Sex Club Extravaganza

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The Escape Club

He picked her up right after work. She got in his car and smiled at him.. peering up over her glasses… (she knew he liked her “naughty librarian” look with her glasses down low on her nose…)

She was 35 years old. 5’11” tall. She had a beautiful fashion model like figure.. beautiful curves.. relatively small/medium breasts. She had beautiful straight brown hair, and green eyes. Women everywhere were always the first to comment on just how beautiful she was. She was a natural beauty.. she wore little to no make up. And men of all ages always turned their heads to have a second look at her. She was a total knock-out, in a wholesome natural way. This woman, didn’t even have to try.. she was just blessed with her amazing appearance.

He was 36 years old. Tall dark and handsome. He was well dressed, with an extremely high intellect. He was bald by choice with a goatee.. He resembled a “tall Vin Diesel”, but not quite as bulky.. he was a bit more lean. He had a well above average sized endowment, and the ladies always commented on his good looks and his “cute little ass”.

She leaned over to him and kissed him.. reaching down to his groin and giving his already swollen cock a couple of squeezes.. “I’ve been thinking about you… every morning when I get off.. at work when I get off in the bathroom.. and when I lay in bed… fingering myself… wishing it was you… I’m so glad we could see each other today!”

He too was so excited to see her! He had butterflies a bit.. they both did. Her sexual interest in him made him feel hot… Like he was sexy and desirable… She felt almost exactly the same way about how he made her feel also.

“Do you trust me?” he said

“of course!” she replied…

Then I am going to take you to a very special place.

So they roared off.. to a place called “The Escape Club”. It was a swingers club and gay mens club. It alternates each night to accomodate everyone’s different tastes and orientations.

She was a bit nervous… she didn’t know what to expect… but she was so excited and so horny.. she didn’t wear panties… and her juice was moistening the crotch of her jeans…

They went in the door, and a polite gentleman behind the counter in the lobby welcomed them both.

“A deluxe room for 2 please”… certainly the man said.. he handed them each a towel and a room key… and buzzed the door to the “inside” unlocked.. he said “have fun you two!”… she looked back at him.. and said “oh.. we will!”

When they were inside.. they looked down a hallway of doors to the small rooms… they were walking to their room.. and as they did.. they could smell sex and hear sex… skin slapping.. women moaning.. men grunting.. headboards banging… it smelled like perfume, sweet woman juice and man cum… it was intoxicating.

They found their room.. number 11.. and opened the door. It was adequate and clean. There was a sling hanging from the ceiling.. a double bed with a few complementary condoms and lube packets on the pillow, a night stand and trash can.

The lighting was pinkish red.. and it was very very sexual.. Each room had a string of moving flashing lights around the ceiling and down the wall corners. (like the kind you might find at an old movie theater box office)

She wasn’t sure what to do.. but she was dripping juice, and it was already running down her legs….

So he quickly put his arms around her.. he kissed her.. and asked her just to stand still.. that he would take care of her, and that she only had to enjoy herself..

..she smiled at him.. she was comfortable and so excited… mostly because she felt so safe with him.. and she was so anxious to find out the “un-knowns” of this amazing and sexual place he had brought her to.

He removed her jacket, and lifted her shirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and he could see that her nipples were rock hard. Partially because she was a bit nervous, but mostly because she was so completely excited. He stood back a bit.. and admired her. Her beautiful hair.. her pretty face.. her beautiful natural breasts and hard nipples. She was gorgeous.. and he told her that.. she smiled and said “I’m glad you think so”.

He removed his shirt.

Next he stepped towards her again… and unzipped her jeans… though he didn’t remove them yet.. she wore the leather boots that she knew he liked.. and this was very pleasing to him, her attention to his likes and desires. He helped her get her boots off.. and then he pulled her jeans down.. He was sooo pleased with the sight of her pussy. It was full and thick with hair.. just the way he liked it. She had a large triangle of pubic hair, and it matched the gorgeous locks on her head perfectly. He removed his pants and underwear.

He was naked.

