Shawn’s Next Experience

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It took about a month or so for me to accept what had happened with Peter. I always considered myself to be straight but there was no denying that I had enjoyed, no, I had loved what happened with him. I couldn’t make any sense of it but there was no getting around the fact that Peter awakened something inside me.

I would lay awake at night, masturbating while reliving our encounter in my mind. My heart would race when I imagined his tongue sliding into my mouth, the way his cock felt in my hand, the sweetness of his precum. On many occasions I had driven past a sex shop, with the intention of going in to buy a dildo and butt plug but I always chickened out.

After a year or so, I rarely thought about it anymore. Peter would cross my mind of course, but after not staying in touch with him, it seemed that part of my life was put on hold. I had stayed single for the last year, and with the exception of a few dates with girls, I had been basically celibate. That’s not easy for a 23 year old guy, but I had been focusing on work and friends and was basically happy.

My lease at the apartment I had been living in for two years was expiring and I had decided it was time to move on up in the world and buy a home. I was lucky enough to have found the perfect place a month before I had to move, so I spent my last month in my apartment packing and cleaning. Moving day arrived and I couldn’t wait to get going. I hired some movers for a Monday morning and by noon that day, I was in my new place.

The house that I had found was about 20 minutes outside of town, in an older neighborhood. I lived at the end of a long court, tucked back away from any main roads, with woods behind me, one neighbor to my left and an empty lot to my right. The first night living there, I sat out on my back deck and listened to absolute silence, with the exception of crickets and tree frogs.

The realtor had told me that it was a quiet area but I hadn’t expected it to be this quiet. Although I did remember her telling me that most of the home owners were original and were mostly retired. She told me this while trying to talk me into buying something a little newer and in a hipper area. All of those homes were well beyond my price range and I assured her that I wanted peace and quiet.

I had to work Tuesday through Thursday, but had taken the next Friday off to organize and unpack, so for the remainder of the week I was living out of boxes and an overnight bag. I had seen a few of my neighbors outside, doing yard work as I got home from work each day. My work day would start at 6:00 am so I was usually home no later than 4:00 pm. When I finally got off work on Thursday, I stopped for some beer and headed home, excited about my three day weekend and unpacking.

I worked in my garage for most of the evening, trying to figure out where to put different things, until I finally went inside to watch tv. An hour or so later, there was a knock at my front door. It startled me since it was close to 9:00 and I wasn’t expecting guests. I felt a little embarrassed because I had hoped to have my home in order before I had anyone over. I slowly walked to the front door, switched on the porch light and spoke loudly as I said, ” who’s there?”

“Bob, from next door. Just wanted to let you know…”

As I opened the door, Bob stopped mid sentence. He smiled as he raised his hand.

“Hi there, neighbor, I’m Bob. I just wanted to let you know that your garage door is open. Lots of raccoons around here at night.”

As we shook hands, I thanked him and and explained that I had been working out there and must have forgotten to close up. He looked to be in his late 50s, maybe early 60s, with silver and black hair. He had a sort of beach boys look to him, with his Hawaiian shirt and shorts. His demeanor seemed very friendly and laid back, as though he hadn’t a care in the world.

“Can I offer you a beer, Bob? It’s the least I can do since you were looking out for the new guy.”

Bob shook his head and thanked me but explained that he was just sitting down to dinner and would have to take a rain check. He patted my shoulder before walking away and insisting that we get better acquainted over the weekend.

“Now, don’t forget that garage door,” he said as he smiled and walked away.

“Thank you, Bob, and nice to meet you,” I called out as he disappeared into the shadows.

The rest of the night was spent unpacking inside, and drinking a few more beers. I was in bed by midnight, which is pretty late for me but time just got away from me once I got moving.

I was relieved when I woke the next morning, knowing that I had unpacked 90% of my belongings. All that was left were the finishing touches, decorating and such, with the exception of the garage.

As I swung my feet out of bed, I realized that the beers were still with me and my head was a bit heavy. I grinned as I looked down at my morning wood and said to myself, ” good thing I’ve got all weekend Betturkey because it feels like a Bloody Mary morning.” Hangovers always make me horny, and today was no exception.

