Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 14

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This story follows Chapter 13 as well as “The Hot Babysitter 1”.


“Hurry, Piper! Amanda will be home soon!”

The 19 year-old’s long blonde hair tossed in the air as she rode me wildly like a crazed cowgirl. From the flat on my back, I reached up to grope her firm breasts, squeezing them hard and mashing them together.

The desperation in my voice was not born from the need to hide my affair with the babysitter. After all, my wonderful wife Amanda was responsible for bringing us together in the first place [refers to “The Hot Babysitter 1”]. Rather, it stemmed from my need to blow my load into this pretty young thing.

Amanda and I had hired Piper as our babysitter almost 9 months ago, but she quickly morphed into something much more than that. She and my wife had practically become BFF’s, and most casual observers wouldn’t have guessed the almost 11-year age gap between them. In the months that Piper had been working with us, it was clear that the young girl idolized Amanda, and adored her like virtually everyone who knew my wife. Amanda, in turn, treated the teenager like the younger sister she never had.

Piper was like her protégé.

Amanda was almost 31 years of age and may have recently given birth to our first child, but she was hotter and sexier than ever. Standing at 5’6, she possessed silky straight black hair that ran to her hips and constantly smelled like fresh flowers. She was the epitome of beauty and fitness. Running 10+ miles a week maintained her athletic physique: toned legs, a sculpted ass, and chiseled, rock-hard abs that I could sharpen a knife on. And any man—and many women— couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her perfect 34C breasts which were, literally, a perfect handful (or mouthful!). Even in the middle of a harsh winter, her skin gleamed with a natural bronze tan. Amanda’s brown almond-shaped eyes gave her a decidedly exotic countenance, and always seemed to be twinkling with some sort of naughtiness or inside joke that only she was aware of. My wife’s adorable freckles competed for her sexiest physical trait, but all of those attributes paled in comparison to her witty sense of humor, intelligence, and, most of all, her gentle kindness.

I love my wife— and our son James— more than life itself.

Piper’s physical makeup stood in stark contrast to Amanda’s. She stood barely 5 feet tall, and possessed a slim waist and small frame which made her tight 34B breasts appear even larger; they may have been a full cup size smaller than my wife’s, but were perfectly proportional to her lithe, petite body. Golden hair resembling rays of sunshine flowed from her head, and her bushy eyebrows were a slight shade darker. Piper’s complexion was creamy and alabaster, contrasting with Amanda’s natural tan, and her azure eyes were so penetrating that one couldn’t tell if they were real or contacts. Lastly, the teenager’s arms and legs were long and gangly, an indicator of her youth, and her pouty lips looked absolutely kissable.

I wanted Piper from the moment we met, but it wasn’t until Amanda put her devious plan in motion and gifted the hot babysitter to me as a birthday present that I started sleeping with her [“The Hot Babysitter 1”]. Now, almost a year later, Piper and I were still going strong.

And my sex life with Amanda and, more importantly, our marriage was never better.

I was picturing her trademark freckles in my mind when I moaned and shuddered, ejaculating into Piper. She continued to writhe on my cock, greedily coaxing every last drop. I thrusted my hips hard into her one final time, eliciting a shrill whimper, before pulling her down onto me. Her pert nipples poked into my chest as my lips found hers, and our hearts pounded against our burning, sweat-drenched bodies.

Piper closed her eyes and snuggled against me as we basked in the romantic afterglow. “Mmm,” she cooed. “That was fantastic… as usual.”

I smiled at the compliment. It made me proud to know that I could still keep the energetic teen satisfied after all this time. I wrapped my arms around her tiny figure, which reminded me again of how young she was and that I was old enough to be her father. There were times when that latter, somewhat immoral, fact stabbed daggers of guilt into my soul.

Now was not one of those times.

I held onto Piper tightly and nuzzled my nose into her soft, fragrant hair. Warm and naked, we savored the aftermath of our sexual union before dozing off together.


It wasn’t long before I was awakened by soft footsteps.

Amanda always entered the house quietly whenever she came home from work. She typically returned around James’ naptime and tried her best not to disturb him. However, my wife was also being courteous since she knew I’d more than likely be banging the hot babysitter, and didn’t want to disrupt us.

