for Linda’s scholarship we too would probably would have done the same thing.” This came as a surprise to me when I considered how much more upscale the surroundings in Linda’s house were compared to mine. I was also happy to hear such a response. I felt they were accepting me as I was and not passing any judgment on me.

Suddenly Dawn broke into the conversation, “Daddy, Linda wants Sam to go to the nudist camp with us this weekend that’s why she invited him over tonight.” Dawn stuck her tongue out at Linda and Linda gave a very cross glare at Dawn. Dawn then quickly absented herself from the room. Dawn thought she was going to rain on Linda’s parade however it was not to be. Her mother looked a little distressed over this discovery yet she knew it would have come out sooner or later anyway.

“Well sir,” I started.

Linda’s mother spoke up at that moment. “Sam, do you think us horrible people to be nudists?” Her frank and direct question threw me a bit but it was easy to answer.

“No ma’am, not at all. My parents brought me up to never judge someone else before I had all the facts. I’ve never been to a nudist camp but I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

Linda’s mother smiled. Then her father said, “You are welcome to join us this weekend if you like. We have more than enough room at our cabin.” It only took me a second to decide that I wanted to go but I held back on answering immediately for fear that they might think me too forward in replying so quickly.

“Yes, I think it would be interesting,” I finally said.

“I doubt it’s what you might imagine a nudist camp to be her father continued. You’d never believe it but it’s actually quite a conservative place. The people who go there simply enjoy bathing in the sun in the nude. There is nothing sexual about it at all.” He seemed quite convinced by his own words. I couldn’t image how being among so many naked people could not help be at least somewhat sexual in nature. I had committed to myself to the weekend so I’d find out soon enough.

“Well,” Linda’s mother said, “supper has been on the table for a little while now so why don’t we all go in and enjoy it. I’ve made a large chef’s salad.” I have never found salads to be very interesting or tasty. I wasn’t on any sort of diet though I knew I would do well to lose a few pounds. I decided to be polite and enjoy the company of the meal. We went into the kitchen and Linda’s mother directed me to sit next to Linda on hemşire porno one side of the table.

“Where should I sit?” Dawn complained. I hadn’t noticed her return.

“Well tonight Sam’s sitting next to Linda so you’ll just have to sit next to Cathy. By the way, where is Cathy?”

“Oh, she got home early and locked herself in her bedroom. She said she had some important work to do, whatever that means.” Dawn said.

“Dawn, be a sweetheart and get your sister,” her mother asked.

Dawn left the room without complaint and returned a few minutes later with the eldest of the three girls. This was the first time I had a good view Cathy and I was quite taken back by her. I hated to admit it to myself but she was even more beautiful than either Linda or Dawn. I had not thought that possible until that moment. Cathy was dressed very conservatively but still it really complimented her well. She wore very loose fitting clothing and a very smart looking pair of jeans. Cathy had long blonde hair that reached down just between her shoulder blades. Unlike the last time I now had a clear view of Cathy. Somehow she looked different. Her hair seemed to be much lighter than it was the day before. I attributed that to the low light of the bedroom. Suddenly I felt a pain in my ribs. Linda had jabbed me with her elbow and was giving me a looked that could kill. The conversation was light during the meal and somehow Dawn managed to contain herself. I found myself looking at Cathy again and again. I was also sure that this was not missed by Linda because every now and again she’d give me another elbow to the ribs. Cathy became aware of my attentions and returned them with little smiles when my eye caught hers.

When dinner was over I offered to help Mrs. Caine with the dishes. She thanked me for being so considerate and told me that she was just going to throw them in the dishwasher and let it do the washing. She said it was too hot for anyone to be doing dishes. I had to agree with her that such was indeed the case.

Linda excused us saying she wanted to go out behind the house to enjoy the evening air. What she really had planned I should have known. We sat down on the lawn furniture looking in the direction the sun would set.

