Service with a Smile Ch. 03

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Dr. Reed entered the room. He gave Kelly a smile. “I heard you did great in x-rays. Let’s see what we have, ok?” Kelly nodded. She had a curious look on her face. Almost a look of anticipation instead of pain or dread.

“Dr. Reed turned on the overhead viewer. He studied the x-ray carefully. I could see Kelly’s expression change; she was trying to diagnose herself just as Dr. Reed was trying to do the same. She saw something unexpected.

After studying the x-rays for a few moments, Dr. Reed turned to Kelly. “Well, Kelly you were partially right. As you suspected, you have a trimalleolar ankle fracture. You can clearly see the breaks. He paused. However, what I didn’t expect to see was that spiral fracture in your tibia shaft.”

“Well the stage was about 4 or 5 feet high.” Replied Kelly.

“Yes, it looks like at the time of impact your ankle twisted inward and that twisting motion not only caused your ankle fracture, but also caused the spiral break in your tibia. Good news is that it is not displaced. We won’t have to reduce it, and it probably won’t need a plate and screws.”

Kelly seemed to accept the bad news well. Dr. Smith continued. “However, there is obviously some displacement in your ankle. I think the best course of action would be to go in and let me place a couple of pins in it and clean it up. It will promote the healing process and you will be able to return to activities much sooner.”

Kelly replied “I’m sorry, Dr. Reed, but I don’t want to have surgery. My preference is for you to set it for me and let it heal naturally. Plus, I have to wait on the spiral tibia fracture to heal, so I probably won’t be speeding my recovery up too much with surgery. It’s just not worth the risk to me.”

“Hmmmm” Dr. Reed seemed to be surprised by this reply and was pondering how to respond.

“Well, I think the break in your ankle is stable enough for me to do a closed reduction. I just want to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. You will not be able to bear weight on your leg for 10 to 12 weeks. You will have to be in a full leg cast for the first 6-8 weeks. You will have to visit your orthopedic doctor often so we can make sure that the fracture has remained stable. Additionally, because you will be in a full leg cast for so long, you will have an extensive physical therapy and rehab at the end of this to regain full range of motion in your knee and ankle. Are you prepared for this? It is going to be a long ride.”

A big smile formed on Kelly’s face. “Yes, I am prepared for this. And since I work for an Ortho, regular checkups won’t be a problem. We also have a Physical Therapist in our office so I will remain diligent with that aspect of my recovery.

“Ok, it looks like you understand the risks. One more thing – For the first 2 weeks until the fracture starts to calcify – I’m going to use plaster for your cast. It molds better to your leg and will help keep the fracture stable. I’m sure you know this – but plaster is not easy fikirtepe escort to live with. It is heavier, can even get damp, and leaves a crumbly residue everywhere you go! Are you sure you want to do this?”

Kelly was noticeably more at ease as we chatted. She seemed to be recovering from the traumatic x-ray session. It seemed as if a huge burden had been lifted off her chest. She really didn’t want surgery and here she was getting her wish. My cock which now seemed to be in a permanent semi-erect state lept to attention hearing that Kelly would be in a full leg cast.

“Yes, Dr. Reed. I understand the inconveniences caused by a plaster cast. I am fully prepared for them. Thank you for respecting my wishes and accommodating me.”

“Ok, well that settles it. I will have Laura prepare the room for me to cast you. I’ll be back shortly” Said Dr. Reed as we walked out of the room.

I sat by the gurney on a portable stool. Kelly’s color had returned. I marveled once again what a beautiful woman she was. It was now almost 4pm.

I took the lull in activity to see how I could help Kelly.

I began “Kelly, I’m sure you want to get back home as soon as possible. I can see if there is a red eye out tonight so you can be home as quickly as possible. Of course, the hotel would cover the cost of the change in travel.”

Kelly interrupted me “What Dr. Reed failed to mention, is that he will probably not release me to fly until the swelling subsides. At least 4 or 5 days. If I was having surgery, he would have put me in a temporary cast which could accommodate for an increase in swelling, but with plaster, it is so form fitting, that there is no margin for error. The pressurized cabin, will most certainly lead to some increased swelling. If I attempted to fly – I would be in so much pain, that they would probably have to turn the plane around and get me back on the ground. I’m stuck here in Texas for at least 4 more days, maybe 5. That is the cost of me not having surgery.”

I was stunned. I had not expected that answer. I was fully prepared to have her leave before midnight. Now she was staying for 4 or 5 days. And it was my job to make sure she was taken care of. I had just died and gone to heaven. I will be around this stunning woman and her vibrant personality for at least the next 96 hours… And she would be in a gigantic plaster cast that would leave her perfect toes exposed for me to ogle at… Kelly probably noticed the long pause I took because she had a look of concern in her eyes.

“Woah” I replied. “I wasn’t expecting that. It’s not a problem, we will be more than happy to extend your stay. Of course, there won’t be any additional charge. You will be our most important guest for the next 5 days!

The smile returned to Kelly’s face and she squeezed my hand again. “Thank you so much for everything. Really, this was all because I was a klutz and not paying attention. I should break my leg at your property more often!”

I was again gebze escort shocked by how well Kelly was taking all of this.

Just then, the door opened and in came Laura with a cart full of casting supplies and equipment.

“How are you holding up, you seem to be in an awfully good mood for a woman who has 4 breaks in her leg!” She asked.