He stood before her. And stepped into her. He could feel her hard nipples brush the hair of his chest, and she was so hot.. she wanted him… intensely. His 3/4 hard cock stood forth from his groin a bit, and it pressed in to her pussy.. she pushed forward and spread her legs a bit.. lunging niğde escort at his cock.. she was so excited.. she wanted him inside her right there and then.. and she would get her satisfaction… but not yet.. this place was special.. and he had an adventure planned for her. One that she would never ever forget.

So he stood back a bit.. and smiled at her.. assuring her of her beauty, and his desire for her… he grabbed a towel from the bed and asked her to lift her arms.. she complied and he placed it over her breasts, around her, and tucked it… he put his towel around his waist.. and said ok.. first we are going to get acquainted with all of the various little exciting things that can be found here at “The Escape Club”..

“Well then, let’s go!” she said smiling..

They walked out of their little room… and locked the door behind them. … they walked down the hall to the shower area.

In the shower area was a steam room.. it had a glass door.. and they could vaguely see bodies on the other side.. they opened the door.. and found 4 couples inside, and 2 single men. The men were sroking themselves.. watching the action of the couples… one woman was on her knees sucking a man’s cock.. one man was on his knees licking his partner, one woman was riding her man, sitting on the cedar bench, and one man was fucking his woman.. standing behind her.

Immediately her slight nervousness left her. She felt at ease… she saw that sex and nudity here.. was expected and encouraged.

So they sat next to one another… They sat on their towels, on the bench.. and enjoyed the hot, hot steam… watching the other couples…

He reached down for one of her ankles.. and put her foot up on the bench.. he then gently grabbed her wrist and moved her hand to her pussy.. she immediately took to her pussy.. to her clitoris.. she was straining to get off… literally straining to cum… Her nipples were rock hard, and her clit was engorged and protruding from its little hood. Her juice was flowing. She was swolen.. and leaking.

He stroked himself also.. he was fully hard and aching to cum himself.. but he used control.. and did not rush.

He whispered to her “you see those two men… they’re watching you” She looked up and saw them looking at her.. stroking their cocks…

“The sight of you touching yourself and your naked sexy body turns them on.”

He reached over and guided her knee a bit more to the side.. so the men could see her touching herself”

This totally turned her on.. she was a bit self conscious.. but in this situation.. it was perfect.. she wanted them to look at her.. she was enjoying it.. and she felt very safe and very hot. It isn’t often that a woman can feel comfortable in a situation.. that it is ok, and she feels ok, to be touching herself to her own pleasure, and to that of men looking at her do it… strangers. This place was the stuff that sexual dreams are made of.

We enjoyed ourselves in there for a wee bit longer.. but the steam was just sooo fucking hot..

“ready to explore some more?” he whispered in her ear?

“you bet, let’s go” she said softly back to him.. kissing him.. and placing his hand on her breast while she still touched her pussy… stroking.. frigging.. just as they were about to stand up to leave the steam room.. one of the men who was watching her.. took a step forward… we both noticed him.. he was about to cum…

I reached down and raised both of her legs up while she sat on the bench.. and said “this man is going to cum from looking at you.. see how much you turn him on, you are so sexy and so beautiful.. show him your pussy.” So she reached down.. and spread her lips for him to see.. and she looked right at his eyes.. and he at hers.. and then he shot his cum.. spurt after spurt.. some even landed on her leg, he stood 3 or more feet away..

“thank you, you are so sexy and beautiful” the man said to her before he shook the last of the cum off his cock onto the floor, put his towel around his waist and walked out.. we left right behind him.

Right outside the steam room is the showers… they were nicely tiled and private.. with glass locking doors. There was a curtain inside the door so you could shower in privacy.. or not.. however you wished. We hung our towels on the rack and stepped into one together, of course leaving the curtain undrawn. The cool-warm water was awesome, as the steam room was sooooo fucking hot. I squeezed some soap into my hand and proceeded to wash her body. Tracing the slippery soap over the curves of her hips, her thighs.. and her breasts.. all of her, except for her pussy.. that.. I wanted to stay wet with her own juices…

“Wow.. this is totally awesome! I’m really enjoying myself!”

“I’m glad” I said… “all of your fantasies can come true here….”

So they turned off the water… and stepped out… the couples that were in the steam room were just leaving it, and also heading for showers.

We dried off quickly… and went back to our room.. I led her by the hand.