As I poured myself a drink, I could hear Bob mowing his lawn. I walked out to my garage and pressed the door opener and stepped out into the light. I hadn’t realized until now that it was almost 11:00 am. I never sleep this late, ever, so I was a bit shocked. The light from the sun only seemed to intensify my headache so I went to my car and retrieved my sunglasses. I was parked in the driveway and saw Bob and I turned to walk back to my garage. I waved and he gave me a nod and a smile as he drove his mower back into his garage.

I stood there, barefooted in just my shorts, as I finished my Bloody Mary and tried to get my head together. I poked around a few of the boxes, not wanting to do any actual work yet until I felt a little better. As I faced the wall, Bob came walking up the driveway with two beers in his hand.

“Well hey there, Shawn, I thought I’d offer you a beer but judging by your sunglasses and that drink, you need something a little stronger this morning.”

“Yeah, Bob, it’s definitely one of those mornings, I told him.

“I guess the stress of the move and lack of sleep are catching up to me.”

“Well,” he said, “I’ll let you do your thing but stop by later. I’ve got a pool and some beer, we can get acquainted.”

Bob left as quietly as he came, leaving me staring at my boxes, hungover and totally unmotivated. It was Friday and I had all weekend, so I decided to put it off and just go take a shower. As I showered, the hangover began fading and the pool idea began sounding pretty good.

I changed into some swim shorts and walked out back, to see if Bob was around. I spotted him over the fence and waved.

“I’ll take you up on that pool offer now, if that’s cool,” I said.

“Haha, great, get on over here, Shawn.” He said with a laugh.

As I walked up his driveway, the garage door was open so I proceeded into the house. I could see Bob through the sliding glass door, arranging patio furniture, as I headed out to join him. We shook hands when I reached him, and he motioned to one of the chairs for me to sit. There was a beer and a shot of tequila on the table next to me that he nodded to.

“A little hair of the dog, to brighten your day.” He said.

He raised his glass to mine and we both drank our shots. It wasn’t long before he poured us each another as we talked, and after a couple hours, I was feeling pretty good. He asked about my job, relationships, and so on, and told me about retirement and the single life. I almost didn’t catch it when he said he just never met the right guy to settle down with. It actually took me by surprise and my face must have shown it.

“Didn’t know I was gay, huh?” He said with a laugh .

“That’s ok, no one ever does, not even other gay men. Might explain why I never meet anyone. I’m not much into that scene.” He stated.

“It’s a shame,” I told him, ” you seem like a great guy.”

I don’t know if i did it to assure him that I was ok with his sexuality or just because the memories had started coming back again, but after several more drinks, I told Bob about Peter and I. I didn’t go into much detail, but explained the gist of it.

His eyes twinkled as he poured us another shot, and motioned to the cooler beside me for two more beers. So we drank some more and chatted well into the evening. We floated around the pool in between shots and cooled off until it was dark. I began to notice the way Bob was looking at me as we drip dried in our chairs. He had also gone from addressing me as pal or buddy, to hot stuff and sexy.

“Well, hot stuff, I think I’m going to head inside and watch a movie, interested?”

“Yeah, why not,” I told him. “Besides, I’m way too drunk to drive home.”

I watched for his reaction and then we both laughed.

“Don’t worry, sexy, I’ll make sure you make it to bed,” he said with a wink.

He tossed me a towel and began drying himself off, and as he did, he wrapped it around his waist and then slid his shorts off underneath the towel. As he motioned for me to do the same, he explained that my damp shorts wouldn’t be good on his couch. That made perfect sense, so I did the same, almost losing my towel in the process as I wobbled. These weren’t beach towels by any means, and barely fit around both of us. In fact, as I was securing mine, I caught a glimpse of Bobs package as his towel slipped open along the seam.

I followed him inside, my heart racing from what I had just seen. I had to adjust my own towel as my cock began to show signs of life. Memories of what happened between Peter and I flooded my brain and began fueling my libido as I tried to remain calm. We sat on the couch and I was forced to cross my legs with a foot on my knee, to hide my tent. I wasn’t sure if he had noticed until he laughed.

“I Betturkey Giriş remember those days, when my cock had a mind of its own.” He said with a chuckle.

“Hell, I walked around with a boner through most of my twenties.”