Piper was just regaining consciousness as Amanda tiptoed in. My wife was dressed in business attire with a suit jacket over a form-fitting, bursa escort nearly see-through blouse, high heels, and tight skirt that accentuated her amazing ass and fabulously toned runner’s legs. She often didn’t wear the suit jacket at work, and I could only imagine how distracting the remainder of her outfit must be for her coworkers which, I privately surmised, was her intent all along.

“Well, look who it is.” I smiled with a level of adoration that was reserved for Amanda.

“Hey, guys. I’m so sorry, I don’t mean to intrude, but I really need to get out of these clothes.”

Piper was mortified. “No need to apologize, Amanda. This is your bedroom!”

The pretty girl quickly rolled out of bed and sprung to her feet. Once, not that long ago, she would’ve been horrified that we were caught naked in the bed that my wife rightfully shared with me. But now, our nudity before Amanda’s twinkling eyes didn’t faze Piper, and she wrapped a sheet around herself more for warmth than for modesty. Then she sauntered over to Amanda and embraced her.

“How did James do today?”

Piper’s face lit up with genuine affection as she reported, “Great! He ate everything I prepared for him, and slept really well. He was his happy, adorable little self!”

Amanda nodded, then approached me and as she removed her suit jacket and began unbuttoning her blouse. Her seductive outline instantly aroused me. “I hate having to dress up for work now,” she sighed plaintively.

I chuckled. “That’s the price you gotta pay for being a bigwig now!”

Glenn, Amanda’s supervisor for over 7 years, was retiring soon, and my wife— his protégé— was to be promoted to his position as Department Manager. They had been extremely close-knit since their first day on the job together, back when Amanda was merely an entry level employee, and grew more intimate as the years passed… so intimate, in fact, that Glenn was the first person I called when setting up her first gangbang [“Sharing My Wife Amanda Chapter 1”]. They had subsequently maintained a sordid affair that lasted for months. During that time, Glenn had bent my wife over his desk more times than she could recall, and she had invited him to her office for lunchtime blowjobs perhaps twice a week [Chapter 2].

It wasn’t that Amanda needed to rely on her alluring body or feminine charms to climb the career ladder; she was as brilliant and conscientious as she was beautiful. But at almost 60 years of age with salt and pepper hair and a wiry but muscular build, Glenn was an irresistibly handsome gentlemen who cared deeply for my wife. Despite their professional relationship—and despite the fact that Amanda was younger than his oldest daughter— they kept their affair secret from everyone but me, and somehow made it work. And though I incessantly teased Amanda over the years that she should sleep with Glenn in exchange for a promotion or raise, they shared a genuine bond that I strangely accepted and found erotically fascinating.

“Besides,” I added impudently, “I’m sure Glenn didn’t have issues with what you wore today. You look fantastic!” Piper nodded emphatically in agreement.

I complimented Amanda countless times a day, but she still blushed as she stripped off her tight skirt. She was now only clad in a silky slip that conformed flatteringly to her body.

“Thanks, babe.” She leaned in and kissed me in front of my paramour. Piper’s warmth and sweet taste still lingered on my lips, but that didn’t deter my wife in the slightest, and our kiss lingered.

When she pulled back, Amanda was grinning at me.

“What?” I asked suspiciously.

“I have a new intern.”


“His name’s Stephen. I handpicked him myself.”

“So he’s young and handsome.” It was declaration, not a question.

Amanda laughed. “Of course. Did you expect anything less from me?”

“Well, I expect that you’ve already fucked him in your office, or at blew him in the men’s restroom at least half a dozen times by now.”

My wife previously managed another intern almost 2 years ago by the name of Jimmy. She had maintained a secret workplace romance with him, who was barely 21 at the time, after her affair with Glenn had run its course. Among the many lovers Amanda entertained in our open marriage— and there were MANY— the young man owned a special place in her heart that even I couldn’t touch. He charmed her in ways that no one else could, and even immortalized their relationship and her naked perfection on the internet [Chapters 10 & 11]. But time didn’t stand still for them, and my wife took it much harder than she was willing to admit when Jimmy completed his internship, and subsequently moved out of state.

As a symbol of love, I had suggested that we name our son “James”, which infinitely delighted Amanda. And while Jimmy and my wife had stopped sexting each other after she became a mother, they currently still kept in close contact on a platonic level.

This new intern would never usurp Jimmy’s place in çanakkale escort her heart.

