Sexy Spanish Practice Ch. 02

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It was nearly 3 a.m. by the time we reached my apartment. I walked Diego up the stairs, my hoodie and his shirt in one hand, my arm wrapped around his bare shoulder. My heart was thundering in my chest. We couldn’t get inside fast enough.

Everything around was dark and quiet. The world was asleep. But we were too jazzed by what we’d done at Marla’s to think about hitting the hay just yet.

I turned on the overhead light in the living room and positioned Diego beneath it. I wanted to get a good look at him.

I ran my hands over his arms and shoulders. He looked up at me with that same hunger gleaming in his liquid, black eyes. That knowing smile played at the edges of his mouth.

My passion gushed forth and I could not contain myself. I leaned in and kissed him as greedily as ever, savoring those full, pink lips of his. His pencil moustache pricked me like needles as I pressed into him.

Using my thumbs, I probed my way around the inside of his jeans and briefs. My cock stiffened to attention as I felt the silky, bare flesh therein.

I reached down inside the bulge of his pants and felt the heat, the bristle of the top of his pubic hair. I pushed my other thumb down the back of him, working it just so into the crevice of his ass. I pushed into it and rubbed it, stimulating the flesh there. He moaned through my tongue as I awakened his body, his breath still fiery from alcohol.

“Quiero probarte,” I whispered to him. “Quiero probar todo de tu cuerpo…” (I want to taste you, I want to taste every inch of your body).

My Spanish was flowing with such ease now it felt like magic. I had, of course, learned all the dirty phrases I would ever want to say for an occasion such as this (if you ask me, that is one of the best parts of learning a foreign language). I longed for the day I could use them on someone, but a guy like Diego was beyond what I could have hoped for.

He smiled sweetly as my thumbs traced and caressed his lips, his dimples appearing again. He reached down, squeezing and massaging his bulge as I had done in the car. “Si…si quieres, si puedes,” he whispered back to me. That was all I needed to hear.

I freed his belt from its buckle and undid the top button of his jeans. I asked that he please take off his shoes and socks. When he returned to me, barefoot, belt and jeans undone, I heard him swallow. His throat was husky with desire. His firm stomach rising and falling with burgeoning excitement. I unzipped him all the way, then pulled his jeans down around the thickness of his legs.

Now I was face to face with those bright red briefs I’d caught a glimpse of at the club. He was hard as ever, the head of his cock straining in that fabric like an animal caught in a net. A dark trail was forming where it salavated pre-cum.

I’d been disappointed before that he hadn’t worn his aforementioned tanga (thong), but this was almost better. The red briefs absorbed and heightened his cinnamon brown skin the way the setting sun brings out the color of desert mesas. Bathed in that overhead light, he shone like a desert sunset. He gleamed like an Aztec god.

Jeans around his ankles, fingers twitching at his sides like a gunman about to draw, Diego gazed down at me from over his trapped erection. He smiled, biting his lip seductively, then began to sway his hips back and forth.

As he moved his body, I stood up and made a slow circle around him, trailing a hand over his chest, over his broad shoulders as I went. I stopped behind him to watch his ass sway, to watch the weight shifting from one cheek to the other. Slowly, hypnotically.

My fingers ran lightly up his sides, all the way to the sparse, black hair beneath his armpits. This inspired him to lift up his arms. He held them straight out in front as he swayed, then joined them together above his head, belly-dancer style. I tickled at those black hairs. He chuckled a bit, but I believed mostly out of politeness. He did not appear to be very ticklish.

He brought his arms down and began to caress his bare torso as he’d done in the car, hugging and rubbing his chest and stomach, occasionally going down and squeezing the head of his drooling cock.

I kissed his shoulders and back as he stepped out of his jeans. Once free of them, he spread his legs out wider. I trailed my fingers over his moving ass. I cupped and squeezed into the roundness of his cheeks through the red fabric. They were so plump and round, yet so firm to the touch.

I drew my arms around his taut belly and hugged him to me. His ass swelled against my erection. Electric currents shot through me as we rocked together, moaned together. My own cock straining and starting to ooze now. It wanted him so badly.

I knew that before we got into bed, we would both need a shower. After a night dancing at Marla’s, we were sweaty and stank of cigarette smoke. “Nos bañamos?” I whispered into his ear, still Betturkey pressing him tightly to me, his taut stomach rising and falling beneath my locked arms.