“What was that all about with your staring at Cathy so much?” I sensed a bit of jealousy in Linda. I thought this a bit odd considering how she had presented Cathy to me and how she had carried with her a sense of self confidence.

“I didn’t think I looked at her very much at all.”

“Not much at all,” Linda said incredulously, “it seemed like every time I looked at you, you were looking at Cathy!”

“I’m sorry. Please don’t take anything by that. In fact, I had noticed there was something different about her and then noticed her hair was much lighter than yesterday.”

“It is,” Linda responded, “She uses a rinse to bring out the blonde. She’s so vain. I don’t know why she can’t stand herself just the way she is. She always has to be so perfect too.” Linda seemed to relax a bit and then asked, “So is that all you were thinking?” Linda had to ask that question. Now I had the problem of answering her honestly without letting on that I had found Cathy both beautiful and interesting.

“Well,” I said finally, “I think she’s pretty and I tried to figure her out. You’ve got to admit though, that it’s awfully difficult when hikaye porno a person doesn’t say a single word through an entire meal.”

Linda saw the truth to that statement and relented, “Well, you saw the good side of her then. As long as she keeps her mouth shut everything is all right. I just wish she’d learn to do that more often.”

I could feel the sibling rivalries between the girls but it was definitely strongest between Linda and Cathy. It seemed to me that somehow Linda felt a bit threatened by Cathy although I could not see why.

“Why does Cathy bother you so much Linda?”

“Because she’s daddy’s pet and she always gets everything she wants. Whenever she says anything she’s always right and daddy’s always right there to back her up. I’ll be glad when she graduates next year and leaves. I can’t stand being around her anymore!”

“So that’s what this is all about. You think your father favors her over you?”

“Think it, I know he does!”

The conversation seemed to be going down hill fast so I attempted to change its direction at that point. “So tell me Linda, just what is this nudist camp like?” My question was quite genuine. “I have absolutely no idea of what to expect.”

“Oh, it’s really no big deal,” Linda responded in a way that led me to believe she’d rather not talk about it. I decided to persist however.

“But is it really as asexual as your father says it is?”

“What?” Linda asked as if she didn’t understand, “No, of course it’s not. There’s a lot of fooling around that goes on there. The kids go into the woods at night and that’s where most of them lose their virginity. The grown-ups will give a party on any excuse just so they can invite their special friends over and fool around with each other.”

“Fool around?” I asked naively.

“Yeah, you know. They get together, they drink for a while and then they go to bed only not with their own husband or wife. Mommy and daddy almost never go to those parties thank God.”

“Oh!” I said and it was all I could say. I had heard of such things but I never knew it really happened anywhere. Finally I asked, “Doesn’t that bother you?”

“Bother me? Of course it does. I don’t even like half the people my parents are friends with. But what can I say. I’m only a kid to them and they don’t think I know what’s going on.”

I seemed to jump from one hot subject to another so I decided to change the subject once more. This time I used a very safe one, Linda. I started by complimenting her on how pretty and sexy she looked. That caught her attention immediately. I continued with the compliments eventually bringing the subject around to sex and how I wished we could make love right there.

“My parents would have a hissy fit if they ever caught us doing that. There will be plenty of opportunity for us over the weekend so just cool your jets for a few days Sam.” An impish grin crossed Linda’s face as she said that. I think she wanted me as much as I wanted her but I could see the truth in what she said about her parents. Our night ended not long after that. I said good-night to Linda’s parents and Linda escorted me around to the driver’s side of my car. There she threw her arms around my neck and gave me as passion filled kiss as she had ever given me. I playfully clutched at her breasts and she brushed my hand away warning me that her parents might see us. That seemed to heighten things rather than deter them. Still, I respected Linda’s wishes and soon I was on my way home on a sexual high that would not be resolved before the weekend. Both Linda and I had to work all week and so it was not reasonable for us to meet each night though both of us desired to do exactly that.

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