“I ordu escort thought we were going exploring!” she said…

“we are, we are.. but you’re putting those sexy fucking boots on first!”

She smiled.. and put them on quickly and urgently… It was quite apparent that she was enjoying their adventure, and was eager to get back to it.

They then went back the way they came… That floor had bathrooms, steam, and deluxe and simple guest rooms.. that’s it. They decided to take the stairs up. So they did… when they got up there… they could hear porno music and woman’s moans..

First they encountered the porno lounge…. giant elaborate leather sectional couches in a huge room with a 70″ screen… porno was playing… general high quality group sex type porn, and couples were all sitting around…. engaging themselves.. but not their partners.. apparently it was proper etiquette to not have sex in this room.. It was for watching only.. masturbation only… It was very interesting to her to see the number of females in the room enjoying themselves.. it seemed… unusual, and liberating.

ok.. well… we were impressed.. it was, what it was.. we left that area… to explore some more…

just down from the porno room was a hallway with some saw horses covered in leather, and the luxury rooms (very expensive)… One of the rooms had a couples orgy going on in it.. 2 sides of the room were completely windowed.. there were a few single men standing stroking themselves looking at the group sex action inside, and one couple was also sitting on a loveseat watching also.

Just down the hall from that “luxury voyeur/exhibitionist room” where the group action was, there was a room with the door open and a sign hanging from the door handle. It was made of looseleaf paper, and written roughly with black marker on it, it said … “you may look in, but not enter this room”

We looked at each other.. a bit puzzled, and smiling.. and we made our way to the doorway. We stood at the doorway and looked in.

Inside, a man had a woman on all fours on the floor. (she was on a few towels) She was facing away from the door, about 3 feet from the entrance. Her knees were together and her back was arched.

The man was crouch/standing behind her. He was balls deep in her asshole, and his cock was fucking huge.

The woman had a ponytail, and he had one fist holding her head back and up gripping her ponytail, his other hand was on his hip.

He was forcefully fucking this woman.. almost all the way out of her ass.. and then balls deep with massive pummeling thrusts… she was grunting.. not moaning…

With a fist full of her hair, he cranked her head to the side and said “you see slut! We have a fucking audience! Say hello to the man and the beautiful woman that are watching us!”

“Hello” she said obediently

The man looked back at my partner and said “do you like watching me ass fuck this slut?”

“um… yes, certainly” she said back to him

“and I have to cum very soon.. I will cum anywhere you like.. would you like to choose where I cum?… “

“Cum in her ass!” she said to him

The man smiled slightly, and then focused on his slut. He pumped and pumped… full huge strokes.. until he thrusted forward and held for a sec… “aaaah” he said… then all the way out and thrusted forward again and held… “aaah” he said again… he repeated over and over until he was spent. He obviously had no concern for this woman’s comfort. He heaved into her sharply and what seemed to be selfishly.

He pulled out of her and her ass was gaping wide open.. cum was running out and dripping on the floor and down her legs…

With a fist of her ponytail still in hand.. he stood her to her feet and said “now be a good slut and thank this man and woman for watching us!”

“Thank you very much” she said… and he reached forward and slammed the door shut…

She and I stood in awe.. Now how fuckin’ cool was that!

“This place is awesome” she said to me… “but I am needing to fuck already”… ok I said.. but lets just check out the other side of the hall upstairs here first… so we did…

we could hear one woman yelping and carrying on just around the corner.

When we got around the corner, there was a woman up on a 2 foot high podium… She was late 40’s to Early fifties. She had on high heels, stockings and garters (black). She was VERY vocal. The area was dim, except for a few spotlights on the ceiling shining down on the podium.

The woman was on all fours. There were 5 or 6 men waiting in line, stroking themselves waiting for their turn in her. The woman’s partner was sitting on a chair to her side.. he was stroking himself and seemed to be enjoying these men fucking her very much…

As it turned out however.. she had been there for over an hour. She had cum all over her ass, and it was running down her legs, and slopping out of her cunt…. there was a small pool of cum on the podium base beneath her swollen pussy … and after the osmaniye escort last man shot his load in her.. she got to her feet. Then all of the men clapped for her… and she blushed a bit.. smiled back and said “thank you boys!” The classy slut and her man walked out of the area.. they looked so happy and satisfied…. walking along and smooching one another.. arm in arm. It was ironic, beautiful and sexy to see them leave as they did… after all of those men fucking her like that.. one after another, while her man watched them.

