Sexy Classroom Ep. 02

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Authors note: Just to recap from last time:

Eric returned to his seat in the back of the room. He noticed Mrs. Dawson deliberately was not looking at him now. But the one time she did cast a lingering glance in his direction, he deliberately reached down, grabbed his hard organ and gave it a quick stroke through his pants.

Five minutes later, the bell rang for the end of school…


Brianna Dawson had realized she was unbelievably aroused just thinking about Eric and she had to live out the rest of her class that day with the uncomfortable realization that her pussy was soaked.

During class, Eric’s “accidental” brushing of her tits made things worse. She couldn’t even look at him by the end of class. And of course, when she did, he had stroked his cock through his pants! She couldn’t control herself-her eyes had locked onto it. It was so big! She could see the outline through his jeans!

Brianna Dawson felt so weak at the knees and so dizzy she had moved quickly back to her seat and had sat firmly until the bell rang for the end of class, and the end of school.

Then of course, Eric was there. Standing in front of her desk, the rest of the classroom empty, the hallway outside even had quieted after a few minutes.

She didn’t look at him, instead shuffling papers, trying to breathe normally. She had to stay in control. Her job, her reputation, her marriage…she had to stay in control. This was ridiculous.

“Can I help you, Eric?” she asked, still not looking up.

Eric didn’t answer right away. He hesitated, shifting from one foot to the other. He walked, idly, around the desk, standing now at it’s side, to Mrs. Dawson’s left. “Well, Mrs. Dawson-” he replied slowly “I was kinda hoping I could help you.”

“Help me?” she asked quickly. Her eyes were still on papers, but she didn’t actually register what they were. “How can you help me exactly, Eric?”

She let the question hang there and fought for breath, all while trying desperately to look distracted and removed from the situation.

“Maybe with this…” he said. Suddenly, his hands were on her. One massive hand was flat against her chest, holding her back in her chair. The other snaked down her pants, curved around and suddenly had found the sodden mess of her pussy.

Brianna Dawson moaned as his fingers sank into her.

Eric watched, aroused and amused. This amazingly hot teacher was soaked! His hard-on twitched, but he waited, pleasuring her.

The phone on the wall rang.

Mrs. Dawson snapped out of her daze in an instant. She pulled Eric’s hand away, moved to the phone and after a breath, answered somewhat shakily: “Hello?”

The voice on the other end spoke and Mrs. Dawson responded. A conversation started and Eric waited, torn as to what to do next. Finally, she hung up the phone and stood there, one hand on the phone, facing the wall, her back to him.

Eric moved behind her, put his hands on her sides, ground his hard, waiting-to-be-pleased cock against her fine ass.

“Eric…no. We can’t. I can’t. I-I-have a meeting to go to anyway.”

She turned, went to her desk, gathered a planner and a manila folder and marched out of the room, leaving him alone.

Thursday and Friday, Mrs. Dawson did not have Eric’s class. She avoided him in school and Eric decided to let things cool before approaching her again.

Saturday was a community, inter-school field day. The elementary school, middle school and high school had rented a field some miles out of town and had a day of races, games, picnics and so forth.

Mrs. Dawson had already signed up to man one of the refreshment tents. She knew Eric would be there. And yet, she left her name on the list of volunteers and showed up for her shift Saturday afternoon.

Five minutes into her time, there he was.

“Hi Mrs. Dawson.” Eric greeted her.

“Hey Eric.” She replied. Any thoughts of what had sparked between them before were now gone. She was focused, she was in control, she wasn’t going back there again. Not ever.

Eric opened his mouth to say something, but from the direction of the field came the clatter of a megaphone. They were announcing the start of the kid’s 100 meter race. Eric looked over, he had signed up to help and to later run in the adult 100 meter dash. He looked back at Brianna.

“Aren’t you helping?” she asked coolly. “Look’s like they’re ready to go.”

Eric looked crestfallen and nodded his head. “Yeah. See you, Mrs. Dawson.”

