Silk Shift

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Copyright Oggbashan August 2020

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Joy and her mother are skilled dressmakers and make most of their own clothes.

That Saturday evening Joy had been wearing a new dress at the over 18 club’s Summer dance. She had found it slightly awkward. It was a floor length silk shift dress with a self-belt tied around her waist. It moved beautifully around her but the lower hem was too narrow for energetic dancing. I had had to catch her and hold her up several times as she nearly fell over trying to move further than the hem would allow. I didn’t mind. Having Joy in my arms was always delightful. She was obviously wearing little or nothing under the dress and her erect nipples sometimes pressed against me.

“Blast!” Joy said, as she tripped on her hem again before I caught her. “This dress is a pain, Terry.”

“But you look fantastic in it, Joy,” I said. “It fits you perfectly…”

“It doesn’t! ” She retorted. “It’s too big except on the lower hem where it isn’t wide enough. Except for the sleeves, I seem to have made it big enough to fit you.”

“Me? What would I do with a silk shift?” I asked.

Joy looked at me as if she hadn’t seen me before. That was odd. We have been boyfriend and girlfriend for at least six months.

“I wonder?” she said. “Maybe. You’ve wanted to get into my knickers for months, haven’t you, Terry?”

“You know I have, Joy. But I’m willing to wait until you feel ready. I’m not going to go further than you want. I want you as a girlfriend, not…”

“…a sex object?” Joy finished for me.

“That isn’t what I would have said, Joy.”

“But however you might have said it, that is what you would have meant, Terry. OK. I want you to come to my home tomorrow afternoon. You’ll be staying for Sunday tea. With me and my Mum. Dad will be out playing golf. Two o’clock OK?”

“Yes, Joy. If that’s what you want.”

“It is. And you might find you can get into my knickers then, Terry. Whether you will like that? We’ll see.”

We resumed dancing, a slow number in which Joy’s restricted hem was no hindrance. That silk shift meant that Joy was in my arms far more often than would have been the case if she had worn a different dress. At the end of the evening I walked her home, in the fading heat, slowly because she couldn’t take her normal stride.

On her parent’s doorstep she kissed me long and hard, leaving me breathless as she slipped inside the front door. I walked home in a daze. What did she mean about tomorrow? Would she really go further than we had ever gone before?

I dreamed about Joy in bed that night. I could almost feel her warm body through the silk of her dress. Of course I woke up with a wet patch on the sheets.

At two o’clock I was knocking on the door of Joy’s home. She opened the door and almost dragged me inside. She was wearing a flared cotton skirt a few inches above her knees and a tight vest top that showed her breasts. She held my hand as I followed her upstairs to her bedroom. I had never been upstairs before. Each time I had visited her home we had stayed on the settee in the living room. Her silk shift was hanging on the outside of a wardrobe door. There was a pile of lingerie on the only chair.

Joy pushed me to sit on her bed and sat beside me.

“Won’t your mother object, Joy?” I asked nervously.

“You like my mother, don’t you, Terry?”

“Yes,” I said.

Joy’s mother, Denise, is younger than my parents. I’m the third kilis escort child of older parents who married late. Joy was a seven month baby and her mother had still just been a teenager when they married. Denise always hugs me and kisses my cheek when we meet. That is almost as great as a kiss from Joy.

“She knows you’re here and what we are going to do, Terry, so don’t worry.” Joy said.

“What are we going to do?”

“You are going to strip for me, Terry.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes. You want to get into my knickers, don’t you, Terry? Then strip.”

I stripped and sat back on the bed, naked.

“Got a condom?”

“Yes, in my trouser pocket, Joy.”

She got it, unfastened the packet with her teeth and helped me to put it on. Her hands so close to my erection were nearly too much.

“And now you get into my knickers.” Joy was laughing as she reached under her skirt and pulled off a pair of shiny blue satin panties.

“What?” I protested.

“If we are going to do anything, Terry, you need to start by getting into my knickers.”

I was uncomprehending as she eased my legs into the knickers and heaved them up around my waist. I could feel the warmth from her body.

“And now I am going to prove that my silk shift is too large. Stand up.”