He nodded his head without turning around, “si, si, y donde esta el baño?” He was so easy going, which only emboldened me. “Pero puedo bañarte mi mismo?” I whispered, “quiero disfrutarte. Quiero bañarte y explorar todo tu cuerpo desnudo…” (Can I bathe you myself? I want to enjoy you. I want to explore the whole of your naked body).

Diego turned his head a bit, clearly a bit taken aback by what I was saying. I could see the excitement rising in his eyes, but also uncertainty. He was a bit on the shy side and I was not sure he’d ever allowed a man to fully enjoy and worship his body before. Perhaps no one had ever attempted it.

There we stood, his full, round ass pressing against the hard tent in my jeans. I had not removed a single article of clothing (save my hoodie) whereas he was almost completely naked.

I love body worship and CMNM (clothed male, nude male). I love being able to focus on another man’s body completely. I am not an exhibitionist myself, so all my steamiest sexual encounters have been with guys who are not afraid to get naked and let me explore every inch of them. I would like to have explained this to Diego, but I could not quite think how to phrase it in Spanish.

He swallowed hard again. We both looked down to watch his cock grow, he seemingly as fascinated by it as I was. Clearly, he was intrigued by the idea, though he may not have been able to admit it. I reached down to give his juicy dick a good squeeze. He exhaled, then at last gave a nod. “Si, si puedes… puedes bañarme. Vamos al baño.”

“Que cuerpazo tienes,” I said to him over the roar of the water, completely lost in the beauty of his nakedness (cuerpazo = beautiful body). He gave a slight, backwards glance to indicate he had heard me. I saw his face form that embarrassed smile and blush, though I could not see his mouth.

Diego’s briefs were on the bathroom floor near my shoe. I had dragged a kitchen chair in and was sitting directly in front of the open shower. He stood in the tub facing the tiled wall. Hot water cascaded over him and enveloped us both in swirling vapor.

I watched the muscles working in his back as he lathered his arms and chest with a bar of soap. His exposed ass was inches from my face. I watched the water stream over it, coursing the curves and crevices of that extraordinary landscape. Amazing as his backside had looked in his jeans and red briefs, I saw now that they had barely done it justice.

One of his cheeks perked up taut when he shifted to the right. The skin there was just as dark as the rest of him, which made me wonder if he sunbathed naked (I wanted to ask, but again could not quite find the words in Spanish).

I told him that he could wash the front of his body and I would get the other side. I rubbed my hands together with liquid body wash and started on his lower back. The sensation of him wet was even more electrifying. My hands slipped and moved the range of him with such ease it had me hard again in no time.

My hands worked up the indentation of his spinal column, then spread out to his sides and over the V of his back. As I pressed my thumbs into the love dimples above his buttocks, I watched the soap course down them in suddy streams, finding their way into the crevice between his cheeks.

I took the swell of his buns in my hands, lifting and hugging them together to make a lovely heart-shape. I worked my way into them, prying those fleshy mounds apart until I revealed his tight hole within. A fresh stream of hot water ran over it, causing it to recoil in surprise. I heard an “ahh” escape Diego’s lips at the sensation.

I poked and teased the soft, wrinkled flesh there. It was so vulnerable to the touch that his buns clenched and shifted uncomfortably around my finger (maybe he was a bit ticklish after all). “Tranquilo,” I said gently, leaning forward to stroke his cock, “tranquilo, mi amor…” The feel of his hard shaft was amazing in my hand. He took a deep, sensual breathes as I squeezed it, “aye, dios mio.”

After glimpsing that lovely anus of his, I knew I couldn’t keep away from it any longer. I parted him with my thumbs and leaned in. The water bathing my face, bathing his hole.

I heard an even more satisfied “ahh” as my tongue made contact with it, that inner flesh so hot, the water so hot as it streamed over both of us. I felt a shudder of pleasure run through his body. I felt his cheeks shift around me. I pressed into him, tasting him, smothering myself in that exquisite heat.

Incredible as this was, I knew that one thing was missing. I pulled out of his ass and stood up, placing my hands on his shoulder blades. With him standing in the tub, we were about the same height.

