Semi-Formal Foursome – By Her

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Author’s Note: This is part of our ongoing adventures. It references events and characters from our previously published stories. You can read it alone, but we would love for you to check out our other work. Enjoy!


After several hours in the car we finally were here. We were spending the weekend at the beach for my sorority’s semi-formal dance. We had decided to share a room with Liz and Mike so that we could get a beachfront room and split the costs, and the four of us had rode together as well. The ride had been uneventful, but long. We were all tired by the time we finally pulled into the hotel.

“I’m so glad to get out of that car,” Liz said.

“I’m glad to be done driving,” Chris said.

“Well you did offer,” Mike said. “And I appreciate it.”

“Well we’re already using your car, I didn’t want to make you drive both ways. And I’d rather drive here than drive back.”

“Ah, I get it,” Mike responded. “Stick me with the shittier drive.”

We checked in and Chris and Mike started taking our stuff up to the room. Our room was a pretty normal hotel room on the beach. When you first walked in there was a short hallway as the bathroom was on your right and the closet was on your left. In the main part of the room there were two queen beds, a TV, a chair, and a small table. There was also a small balcony that looked out at the beach. There was a sliding glass door to the balcony, with curtains at each end. We unloaded our clothes, Liz and I hung up our dresses and the guys hung up their suits. We also unloaded no small amount of alcohol for the weekend.

For those who haven’t read our earlier stories, Mike is a fraternity brother of Chris’, and Liz is a pledge sister of mine. Fall of our sophomore year Liz and Mike met at the same party where Chris and I met, and we had all been dating ever since. Now, in the spring of our Junior year, we all knew each other really well. Chris and Mike shared a house with two other guys, and Liz and I shared an apartment with two other girls.

We had planned to go to dinner, but after our drive we were too tired.

“How about we just order some pizza?” Mike suggested. The entire group thought that was a good idea.

Most of our sisters were staying in this hotel. Jessica was with a guy she was really hoping to sleep with, and they had a one bedroom room. I texted her that we were having drinks and pizza in the room, and she texted back that they “were going to bed early ;-)”

“Good for her,” I thought.

Heather was with a guy who was a total jerk. I love her to death, but she had terrible taste in men at that point in her life. They had their own room too. For him this was just a weekend to get laid by a sexy young sophomore. I told her when we got to the hotel, but I didn’t want to have to deal with him so once Jessica said she wasn’t coming by I decided not to tell Heather we were hanging out.

Liz also didn’t feel like inviting anyone over, so it was just the four of us hanging out. We had a wide variety of alcohol choices but having pizza we just decided to drink beer.

We took turns going into the bathroom to put on pajamas. Mike and Chris lived together a year in the fraternity house, and now about 7 months in a house they were renting, so they were very comfortable around each other. Both guys were just wearing athletic shorts. Mike was very similar in build to Chris. He was lean and toned, obviously athletic. Mike was about 6’1″ or 6’2″ so not quite as tall as Chris, but still tall. Chris had some chest hair, Mike did not. Mike also had very short, clean cut hair, whereas Chris’ hair was shaggy.

Liz and I were wearing oversized T-shirts. I could tell she didn’t have on a bra underneath. I didn’t either. We lived together also, and had sexual history, so we were incredibly comfortable. We also spent a lot of time at the guys’ house, and they spent a lot of time at our apartment. Both of the guys had seen us come out of the shower in just a towel, and we had seen them the same way. No one was unnerved by the fact that everyone was close to naked.

We were all very comfortable about sex too. It’s not that we were all deviants (well, Chris and I could probably be called that, possibly Liz too, so perhaps we were deviants), but we were in a sexually charged environment in college. Throughout our freshman and sophomore years we all had roommates, so we got used to people having sex in the room you were in. You rarely explicitly saw stuff, but you heard it, and you knew what was happening. Despite us sharing a room, no one was under the impression that we wouldn’t be having sex with our partners. We had talked about it and made sure everyone was ok with that before deciding to split the room. It was formal and a weekend at the beach after all.

We crawled into bed after finishing our Pizza and watching some TV. There was a full moon, so some light was coming in through the curtains to the balcony. The room was still pretty dark though. Chris and I started to make out and Liz and kilis escort Mike did the same.