Suddenly overcome with a sensation of panic-that she was losing some kind of chance or conquest-Brianna leaned in and gently patted his amazingly muscular ass. “Good luck.” She whispered.

Eric’s cocky grin could have lit up the night. He sprinted off to where the little kids were lining up and positively thrummed with energy.

Brianna watched the race, part of her admiring Eric as he trounced the adult sprint. Part of her was in turmoil again. She hated herself for being so suddenly flirty and caving in to carnal lusts. But another part of her reveled, fed off of the emotions she had gotten from it. And that part of her screamed for more.

After the race, Eric came jogging over to the tent, all sweaty from his exploits. Brianna Dawson saw him, his cut off sleeves showing his muscular, tanned arms, his broad and smiling face, the way something big and heavy dangled in his shorts. She felt that inner churn of arousal flare up inside her, tried to fight it off, tried to ignore it.

Eric hadn’t actually gotten over to her yet, he was getting a drink from another table. Before he could reach her, Brianna had left the tent. She just had to get out, to get fresh air, to renew her resolve to stay away from him.

Mrs. Dawson strode across the parking lot and into a secluded little area with a view of the river. She sat on a bench and watched the river, thinking about the power of it’s flowing, moving currents.

Suddenly, hands, big powerful hands snaked down her chest from behind. They reached her tits and softly began caressing them through her thin summer shirt. Brianna smelled the heavy, masculine sweat of a man and despite herself, moaned. Her eyes fluttered half-shut in pleasure and she leaned her head back. It rested itself against firm flesh, a man’s naked chest. Brianna moaned and looked up.

Eric was standing over her, looking down at her with complete, consuming lust. He leant down then and his lips met hers. They kissed and Brianna felt electrified. The slow, smoldering lust in her pussy erupted. She couldn’t control herself.

She turned in the bench and knelt upright on it, facing Eric. Her hands roamed over his big, well developed chest. Eric sighed deeply and stroked her hair lovingly, holding her head tight against his washboard abs. One of his hands strayed down her back and grasped her ass through her mini shorts. Now his warm, big fingers curved upwards and he was feeling her bare ass, shielded only by a skimpy thong.

Brianna Dawson caved. She leant into him, her hands on his perfectly shaped pecks as he groped her ass. She enjoyed it, she wanted more. She pushed against his hand, she felt her wetness increase as he slowly put his other hand on her ass, then moved both of them up her sides and around the front of her shorts. Eric began rubbing her through the skimpy thong, torture for both of them.

“Just come fuck me.” She growled at him.

“I might just do that.” He replied. His fingers pushed the fabric of her thong aside and sank themselves in her tight twat. She moaned loudly, she didn’t care if anyone saw or heard them. In fact, she was running so hot right now she wanted everyone to know she was going to fuck Eric’s brains out.

“Oh Eric! I need your cock!” she screamed. Her hands came off his chest and started fumbling with his pants, frantically trying to get at that big juicy pecker in his pants. Eric came around to the other side of the bench and stood in front of it. She turned to face him.

By the time she did, the basketball player had finished her work for her. Her student’s cock stood tall, proud and so fucking thick! Right in her face. Mrs. Dawson’s eyes widened and she gasped with shock.

But before she could collect herself, Eric had grabbed her by the back of her head, pulled her forward and thrust with his hips. Suddenly she was gagging, trying to fit that big cock in her mouth all of a sudden. Eric didn’t hesitate, he just stood there, moaning, letting her suck him off. It was rough at first, but then she got down to a rhythm. Then she got hungry for it. Here she was, almost nude now that Eric’s hands had helped unbutton and slip off her shirt, in the middle of the park, sucking her student’s big dick.

Eric’s hands slipped down to caress her boobs. They were free, and so soft and warm. They hung there as she sucked him, so warm and so pert looking. He moaned as his teacher sucked him off and gently twisted her nipples. She moaned and the vibrations in her mouth made his cock twinge. She felt it and stopped sucking.

“I want you to fuck me.” She told him in a husky, lustful voice.

To be continued…

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