I stood up. Joy pulled that silk shift down my body outside my arms. It was a tight fit with my arms inside but she was able to pull it down to my ankles. She had worn it with high heels otherwise it would have trailed on the floor. She took the self-belt and knotted it tight around my waist, trapping my arms above my wrists. Joy pushed me on to the bed and swung my legs up. She straddled me but with her back to my face. Before I knew what she had intended she had knotted stockings around my thighs and above my ankles. I was trapped and bound in Joy’s silk shift.

She reversed her position and leant forward to kiss me.

“There you are, Terry. You’ve got into my knickers and in to my silk shift. But you can’t do much to me, can you?”

It was a rhetorical question. Her lips gave me no opportunity to answer.

“But I can do whatever I want, Terry. Like this.”

My eyes opened wide as she pulled off her top exposing a blue satin bra, matching the panties I was wearing. She bent forward and my head sank into her cleavage. Her arms went around behind my head as she pulled me deep between her breasts. Joy was breast-smothering me and I was enjoying it despite doubts that I could hold my breath for long. She let me breathe as her hand reached out to the chair.

She had a scarf, knotted in the middle. She forced the knot into my mouth before tying the scarf behind my head. It wasn’t an effective gag but it stopped me from using my teeth. She took another long white silk scarf and wound that around my head several times before knotting that as well. Now I couldn’t speak, only grunt ineffectually.

Joy climbed off me. I struggled as best I could on the bed but I couldn’t escape from inside that silk shift. Joy went to her bedroom door. To my horror I heard her shout downstairs.

“Mum! He’s ready.”

I struggled even harder but uselessly as I heard Denise coming up the stairs. She walked into Joy’s bedroom. She was wearing almost the same clothing as Joy.

“You’re a tease, Joy,” she said in a conversational tone. She sat on the bed beside me and a hand stroked my hair.

“You are in a pickle, Terry, aren’t you? Trapped in Joy’s dress unable to get out and gagged so you can’t protest. Never mind. Joy will repay you later. Until then…”

Denise lifted her top and bent forward to pull my head into her cleavage. She is slightly larger than Joy and I was in kırıkkale escort more danger of suffocation between her breasts. She held me there for about twenty seconds before she released me and sat back.

“We want something from you, Terry. Yes, both of us. We want you to show you can do something my husband isn’t good at. If you do, Joy will reward you. Will you try? A nod is enough.”

I looked up at Denise. I could see she was worried. Despite being tricked into bondage, did I trust Denise and Joy? It didn’t take me long to decide. Not only did I trust them, I loved both of them. I nodded.

Denise’s reaction startled me. She threw herself full length over me and pushed her breasts tightly around my head for a few seconds before moving down and kissing my forehead.

Joy removed the two scarves gagging me and this time Denise kissed me full on the lips.

When she ended she said: “What we want, both of us, is some pussy-licking. OK?”

I nodded again. Denise’s lips acknowledged that answer.

Soon Denise’s skirt had been raised to her hips. She wasn’t wearing panties. Her sex moved closer and closer until I could touch it with my tongue. Although I had never done it with anyone before, Denise’s hands around my head directed me to where she wanted me to be.

Although Denise was an older woman and I was helplessly confined within Joy’s silk shift, I was enjoying what I was doing and it seemed that I was successfully arousing Denise. Soon she was squealing and writhing above me as she entered a whole series of orgasms. She might be Joy’s mother but she is still a very attractive and sexy woman. I was delighted to be doing so much for her.

It was at least twenty minutes before Denise was satisfied. She lifted herself of me and moved down so she could kiss me.

“Thank you, Terry, You were great. We’ll have a coffee break and then you need to show Joy how much you love her too…”

I was grateful for the break. Arousing Denise had been enjoyable but hard work. Denise cradled my head against her breasts as Joy held my coffee mug. It was half an hour before I was facing Joy’s sex. I wasn’t sure that I could do as much for her as I had done for Denise but Joy reacted faster to my lips and reached a peak much sooner. Was it because Joy was my girlfriend that I became more aroused myself?

When Joy was exhausted she and Denise eased me out of the silk dress and pulled the knickers off before my insistent erection was engulfed by Joy. Joy was bouncing up and down on me until Denise squashed my head back into her cleavage. The two of them were too much for me and I came uncontrollably. Joy slumped across me while Denise held me against her breasts.