Chris pulled off my shirt and moved under the covers. He kissed down my body, eventually spreading my legs apart as he moved his face in between them. He’s an expert down there, and I moaned as I felt him kissing my sweet pussy lips. His tongue gently massaged my clit. Chris didn’t seem to want crazy sex, usually if he got me off alone from going down on me, he would fuck me until I came a second time, and then fill me up with his seed. I was more in the mood for wilder sex, but sharing a room I figured to just stay under the covers and keep our actions somewhat private.

I looked over and Mike was on his back. I couldn’t see if his eyes were opened or closed, but he was facing up toward the ceiling. I could see that Liz was under the covers. The comforter bobbing up and down to show that Liz was blowing Mike.

I had slept with Liz on several occasions, but I had never watched her suck a cock before. Even though I couldn’t see her, I was very turned on by the thought of her doing it so close to me. I wondered if she planned to finish him with her mouth, or if they planned on fucking too.

The combination of Chris’ skill and thinking about my best friend giving head was too much and I came incredibly fast. It wasn’t that intense of an orgasm, but it did sneak up on me suddenly. I grabbed Chris’ hair and let out a long exhale as my orgasm hit me. I wasn’t too loud, but it was obvious to everyone in the room that I had just gotten off.

I didn’t know if my orgasm is what made Liz move to sex, but as soon as it happened her head popped out from under the covers. I watched her as I felt Chris slowly kissing up my body. By the time his face was near mine, Liz was rocking back and forth on Mike. Their covers were pulled up to her shoulders, so I couldn’t see much of them.

I gasped as Chris slowly slid into me. I wanted to be fucked hard and doggy style, but I didn’t want to get over the covers with Liz and Mike in the room. At least not when we were all pretty sober. Chris always felt great inside me, and I knew I would cum anyway despite it not being exactly how I wanted to be fucked.

He was kissing on my neck, so I pulled his face to mine. My lips parted and my tongue reached out for him. His tongue met mine and his lips closed around it, so both our tongues were pressed against each other in his mouth. We continued making out while he slowly thrust in and out of me. It felt wonderful, and hearing Liz and Mike moaning next to us was making it even more of a turn on.

Chris kissed on my neck again then his face nudged against mine, a little harder than normal. I figured he had just accidentally bumped into me, but then he did it again. I turned my head in the direction he had pushed me and I saw Liz and Mike. They had kicked the covers off and Liz was naked riding on Mike.

My eyes had adjusted and I could see her much clearer now. I always had loved Liz’s body. She’s a tiny woman. At 20 years old, she was 5’0″ and not much more than 100 pounds. She was thin and wore a 30B bra. Her breasts were very perky, and now I noticed her nipples were pierced! That was new since the last time we played.

To give some backstory, Liz and I had sex with each other several times our freshman year. We used to make out at parties and stuff, usually to get free booze, but that was usually it. Then one night, more than a little tipsy, Liz asked if I had ever done more with a woman. When I told her I had, she said she always had fantasized about it but had never gone past making out. A few minutes later we were naked in her bed playing with each other.

We had slept together several more times that year. Chris knew all about it, and Liz knew that he knew. Mike on the other hand knew Liz had been with a woman, but wasn’t aware it was me. I didn’t have a problem if he found out, but for some reason Liz had chosen not to share that information with him yet.

Seeing Liz in all her glory made me decide if she could be above the covers I could do.

“I want it doggy style Chris,” I whispered.

He immediately threw off the covers and flipped me over. I started to rub my clit while he pounded me. I was moaning now much louder. I could hear moans and grunts coming from the other bed too. Then I heard words. “Oh god I’m going to cum!” It was Liz. I looked over and watched her. Her body was straight up, her head tilted back so she was looking at the ceiling. Mike was squeezing her breasts and pinching her cute pierced nipples.

She grunted and Mike’s hand grabbed her throat. I could see her body twitching and he was thrusting up into her. It had been almost two years since the last time I had slept with her, and I found myself lusting to do it again as I watched her cum on her boyfriend’s cock. I was furiously rubbing myself now while Chris was pounding me. My head had fallen down and my face was against the pillow. Then it hit me.

I moaned kırıkkale escort loudly as my second orgasm rushed over me. Pleasure shot throughout my body. Chris’ cock was filling me up and he kept pounding me as I came. He was gripping my hips and holding me up and my legs twitched, about to give out. When my orgasm ended Chris pulled his cock out of me and let go of my hips. I let my body fall to the side.

