Seduced by a Straight Guy

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Part 1: Ray knows what he wants

Working in a local government office isn’t everyone’s idea of a great job but the pay’s not bad and the promotion prospects are good too. Obviously it’s not for high flyers but it gets me by. Now that I’m 26 I have a reasonable standard of living and with a sexy little 18 year old boyfriend I have some thing to go home to at night. The reason I make a thing about the “18 year old” part is that when he started to chat me up in the bar, I insisted on proof of ID before I responded, so cute and young did he look. Not the most original chat up line but I didn’t want to fall for him only to find he was jail bait.

He had moved to town to go to university and whether he saw me as inexpensive board and lodgings or not, I didn’t care, he was hot! Kieran was 5 feet 8 inches tall, 29 inch waist, the cutest ash blonde hair, cut medium in a modern attempt at a Beatles haircut, and a bubble butt. His uncut cock was in proportion at 6 inches dead! He was horny and inexperienced and wanted sex 24/7.

Now 26 isn’t old but I’m more your 6 feet tall, short dark haired guy who likes to jog now and then and though I have dark hair, my pubes tend to be a little on the red side. I don’t get any complaints about my 7 inches either as it’s nice and thick.

Kieran had played around with his peers in the country area he came from but I realised being his first pick-up in the big city I may not be able to hold him. Give him his due he was up for absolutely anything and in our 6 months together we had fucked each other, tried sex in the great outdoors, done a bit of watersports (at his request) and had three threesomes. Funnily enough for some reason the threesomes really turned me on. Seeing him being taken to heights by someone else was oddly erotic and watching guys getting off just being with him did the same. We were careful not to do threesomes with guys from the local gay bar and we had looked for them more than we had found them, on local swingers sites either in the gay or bisexual section.

Now you must think I’m some “out” gay guy but in fact I’m not. I don’t talk about my lifestyle at work and Kieran is mentioned only as a flat-mate who pays rent so it came as a shock when the office was organising a night out pre Christmas, that it was suggested I bring my “flat-mate” along as most of the people there would have boyfriends, girlfriends, wives and husbands. I wasn’t keen but Kieran saw it as an opportunity to understand who the people I worked with were and put faces to names so I grudgingly agreed!

“No camp!” I told him, “and no affection in public!”

“What do you taken me for David? I’ll be the epitome of manliness,” he assured me.

How manly a slim, 5 feet 8 inch, blonde teen could be was definitely up for debate.

We dressed a normally as we could and went to the office restaurant where the event was being held. Everyone was very friendly and, as usual, the office girls were fawning over Kieran and he convincingly, fawned and flirted back. Everything went well and when the music started, I hardly saw Kieran as he seemed to have a list of admirers queueing to dance with him.

“David, isn’t it?” said the voice from behind me.

I turned to see a guy I half recognised from the next department to mine. He was quite fit, around 30 years old and a dazzling smile. He looked very married.

“Ray Stevenson, accounts,” he said, holding out his hand.

I shook it with as firm a grip as I got. My Gaydar bells were ringing and I didn’t know why. There was absolutely nothing about him that said anything other than, “it’s good to meet you.” His piercing blue eyes bore into me as he talked and chatted about the usual office matters.

“I’m here with the wife but she’s a bit of a chatterbox and I haven’t seen her for at least 30 minutes,” he said. “Are you with someone?”

“Eh yes, in a way. I just brought along my young flatmate to keep me company and he seems to be the life and soul so, like you I’ve been left to my own devices.”

“Oh yes I saw him. He’s a fine looking young lad, isn’t he?”

“Well the girls seem to think so,” I said, sidestepping any possibly dangers in the loaded question.

“Has he been your…flatmate….for long?”

The hesitation and the emphasis on the word ‘flatmate’ was definitely innuendo.

“Six months,” I said. “He was looking for accommodation while he is here at university and I needed help with the mortgage so it was a win win situation.”

“I’m sure it is,” he again said in a “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” kind of way.

“I hope he’s useful about the house. Young lads can spend a lot of the day on their back can’t they?”

The rhetoric question was making me uncomfortable and I was glad his rather pretty wife came along and asked to be introduced. The conversation quickly normalised though his wife, Nicole, did at one time look over at Kieran and say, “He’s a popular young lad, isn’t he?”

Ray quickly advised her that he was my flatmate.