“Oh I’m doing ok, given the circumstances. I think the drugs are doing wonders” Replied Kelly.

Laura placed the cart at the foot of the gurney and pulled out a hospital gown.

As soon as I realized that the nurse wanted Kelly to undress, I made for the door.

All in all, the undressing process was accomplished within about 6 to 7 minutes as I waited right outside the door.

When I walked back in, Kelly’s clothes were in a pile on the counter next to the gurney. Her nike running shoes rested on top. She looked red faced and flushed again, much like she did when she came back from x-rays. I suspected there was probably some pain involved when they got her pants off.

“I don’t think I’ll be putting those yoga pants on anytime soon. It should make for an interesting trip back to the hotel without pants on.” Said Kelly as she saw me glancing over at the pile of clothes.

Laura let out a laugh and said that they had some loose fitting hospital pants that could fit over the cast.

Just then, Dr. Reed walked in ready for action. “I’m going to set your leg, Kelly. I have to pull the bones in your ankle back into alignment. The drugs will mask most of the pain although you might feel a lot of pressure. Don’t worry. You’ll be through it a minute or two. Although I want everyone in the room to be my witness, Kelly asked for this, I would have gone with the surgery!”

I watched as Kelly processed the information. I knew the prospect of spending two months in a full leg cast was not appealing to her. I, on the other hand, had a massive erection. The thought of Kelly confined to a full leg cast presented all types of opportunities for me to glimpse those beautiful toes of her.

“Any other questions?” he asked.

“No.” Kelly replied.

“Great.” The doctor said.

He took latex gloves from the wall dispenser and slipped them on.

I stood in the corner of the room and watched the setting process with some measure of awe. Dr. Reed and the nurse were obviously experienced at this. Throughout the process, they worked in silence. Each was aware of the other’s next task. “How are you feeling, Kelly?” Dr. Reed asked as the nurse slipped a long stocking over Kelly’s broken leg.

“Great.” Kelly murmured. The response was slow in coming. Kelly smiled once again. Once the stocking was on, the doctor took Kelly’s broken leg and moved it so the leg was lifted off the gurney. The stocking covered the entirety of Kelly’s leg and foot. “You may feel some pressure in a few seconds. That’s normal.” The doctor’s voice was soft and re-assuring. Kelly was silent. Still smiling.

“That’s starting içerenköy escort to hurt a little.” Kelly said. Eyes still closed. Grimacing through a smile. “That’s ok,” Dr. Reed said in a soft, calm voice. “We’re almost done. You’re doing great.” Dr. Reed, then nodded at the nurse. The nurse leaned forward and placed her hands around Kelly’s knee. Dr Wilkins wrapped his hand around Kelly’s foot and began to pull. Kelly leaned her head backed and moaned and then moaned again but louder now. But, amazingly, she was still smiling. Drugs really are a wonderful thing. I assumed this was her way to cope with the pain. Dr. Reed gave a sharp tug on Kelly’s leg. Kelly’s moan turned into a scream. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

“Voila!” The doctor said with great pride. He continued to hold Kelly’s foot with one hand. He probed Kelly’s ankle with his other. “Should be close to perfect.

I had never seen a cast applied before and was mesmerized by the process. First there was a layer of dry, cotton like bandage applied from toe to her upper thigh on top of the stockinet. The bandage was applied by the nurse while Dr. Reed held Kelly’s leg.

Then came the wet bandages. The nurse opened each bag and dropped the plaster in the water pale. After a few seconds, she removed the bandages, and wrapped them around Kelly’s leg. She began with Kelly’s foot and worked the bandages up her leg. She worked quickly but carefully. Pausing now and then to smooth out any uneven surfaces. Dr. Reed then said to the nurse – “make sure you get as high as you can on her leg. We don’t want this sucker moving at all.”

With that Laura lifted Kelly’s gown to get to the absolute top of her thigh. She did a good job of keeping Kelly’s crotch covered through the process.

“Oh wow, you got really high” exclaimed Kelly. The pain from setting her ankle seemed to have subsided and she was once again cheery in her statement. I continued to be amazed by her demeanor. She sounded like someone about to purchase a new car, not someone with 4 breaks in her leg and now a cast up to her crotch!

Once Kelly’s leg was completely covered, the nurse pulled down the stocking from the toe of Kelly’s cast. She used scissors to trim the stocking. Then used a thin strip of plaster to secure the stocking to the cast. She repeated this process with the top of Kelly’s cast.

Dr. Wilkins continued to hold Kelly’s leg while the nurse retrieved a few pillows from a cabinet. The pillows were placed on the gurney directly underneath Kelly’s ankle and Dr. Reed lowered Kelly’s leg onto them. So that was it. I looked at my watch. Almost 5pm and Kelly was in her cast.

It was stunning. Perfectly white. Extending from the very top of her thigh all the way to her toes. At the end, there were her toes. Perfect. Sticking out of the end of the cast. Each one of them were exposed. Each still was perfectly painted in the light pink, but her toes hand specles of plaster on them. I couldn’t help but stare. My cock was completely erect. If anyone was looking at my crotch they could probably see the noticeable lump.

Kelly was also staring at the cast. Admiring it almost as much as I was. The ankle was held at a 90 degree angle. The toes pointed straight up. The knee had a 25-30 degree bend in it.

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