I was facing Liz and Mike’s bed again. Liz had collapsed onto her boyfriend. Behind them the curtains to the balcony were slightly parted and the small amount of light coming into the room occasionally glinted in the sweat on their bodies. I could see she was taking in deep breaths as if exhausted.

“That was the hottest thing ever.” Liz said. I giggled a bit in response.

There was a table in between the two beds, and she had reached over and turned the clock on it toward her. “Fuck me,” she said. “We’ve only been in bed 14 minutes.”

“Oh my god,” I said. “There’s no way.”

I had cum twice, and it felt like we had fucked for a long time. My only explanation is that I was so turned on that things seemed to be moving slower than they were.

“I know, I feel like we just fucked for an hour,” Liz said.

“I don’t,” Mike said laughing. “Fourteen minutes sounds about right.”

“Yeah, I can still go for a while,” Chris said.

“Oh yeah?” I said. “You just got me off twice in fourteen minutes, how much longer do you plan on going?”

Chris had already moved behind me and was spooning me. He slid into me easily and I gently purred as he did. “Let’s find out” he whispered to me.

“That is so fucking hot,” Liz said. Then I heard her make a loud “Mmph!”

I opened my eyes to see Mike was fucking her from behind, in the same position Chris and I were in. Liz’s face was obscured in shadows, but I could make out that her eyes were open. I had the feeling that she was intently watching us fuck and that her eyes were staring into mine. I stared at her too. Even though I couldn’t see her eyes, I knew they were there meeting mine and I felt an intense connection with her in that moment.

Chris grabbed my left thigh and lifted it up. This left my pussy exposed to the other couple in the room, but it was too dark for them to see it. Chris’s left hand started to rub my clit. His right arm was under me and his hand was gently squeezing my breast.

“Oh yes, just like that Mike,” Liz moaned from the other bed. Then she said, “Fuck Mandy, you look so hot. I love seeing your sexy tits bouncing, and I love that fucking sexy little heart.”

Wait, what did she just say? My sexy little heart? I had my pussy waxed before the weekend, and my pubic hair was in the shape of a heart. It was also dyed pink. Earlier in the school year I had gone back from my blue hair to blonde. It was more of a platinum color than my natural blonde, with some pink layered in. Of all the hair colors I have done through the years, and there were plenty, it was my favorite. I had also dyed downstairs to match. But there was no way Liz could see that kind of detail on me in this dark of a room.

Then looked down and saw that the light from outside casting shadows over Liz and Mike was streaming in and washing over my body. I was totally exposed! I was fine with Liz seeing me again, but Mike was seeing me in all my glory for the first time. And he wasn’t just seeing me nude, he was seeing me fucked. He could see my erect nipples and my face as I reacted to the big cock inside of me. He had probably seen my face as I had my orgasms. Chris’ hand was in the way now but he had probably seen my swollen clit and my pussy spreading open to accept Chris’ cock deep into my sex.

I momentarily freaked out. I closed my legs around Chris’ hand.

“Oh my god, you two can see us!”

“Umm, duh?” Liz said.

“But we can’t see you,” I stammered. “At least not like that. The light is behind you, and I didn’t realize it was on us, I didn’t know you could see me!”

“Well we should make it fair,” Mike said. He reached over Liz and hit the lamp on the table in between us. It was way too bright and Liz clapped her hand over her eyes. He hit it two more times, dimming it. Now there was way more light being cast on my body, but it was also on Liz and Mike.

“Ugh, give me a warning before you do that,” Liz said.

Mike was laughing, “Sorry, but fair is fair.”

He grabbed Liz’ thigh and spread her legs, so she was exposed in the way I had just been. I watched as he slid his cock almost completely out of her then plunged back in. Her body looked amazing. She was a tiny woman, with a toned physique. Her pussy was shaved but had a small landing strip of dark black hair. She moaned as his balls pressed against the lips of her pussy. His shaft was completely inside of her then it slid back out then deep into her again.

“Shit, that is sexy,” I said, mostly to myself but loud enough that Liz smiled at me. “And when did you pierce kırklareli escort your nipples?” I asked.

She giggled, then let out another “Mmph” as her boyfriend slid deep into her. She patted him on his upper thigh and he slowed down.

