Sexy Afternoon with Friends Pt. 03

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I should tell you a little more about the lady in this true story. I met Anne outside a University lecture hall, our first lecture on our first day at university. We were both standing on our own, strangers from the provinces amidst the crush of city kids. I simply walked up to her and said, “Hello.” From there, we attended the lecture sitting together, did the same during the week in a couple of other classes where our times coincided, and after a couple of weeks I asked her if she wanted to come to our hostel’s Orientation Week party. She said yes, she came, we danced and drank and petted, and we were pretty much inseparable from then on. Anne was living in the city with relatives, so sex was mainly in my room during the day, when my roommate was at Uni, or in my car for evening play. Once I got past her initial restraint, she was as active a participant as me.

There was no pretence about Anne. What you saw was what you got from from this former competitive squash player–squash is now just a hobby for her, helping to keep her shape trim and her pussy tight. She always reminded me of a brussels sprout, a taut, tight little bundle of pent up energy–5’2″, 130lbs, tits made for pearl necklaces with nipples that grew to nearly an inch long when sucked or nibbled or when she was in the throes of orgasm. Her mammary gland beauties were heavy enough to fail the pencil test, but not so they were saggy. She had a great pair.

So, for the rest of the evening we watched some TV, played with each other, I shaved her pussy smooth and we fucked. While we were fucking I’d tease her about what three horny men might get up to with her. She’d giggle and make coy remarks, avoiding commitment.

“What will you wear?” I asked.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” she replied, smiling.

“You might have three stiff cocks lining up for blow jobs,” I teased.

“Ooooh, adana escort now that could be fun,” she teased back.

“You could wear my muscle T, the white one that goes down to just below your pussy and your tits pop out the sides,” I suggested, while pummelling her especially hard.

“That’s an idea,” she giggled, “let me get up and I’ll try it on for you. See if you could handle that.”

She went to the closet, found the T and slipped it over her head. It was very sexy and very revealing. Her back to me, she bent slightly at her waist and shook her body. Her bare bum popped into view, while her tits slipped out of the sides and dangled free.

“Yep, that should keep them entertained if the movie doesn’t,” she grinned.

I didn’t know whether I’d be comfortable with that, to start, anyway, but she saw the look in my face and laughed at me.

“Uh huh, not sure about this? Well, it was your idea, so now’s the time to put your money where your mouth is,” she chortled, and returned the item of clothing to the closet. “That’s settled then,” she said with finality, wiggling my cock. “Save that for tomorrow,” she breathed into my ear, kissed me and turned over to sleep.

Brian was the first to arrive next morning, about 11, while his wife was at church, coming a little early to set up the projector. We selected our bedroom wall as the best screen surface, moved the furniture slightly, plugged the gear in and it was all set. Soon Chris knocked on the front door. While I let him in, Anne grabbed the T and disappeared into the bathroom, calling out, with a cheeky giggle, “Just start without me, guys, while I get…um…comfortable.” We grinned at each other and started to watch the movie.

If you’re familiar with 1970s era porn, you’ll know what the screen showed. In those days, there was a lot of hair adıyaman escort at both ends, and shaven was rare – which is why we were in for a treat if Anne did get frisky. She quietly entered the room as we were watching a (genuine) blond Scandinavian girl blow three cocks, taking a turn on each.

“Just a coincidence?” She chortled, asking no-one in particular. Brian just grinned, then did a double take as he took note of what she was wearing. Chris was intent on the movie. I moved to stand beside Anne, leaning against the opposite wall to the ‘screen.’ As the movie progressed, with the action mainly taking place in a field on a sunny day, somewhere, the action became more explicit and the room went quiet. When it finished I said, “Drinks break,” and we went into the living while Anne went to the fridge for beers. That was fun. As she bent over to retrieve the alcohol, her tits were on full display from the side view we had, and stayed out while she place four beers on the benchtop. She laughed as she tucked them back in, pointed at me and said, “He chose it, dirty bugger.” “Good choice!” Said the other two, in unison.

Anne handed out the beers, then went back for the caps. As she walked towards the kitchen tidy one somehow slipped from her grasp, and hit the floor.

“Oops,” said the lady of the house, and bent over to pick it up. Slowly. Bent. Right. Over. We saw everything, including that her pussy was glistening wet.

We all cheered together. Brian said, “That’s one wet pussy, Anne!’ “No it’s not,” said the reddening girl as she completed her task. We all laughed.

“Come over here, dear,” I ordered. She came up to me. I know she was expecting me to stick a finger or two into her pussy, but instead I turned to Chris, knowing she fancied him, a little, and invited him to do the honours. He licked his fingers afyon escort and searched between her thighs.

“Wet! It’s fucking sopping!” He exclaimed with a huge grin. He carried on stroking her pussy until she pushed his hand away, embarrassed but smiling widely. I could tell she had her “Fuck me” face on. Things were getting interesting.

The second movie progressed with Anne and I leaning against the bedroom wall, as before, except this time I was openly fondling Anne behind the guys backs. But they knew, and would take increasingly longer looks as I pulled her tits out of the T and stroked her generous clitoris. When I judged she was barely in control, I move away and nudged Brian to cop a feel. Anne took the lead more with him, and shoved her tits into his face, getting him to suck on her nipples while he was working on her clitoris. I heard her first orgasm of the day, and motioned Brian to shift away to give Chris a turn. This is how the second movie went, as we took turns playing with the one lady for three guys. Inevitably, it was Brian, the most forward and sexually aggressive, who simply took her by her shoulders, placed her on the bed, lowered his pants and fed his very erect cock into her very wet pussy. She raised no objection whatsoever, but parted her legs very wide, very willingly.

After he came, Chris immediately took his place. Chris had by far the biggest cock, but she was so wet and ready that he was able to enter her easily. She looked up at him, though, with wide eyes, and I knew this was the one she wanted. She had her second orgasm there and then, and after he withdrew, leaving a second puddle of semen, I took my turn, and what a turn-on it was. Anne’s pussy was hotter and wetter than I had ever felt, and, boy, I just love sloppy seconds and thirds.

We spent the next two hours fucking that pussy, and the pussy fucking back, until the men had to go home to their families. I would like to say this became a regular event, but, sadly, neither man was discreet enough and both wives, after conferring, realised something had happened, and we became persona non grata to those families.

Such are the wages of sin.

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