So.. I thought.. ok.. the show is over.. and grabbed my partner’s hand to lead her out.. but she stopped me… and tugged back a little.

She looked over at the 5 men standing there… that were now looking at her.. hungry.. hard.. throbbing.. lusting…

She smiled at me.. and at the men looking at her… she then let her towel fall free from her tits.. and led ME by the hand over to the men.

She got down on her knees and immediately started to suck me…. the other men all stood around her with me – in a semi-circle.

She took my cock from her mouth.. and sucked the stranger next to me.. she had her hand on my cock, her mouth on the next guys.. and her other hand on the guy next to him… she sucked for a minute and then moved to the next, until she made it back to me… it took about 3 minutes or so…

All of us were so excited and sooo hard for her.

She took me by the hand… over to the cum soaked podium where the last woman had been.. and got on all fours under the lights. She motioned with her finger and a smile to one of the other 5 guys to come around to the front… and she began to suck him.. while on all fours… and I got behind her and started to fuck her… She was so fucking wet.. which was a good thing, because she was rather tight. Her pussy was magnificent. The nicest I had ever fucked. It always returned to being tight, no matter how hung I was, or how much I stretched her from fucking for hours.. She was gifted.

She was in ecstasy.. she didn’t care about decency or morals… this was raw fucking decadent sex… wet nasty totally animal fucking… she loved it..

So I took my cock from her… and invited the man she was sucking to fuck her, and said “line up boys!”.. who’s next for head?

Eagerly a new guy was in her mouth, and the man she was previously sucking was inside her… behind her… fucking into her… roughly and urgently..

She was moaning… and he could hardly contain himself..

“I’m gonna cum!” he said

“then cum! cum in her!” I said to him

“aaaaaah…. aaaaaah….. aaaaaaah…. ” he said

She could feel his pulsing cock, and the hot cum now deep in her pussy…

His cock plopped out of her and the man at her front hurried behind her and buried himself in her sopping cunt before any cum could run out.

The man that was in her mouth now stood behind her.. pounding into her with hurry and intensity… She was so slick from all of the cum in her that he just buried himself all the way in… there were sticky sloppy noises because of all the cum…

‘mmmph…mmmph.. mmmph..” could be heard from her as she got hard fucked from behind with a mouth and throat full of hard cock…

Surprisingly the cock in her mouth shot off just as the guy behind her shot into her… they were both simultaneously cumming in her… she felt like such a slut.. she just let go, and enjoyed her multiple mating frenzy with these strangers.. barebacking her mouth and her pussy, and shooting into her at both ends…

She loved it!

She totally fucking loved it!

This type of sex was for most people, only something of a fantasy. Few people would ever in a lifetime experience this level of debauchery.

This sent her over the edge… she reached back to touch her swollen throbbing clit, and the moment she touched it, she came too.. her cunt pulsing and clenching at the spurting cock inside it.. she was in ecstasy… she almost pissed herself!

The last two men picked up where those two left off.. she had cum running out of her cunt now and down her legs, dripping onto the black podium, and out of the corners her mouth, down her neck and onto her tits… the room smelled like cum and pussy… there was now a small audience of 3 or so couples watching all of this.. just like we watched the couple previous to us… and as the last two men had at her… the man in her pussy came in her after only a minute or so… and then the man in her mouth took over and fucked her for a minute.. he said “and should I cum in you too, is that what you want.. is to have all of our cum in you? Do you want my fucking load inside you?” She looked back over her shoulder ” Yes, cum in me! Shoot your fucking hot load in me! Just like the rest of them! Do it! Cum! Cum! Cum in me!” And this clearly took him over.. in a frenzy, his balls were slapping her hot swolen clit and with an uncomfortable direct and abrupt series of hard pounding deep full thrusts, he shot spurt after spurt with thrust after thrust.. she was grunting with each one, and he fucked himself empty into her…. when he was done.. he gave her ass a firm slap and grab.. standing back from her and said “what a magnificent cum slut you are.. awesome to fuck”… and he picked up his towel off the bench and walked away down the dark corridor, as the others did…

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