We drifted apart, Kieran came back to me and I brought him kastamonu escort up to speed with my odd conversation.

“He’s a hunk,” said Kieran when I pointed Ray out. “Can you imagine him riding my backside?”

I could, and the thought started an erection in my pants so I quickly changed the subject.

The party had been on a Friday and on the following Monday I returned to my office after a meeting to find Ray standing there.

“Good night on Friday, wasn’t it?”

“I’m not much of a party-person but it was good to meet everyone socially,” I said.

“I think you get to know people better when you meet socially don’t you?”

“I suppose so,” I said, not sure where he was heading with this.

The conversation continued clumsily until he said, “Are you having lunch in or out today?”

I told him I was heading across to the snack bar in the square and he asked if he could join me. I said it was fine. Though I found the guy attractive, I was finding the conversation difficult and hoped I could cope with a whole lunch hour in his company. During lunch he asked what I thought of Nicole, his wife. I was easily able to say she was an attractive woman with a bubbly personality.

“She is,” he said. “Like a lot of wives these days we don’t have fun like we used to.”

“It takes two to tango,” I said. “You should plan more nights out.”

“Not that kind of fun,” he said.

“Oh,” I said uncomfortably.

“You single guys can get it when you want whereas we married guys have to be good little boys even when the wife has gone off the idea. Do you guys go out socially together?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Ever pull the same girl?”

“No not really,” I replied.

“Of course, Kieran is much younger than you so will have different tastes. Does he like younger girls or older woman or something else?”

“I don’t interfere with his personal life,” I said and changed the subject.

“They are always so horny at that age. I can remember what I was like. I would screw anything with two legs.”

“You’re not exactly ancient now,” I said.

“So you think I still have it then? I’m certainly still as randy as I was. Just nowhere to stick the little guy these days. Bet you do better than I do?”

Again I attempted to change the subject.

“Anytime you guys are heading out, I wouldn’t mind an invitation. Nicole doesn’t mind me going out with friends.”

“Eh OK then, I’ll remember,” I said brushing him off slightly.

All afternoon my mind started to wander. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to meet friends to get out on the pull to find a woman on the side, whether he was making a play for me, making a play for Kieran or hoping to get in the sack with both of us. I thought it over and over until I realised my cock was brick hard and I didn’t know why. Then again, perhaps I did!

I talked it over with Kieran that night.

“Maybe we should risk a “lad’s night out” and see where it takes us,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind being in a sandwich with him. He is a hunk. Even better he’s a married, straight hunk and just my type.”

There was still two weeks to Christmas and on the Wednesday Ray appeared again. “Nicole’s going to see her parents this weekend and I wondered if you two fancied a night on the town?”

“I’ll ask Kieran,” I said.

Kieran was all for it. His high expectation of us having a hot threesome with a straight guy contrasting sharply with my thoughts of the two of us watching women’s bottoms and pretending we were interested.

When I told Ray we could have a meal in town and then go along to some of the bars he was really excited. He then suggested that if there wasn’t much going on at the bars we could all go back to his place for a few drinks afterwards. Again my eyebrows raised.

I won’t go into the evening too much but the town was awash with Christmas night out groups and noisy girls in mini-skirts, wearing far too little for such a cold night. After the meal we hit a bar in town and I was surprised that Ray was more interested in talking to us, and particularly Kieran, than watching the scantily clad girls screaming around us.

“I hope you’re not offended Kieran but when I saw you with the office girls last week, I thought you were a girl. You have really pale soft skin.”

“Thank you kind sir,” said Kieran, batting his eyelids quite camply.

“I bet you’re a model flatmate and David’s lucky to have found you,” he said, continuing the slightly awkward compliments.

As we drank a little more, Kieran began to flirt a little, sometimes gripping Ray’s knee or patting his back when he laughed at one of his jokes.

Ray suddenly said how much he was enjoying being in all male company again. “I often asked Nicole to perhaps stretch our sex lives a little and perhaps bring another guy……em, or girl, in to give us some excitement but she says though she finds looking at other guys fun she doesn’t want one fucking her!”

He said the last line rather venomously.

“How kayseri escort would you feel David, if you had a partner and they wanted you to bring someone else into your relationship for some wild sex?”

His eyes glanced to Kieran.

“Of course Kieran is too young and virginal to get involved in such sordid things, aren’t you Kieran?”