“Over Christmas break, so only a few months ago. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed when I went braless in the apartment.”

Chris whispered into my ear, “So I take it you are you ok with this?”

“If you are,” I said.

He moved his head toward mine and kissed me. “You’re fucking sexy, and I don’t mind showing you off some.”

“Ok, well get on your back then.” I told him.

He pulled out of me and laid flat on his back. Watching Liz ride her man had made me want to ride mine. I got over him and straddled him. I reached down between my legs to direct his cock into me. I closed my eyes as I lowered myself onto his cock, taking inch after inch into my body. I looked over at Liz.

“You inspired me,” I joked.

She started to laugh.

“You got me too,” she said, as she changed positions and got on all fours. “The way your tits were bouncing when Chris was behind you, that was so ho-mmph.”

Her sentence was cut off my Mike slamming himself into her hard. I smiled then looked down at Chris. His cock was still completely erect inside of me, and he had been patiently waiting for me to start riding him. His hands were on my hips and he guided me forward, rocking me on him in a way that put pressure on my clit. That was how he liked me to ride him when he was focused on getting me off. When he wanted to cum up into me, he let me bounce up and down more.

I closed my eyes and got into a steady rhythm. His cock was rolling around inside of me. My clit was rubbing on his pelvis. Chris’ hands explored all over my body. I loved feeling his strong hands rubbing on my thighs and side, squeezing my breasts. I had never dated anyone as long as I had been dating Chris, and he still admired my body just as much as the first time he experienced it.

From the bed next to us I could hear a steady slapping of skin on skin. It was in rhythm with a stream of sexy commands from Liz. “That’s it Mike. Fuck me right there. Oh fuck! Pound my little cunt. Fill me the fuck up with your nick dick! Fuck your little slut!”

She had always been vocal in bed. The first time we fucked was my second time with a woman, but her first. She was very submissive the first time. She deferred to me as the “expert” in the bed, knowing only that I had been with women, but not knowing it was only once before.

We had been making out at a party, and she moaned. She had never done that before. We just made out for show, to get drinks, tease guys, and stuff like that. When we went back to her room, I asked about it and she said she was turned on and couldn’t help it. She looked sheepish trying to apologize, so to break the tension I kissed her. A real kiss. A passionate kiss.

“Have you done this before?” she whispered once I had put her in bed and was pulling her bra off.

“I have, have you?”

She shook her head that she hadn’t.

“Well don’t worry,” I told her. “I won’t be gentle.”

She smiled and bit her lip as I moved down her body. I got her off quickly. Even though it was only the second time I had gone down on a woman, I knew what I liked and did that to her. The entire time she had been talking dirty to me. “Oh yeah Mandy, fuck me with your fingers! Lick that little pussy, make me cum baby.” A few minutes later when she was fingering me it was the same thing. “Oh yeah, your tits look so great! I live seeing them bounce as I finger fuck you.” The only time she didn’t talk dirty was when her mouth was on my pussy.

Thinking about our times spent fucking had gotten me really hot. Chris had a hand squeezing my breast. I grabbed it and started sucking on his finger. I looked down at him. His rock hard abs were glistening with sweat. He was looking up at me, his eyes peering deep into mine. Even with my sexy friend naked and getting fucked right next to us, he was focused on me. Or at least he was now that my eyes were open. Either way it set me off.

This orgasm was a big one. My whole body shook as pleasure hit me. Chris held me up for a few seconds, but soon it was too much and I collapsed onto him. He kept thrusting his big cock up into me as my whole body was twitching on top of him. I knew I was being loud, but I didn’t realize how loud until after I finished and saw that Liz and Mike quit fucking to watch me.

“Damn Chris, I never made her cum like that,” Liz said.

“What do you mean?” Mike asked. The cat was out of the bag.

“Well,” Liz stammered. “Remember how I told you I had sex with a woman a few times freshman year, well it was Mandy.” She seemed worried how he would take it.

Mike kissed her on the forehead. “Yeah I figured that out a while ago. You two are obvious about it.”

“Wait,” Liz said, “How are we obvious?”

Chris gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was still laying on him, panting as my body recovered from the intensity it just felt. “Well you two always make out when you are drunk if no one else is around us,” he said.

“Yeah,” Mike added. “We don’t even have to ask, you two will just say ‘I dare you to dare us to make out. Wouldn’t that be funny?'”

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