I laughed a semi nervous laugh as he watched me cover myself up, but his eyes on me only made my cock grow harder.

“Don’t worry, Shawn, it’s not like you’ll offend me. Quite the opposite, actually. I hope I’m not embarrassing you.”

I could see his towel moving slightly as his cock began to stir. When he reached over to get the remote, his towel slipped from his hips and he didn’t make an effort to catch it. He was barely covered now, and by barely covered, I mean that just the head of his cock and his left thigh were concealed. He looked down at his towel and pulled it off entirely, letting his semi hard cock flop against his thigh.

“There, now we’re both guilty,” he chuckled.

I laughed as I began relaxing a bit more, and pulled my towel away, not making an effort to hide my erection. Bob couldn’t help it as he looked down at my cock. I had my hand lightly wrapped around it as I glanced at his, yet I was unaware that I was doing so. Bob began to mimic my hand movements, taking his own cock and gently stroking.

Our eyes met as I realized what I was doing. There was a momentary blush in my cheeks but it quickly faded. I knew that this was something I wanted, and it had just accidentally unfolded for us both. When Bob saw the grin on my face, he had a look of relief, knowing that I was not going to stop him. We were just two guys with boners, sitting on his couch, drunk on tequila.

Bob continued stroking as he flipped on the tv. It was that casual as we sat there, like two old buddies having a jerk together. He switched over to the blu ray player and hit play. It may have been a coincidence or maybe planned after I told him about my rendezvous with an older man, but the movie that began to play was all scenes of older men with younger guys.

“Remind you of anything,” he asked.

My eyes locked on the tv screen as the scene unfolded. A nicely hung older gentleman was laying back on his bed while the younger man was sucking his cock. My eyes darted from the screen to Bobs hand as it stroked. I watched as Bob gripped his cock as he leaned back, sliding his hand up and down over the head while precum formed at the tip.

Like an invitation, Bob took a pillow from the couch and placed it at his feet, and then gave me a wink as he spread his legs a little further. It only took a moment before I slid down off the couch and got between his legs. Memories of Peter came back as Bob stroked my cheek and petted my head.

I placed my forearms on his thighs and leaned in close, letting Bob feel my hot breath on his cock. As I gently blew on his skin, his cock tensed and stood straight up towards me, just inches from my mouth. Bob continued stroking my head as he guided my lips to the tip. I began gently kissing the underside as it twitched and bounced, precum dribbling down onto my lips.

Wrapping my hand around the base, I held his cock still for a moment and admired it as I licked the precum from the crown. I could feel the strength in its girth. The power this hard muscle had was almost intimidating as it tightened up and pulled my hand along with it. It appeared that the cock would be in control of me and not the other way around.

Wrapping both hands around the shaft, I slid my mouth down around it as I extended my tongue. Bob let out a groan as his cock flexed between my lips, causing me to almost lose my grip. I scooted closer and pressed the top of my head to his chest so I could get my mouth directly above his cock without it getting away from me.

My lips closed down around the head as I began stroking the base with both hands. Even with my head resting against Bobs chest, his cock had a mind of its own when it flexed. I felt like I was arm wrestling a midget, and losing. He would lift his hips up off the couch as his cock twitched and it would slip out of my mouth, almost getting me in the eye at one point. He still just petted my head and stroked my face as I clumsily sucked him.

“Oh Shawn, it’s been too long,” he moaned as I continued sucking him.

His breathing was getting heavier and his hips were giving short little thrusts as I gripped him and swirled my tongue around his cock head. Bobs cock became even harder as I squeezed his rigid shafts, feeling the first pulse as he let out a long groan. I felt his balls pull tight just moments before his body stiffened and the first blast of cum splattered across my tongue.

He lurched foreword as his hands gripped the back of my head, pressing his cock deep into my throat while several jets of cum shot down into my belly. Bob was extremely verbal as he came, calling me baby and honey as he writhed on the couch. I pulled back until just the head was between my lips and Betturkey Güncel Giriş extended my tongue as I milked his cock.

After a minute or so, Bob finally relaxed and let out a long deep breath as he pulled me up onto his lap. I could feel his cum dripping from my lips as he pressed his mouth to mine. Our tongues began doing a passionate dance, sliding and curling against one another. Bob stayed hard the entire time we kissed, his cock nestled between my butt cheeks as he held me tight.