My wife, of course, had other lovers, both male and female. And while none of them compared to Jimmy, she did truly care for each of them in their own unique way. However, once James was born, she immediately ended all of her extramarital affairs without regret.

Amanda was no longer in the game.

“Ha!” She guffawed, bringing me back to the moment. “You wish!”

Piper shook her head in disbelief as Amanda playfully socked me in the shoulder. She was aware that we had once enjoyed an open marriage. Amanda had divulged it all to her to make certain that the type of people we were was palatable to the type of person she was, and, secondarily, that the young girl was amenable to working for us. However, Piper wasn’t just amenable; there were often times when she was openly jealous of our former lifestyle.

Like now.

The pretty teen noticed that I was studying her, and coughed awkwardly. “Well… I’ll check on James then let myself out. See you both tomorrow.” She quickly retrieved her clothes, which were strewn across the bedroom floor, inclined her head at Amanda, and flashed me a devastating smile before tactfully slipping out.

I tracked the pretty teen as she left, and Amanda chuckled as she followed my eyes. “Piper is something, isn’t she? We’re so lucky to have her in our lives.”

I didn’t respond as my words would’ve been obvious. Instead, I peeled the silky slip from my wife’s muscular, yet overtly feminine, form and pulled her into bed with me where she belonged. “She’s nothing compared to you. I love you, Mandy.”

“I love you, too”

I gazed at my wife’s flawlessness. Even though I saw her naked every day, her absolute perfection never failed to astound me. Our bed was still warm and wet from Piper’s essence, but I easily pushed the young girl from my mind as I explored every inch of Amanda’s body with my hands, lips, and tongue.

As we made love, a realization struck me: ever since Amanda had become a mother, she never indicated that she wanted to start having fun outside of our marriage again. Her remark about Stephen may have sounded like an offhand comment, but what it truly signified added to the fire that I was feeling for her right now.

Amanda wanted to get back in the game.


The men and I shifted anxiously.

Our neighbor Scott and my best friend Dimitri were seated on either side of me as they shifted impatiently on the couch. Dimitri and I had known each other since grade school, and we were like brothers. Like most men, he was instantly smitten with Amanda upon meeting her. I cared about him enough that I was willing to share her with him and, in the process, we became much more than just best friends [Chapter 5].

Scott, 6ft tall with shoulders seemingly as broad, was married to Brandy, a petite pixie-haired blonde with hazel eyes, a curvy ass, and HUGE tits. Amanda and I were very happy that they lived next door, and it didn’t take long for the four of us to become swingers [Chapters 8, 9, 12]. In fact, at one point, we were sleeping with each other’s spouses as often as we were sleeping with our own! And, not to be outdone by her husband, Brandy was almost as obsessed with Amanda as he was. Coincidentally, they had a baby boy not long after Amanda gave birth to James. But it was of significance that our sexual relationship with the neighbors was terminated by Amanda, not them.

I sorely wished Brandy (and her fantastic tits and curvy ass) could’ve been with us tonight, but she had something much more important to attend to.

Bryan, a medium-height man with a lean, wiry build stood off to the side. He was a disgusting human being, and seemed to be constantly groping my wife and making lewd comments to her. They were part of a training group that met every weekend for a 10 mile run. None of the other members were aware that Bryan and Amanda would often meet before or after— sometimes before and after— their runs for a hard outdoor fuck [Chapter 6].

I had sincerely hoped Jimmy could be present tonight but, unfortunately, he couldn’t catch a flight here in time. Instead, I found the best possible replacement: Jansen, a hulk of a man who towered even over our 6ft tall neighbor. My wife had spied this unfairly handsome blonde long ago at the gym and quickly bedded him with ease [Chapter 4].

He also possessed the largest cock we had ever seen!

Glenn appeared in meditation while ensconced in the armchair to our right.

Every man present tonight shared a scorching sexual history with my wife [Chapters 1-13]. While she may have ended her adulterous affairs with them after our son was born (some well before that), they never stopped longing to be with her again. And when Amanda’s need for more cock— more than I could singularly provide— inevitably returned, they were only too happy to answer my summons.

Their patience would be rewarded tonight.


Amanda çankırı escort poked her head into the living room with a mischievous grin, and we were so excited to see her that she doubled over in laughter at our standing ovation.

I savored the fact that my wife was the object of every man’s obsession. She was about to get fucked into oblivion, and that inevitability aroused me fiercely. More importantly, Amanda was happy and exuberant, and the way she glowed melted my heart and reinforced my resolve to give her anything she wanted.