“Diego,” I said into Betturkey Giriş his ear. His shining black hair came down to the base of his neck when wet. I fingered the gold chain with the crucifix he still wore. “Sabes la canción que me estabas cantando en el auto?” Diego nodded without looking back, “si…”

“Sigue cantandomela, por favor.” I was asking him to continue that song he had started on the car ride back to my place. My dick nearly burst out of my jeans at the very thought of hearing it again.

I felt him breathe in deeply. “Cantamela,” I gave his ear a gentle little kiss.

His arms fell to his sides as he rolled back his shoulders and parted his legs a bit more. He continued his song in that same sultry, masculine voice:

Quiero tenerte muy cerca

Mirarme en tus ojos

Verte junto a mi

His hips began to sway once more as he sang. I watched him move, watched the water course over him.

Soon it was too much to resist. Eyes closed tight against the water that soaked my hair and t-shirt, I started to feel my way across that beautiful terrain with my mouth and tongue.

The taste of his bare skin flowed into me with the bath water. I mapped the outline of his shoulders in kisses. I trailed my tongue up his back and suckled at the nape of his neck. I charted my way up and down his body then back again, pressing my open mouth against it, leaving hickies on his sides, tracing the veins in his thick, muscled arms with the blade of my tongue.

As I made my way back down, I could not always hear his song, but I could feel it vibrating inside of him. I felt it expanding and exiting him as I caressed his chest and stomach.

Piensa que tal vez mañana- ahh

He began to moan, for I had reached his ass once more. I explored it in its entirety, one extraordinary mound to the other and then back with my lips and tongue. I felt the way it shifted and moved as I went. I gave him the slightest of love bites, running over his buns with the rim of my teeth, feeling the muscles clench and grow taught.

He leaned forward, hands against the wall as I worked my way into his hole once again. Legs spread wider, he thrust his backside into me. I burrowed my face deep within him, all but suffocating myself. The tender flesh of his anus opened like a flower and he accepted my tongue further into him. All the while, he sang.

Yo ya estaré lejos (ahh, dios mio…)

Muy lejos de aquí

Eventually, I peeled off my own clothes and got into the shower behind him. Bar of soap in one hand, body wash in the other, I bathed and lathered him, front and back until he was covered in hand-streaked trails of foam and suds. I soaped up my own body and we stood under the gushing shower head like two lovers under a waterfall.

Even through water-filled kisses, I asked that he continue singing. He did the best he could (Besame, besame mucho). I licked at his lips, savoring every beautiful Spanish syllable that came out of him. We opened and exhaled into each other, the tips of our tongues touching.

Nice and clean now, I at last shut off the water. I handed Diego a big, fluffy towel and we dried ourselves off.

As he covered his head to dry his hair, I went across the hall to my bedroom where I jumped into a fresh t-shirt and boxers along with loose-fitting plaid pajama bottoms. Then I returned to Diego in the tub.

Still toweling his hair, he looked up at me as from under a white veil. I looked at Diego’s cock, still at full attention. It bobbed up as if pulled by an invisible string.

I had teased, caressed and manipulated his body all night. I’d had him on edge for hours. I thought it was about time I gave this poor man some relief.

He shifted uncomfortably in the tub, starting to explain that he didn’t have a change of clothes with him. The fact that I had gotten dressed seemed to indicate that he should, as well. That wasn’t how I saw it, though.

I swept my beefcake up in my arms like a new bride (though musclebound as he was, he was no lightweight). He smelled amazing after the soap and body wash.

I carried him naked across the hall and into the bedroom. He let out a chuckle of amused disbelief at what I was doing. I laid him down on my bed. Before he had time to react further, I was all over him.

His cock and balls were a shade darker than the rest of him, the same chocolate brown as his nipples. He wasn’t circumcised, but being completely hard, his foreskin was starting to slide down, revealing the crest of a big, purple cockhead.

I licked him like a lollipop, running my tongue the length of his shaft, from the base all the way to his retreating foreskin. I tasted soap and salt. He was big, a good nine inches if not more (which explained his huge bulge, of course).

Diego leaned back, resting his arms behind his head. To my delight, he continued Betturkey Güncel Giriş his song. I had not asked that he continue this time, but he seemed to understand how hot it made me:

Besame, besame mucho

Como si fuera esta noche

He tried to make it slow and sensual as before, but his breathes were increasing as I feasted on his dick.