Tasting his cock and cum had an intoxicating aphrodisiac effect on me and had me in a lustful state. My heart pounded as his strong arms held me tightly against his chest, gently rocking me on his lap. Bob broke our kiss and lifted me to my feet, leading me to the sunroom as he held me against his side. There was a warm summer breeze blowing through the screens as he laid me across a massage table that was set up directly below the sky lights.

As I stared up at the ceiling, I could see the stars in the sky above us. Bob lit a candle and then came over to me, taking my feet in his hands and rubbing them firmly before working his way up my calves. He bent and spread my legs as he worked his hands further up, running his knuckles along my inner thighs and lightly grazing my aching cock.

Laying on my back with my legs open wide, Bob began sliding one hand gently across my stomach as his other hand went down between my legs. He positioned himself along side me so that his cock was close to my face. Still hard as a rock, I took his cock between my lips as Bob began teasing my asshole with his fingers. Gently probing and massaging my skin as I sucked his cockhead.

I began moaning as his fingertips made slow circles around my hole, teasing me, torturing me with anticipation. As I sucked his cock, he reached under the massage table and took out a bottle of ky jelly, and set it aside, before moving down between my legs. Bob pushed on the soles of my feet, pressing my knees to my chest and lifting my ass up off the table as he slid a wedge underneath me.

My ass was elevated and perfectly exposed for him as he leaned in close to press his mouth to my hole. His tongue dove in, swirling, gently probing as his fingers simultaneously teased me. I began moaning even louder as his long soft tongue worked its magic down there. Gently flicking his fat tongue across my sensitive skin as I arched my back in pleasure. Bob was driving me wild and as my moans became louder and louder, it showed. He would moan along with me, each time I flinched or gyrated my hips, Bob would let out a soft moan.

He squeezed a large drop of jelly just below my balls and let it run down into the crack of my ass, coating the already wet entrance with thick warm gel. As he slid one finger inside me, he took my scrotum in his mouth and began to massage it with his tongue. His finger wiggled as his tongue swirled, causing me to yelp with pleasure. Another finger joined in, and then another, until he was gently sliding three of them to the knuckle, teasing my prostate in the process.

My hard cock was drooling precum that began to pool up on my stomach as he got me ready for him. Bob locked eyes with me as one hand gently rubbed my stomach and the other prepared me for his cock. With his fingers pressed to the hilt, he slowly withdrew them in a slight twisting motion before slowly pushing them deep again. He repeated this for several minutes as I lay there whimpering like a bitch in heat, moaning his name.

Bob pulled me towards him so that my ass was right in the edge of the table, leaned forward and kissed me deeply as he lined his cock up to my hole. As his tongue pressed forcefully, yet gently into my mouth, he pushed the head of his cock into my wet channel. He stopped pushing and broke our kiss, stood up between my legs and rubbed my stomach in circles as he began slowly feeding his cock deeper into me.

Bob took his time, slowly. Inch after inch until his hips were pressed against my butt cheeks. He held still there for a moment as my body learned to accept his cock, running his hands over my skin. I could feel his pulse inside of me as his hard cock rested snuggly against my insides. When I gently gyrated my hips, Bobs cock flexed and pressed firmly against my prostate, causing me to cry out in pleasure.

“Oh fuck, Bob, your cock is amazing,” I moaned, as he began slowly sliding in and out.

I could feel every vein and ripple of skin as he fucked me with the steady rhythm of a slow moving freight train. Bobs cock would tense and pulse every fourth or fifth thrust, causing me to arch my back, changing the angle of his shaft. As he continued, we began moving in unison, his thrusting meeting my arching until the pace increased and he was pounding his hard cock deep inside of me.

At this point, he was no longer rubbing my stomach, but gripping my thighs as he pulled himself in as deep as he could.

As he pounded into me, the table began to shake and I started sliding further up. Bob wrapped my legs around him and lifted me up, carrying me to one of the chaise loungers on the deck and laid me back. I spread my legs wide around him as he laid down on top of me, never missing a beat as he resumed his fucking.

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