Kieran’s face lit up and his white teeth flashed as he said, “Don’t be so sure!”

“Oh, I’d love to hear what you mean,” said Ray.

“It’s after 11.00,” I suddenly said.

Much as sex with this guy would be fun, this was taking forever and I still wasn’t sure he wasn’t going to scream “poofs” if we touched him.

“Back to mine for a nightcap,” he said standing up and drinking his wine in one gulp.

Kieran was on his feet and ready to go so reluctantly I followed.

Back in his rather attractive, close to centre, old warehouse to executive flat conversion we were opening yet another bottle of Saivignon Blanc. Shoes were kicked off and Ray suddenly jumped up and went into the bedroom. He returned with his laptop and a small bag.

“This is what we were like a few years ago,” he said.

I was shocked to find him showing us revealing pictures of Nicole, stark naked, legs apart stretching her cunt lips for the camera. It went on to some pics of her doggy style, arse in the air then a few with a large black dildo in her cunt. The next was a shot looking down as she sucked a cock. It was obviously Ray’s and though I could only make out the head, it looked big. There was another of him inside her, again taken from above and then, the picture I was hoping to see, of him naked and his erect cock in hand. It was big. I figured about 8 or 9 inches, thick and uncut. Kieran gasped loudly.

“Like it Kieran?” he said.

Kieran mumbled something about being surprised how well blessed he was.

The final shot was Nicole with a generous splattering of cum all over her face, hair and tits. It looked like two guys had done it rather than one. I was erect!

“I so would love to see her being fucked. I so would like to fuck someone else.” The someone was emphasised as Ray said it.

“When did you last have sex boys?” he said.

“Last weekend,” said Kieran, “And that’s all I’m saying.”

Ray looked at us both, the drink obviously getting the better of him. I noticed an erection in his jeans.

“Did David cum on your face then Kieran?”

There was silence.

“I’m hoping I’m right,” said Ray. “I so need a fuck and I so want to dump my load on someone’s face.”


Kieran got up and knelt between his legs, pulling his head down and kissing him fully on the lips. He became an animal throwing Kieran back on to the floor. I thought he was attacking him at first and jumped up to protect him until I realised his lips were once again grinding down on Kieran’s. I stood alongside as they rolled on the floor then Ray suddenly got to his knees and grabbed my belt, unbuckling it, pulling down my fly, and then in one swoop pulling down my jeans and pants to release my cock. His mouth wrapped completely over it and he sucked as though he was eating food, a low growl coming from the back of his throat.

Kieran slid out and stood up, peeling off all his clothes and standing, the epitome of perfection, in front of Ray. Ray stopped sucking and looked.

“Fucking stunning,” he said, as he turned to slurp on Kieran’s cock and balls.

I stripped naked and let Ray suckle us both, one after the other. Both our cocks were stiff and Kieran’s eager erection curved upwards against his flat belly, the foreskin sliding gently back to reveal his head. I felt Ray’s finger enter my arse and I let him. Much as I hadn’t thought anything was going to happen, we had both prepared ourselves thoroughly for the possibility that it might.

I let Kieran strip him and when his not-very-sexy shorts were eventually lowered the brute that hung there was awesome. It wasn’t so much it’s length, which was impressive enough, but its girth. It couldn’t stand fully erect because of the weight and so hung downwards at a 45 degree angle even though it was hard. Kieran was on it. He loved cocks and though I was the biggest he had taken, we had a dildo that he loved inside him. That’s when I noticed the open bag and the large black dildo that Ray had brought from the room.

“Boys, can we have sex in our bed. I want to play a video I took of Nicole and I so I can hear her in the background and then, I want to fuck you both.”

We went through to the room and Ray stripped naked and taking some KY jelly, lubricated the dildo.

“After this, every time I use this on her, I’ll know you have both had it in you,” he said.

Kieran lifted his legs and allowed Ray to lube him. The dildo took a little time to insert but soon almost all of if was stretched into his hole. I was behind Ray, rimming him, something that seemed to drive him through the roof. My hand were cupping his balls through his legs and I stretched kıbrıs escort up and under to stroke his awesome cock. Kieran was groaning as the dildo went in and out. Ray then leaned over to kiss him allowing me even better access to his hole with my tongue.

“Your turn now,” he said as he pushed me on the bed.