Amanda stepped slowly into the living room, and there was a collective intake of air as she revealed her sexy outfit: a black bra poorly concealed beneath a sheer blouse and a tight, plaid mini-skirt that rode tantalizing high on her muscular thighs. She coyly marched forward in thigh-length stiletto boots and nerdy black-rimmed glasses, and wore her hair in pigtails to complete the naughty schoolgirl uniform to perfection.

Amanda naturally appeared 10 years younger than her actual age, but now she easily could’ve been mistaken for a real coed! I was especially excited by her costume. She had worn it once for Halloween and also put it to good use during a sex-filled night of roleplaying. Ah, the memories… But my wife wasn’t alone.

Shyly trailing Amanda and clutching her hand in both of her own was Piper, who was wearing the same exact outfit.

I hid my smirk at the men’s disbelief. They had only been expecting Amanda tonight, and were shocked by the presence of this young beautiful girl. Of the 5, only Scott had previously met our babysitter, although Glenn and Dimitri were aware of her. Otherwise, my hot wife appearing with an almost equally attractive partner completely floored them.

It was Bryan who broke the stunned silence. “Who’s this?” He looked Piper up and down, and she squirmed uncomfortably under the onslaught of his degrading leer.

“Guys, this is Piper.” I felt a sudden surge of pride as I added, “She’s our babysitter.”

“Babysitter?” Dimitri echoed. “Damn!”

Piper appeared ready to hide behind my wife as Bryan inched forward and continued undressing her with his eyes. “Nice… very nice. I’m going to pound her almost as hard as I’m going to pound you, Amanda.”

My wife rolled her eyes. Her training partner was a despicable human being who lacked an inner filter and morals. A stranger observing their interactions would reasonably infer that he sexually harassed her relentlessly. In truth, however, Amanda considered Bryan’s lewd, uncouth behavior towards her as a major turn-on, and it was the main reason why she was so inexplicably attracted to him. Pretending that he irritated her was part of their game.

“Come closer,” Jansen prodded the girls. “We want to see more of you.”

My wife reacted first. She stepped forward and methodically began unbuttoning her see-through blouse, knowing exactly how to tantalize her captive audience. Once both halves of her top hung open, she slid her bra upward to let her perfect breasts spill out.

The men howled in delight with me.

All eyes suddenly shifted to Amanda’s partner. The skimpy schoolgirl outfit highlighted the best features of Piper’s young ripe body, but we wanted more. As we regarded her expectantly, she shivered and appeared somewhat panic-stricken. The teen blushed and twisted nervously, causing the fabric to stretch tantalizingly tighter across her girly curves.

Amanda leaned in and whispered something her ear, and whatever she said made the 19 year-old redden even further. Then my wife grinned and winked furtively at me.

Our reactions were predictable as we gaped at the erotic sight of my beautiful wife slowly undressing her gorgeous companion.

Among the stunned looks and dangling tongues, Glenn clapped loudly. “That’s the spirit, girls! No need to be shy, we’re all going to get well acquainted with each other.”

“Fuck, I love watching them touch each other,” Dimitri muttered.

I concurred. The sight of my wife’s hands on another woman always gave me an instant erection. My hard-on raged as I watched her strip Piper naked. The young girl was soon standing before us completely nude, and while her cheeks were still bright red, there was a look of excitement that was slowly overtaking her fear and anxiety. Her pert nipples and the hood of her young clit, which was seemingly denoted by a neatly trimmed tuft of brownish pubic hair, were already erect.

“You’re so beautiful, Piper,” my wife stated admiringly, which sent another pulse through my manhood. Then she turned to us. “Doesn’t she look edible?”

We could only gawk.

Then, as if to show Piper off even further, Amanda ran her hands down the teen’s taut body, drawing a shocked expression from our babysitter, and gently nudged her forward. Piper’s cheeks were flaring now, but my wife simply laughed gaily then finished removing her own clothes.

Dimitri catcalled, and Amanda responded by peeling off her panties last and playfully tossing them at him. It was their private joke, as my best friend had a fetish for my wife’s underwear and had been collecting them like trophies since the very beginning [Chapters 1 & 5]. Dimitri snatched them out of the air, sniffed them, and quickly tucked them into his pocket.

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