One full lick up the right side, another up the left. By the time my tongue ran the underside of his long shaft, I was met with the mushroom tang of a fresh gush of pre-cum.

La ultima vez

Besame, besame mucho

I repeated this pattern once, twice, three times, bathing Diego’s manhood from base to head at every possible angle. Soon, he could no longer sing, he could only moan, more audible, more hasty all the time.

It wasn’t long before I was driving him completely crazy. I had him thrashing about uncomfortably, his hands grabbing fistfulls of the comforter he lay on top of. He couldn’t take it anymore. “Jim (Geem),” he pleaded, panting through his moans, “Geem, por favor…chupame, chupame por el amor de dios!” Eyes shut tight, his face was almost stricken. His cock must have been aching for release.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and ingested his big, slippery cockhead, the skin of it as tight and smooth as a ripe nectarine. I stroked and I sucked. I tugged at his balls. With almost no effort at all, he erupted in my mouth.

I heard his exclamation of unabashed ecstacy as he thrust himself into my throat, his thighs clenching hard as marble. He filled me up, mouthful after mouthful of white-hot cum. I counted, three, four, five spurts. Vaya.

I sucked it down in gulps as it gushed into me, every last bit.

My naked Aztec god fell back, completely spent. His chest heaving. An almost comical combination of satisfaction and relief on his face. I lapped at what was still trickling out of his slippery dick. I licked up what had run into the crevices between his thighs. I was as hungry for his cum as I’d been for the rest of him. For his body, for his voice. I didn’t want to miss a single drop.

When at last I was finished, I positioned his thick, flaccid tool neatly over his belly, where the head nearly touched his navel. I climbed into bed next to him with a tired heave, laying an arm across his manly chest.

There was already daylight coming in through the blinds of my bedroom window when we finally got under the covers. We lay spooning together, Diego’s bare posterior pressing into my pajama-covered throbbing cock. I was so exhausted I could barely think. Yet I was too horny still to doze off.

I unleashed my own cock and finished myself with a few good, hard strokes, the head of my manhood wedged into the opening of his cheeks near his hole. I came almost as much as he had, my jism bathing him and running down the curve of his ass.

Diego reached around to feel the creamy wetness on his body, then put his hand to his mouth for a taste.

I decided to help him out, scooping the remaining cum from the swell of his buns and pressing it to his mouth. I had tasted him, after all, swallowing him all down. He must have felt the need to return the favor.

Diego licked the hot seman from my hand and sucked it off my fingers. I pressed my thumb into his mouth and he locked his lips around it, making an “mmph” sound. I reached around with my other hand to find that, even after that enormous orgasm of his, he was almost completely hard again.

Around 10:30 a.m., I sprang awake to the sound of my phone ringing from the bathroom. I had left it in there with my pants the night before.

“Jimmy baby, good morning! Did you have a nice night?” Angel chuckled knowingly. “Yeah, yeah not bad,” I said rubbing my temple, feeling the effects of the alcohol.

“Is Diego there by any chance?” I felt myself blushing, “oh, yeah actually, he is…” Another knowing chuckle.

I was relieved that Angel didn’t seem to have a problem with me spending the night with his cousin (though he had gone home with that shirtless college student. Who knew how crazy that got?).

“So, remember I told you last night that we were going to have some family around to see him, because he’s already headed back to Mexico on Tuesday?”

“Yeah, yeah, of course,” although the truth was I had almost completely forgotten.

“No big rush. I am in your area, so I can just swing by and get him myself in an hour or so. What’s your address again?” I told him, then he asked me to put Diego on.

I went back to the bedroom where light was hitting the bed at full force. Diego lay under the covers, an arm covering his eyes. He looked as irresistible as ever with his ruffled hair and slight stubble.

Diego groaned as I put the phone to his ear, he smacked and tasted his lips. “Angelcito, que tal?” I turned to leave, thinking I would make us some breakfast while they chatted. But then he caught my hand. When I looked back, he was pinning me with that same naughty gleam in his eye, even through his fatigue. For a guy who could come the way he came last night, I wasn’t terribly surprised that Diego was already ready for round two.

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