Kieran lubed me and Ray started to insert the dildo. I had had a big cock before but that had been about a year ago and the dildo was difficult to insert. Kieran was now behind Ray and rubbing his stiff member up and down on his arse in simulated fucking fashion. Ray was panting like a hungry animal.

“David, will you fuck Kieran? I so want to watch two guys fucking.”

This was easy and I put Kieran on the bed and lifted his legs up in the air. I grabbed a condom as we still used them, and lubed it. My cock slid into Kieran easily and Ray’s face was so close to the action I thought he was going to get crushed between us. I started a steady fucking rhythm, holding one leg in each hand. I felt Ray’s finger enter my arse and realised he was lubricating me further. I heard the condom being ripped open and continued to fuck, leaving my arse exposed as I did so and waiting for the injection of meat.

When it came, I had to stop and ask him to take it easy. Slowly he slid the head in and out, pushing a little further each time. It took almost 10 minutes before I had the entire length in me and, as he fucked, I fucked Kieran. I felt so full. Eventually I had to withdraw from Kieran to let him really get going and soon I was doggy-fashion on the bed, his stiff cock hammering into my arse and his big hands gripping my hips as he did so. Kieran’s cock was stuck in his mouth as he stood alongside us.

“I need to stop or I’m going to cum,” said Ray. “I want to fuck Kieran. I’ve thought if nothing else since Friday.”

I stood up and let him enjoy the moment. Stroking my cock I wanted to watch and savour every minute of my pretty little Kieran being defiled by this large, straight man, 12 years his senior. I watched carefully and held Ray’s cock as he started to enter Kieran. It slid in a great deal easier than it had to me and soon he was pumping my boy’s arse, his legs up in the air in a “V” shape. I knelt over Kieran and kissed him passionately as he was being screwed relentlessly, his face screwed up in pleasure.

“That is so fucking fabulous,” said Kieran.

As Ray pushed Kieran’s legs even further back, his arse was once again exposed to me and I gently lubricated it as though I was just teasing his prostate. I did this for about 10 minutes as he fucked in and out of my finger. I pulled on the condom and lubricated it and began to gently tease towards his hole.

Poor Ray took that moment to go for a real hard plunge into Kieran and as he pulled back, my cock sunk straight inside him on one go. His yelp convinced me he was definitely not used to being fucked and as he tried to extracate himself from my cock, he fell flat on top of Kieran and I fell on top of him pushing my dick even further up his arse. I tried to pull back but he held me.

“No, wait!” he said.

We all lay perfectly still.

“Move it a little!”

I did.

“Now slowly start to fuck me!”

Within a short space of time, this 30 year old virgin was being heartily fucked as his cock was embedded into Kieran. Once we got the pace going my thrusts were fucking Kieran using Ray’s cock.

“I’m going to cum,” said Ray.

“On Kieran’s face,” I said quickly.

I just love seeing Kieran’s sweet little round face being plastered with cum.

He obliged and aimed his weapon at Kieran as I positioned myself off to the side to add to the mess and also to watch. Kieran lay like a hungry puppy with his mouth open and his eyes half closed ready to seal them against the cum bath. The cum bath came. I was first with a healthy jet of liquid which even surprised me in its volume spraying Kieran from the right cheek, across his nose and into his blonde hair. Just as my second of five spurts hit him. Ray blasted a thick load which surprised both of us in its force. The “splat” of the first blast was audible on Kieran’s chin, mouth, nose, forehead and hair and as the following six or seven blasts hit him, Kieran was awash with semen. His own little rocket blasted with the help of his own fair hand and hit Ray right up his back.

The bed covers were dripping with cum.

“I assume a quick laundry might be in order,” I said.

“You’re right. Sleeping in dried cum might give the game away to Nicole,” he said.

In the afterglow Ray confessed that he had pursued me as he heard I was gay from someone else in the office. When he saw Kieran he was doubly smitten feeling that he wasn’t two-timing Nicole if he had not only a couple, but a couple of guys. I didn’t quite follow his logic as two-timing is two-timing but I was glad we had had the chance anyway.

Ray called us the next day to beg me to keep quiet about it to anyone which I, of course said I would on condition he gave us another session which he said he would.

Seduced by a Straight Guy

Part 2 – Ray wants a lot more

It was about 3 weeks after Christmas. You know that time when the nights are long, money’s short and everyone’s bored. Ray cornered me in the canteen after having avoided me since our hot threesome.

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