Since My Wife’s Sis Moved to Town

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Big Dicks

I am lucky to be married to my beautiful wife Jennifer. She is 5′ 6″ tall and weighs about 110 to 115 pounds. She has really nice, firm C cup breasts that on her slender body look even bigger. She has dark hair and dark eyes. We have been married for 6 years. We both moved to this town after college for work and met at a social gathering. We have an above average sex life and like to do some experimenting and role playing. We see each others families at holidays and special occasions and all get along fine.

My wife has a sister Pamela. She is about a year younger and similarly built. She is a little more extravagant than Jen. She had breast augmentation to a D cup and has colored her hair deep red. She is married to Paul and he just recently got transferred to our town. They found a house in our nice neighborhood, just around the corner from us. Since Pam has been in town, Jen has introduced her to our friends and helped her get settled and been spending quite a bit of time with her. Paul and I work, but we have spent a lot of evenings with the girls.

I came home the other day and my wife was standing naked in the entry way of our house and said, “I want to give you a blow-job right now!”

She knelt down and unzipped my pants and reached in and pulled out my already hardening dick. She started sucking on it and it kept growing. With one hand she used her fingers to caress my balls and her other hand was holding the base of my 8″ dick. She was working her tongue around the head and driving me crazy. She has surprised me in the past with sex. This time though she seemed even more determined to get me off. She is sliding her mouth up and down my shaft and really getting me worked up. She kept increasing her speed of movement and I could feel my balls tightening up and I was getting close. She then stopped and asked,” where did you want to cum? “I said, “I want to see my cum shoot on your face and lips.” She immediately resumed sucking like crazy and I was getting close to shooting. She was really sucking and slurping on my dick. I felt like I was going to explode and she pulled my dick from her mouth and started jerking me off while licking my balls. As I felt myself start to come she stopped licking and kept jerking my dick straight at her beautiful face. The first shot landed on her forehead kırşehir escort and nose the next hit her cheek and lips and then the next her lips and chin and then she stuck it back in her mouth and started sucking again. After she had taken all my cum, she stopped sucking and said, “Welcome home dear, how was your day?”

I smiled and said, “the last ten minutes have been awesome and I can’t remember the rest!”

Jen laughed and said, “Well if you enjoyed that wait till I tell you what we have in store for us very soon.” She then went to the kitchen and got me a beer and came back. She still being naked I was starting to get horny again and said so. Jen sat down and said, “calm down Tiger I have something to tell you.”

So I took a sip and said, “you have my undivided attention.”

She started her story,” you know I have been introducing Pam around to our friends, well we had a brunch today at Pam’s house. We were having girl talk and being silly and teasing about our husbands. When the conversation kind of started going more to the types of sex we had tried and wanted to try. We all got kind of excited and came to the conclusion that the only kind of sex all of us wanted to try was a group sex thing. Pam said that we should just go ahead and plan on how we would do it and the rules if any there would be. Lucy asked if we should talk to our husbands first and Pam said that it should be easy to convince them to participate and all the girls agreed. So we talked and said it would have to be at someone’s home. That it should be a pool type party, so everyone would already be half naked. No spending the night and you had to leave with who you came with. If it worked out and everyone had fun then we could come up with other ideas for future parties. So what do you think? Great idea, right?”

Needless to say my jaw had dropped in the middle of the story, but thinking back to how excited my wife had been, I was just imagining the possibilities. I said, ‘Awesome idea,Jen.”

“She leaned across the sofa and gave me a big hug. Then said,”Change into some comfortable clothes and come back downstairs.”

I went upstairs and started putting on some shorts, a golf shirt, and flip flops. I was thinking the whole time that this could be great, my dick was getting kocaeli escort hard thinking about seeing my wife with another man’s dick in her and me with my dick in someone else’s wife. I went back down stairs with my dick pushing against the front of my shorts.

Jen now dressed in a pair of short shorts and a halter top, took one look at me and my bulge, and said,”the thought was turning her on, too!”

I asked, “if you are turned on too, why did we get dressed?”

She just smiled and said, “We are going to Pam and Paul’s. Let’s go.”

We walked out and around the corner to their house and as we approached the front door, Paul opened it before we could knock and said, “Come on in!”

I could not help but notice a bulge in his shorts, too. So Pam must have already told him the plans. Pam walked into the room in just her bikini and said, “Jen and I had decided that we needed to check things out for the party and that the four of us were now going to have sex together. We don’t want to be embarrassed by shyness or any hesitation on any of our parts. So get naked!”

Paul and I just looked at each other as the girls started stripping, we smiled and nodded and then joined the girls undressing. Jen stepped in front of Paul and Pam stepped in front of me and they each kissed us full on the mouth and it was on! Pam started rubbing her hands down my back and onto my ass, squeezing my cheeks and pulling me closer to her. I started running my hand over her breasts and squeezing her nipples that were always firm and sticking out since her breast enlargement. She started moving down my neck with her lips and down to my nipples which she started sucking on one and caressing the other. I reached down and cup her butt and started groping and pulling her into my hard on. She then pushed me down on the sofa and began sucking on my dick. I reached down and started fingering her dripping wet pussy and quickly upped it to two fingers. Pushing all the way in and out I could feel her juices wetting my whole hand. I then tried something that Jen always like I stuck my pinky up her asshole. Pam started moaning and moving her ass to farther onto my finger. She seemed to be enjoying it so much is stuck my ring finger in her asshole to and began rhythmically stroking pussy and ass konya escort together each with two of my fingers in there. Pam was really undulating now with my stroking and moaning around my dick as she sucked away. I was trying my best not to disappoint but she was really sucking my dick. Thankfully, since Jen had already made me cum once tonight I was able to control myself a little.

I decided to sneak a peak at Jen and Paul, they were on the other sofa and he was on bottom with her 69’ed on top of him sucking his dick. His dick looked a little shorter than mine but it was slightly thicker and she was sucking it as deep as she could. I could here them moaning and groaning with passion and heat. Suddenly Pam stood up and said, “I need your dick in me right now!”

She straddled me and positioned my dick at her pussy lips and sat down. My dick penetrated all the way in her sopping wet pussy and she began bucking on my dick and I grabbed onto her boobs and enjoyed the ride. She was bouncing up and down and grunting with pleasure at the bottom of each bounce. I sneaked another peek at Jen, Paul now was fucking her pussy doggy style and holding onto her boobs with both hands. I turned my attention back to Pam and she was really going, her eyes were closed and she was grabbing my chest with her hands, I was hoping she was about to cum because I didn’t know if I could hold out much longer. Then she yelled, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

I could feel her pussy contract on my dick and her juices flow. She then collapsed down on me and said, “That was awesome!”

I heard Jen yell, “I’m cumming!”

Paul just kept pounding away as Jen screamed, “Yes, Yes!”

Pam hopped up and went over to Paul and said, “Shoot your load on her back and my face!”

So I immediately got up and went in front of Jen and stuck my dick in her face. Jen began to suck on it as I watched Pam suck on Paul’s nipples till he yelled, “I’m there!”

He pulled his dick out, Pam grabbed it and started jerking. I saw his cum fly and land on Pam’s face and Jen’s back and I could not hold it any longer. I pulled out of Jen’s mouth and moved toward Pam and shot my load on her face and Jen’s back. a moment later Jen is turned around and licking our cum from Pam’s face and then kissing her sister with a cum covered tongue. Paul and I sat there for a few watching the girls wind down. Then we just looked at each other winked and smiled.

Pam said,”Jen I told you this would be great!”

Jen smiled and said, “and we are just getting started. Let’s hit the pool and then get ready for round 2!”

(to be continued)…

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