“I think we’ll have to make a new silk shift for Joy,” Demise said casually. “This one is too big — except for trapping you, Terry. The next one will be slimmer and knee length. We could keep the original one for imprisoning Terry but I don’t think we’d need to. You would do anything we asked, wouldn’t you, Terry.”

“Yes,” I said before I was smothered in Denise’s breasts again.


I was worried that Denise’s husband might suspect what we had been up to. Later in the week Joy reassured me. Whatever he might suspect, Denise had been so aroused by my pussy-licking that she grabbed her husband when he came back from golf and made love to him passionately but conventionally for hours.

From then on for the next few weeks, every Sunday afternoon I was required to pussy-lick Denise and Joy before Joy jumped on my erection and Dense breast smothered me at the climax. Joy’s long silk shift was always hanging on the wardrobe but not needed as I was very willing to make love to kırklareli escort Denise and Joy.

About a month later Denise’s husband was away for the weekend for an amateur golf tournament, Joy, prompted by Denise, invited me for a sleepover on Saturday night. I couldn’t refuse that.

That Saturday afternoon was like the previous Sundays. I pussy-licked Denise as she squirmed and squealed above me, before I did the same with Joy. After the early evening meal the three of us went up to Joy’s bedroom.

“Joy sleeps naked,” Denise announced. “But that might be too much of a temptation for you, so…”

She held up Joy’s long silk dress. Within minutes I was inside it and tightly bound with the belt and stockings. Joy snuggled up beside me as Denise’s bra-covered breasts smothered me in her cleavage.

“Enjoy your sleepover, Terry,” Denise said. “Shame you can’t DO anything, isn’t it.”

I might have replied but Joy’s breasts had replaced Denise’s and I was struggling to breathe. Joy alternately breast-smothered and kissed me for at least an hour before she demanded pussy-worship. Soon I was crushed under her wriggling body as she reached several orgasms, spreading her lower lips wide to give me as much access as possible, and also to seal off all my access to air for the seconds of her orgasms.

Eventually she relaxed, pulled back slightly so she could look down at me and said:

“You are great, Terry, even better with practice. Mum and I love you for it. She wants you to be my fiancé so she can continue to ride you as your mother-in-law. I want that too, so? Will you propose?”

“Maybe, but not while trussed up like an oven-ready chicken in your silk shift, Joy,” I said.

Joy untied the bonds around the shift and eased it off, revealing my proud erection.

“I want that — now!” Joy said.

She had mounted it and was pounding up and down before I had an opportunity to answer. Soon the two of us were lost in the passion of our coupling. After I came into her she slumped down on my chest, still holding my diminished erection inside her and squeezing it with her muscles from time to time.

“That would be one of the advantages of being my fiancé, Terry. We can do that often. But Mum would need you too. Is that OK?”

“Yes, of course, Joy. But if I am going to propose I would like to do it the traditional way — on my knees.”

“Ok, Terry.”

Joy climbed off me. She sat on the edge of the bed. I went to my jacket and took out a small black box. I knelt down in front of her naked body.

“Joy, will you marry me, please?”

I held out the box.

“Yes, Terry, I will,” Joy replied.

I opened the box to show an engagement ring. I took Joy’s hand and slid the ring on her finger. Joy held her hand in front of her face to look at the ring. Then she leant forward and dragged my head into her naked cleavage. Above me I heard her shout “Mum!”.

Denise came upstairs and into the bedroom. Joy held out her hand to show the ring. Denise crouched down behind me and pushed her clothed breasts either side of my head. Now I was being suffocated in a breast-smother of mother and daughter’s four breasts.

A few minutes later I was lying on my back on the bed with a naked Joy cradling my head between her thighs as a naked Denise rode me, the first time I had ever penetrated Denise. “‘I had’? No. I was a passive participant. Denise has impaled herself on her son-in-law to be. For the rest of that night I was held by two naked women who took it in turns to ride me or breast-smother me.


From then on, every Sunday afternoon I had to pussy-lick my fiancé and mother-in-law-to-be before both of them took it in turns to ride me. Every Sunday night Joy’s father was enjoying passionate sex with Denise. He seemed to approve of me as his prospective son-in-law or perhaps it was just the effect I was having on his wife. What will my life be like after Joy and I have married? I don’t know but Joy has said she is taking her silk shift on our honeymoon…

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